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m (...when buried.)
Line 1: Line 1: Bat bones are usually dropped by every kind of bat in Emps-World. They give 90 [[Prayer]] experience when buried.
{{Item|image=|tradable=Yes|equipable=No|stackable=No|noteable=Yes|quest item=No|destroy=Drop|value=1 gp|lowalch=0 gp|highalch=0 gp|weight=0.0 kg|examine=Bones are for burying!}}
Bat bones are dropped [[Bat]]s and [[Giant bat]]s in Emps-World. They grant 90 [[Prayer]] experience when buried.

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Tradeable Yes
Equipable No
Stackable No
Noteable Yes
Quest item No
Destroy Drop
General store 1 gp
Low alch 0 gp
High alch 0 gp
Weight 0.0 kg
Bones are for burying!

Bat bones are dropped Bats and Giant bats in Emps-World. They grant 90 Prayer experience when buried.