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Pet spinner

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Pet spinner
Pet spinner
Tradeable unknown
Equipable unknown
Stackable unknown
Noteable unknown
Destroy unknown
General store unknown
Low alch unknown
High alch unknown
Weight unknown
You have a Pet spinner.

Pet spinner is a pet that can be obtained for 15,000 Pest-tokens from the Void knight. Click on it to release it and let it walk behind you. Like all pets.

Anyone can speak to the pet, which will respond with the following dialogue:

Pet spinner: "Where are them portals at?"

Player: "I don't think any are close.

Pet spinner: "I need to heal a portal...Right now!"

Player: "Uhm... still no portals here."

Pet spinner: "We absolutely need backup!!"

Player: "You are no longer inside the pest control's over."

Pet spinner: "Have we lost?"

Player: "Well we...I won and are a pet now.

Pet spinner: "Darn.We lost."

Player: "I could say you've won,because I'm now taking care of you?

Pet spinner: "Nope,definitely not.We lost."