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Title: Updates April 29th - Living Rock Caverns, QoL and Engine Improvements!
Post by: Thomy on April 29, 2021, 07:09:21 am
Hey guys,

A new part of the Dwarven mines can be accessed: The Living Rock Caverns. You will find new creatures and resources. It's a dangerous place, so don't come unprepared! I've also worked on several Quality of Life improvements such as the coal bag automatically filling itself or the Giant Mole no longer digging away frequently. There's also been minor changes and improvements to the rendering engine. You can read the full details below.

Living Rock Caverns
The deeper parts of the Dwarven mines can now be accessed. You will find Living rock creatures, ore deposits and new fishes. The cave is designed for higher level players requiring at least level 75 Mining or 80 Fishing to participate. It's also a dangerous area with aggressive rock creatures. Their aggression radius is rather small but you should not underestimate them.

The caverns contain following activities: I've also rewritten a few parts of the Fishing and Mining skill to have more flexibility for future skilling resources. That means choosing more flexible respawn timers for rocks, fishing spots, etc. will be possible. The respawn timers for skilling resources in the caverns are longer than usual. You will need to walk around the caves for a bit for min-maxing.

Deposit Box
With this update various deposit boxes can now be used. The deposit box in your house still acts as a bank chest, so no worries there! You can use these boxes without having to enter your bank pin. You can only deposit items and not withdraw any. Here's what it looks like:

Game fixes / changes:
Engine fixes / changes:
I couldn't quite finish Invention improvements which contain additional deconstruction of various items. I'll try to get it done next update and also look into creating new hardmodes for existing content. :)

All the best,
Title: Re: Updates April 29th - Living Rock Caverns, QoL and Engine Improvements!
Post by: Drugs on May 07, 2021, 05:49:41 pm
Hello very nice I love fishing rock tail!!  :-*