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Game controls

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Ever wondered if there's a quicker way to do something, but don't know the hotkey for it? Well continue to read this page, as you might find something that is new to you.


  • Use the arrow keys to move your camera angle around.
  • You can zoom in and out with the scroll button on your mouse. The game is zoomed in on default.
  • You can press the scroll button on your mouse to move your camera, other than the arrow keys on your keyboard.
  • The Esc button brings up the logout screen. You can also log out by just clicking the 'x' right above on the client's window.
  • Using the function keys (F1, F2, F3, etc) you are able to quickly access any tab without using your mouse.
  • You can click on the compass near your minimap to set your camera angle to the default angle, facing north.


  • Click with the right mouse button on the ground or on a location on the minimap to set a point to walk to.
  • You can follow other people as an alternative for walking, but they control where you go. If you wish to stop following a player click an area on your minimap or game screen.
  • Press the button with the boots, the running button, to start running. Your running energy will deplete over time while running, and will replenish when you stand still or walk. If you train your Agility skill and have an active membership you will be able to run longer and you will regain your running energy faster.

Performing actions

  • Most objects and NPCs in the game are interactive. Click on them with the right mousebutton to interact with them. If you click with the left mousebutton, you will get a dropdown menu of all actions you are able to perform with a certain object or NPC.
  • You are able to do various emotes in the Emotes tab, however you are unable to move until they are finished.

Chatting and text effects

  • You can chat in the public chat by simply typing, then pressing enter. This will display a message above your head, seen by all players near you.
  • You can also privately chat with another player by adding the name to your friendlist, then click on the players name in your friendlist.
  • The ctrl and tab buttons are both quickreply buttons, they will bring up the private message chat screen to send a private message to the last player that messaged you.

There are multiple chat effects that can be used by players. These effects do not work in private messages.

::red message Displays your chat message in red. etc etc


Most commands are only available to staff members, but some are also available to players.


  • ::help Displays the ::forum and ::commands commands to the player.
  • ::commands Shows you all the commands in game
  • ::devon Displays various information about your game, like location, cursor location and height and it displays the object ids of objects and NPCs in the game.
  • ::devoff Turns off the developers display.
  • ::openglinfo Shows information that might be relevant in bug reports. Thomy might ask you to show this.
  • ::debugon Enables debug mode that displays action ids, animation, gfx, buttons, interfaces etc.
  • ::debugoff Disables debug mode.

Other Possibly Useful Commands

  • ::chatrows x Changes the chat box height to display 4 to 30 rows of text. Replace x with the desired number of text rows.
  • ::resetme Changes your character's look to a random one. This does not reset any game progress and should be used if your character is visually bugged (glitched).
  • ::wedding Teleports your character to Entrana, also known as Wedding in Emps-World, due to the name of this command.
  • ::constructionmode Toggles construction mode in POH.
  • ::displaychar Hides your character. It'll only be hidden for you, others can still see you.
  • ::cinemamode Activates a special mode where all interfaces are hidden. Great for taking screenshots.
  • ::firstperson Toggles first-person view.
  • ::reloadmap Reloads the current map. Can be used if some objects are stuck or bugged.
  • ::flushmodels Releases all handles to the graphics card and reloads the map. Basically acts as a complete reload of all models.
  • ::tasks Shows the player's daily tasks.
  • ::resetpos Resets the player's position.

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