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Title: Updates July 14th - Death Rework, Equipment Changes and New Areas!
Post by: Thomy on July 14, 2022, 10:41:00 am
Hello everybody!

Today's update contains various new things, reworks and fixes. The biggest change being the rework of death mechanics and attack ranges of various ranged weapons. It is also a preparation for our next huge content release: Rot Cave. You can explore West Ardougne already if you find its hidden entrance.

West Ardougne & Rot Cave
West Ardougne can now be accessed. You can't come in through the main gates (yet) though. The Rot Cave hasn't opened, because there is still a lot to be tested to make sure it works the way it should. I would like to test all the new code in the game first and see how it works before opening all new areas. It'll be released as soon as I've finished testing everything.

Death Rework
The death mechanic has been worked. By default all degradeable items are kept and their charges are reduced by 12.5% (10% for members) of their maximum charges. If an item breaks during the process you will receive its broken version. Items that have a degraded state, such as the rune bag, will no longer degrade when dropped. You can just walk to the spot where you've died and pick up the item without any additional repair costs. Inventories also won't be destroyed. Your runes will magically be kept safe should you lose your rune bag. ;)

The Items Kept on Death interface has also been reworked. It shows exactly what items will be kept and dropped on death. That makes it a lot easier to determine which items you risk losing. Item lists in the interface are a 1:1 copy of the items that are dropped upon death.
The left part of the image shows a death outside of the wilderness. You see that you keep most of your items. The right part is a death inside the wilderness to another player. You see that all untradeable items are transformed to either their broken state, currency, contents or coins. You can toggle the view at any time by clicking the "PvP" button in the bottom right corner.

Construction System
I've rewritten major parts of the construction skill that loads your house. It will be faster and without the need to reload the entire map when you place or remove rooms. You will still see some objects loading in and out but without a dedicated loading screen going blue. There have also been fixes to the clipping system which would sometimes get you stuck in corners of rooms.

Weakness & Resistance System
I have expanded the weakness system to also support resistances. Weaknesses and resistances apply damage modifiers to certain types of damage. For example you cast a fire spell dealing 10 damage: Weaknesses and immunities can be examined by casting the monster examine spell from the Lunar spell book. All rot monsters have 100% rot resistance meaning they cannot be damaged by any kind of rot.

Tank gear and PvP
There have been recent concerns that tank equipment is too strong for PvP - specifically chrysos items. Not that it kills other players but that it creates almost invincible targets. Since tank armour is healthy for the game by offering equipment variety I don't want to introduce special PvP bonuses or nerf the items into the ground. All tank armours can now ONLY be repaired with their respective bars. Meaning repairing a chrysos cuirass requires one chrysos bar to add back all charges. The total amount of charges have also been increased from 20,000 to 30,000 for armours and from 30,000 to 45,000 for weapons. Flat damage reduction was also slightly reduced. A full chrysos set now blocks 14 damage instead of 15. Moreover, chrysos equipment can now be colored using dyes from the EC store.

Vanstrom necklaces
All vanstrom necklaces have received more raw stats. These items are supposed to be bis and should not be out performed by other items. Accuracy bonus has been increased to 32 from 25 and strength bonus from 20 to 28. That gives them 2 additional max hits making it stronger than Vyrewatch necklace (b).

Emps Credits & Inflation
Due to global inflation I've adjusted the EC prices of following items: I understand that this is a very unpopular change but inflation happens world-wide and we haven't had any price adjustments in roughly 10 years. I haven't changed the price of any other EC item because I think only consumables such as membership or xp boosts should be adjusted to inflation. Newly released items purchasable with credits will just get a fixed price at their time of release. I also don't think changing the amount of EC you get by buying packages on the homepage is a fair change. I would like to keep these adjustments to a minimum to remain fair.

Ranged Weapons - Attack Range
The attack ranges for various ranged weapons have been adjusted. There were various issues with bosses or other monsters when attacking them from large ranges. Especially the hand cannon or longbows on ranged style were causing troubles. Below's a list of weapon types with their new attack range: The longrange option can no longer exceed a maximum attack range of 10. Meaning that it doesn't give any additional attack range for the hand cannon and +1 for longbows. The attack range of weapons is now also shown in the attack interface next to attack speed.

Game fixes / changes:

Engine fixes / changes:
Let me know what you think of the changes! Is the death rework a good idea? I was thinking of giving you the option to protect all items on death in exchange for paying a fee to return them? I hope to finish the Rot Cave in the coming weeks, it's become quite a large project with lots of different enemies. ;)

All the best,

July 15th changes:

July 22th changes:Game fixes / changes:
Title: Re: Updates July 14th - Death Rework, Equipment Changes and New Areas!
Post by: Papa Troq on July 23, 2022, 09:40:21 pm
Noice update once again :D