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Thunder crystal

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Thunder crystal
Thunder crystal
Tradeable unknown
Equipable unknown
Stackable unknown
Noteable unknown
Destroy unknown
General store unknown
Low alch unknown
High alch unknown
Weight unknown
You have a Thunder crystal.

The Thunder crystal upgrades the Abyssal whip, Donator whips, the Elemental bow or the Elemental staff to their thunder elemental upgrade, consuming the crystal in the progress.

The upgrade is not reversable and turns the weapon into a more powerful but degrading state crumbles to dust after 40000 attacks in combat. The Thunder crystal inflicts additional 15% damage with a delayed hit.

List of weapons upgraded with the thunder crystal

Monsters that drop Thunder crystal

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Tormented demon 450 1 Very rare (1 in 125 kills)

Special: inflicts additional 15% damage with a delayed hit.