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Offline Thomy

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Hey guys,

Ready for the next Double Experience Weekend? From April 5th through 8th all experience gains as well as minigame rewards and blood coin drops will be doubled. The update also contains a few bug fixes and addresses drops of random event npcs. Many thanks for the detailed reports!

Game fixes / changes:
  • Crossbow stocks and their unfinished versions now have shop values.
  • Magic and Range version of the dragonfire shield now require level 75 Magic and 75 Range to be worn.
  • Eating will no longer block instant shield effects.
  • The rune requirements for Fire surge have been fixed.
  • The code for removing objects in POHs has been improved. The map is now less likely to reload when removing objects. There are still some objects that require the map to reload, but you will find them less often. Building rugs is now also easier and no longer gives you 10+ right-click options.
  • Random event npcs now have proper noted drops. Their combat levels and powers have also been adjusted for higher levels. Evil chicken no longer drops resources but feathers and has a rare chance to drop an untradeable piece of the chicken outfit.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • An issue with looping animations has been fixed. This bug was most present in the Falador party room.

I'll now be starting the next larger project which will probably be a new skill. It'll be similar to RS3's Invention that deconstructs existing items for materials allowing you to create new items. I could imagine the creation of double experience potions and similar boosts through the skill. I've also started basic code to support a name change feature which will allow you to set a display name for your player in the future.

All the best,
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Offline Ava

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Finally, double xp weekend is coming 🤩
Thanks for The update.
Especially waiting for name change
~Emps-scape/world player since 2007 ~

Offline Drugs

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 :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ very nice and  8) 8) 8) 8) hot

Online Rotanas

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lel i will be able to enjoy double xp only 1 day i think :/

Online Joshiee

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Finally, a name changing feature :P
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