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Red dragonhide

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Red dragonhide
Red dragonhide
Tradeable unknown
Equipable unknown
Stackable unknown
Noteable unknown
Destroy unknown
General store unknown
Low alch unknown
High alch unknown
Weight unknown
You have a Red dragonhide.

Red dragonhide is always dropped by Red and Obsidian dragons. It is used as a Crafting ingredient for Red d'hide armour. Players must bring the red dragonhide to Ellis in either Al-Kharid or the Crafting guild so he can tan it into craftable red dragon leather at the cost of 250 coins per hide.

Image Item name Amount Other items Lvl req Exp
Red d'hide vambraces 1 None 73 842
Red d'hide chaps 2 None 75 1,685
Red d'hide body 3 None 77 2,528
  • You will need a needle and thread in your inventory to craft any of these items

Monsters that drop Red dragonhide

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Abyssal watcher 491 2 Rare (1 in 40 kills)
Kolodion spider 420 40 - 50 Rare (1 in 29 kills)
Obsidian dragon 302 2 Always
Red dragon 152 1 Always