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Updates February 11th - Revenants Cave Rework & Engine Optimizations


Hey guys,

The Revenants Cave has received a rework. The area itself was updated with more Revenant spawns and improved drop rates. Frost dragons received their own cave and can only be killed on Slayer task. Their drop table was also improved. You can read the list of full changes below.

Revenants Cave
Several changes have been made to the Revenants cave. The aim was to modernize the cave itself and move Frost dragons away from the wilderness.
* Frost dragons have been removed from the cave and Revenants and Neitiznot island.
* It's no longer possible to sell antiquities for gold to shops. They must be exchanged in the center of Revenants cave for cash.
* Lower level Revenants drop antiquities less often.
* High level Revenants drop valuable items more often.
* Revenant combat power has been adjusted. Their combat level now reflects their combat strength better.
* Attack intervals are no longer random but follow a pattern.
* The chance of a Revenant healing has been adjusted. It can trigger when being below a certain health threshold and becomes more likely the lower the Revenant becomes.
* Antiquities can no longer be sold for the full price to the general store. Hartwin, an adventurer inside the north-eastern part of the revenants cave, will still buy them for full price.
The Revenants cave is now a Revenants cave and no longer a Frost dragon cave. The change to selling antiquities promotes activity within the caves and rewards immediately exchanging antiquities for money.

Frost Dragons
Frost Dragons can no longer be found anywhere on the map but the Frost Drageon cave. You can enter the Frost Dragon cave through the Asgarnian dungeon. This is only possible when being on a Slayer task. You also require a specific Slayer level to harm the dragons and their drop table has been improved. The prayer experience for Frost dragon bones has slighly been increased as well.

Game fixes / changes:
* Fire at mudskipper point can now be used to cook.
* Adamant category in the Smithing interface no longer contains all items.
* Broadcasts for unique item drops have been updated. They now include the enemy with killcount or location.
* Broadcasts for hardcore ironman deaths have been updated. They now include the enemy that dealt the finishing blow.
* Quiver, rune bag and looting interface are no longer closed when entering combat.
* Items from the looting can no longer be withdrawn during combat.
* Projectile heights for demon bosses have been fixed.
* The combat levels and scalings for Lucien van Rot have been fixed. The boss hit too much in 2p and 3p dungeon versions.
* Unholy cursebearer can now be assigned as Slayer task.
* The Slayer task amounts of Barrow brothers are now always divisible by 6.
* The code for selecting spells to be autocasted has been reworked. You can also no longer create scenarios where casting ancient magic spells would be possible with another spellbook. Your autocast spell has to be present in your active spell book from now on.
* Tormented demons have received a weakness to water and ice damage.
* A bug in the Falador party room was fixed. It was possible to duplicate your balloon drops. There is nothing to worry though, because all of this was logged. In the coming days we'll be going through the drop logs and issue bans to excessive abusers.
Engine fixes / changes:
* Texture loading has been delayed to happen after map loading. That prevents frame drops on slower machines during initial login. The code to generate mipmaps was also optimized for modern openGL versions.
* An issue was fixed where delayed graphics on entities would render too early.
* Self shadowing was improved to give models more depth. An issue with brightness on interface models was also fixed - the character on your equipment screen wasn't properly lighted.
* A problem with Frost dragon textures was fixed.
* Text rendering quality has been improved when scaled up.
Slayer elite monster spawns aren't quite there yet. However, with the addition of more monsters to the Slayer skill you see where this is going... ;)

All the best,


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