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Zaff is located in Varrock, near the Varrock square. He runs the Zaff's Superior Staffs!, where you can buy a large variety of magic staves.


Image Item Coins
1379.png Staff 20
1381.png Staff of air 1,747
1383.png Staff of water 1,747
1385.png Staff of earth 1,747
1387.png Staff of fire 1,747
1393.png Fire battlestaff 16,379
1395.png Water battlestaff 16,379
1397.png Air battlestaff 16,379
1399.png Earth battlestaff 16,379
1401.png Mystic fire staff 43,047
1403.png Mystic air staff 43,047
1405.png Mystic water staff 43,047
1407.png Mystic earth staff 43,047
4675.png Ancient staff 97,706
772.png Dramen staff 20
1409.png Iban's staff 43,047
2417.png Zamorak staff 7,890
2415.png Saradomin staff 7,890
2416.png Guthix staff 7,890