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Thessalia can be found close to Varrock square. She sells special capes to players that are eligible for wearing them in her Milestone cape shop. Players will only see the capes in the shop that they can actually wear.

A maxed player who has all his skills 99, can buy the prestigious Max cape from Thessalia aswell.

If you bring your furs obtained through Hunter to Thessalia she will craft you a camo set for 400 coins.


Image Item Coins
20754.png Milestone cape (10) 301,234
20755.png Milestone cape (20) 602,468
20756.png Milestone cape (30) 903,702
20757.png Milestone cape (40) 1,204,936
20758.png Milestone cape (50) 1,506,170
20759.png Milestone cape (60) 1,807,404
20760.png Milestone cape (70) 2,108,638
20761.png Milestone cape (80) 2,409,872
20762.png Milestone cape (90) 2,711,106
20768.png Max hood 2,624,386
20767.png Max cape 5,248,773