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Updates January 28th - Grand Exchange Issue & Bugfixes


Hello everyone!

Our update today contains various fixes and improvements. The Grand Exchange required a patch and a restart to fix a serialization problem with the database. Since this bug caused item duplication we were forced to rollback the game for roughly 24h. Sorry for the inconvenience. Moreover, severeal tweaks were made to the game client to improve performance and stability.

Rollback January 27th
Due to problems with the Grand Exchange duplicating offers we were forced to issue a rollback of roughly 24 hours. Only items have been rolled back, everything else including experience gains, new accounts, password changes, name changes, etc. remain the same. If there are still issues with your game or the Grand Exchange, please create a helpdesk ticket.

Grand Exchange Serialization
I have identified a problem with how the Grand Exchange saves transactions to the database. There was a bug which crashed the process when our system lost connection to the database for a brief amount of time. This caused items that were taken out of the Grand Exchange to be duplicated. I am sorry for the inconvenience and have improved the way our Grand Exchange saves transactions to the database. It can no longer crash in the way it did!

Homepage Updates
Several changes have been made to our homepage. You can now browse all news articles on the front page. Unnecessary descriptions and headers were removed. The process of loading news was also optimized resulting in better loading times and thus also better page scores for search engines.

Game fixes / changes:
* Vampires now require level 42 Slayer to be killed. They also received an entry in the Slayer interface that recommends silver weapons and fire spells.
* The attack animation of Bloodfelds has been improved. Their melee attacks have been turned into magical attacks. Meaning that your magic defence will be considered against their accuracy. Their damage type is still melee, so protection from melee will negate all damage.
* Vampires now pause their attacks a few ticks longer when transforming to avoid the upcoming attack animation overwriting their transformation.
* The ranged attack for Vanstrom Klause during his last phase has been improved. The flying animation was slowed down a bit in order to better synchronize client and server positions. There is now also a small additional delay after the ranged attacks have finished before the next attack.
* Rod of Ivandis no longer shows the graphic of last spell used.
* Poison protect, heal and deflect auras have been changed. Poison damage done to you remains unchanged when wearing such auras. Receiving the poisoned status is now possible though. That improves how auras work against poisonous enemies by triggering its effect without having to unequip the aura to receive poisoned status.
* The Falador Party Room has been improved. You are now able to choose the amount of items in an item stack that will be dropped. It's also possible to remove items (that have not yet been confirmed!!) from the chest without having to re-open the interface.
* Promethium equipment can no longer be found on the Grand Exchange search.
* Promethium weapons now have a higher chance of increasing the damage of rot infections.
* Attack speeds of karil's crossbow and elemental bow are once again 2.5s.
* Zamorak robes can no longer be put in the armour case.
* Glaiven, ragefire and steadfast boots / gloves have received one additional strength bonus to have them better in line with other items.
Engine fixes / changes:
* Inventory icons of Jad and Corporeal beast pet have been improved.
* The timeouts for loading the map has been increased to avoid slow computers not being able to load anything at all.
* The game client now tries to recover from faulty traffic instead of crashing the game. I've seen a small amount of crash reports on this topic.
* Sound cache size has been decreased to better support machines running on low memory configurations. Please bear in mind that old clients (<1GB RAM configuration or Java 1.8 or older) require more memory to run stable!
This update including all changes and fixes was released a bit early due to problems with the Grand Exchange. I am still working on superior slayer monsters and will keep you guys updated on the progress. :)

All the best,


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