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Hey guys,

I've enabled the annual skull drop system. During Halloween you have the chance to get an additional currency (skulls) by killing monsters. These skulls can be exchanged for unique rewards by talking to the Grim Reaper upstairs in Draynor Manor. I've also updated some homepage code and implemented a beta for a referral system giving and new players rewards for following an invitation link.

Halloween Event
The annually skull collection event for Halloween has been enabled. You can spawn either Muncher or the Skeletal raven pets and collect skulls by killing monsters. These can be handed in to the Grim Reaper for unique rewards. The event is enabled half way through the completion of the Draynor Manor I quest.

Homepage Layout
I've added a play button for smaller screens. These updates also includes improvements for mobile screens that want to view in-game screenshots and news posts. An issue with the screen size for mobile devices was also fixed. It's no longer able to scroll the x-axis on the main page. Size of next and previous image slider buttons were also increased for smaller screen so that they can actually be used by touch devices. The aim was to improve usability for mobile users. Please let me know what you think! :)

Referral System
It's now possible to enter a referral user when registering a new account. Inviting friends to the game now gives you and the invited person bonuses and rewards in-game. Please bear in mind that we are still testing the system and cannot promise rewards. The idea is that referring new users earns you EP while new users get voting boxes making their start easier. Every referral and referee is examined manually to avoid cheating attempts.
You can find your referral link here:

Game fixes / changes:
  • Highscores now properly show display names.
  • Activity highscores now only show the best score of a player instead of every score.
  • Invention upgrades can now be noted properly.
  • Kal'ger now needs to do 3 attacks per phase in order to be able to advance to the next. This change was done in case people finish a phase during the demon's flight animation. This fixes a bug where the flight animation looked buggy.
  • Mining animation and its sound are now synchronized better.
  • Prayer points no longer reset when enabling prayers during the login process.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • An issue with a faulty sound delay calculation has been fixed.
  • Newly spawned players & npcs are now synced better with the server's direction they are facing.
  • Slayer monster head drops can now properly found on the Grand Exchange.

I'm currently working on Fight Caves 2 which will reward you with 3 new best in slot capes. The difficulty of the minigame is designed to be doable in endgame gear. I expect this to be finished by the end of November. :)

All the best,
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Happy Halloween!

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Re: Updates October 31st 2019 - Halloween, Homepage Layout and Referral System
« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2019, 03:10:06 pm »
Nice Update Keep Going.
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