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Updates December 21st - Double XP Week & More Bank Space


Hey guys,

Christmas is just around the corner and 2022 is reaching its end. We celebrate the festivities with a full week of double experience rates starting December 24th and ending January 1st. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our side! See you in 2023. I've also added two additional bank tabs available to members only.

Double Experience Week

Game fixes / changes:
* Various faulty slayer task kill amounts have been fixed.
* Sawmill operator east of Varrock is working again.
* Santa will no longer talk to you for deliveries when an interface is open. You still get the a message as notification though, so don't worry!
* Looting bag can no longer disappear when trying to empty it while eating food.
* All cave horrors are dropping items now.
* Void knight can once again be healed with bandages.
* The code for talking to npcs has been updated. The game will pause the random walking code when getting close to an npc you are interacting with.
* The recipe for the creation of a slayer helmet has been added to the advancements interface.
* A bug with deconstructing the full slayer helmet was fixed. You could get an additional black mask that way.
* Mirror shield and leaf-bladed spear no longer degrade.
* A slayer dart icon was added to the damage type of leaf-bladed spear. The damage type includes broad arrows, broad bolts, leaf-bladed spear, slayer dart spell Leaf-bladed sword. All these weapons and spells can be used to damage slayer Kurasks, Turoths and Gulegas.
Engine fixes / changes:
* The bank interface now allows you to drag items to the top row. This moves an item from one bank tab to another. The bank tab row has also been extended to display two more tabs, which are available to premium members.
* The duration of player x is online / offline has been decreased.
* Positioning of certain item models in interfaces has been fixed. Examples for this are level up messages, dragonhide crafting, invention deconstruction, etc.
Thanks for all the bug reports on Discord. If you haven't already checked out our community discord, here's the invitation link: https://discord.com/invite/xUvVGkk

All the best,


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