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Hey guys,

This update contains Tank armours & Smithing Adjustments, Minigame Improvements and a Name Change Feature! There are also new in-game ranks and Event Managers are now able to enable double minigame rewards. There have also been several adjustments and fixes to improve overall game balancing. Many thanks for your reports and feedback.

Tank Armours & Smithing Adjustments
Tank armours don't really exist in the game. There's equipment that gives you high defensive bonuses but nothing really that decreases your damage taken or increases your hitpoints. I'd like to introduce 4 new armour sets with their corresponding Defence level requirements:
  • Chalkos - level 55
  • Sidero - level 65
  • Atsali - level 75
  • Chrysos - level 85

Each of the sets above cannot be obtained as a drop but has to be smithed, which leads us to Smithing Adjustments. The overall level requirements for smithing items has been reduced by roughly 20%. That means that a rune platebody that required level 99 Smithing prior to the update now requires level 80 Smithing. Experience rates have been left untouched! Training Smithing hasn't become faster but you are able to smith items on earlier levels now. All changes are reflected in the skilling interface as well.

The new tank armours don't give any offensive bonuses but instead give you a hitpoints and soaking bonus. Each set comes with a unique sword that also focuses more on the defense rather than offense. You can obtain the appropriate bars to smith those items from monsters in the game:
  • Chalkos bar: Pest Control minigame
  • Sidero bar: monsters that also drop dragon items
  • Atsali bar: Slayer: Mutant tarn, Gulega, Skeletal wyvern, Abyssal demon, Ice strykewyrm, Vyrewatch, Kalphite Queen and rare chance from PvP crates.
  • Chrysos bar: Nex, Demon bosses (increased rates for Har'lakk and Yk'lagor) and rare chance from PvP crates.
Idle Kick Timer
I've increased the idle kick timer from 10 to 15 minutes. Your character will now also start resting after being away for 3 minutes and start sleeping after being away for 6 minutes. The game will log you out after 15 minutes of being completely idle. Clicking anything in the game resets this timer.

Minigame Improvements
I'd like to introduce new and consumable rewards to minigames. I want to make the minigames overall more rewarding for increasing amounts of participation as well as winning:
  • Emps-Wars: killing players now grants 0.5 tickets instead of 0.2. Capturing a flag grants the entire team 2 additional tickets as well as +8 for the player who scored. Killing bosses now also grants +8 tickets.
  • Pest Control: the maximum amount of tickets you can get has been increased from 200 to 1000. This value is doubled when any double experience bonus or minigame ticket bonus is active. Member grants an additional 10% to your ticket gain ignoring the limit. The maximum duration for a Pest Control minigame now is 6 minutes instead of 10. Portals lose their shields in intervals of 30 seconds instead of 40. You can now also start Pest Control as single player.
You can also buy new rewards now:
  • Bonecrusher: Automatically buries bone drops.
  • Demon horn necklace: Restores 5-15 prayer points for burying bones. Larger bones restore more points.
  • Magic notepaper: Turns an inventory item into its noted form.
Name change
We are now testing the name change feature in the live game before releasing it publicly. Once everything works you'll be able to buy name change tokens from Bolkoy for 1,000EC. I expect this to be soon after this update! When changing your name the following applies:
  • Your login details stay the same. We call this your user name.
  • Changing your name registers a display name, which is shown in-game and on friends/ignore lists.
  • You can change your display name without having to relog.
  • User and display names are both unique. Nobody will ever be able to pick your user name as display name.
  • Once a display name is no longer used it can be re-picked by anyone.
  • Friends list now shows last login and your actual user name in case you are using a display name.
Friend and Ignore List Rework
With the release of name changes I've also completely rewritten your friend and ignore list. You are no longer able to add non-existing accounts to either of the lists. The internal database system for friend and ignore lists also is no longer text-based. This change was needed in order to be able to support the name change feature. There have also been several client-sided performance improvements for rendering friends and ignore list.

Event Managers & Commands
Event Managers now have a dedicated icon next to their name and also received new commands to make it easier to host events. We have great trust in our Event Managers but in case of abuses we have the ability to track the use of every command used at every location. Following commands are now available to Event Managers:
  • ::doubleminigame - Enables double rewards for all minigames.
  • ::yell - Send a message to everyone.
  • ::xteleto player - Teleports to a player
  • ::xteletome player - Teleports a player to you AFTER accepting a confirmation box.
  • ::tele x y - Teleport to locations across the map to explore areas for events.
The teleport commands cannot be used during combat and will ask the player for permission if teleported. All commands are logged and randomly checked for integrity and valid uses.

Burthorpe Dialogues
The city has received some dialogues to make it feel more alive. Special thanks to JP for coming up with the dialogues and putting them into emps script.

Runecrafting Adjustments
The current state of the Runecrafting skill is a little bit questionable, because crafting runes doesn't feel very good. I've started by sorting out the mess of the skill interface by dividing the level requirements into 2 categories: Runes & All Runes. The first part shows at which level you can start crafting runes and the second shows at which levels you gain what amount of runes. I have also reduced the level requirements for crafting Death, Blood and Soul runes. The level requirements for crafting multiple runes have been reduced. This means you will get more low level runes at earlier Runecrafting levels. There is now also a cap for the maximum amount of runes you can craft. All changes can be viewed in the "All Runes" section of the Runecrafting skilling interface. The aim of this change is to give you more runes for actually training the skill instead of having to rely on good drops or buying from shops.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Teleport spells and teletabs can now be used during the eating animation.
  • Lunar dream spell now restores special attack energy when used.
  • Teleblock timers have been overhauled. A bug was fixed where magic protection prayer wouldn't halve the duration.
  • The alch values for abyssal whip, bow and staff have been increased to 713k. Abyssal bow and staff can now also be noted and the item picture for the abyssal staff models has slightly been reduced to properly fight into inventory squares.
  • The synchronization of door states in houses with multiple attendees has been fixed.
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth drop table has been updated. Chaos rune drop was removed and the additional drop chances (5%) were add to Wines of Zamorak. They now drop with a 9% chance instead of 4%. Zamorak brews are now also dropped as 4 doses.
  • Emerald bolts (e) now correctly inflict increasing poison onto your enemy.
  • Admins and event managers can now use some commands to assist them in navigating through the game during events.
  • Adamant crossbows can now be bought in several Range shops.
  • Icons you can no longer use are now automatically removed.
  • New icons were added: event manager, wiki contributor, wiki admin and youtuber.
  • Daily tasks can now be skipped by right-clicking it in the Daily tasks interface. Skipping a task costs 1 EP.
  • Dragon claw special attack has been updated. Some of its code has been reworked to better represent its 4 hit special attack. The maximum special attack damage was also reduced by 5%. The max hit is now slightly lower than the Armadyl Godsword. I've also reduced the special attack accuracy from 200% to 150%. This sounds like a lot but dragon claws special attack is designed to get you extra hits if one of the 4 hit rolls is 0. I want to put the weapon more in line with other special attack weapons and not have one very overpowered one.
  • Dark kebbits can no longer be assigned as Hunter daily task.
  • The Varrock palace garden has had its plants grown and the Master Gardener is also no longer able to noclip through them.
  • A clipping issue with Dusk devils was fixed. There was a general error within the npc walking code that caused the issue. It occurred when npc combat reset with them being outside their walking zone. This allowed them to noclip back to their original position and sometimes got them stuck in other objects.
  • Items affecting your maximum hitpoints bonus now increase / decrease your hitpoint stat immediately. This effect is only applied while being out of combat.
  • A gem bag can now be bought for 100k from the Tokkul shop in the Obsidian caves. It can hold up to 50 gems total and 8 different types.
  • A herb sack can now be bought for 10k from the Slayer Point Exchange. It can hold up to 50 herbs total and 8 different types.
  • The prayer bonuses from the Initiate set (Emps-Wars reward) have been drastically increased.
  • The Constructor outfit now increases Construction experience gain by 1% per item worn and can be traded.
  • Items lost caused by death inside the Corporeal beast boss fight area are now dropped outside. Not in the wilderness, but directly before entering the boss fight area.
  • Negative weight bonuses now only count when worn. Having the agile set / boots of lightness in your inventory no longer decreases total weight value.
  • Runes can no longer be preserved by half the Magic level requirement of staves. This mechanic is rather confusing than useful. I want to introduce better ways of obtaining and preserving runes instead of having to rely on rolls of random numbers.
  • Runecrafter outfit can now be bought from the Slayer Point Exchange. Each piece of the set allows you to craft 2.5% more runes.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • NPCs will no longer be stuck in animations.
  • Shadow quality settings have been updated for modern GPUs. The settings will no longer request gigantic shadow maps putting enormous computational power onto your GPU. This reduces quality by a little (I couldn't tell a difference unless totally zoomed in on a floor tile) but improves performance by a lot.
  • New symbols have been added to the game. I was unable to type / copy-paste those, so please let me know if it works! The following were newly added and need to be confirmed: ąčęėįšųūžå
  • A graphical issue on the Neitiznot bridges has been fixed.

I wasn't yet able to start the next big project (invention skill) due to an injury of my left arm. I've had issues with a nerve going from my underarm to my hand. It's nothing painful but it caused permanent tingling in my left hand. Which is... well... annoying. Biggest problem was that it started to hurt when typing... so I was forced to take a bit of a break. Doctor said it's nothing serious but if I'm not forced to do computer work I shouldn't. It's still not fully healed but already much much better. :D

All the best,

Fixes of June 4th:
  • Chalkos, Sider, Atsali and Chrysos daily tasks have been fixed. They now required 1-3 items to be crafted instead of ridiculous amounts. Their smithing process was also overhauled and should no longer delete too many bars.
  • Demon horn necklace has had its stats removed except for a +5 prayer bonus. The prayer amount restored was also reduced by roughly 30%. The item was just being too strong in combination with the bonecrusher resulting in you never ever having to touch a prayer potion during Slayer task while keeping 2 prayers up. This wasn't the intention of the item and thus the quick rebalancing. I will continue looking at it and see if we over-nerfed it or if it's still being too strong.
  • Fletching requirements for bronze up to rune arrows, bolts and darts have been reduced to reflect recent Smithing changes.
  • Clan chat messages are now properly ignored when the user is on your ignore list.
  • Rune bag can now be used again.
I continued to fix our tools and homepage for the upcoming name change feature. It still isn't quite ready but it'll be finished soon! Once I got all the tools and forum name change done as well I'll immediately release it.

Fixes of June 10th:
  • Teleblock is now functioning properly again.
  • All shields now have a ranged taunt of up to 12 paces. This should make it easier for melee to taunt enemies. This distance is calculated from the npc's closest outer point to your character.
  • Entering another person's house no longer requires you to replace spaces in their name with _'s.
  • Necromancer bonuses & names fixed.
  • Bonecrusher Destroy option changed to Drop.
  • Friends list issues displaying wrong names fixed.
  • Removing multiple herb sack items no longer deletes them when there's not enough space in your inventory.
  • Many parts of the smithing interface have completely been rewritten. It now uses the level requirements from the skilling interface to correctly display the ability to smith items.
  • Smelting now automatically uses coal from the coal bag. This also applies when using the superheat spell.
  • Using items on the gem bag and herb sack now automatically adds them.
  • Using coal on the coal bag now automatically adds them.
  • Auto-retaliate no longer triggers when an interface is opened. This will no longer reset puzzles in the Barrow crypts.
  • The level requirements for smelting bars have been reduced. The changes can be viewed in the smithing skilling interface. The mining skill keeps its level requirements because adjusting it for smithing would create a huge level gap between levels 70 and 90.
Name change still needs a bit of tweaking until it's fully working! :)
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mmm, i like :)

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Awesome work!

Offline Thomy

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I need to delay name change a few days. The tests have shown that too many internal tools don't work very well or at all. I don't want to release a half-finished name change feature with bugs! :)
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"A clipping issue with Dusk devils was fixed." please fix grammar. Other updates are neat

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Nice work Thomy ! keep it up !
-= Ironman Dot =-

Thanks for donation - Iron lipalt

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King125: minimum wage in estonia 2.5€ wtf
King125: 25€ for 10h work day :D :D :D
King125: i could make more sucking emps scape dick
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Good update with items and changes that are very helpful to me. Thanks!

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  • Atsali bar: Slayer: Mutant tarn, Gulega, Skeletal wyvern, Abyssal demon, Ice strykewyrm, Vyrewatch, Kalphite Queen and rare chance from PvP crates.
Was this changed? The bar is neither on abyssal demons' droptable on the wiki nor listed as a drop source on the bar's page.
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Offline Thomy

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  • Atsali bar: Slayer: Mutant tarn, Gulega, Skeletal wyvern, Abyssal demon, Ice strykewyrm, Vyrewatch, Kalphite Queen and rare chance from PvP crates.
Was this changed? The bar is neither on abyssal demons' droptable on the wiki nor listed as a drop source on the bar's page.

Right! I forgot to add them to the Abby demon droptable. Will do so asap and update #wiki channel with drops. :)
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Patch notes for June 10th added.
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Well done, great additions - glad to see activity within the development side.
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