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Hey guys,

Kal'Ger - Level 85 Melee Weapons
A new 4-man group boss challenge awaits! The lair of Kal'Ger can be found deep down in the Barbarian dungeon. It is highly recommended to initially fight the boss with 4 people to learn the mechanics.

This is Kal'ger:

And here are the new Demon weapons:

Good luck on beating him! It may be difficult in the beginning, but once you learn the mechanics it's easier. You also benefit greatly be using a dedicated tank in this boss fight, because a tank can mitigate a lot of incoming damage on your team!

Voting - Unique Rewards
You can now vote for us in order to receive useful and unique rewards! Have a look here:
Voting rewards can contain a gilded pirate hat, scythe or cavalier. They are new rare items that can be obtained with a chance of 0.1%. The voting reward tables in general contain many useful items though. So even if you don't get the new rares, you'll still find the items useful. You can choose from 4 different reward boxes, each costing a different amount of Voting Points (VP) simply by talking to Bolkoy:
  • Beginner box (5VP): Weapons, armours, resources, teleports, etc.
  • Adventurer box (6VP): Weapons, armour, food, potions, ammo, etc.
  • Veteran box (7VP): Skilling resources, xp lamps, runes, etc.
  • Rare box (15VP): Contains 1 Beginner, 1 Adventurer and 1 Veteran box.
Each box can contain the rare gilded items! We will put the full reward tables onto the wiki as soon as possible.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
I've been working on this for the past 2 weeks. I've improved our web services, so that they can be found easier by search engines and be indexed better by web crawlers. This is increasing website traffic and search rankings in the long run. I've changed the following:
  • Thumbnail images on the front page for news, screenshots and the background.
  • JavaScript and CSS minification. Put everything into 1-2 files and minified it.
  • Removal of inline css and old html tags, such as <center> or <font>.
  • The changes above greatly reduced site loading times. It will be faster and thus be ranked higher for search engines. It's also less likely for people to leave the page during the initial loading time.
  • Image and link description tags when hovering over them.
  • User-friendly and readable forum urls. Don't worry, you can still use the ::forum command in-game to get topics. The number after the hash symbol (#) displays the topic id when browsing the forum.
  • New Play Button popup with proper Windows, Java and MacOS icons.
  • Player counter always visible and lazily loaded once player count is available.
  • Main page background lazy loading: Thumbnail loads first and full quality fades in when complete.
Minifications and page load speeds apply to the main page ( only. The forum is work for another time. I also doubt it's worth the change, because the initial page landing is always on the main page, rarely ever the forum.

NPC Drawing Distance
I've been thinking about this for quite a while and am now implementing it for 4man group bosses. You gain additional viewing distance on monsters during these fights. This will make it easier to spot bosses on larger terrains. I plan on giving you a setting to manually increase the npc and player drawing distances outside of boss rooms. This won't work in the wilderness though!

Additional Bone Drops
I've added small, medium and large demon bones. They give similar prayer experience when burying as to big, wyvern and frostdragon bones. By default all demons drop small demon bones. Following monsters drop medium / large versions:
  • Medium: Black demons, K'ril Tsutsaroth minions.
  • Large: Smoke demon champion, Har'lakk, Yk'lagor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Chronozon and Tormented demons
Appropriate drops have also been added to all GWD bosses and Nex.

Daily Activities
You can now gain additional EP by completing special daily activities. Following activities can be completed:
  • Duel Arena
  • Emps-Wars
  • Pest Control
  • Warriors Guild
  • Barrows
  • Kolodion
  • Kill any Boss
  • Kill a God Wars Dungeon Boss
  • Kill any Group Boss
The activities above are listed in ascending difficulty, which is reflected by your combat level. You can get the Duel Arena activity at level 45 combat and the group bosses are assigned for combat levels of 120 or higher.

Additional Membership Benefits
I've taken a look at the membership scenario and identified a few flaws with the system. I am very thankful for membership and am adding additional perks that improve your gameplay:
  • Additional 10% minigame rewards: Pest Control, Emps-Wars, Warriors Guild, Fight Caves (Jad) and Barrows
  • Additional 10% stackable drops: coins, noted items, seeds, etc.
Har'Lakk, Yk'Lagor and Kal'Ger
I've had a little chat about this and thought about possible flaws with these boss fights. They aren't as popular as Nex, because the fight takes much longer and the drops are comparably worse. I'm increasing the drop chances for Demon weapons from 0.6% to 1%. Resource drops have also received a little overhaul increasing their stacks and replacing some items that aren't very valuable. Overall the reward for killing these bosses has been increased.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Another offsetting issue was fixed, which was causing players to not see each other when having awkward timing during teleports.
  • Random events can now happen only once every 15 minutes are and much rarer.
  • Health regeneration is now disabled during duel arena and death animation. A lucky regeneration tick can no longer protect you from death.
  • Equipping Hunter skillcape now activates the skillcape emote icon.
  • You can no longer spawn 2 Barrow brothers when passing through doors.
  • A door orientation bug was fixed at the south-western Barrows room.
  • Colored abyssal items have received an additional level 72 tier. Meaning that if you have level 72 Attack, Ranged or Magic colored abyssal bows, whips and staves now give +3 additional accuracy and +2 additional strength bonus.
  • Duellist caps can now be operated and will play an animation.
  • Rod fishing animation is no longer constantly replaying.
  • All fire giants now drop big bones.
  • A bug with decanting noted and unnoted potions has been fixed. In some scenarios the Decanter would handle a noted potion stack as a single item and thus delete the entire stack. I'm sorry for this, it's fixed now!
  • A bug with the combat power of dragons has been fixed. Some had a Magic level of 0 resulting in them not hitting anything with the dragon breath.
  • Droptables of Ancient gladiators, Ice demons and Abyssal watchers have been improved. All drops are now noted and drop amounts have been increased.
  • Finishing a potion no longer adds an empty vial to your inventory.
  • Void knights can no longer be attacked with magic.
  • Hatchling dragon drops are now Dragon eggs. The egg can either contain a Hatchling or Baby Dragon. Where Baby Dragons are new and are larger than Hatchling Dragons.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • Clan chat messages now receive line breaks when they are too long.
  • Water can no longer pop through the ground in Catherby.
  • Zombie green skin color and ancient wings lilac have been added to the character design screen.
  • Character design screen updated. Some torso models have been bugged and were flickering.
  • Loading process improved. Objects close to you now have priority when the map is loading. This is the first step towards really large rendering distances. The process has also been put into another thread, meaning that multi-core processors can now load the map without affecting fps too much.
I'm now starting to work on more community features and have the following in mind:
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Highscores with rewards for the top ranks.
  • ELO system: Separate rankings for Wilderness, Duel Arena, Emps-Wars, etc. There will be also rewards depending on how high your rank is. I'd also work on a PvP shop that provides you with supplies when fighting players in the wilderness.
  • Activity counters: e.g. how many times you've participated in a minigame or how many tasks you've completed.
A lot of text this time, but there's been a lot of changes! Many thanks for reading. :D

All the best,

Fixes 21st of May:
  • Kal'Ger instances.
  • Voting issues: It's a bit confusing and I've already got a little overhaul coded. It will work on IP addresses rather than on usernames. So VPNs will work and the homepage can always correctly tell you if you've already voted or not. I've also found an issue where voting points aren't saved correctly. Terribly sorry, but it's already getting a fix!
  • Barrows multi spawn problem.
  • Kal'Ger dropping items outside of the boss room.
  • Clicking areas on the floor when moving around.

Fixes 25th of May:
  • Spectrals and Warriors Guild spawns fixed.
  • An issue was fixed when planting herbs and mud patches would still stay.
  • An issue with rendering shadows and water was fixed, which caused parts not to be taken into consideration for processing. So places that were actually casting shadow or reflected objects wouldn't show.
  • Demon saber and halberd now require level 85 Attack and Strength to be worn. Requirements are also shown in the skill interface now.
  • Activity tasks now correctly reward you with a combat experience lamp
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Offline Corne506

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New boss seems intresting, same for the weapons! Noice updates

Offline Di Dot

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  • Dr. Di
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nice, waited voting system long time

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Offline Blue Bird

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    • ok
Amazing work as always good job!!

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Cannot wait for all the retarded excuses as to why the voting system is doing nothing.
╲⎝⧹╲⎝⧹ :wutface: ⧸⎠╱⧸⎠╱
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Online Jandor

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Lovely update.
Ps: trading reset lamp for perfect lamp :kappa:

Offline Thomy

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I've identified a few issues and am looking into them:
  • Kal'Ger instances.
  • Voting issues: It's a bit confusing and I've already got a little overhaul coded. It will work on IP addresses rather than on usernames. So VPNs will work and the homepage can always correctly tell you if you've already voted or not. I've also found an issue where voting points aren't saved correctly. Terribly sorry, but it's already getting a fix!
  • Barrows multi spawn problem.
  • Kal'Ger dropping items outside of the boss room.
  • Clicking areas on the floor when moving around.
They will be patched with an update later today during night time or tomorrow morning.
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Offline Ironman Seid

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Keep up the good work Thomy,
We can see how much work is spent here and good luck on the voting system.
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Online Slimshadyy

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Very nice update. I hope the hard work pays off in a rising player count!
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Offline Rotanas

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Daily, Weekly and Monthly Highscores with rewards for the top ranks.

those words are music to my ears. how i wanna to have alot free time no job and so on :/
i would get 250m-400m xp per month.
live to love, love to grind.
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Offline Helpmeplease

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Many thanks for the update, i hope to see Emps World for over 200 Players in the future, Nice updates Thomy!

Offline Thomy

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Added patch notes of 25th. :)
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