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Hey guys,

Happy new year! This is our first patch in 2020. ;D Today I present you a full rework of the Pest Control minigame. It features multiple difficulty modes and allows you to collect more pest points. There's also Ultimate and Hardcore Ironman modes with separate Hiscores as well as plenty of adjustments and bug fixes.

Pest Control Rework
With recent updates and hardmode bosses the Pest Control minigame has become a bit buggy and also outdated. I've rewritten major parts of the minigame to make it more enjoyable. There's now 3 different boats offering you 3 different difficulty modes. The black flag contains most difficult version and the white flag the easiest.

There have also been several Pest Control related changes and fixes:
  • Portal orientations have been fixed. They are now facing towards the center of the minigame.
  • Pest Control now scales its difficulty depending on the amount of participants. Before this would be done in 5 player steps whereas now it counts every single player.
  • Splatters no longer explode in front of structures but explodes when getting near players or upon death. The splash damage has also been increased and now scales with the npc's magic level.
  • Ravagers now target walls, barricades and doors. Destroyed structures will now be fully passable for everyone. The damage done to structures scales with the npc's max hit.
  • Shifters can now teleport to their target more than once.
  • Brawlers no longer block walking paths but gained a stun attack.
  • More void knight variations spawn in the center of the Pest Control map.
  • Bandages have been added that can be used to heal other players or void knights.
  • Difficulty affects the amount of Pest-tokens gained.
There's also a competitive mode including Hiscores for the most difficult version but I'd like to test the minigame first to see how different rounds perform. I'll keep you updated on this and show Hiscores on the homepage as soon as possible!

Multiple Clients
We never had full support for running multiple clients. In rare instances local files could get corrupted resulting in crashes or visual bugs occurring in-game. I've rewritten the cache handling part which improves reading / writing speeds and ensures that it's impossible that multiple clients are writing into the same file. It's now possible to load up 2 clients while downloading the game without having to fear any data corruption issues.

Ultimate & Hardcore Ironman Mode
You can now create ultimate and hardcore ironman accounts by talking to the Quest guide on Tutorial Island. The new ironman statuses can only be assigned to newly created accounts while doing the tutorial. Hardcore ironmen only have one life and ultimate ironmen are not allowed to use the bank.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Tormented demon animations have been updated.
  • Textures for grass in Camelot have been updated.
  • The dagannoth area has been reworked a little. Animations of ranged attacks were updated and more variations of Dagannoths have been added. Dagannoth mothers now come in 6 different types each having a unique attack.
  • The maximum sizes of the herb sack and gem box have been increased from 50 to 200.
  • Looting bag can no longer be used outside Wilderness, Edgeville bank or Grand Exchange.
  • Picking up items while having a secondary inventory item with you (looting bag, quiver, herb sack, etc.) will now automatically store picked up items. Picking up 250 noted herbs while having a herb sack will put 200 into the herb sack and 50 in your inventory.
  • A bug with global item spawns was fixed. An error could occur which would not let you pickup global spawns in Barbarian village.
  • An additional minute was added to dropped items. Items become public after 2 minutes and disappear after 5 (up from 3) minutes.
  • Fight Caves completion can now trigger through kill logs by having killed Jad at least once.
  • The Slayer task of killing Jad can now be completed in the hardmode Fight Caves. The task is completed once one Jad is slain.
  • You can now be assigned Koz as Slayer task once you completed Fight Caves.
  • The maximum amount of friends was increased from 200 to 400.
  • Kicking a person from clan chat now has a warning that needs to be confirmed.
  • The Grand Exchange Price Chart now allows you view prices of up to 5 years ago.
  • Selecting your house style now also affects where your house is located at. Leaving your house will place you in the appropriate area. You are now also able to enter your house from all available house portals across the worldmap. Have a look at the house styles to find out which places exist!
  • The looting bag and other inventory extending items can no longer be destroyed in the wilderness.
  • Items can no longer be destroyed while being in combat inside the wilderness. It shouldn't be impossible to delete or save items from enemies in dangerous zones.
  • It is now possible to remove a bank pin completely and to change verified pins immediately. You now only need to wait 10 days if you don't know your bank pin.
  • The timer of Fight Caves (hm) has been fixed. It's now showing hours, minutes and seconds correctly.
  • Relogging in the Fight Caves no longer restores your hit and prayer points.
  • Ancient statuettes now also block you from teleporting when being in the looting bag.
  • There's no longer a random animation delay when 2 players are fighting. This resulted in it seeming like one player was attacking faster whereas it was just a delay for an animation to play. This is only better visual clarity!
  • Using the wilderness ditch will now always work no matter where you click.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • A bug was fixed where projectiles (arrows / spells) would not properly follow entities on large rendering distances.
  • CTRL + G can now be used to toggle all in-game interfaces. It's the same as using ::cinemamode command.
  • An issue with the spawn rate of global particles (snow fall at GE) has been fixed.
  • Ground items now show their amount and show a hover box.
  • The RNG option for the Music Player was fixed. There will now be new random songs after the current one has finished playing.
  • Animated textures & Animation optimization settings have been removed. They are and are now always enabled by default, which is how it should always have been.
  • Demon orb's moving texture can now be seen better.
  • Moving textures have received some adjustments. There should no longer be faulty parts on fire capes or magic trees.
  • An issue with loading custom map objects upon the initial loading time has been fixed. That could cause magic trees to not be visible outside Barbarian village when logging in there.
  • You can now search for people in friends list, clan chat and ignore list.
  • Open interfaces now have proper drawing priority over chat orbs and split private chat. It's however still hidden underneath the chatbox. It shows what you can click on top.
  • Trade and duel requests now have proper time stamps in front of them.
  • A bug was fixed where items on the floor could not be clicked on rare occasions.
  • An issue with overlapping water and lava textures has been fixed.
  • Walking through entities (players & npcs) no longer makes them flicker or shortly disappear. They'll only be hidden when standing still.

This update contains a lot of small adjustments and fixes. I haven't decided the next big project yet but I think it will be more difficult content similarly do the Fight Caves (hm). I was thinking of new bosses or other hard modes for Nex. I don't think the Demon bosses need hard modes since they are already considered to be rather difficult? I wouldn't mind developing a Demon boss that can't be killed very often though. ;)

All the best,

EDIT - Fixes:
  • Bank booths can now be used to note items.
  • Friends list now correctly shows maximum of 400 friends.
  • Can no longer get stuck when trying to pick up an item that goes into a secondary inventory.
  • Leaving houses can no longer get you stuck.
  • The Koz Slayer task now requires you to only kill one.
  • The contents of any secondary inventory (looting bag) are now always lost upon death. There have also been further fixes to the looting bag improving usability when adding non-stackable items. It's also no longer possible to stack non-stackable items. Moving items in secondary inventories is now also possible.
  • A bug with picking up items you are already wearing was fixed.
  • The kept items interface has been updated. It now shows items lost of secondary inventories and is sorted by item value. This order is also kept when items are dropped to the floor upon death. Valuable items drops upon death will also appear on top.
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