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Hey guys,

2020 is nearing its end and I have one last update in this year for you. I've re-enabled our classic present delivery Christmas event and added new rewards that are quite fitting for our current situation. There is also the introduction of a grouping system and on top of that a group ironman mode. I've also fixed a few annoying issues that caused problems in the Collection Logs and reworked the Slayer skill interface. You can also get wilderness-specific tasks from a new Slayer master in Edgeville now.

Christmas Event
You can once again talk to Santa south of the Grand Exchange for holiday quests and present deliveries. I've added some new items to the reward pool that are fitting the year 2020. I don't want to spoil what items exactly you can get, but there's a pool of new recolors of an existing item.

Double Experience Weeks
We'll be having almost 2 weeks of Double Experience starting on December 24th until January 4th. I know this announcement is a bit late but the patch notes just weren't ready yet. If you'd like to get news faster feel free to join our Discord group. Good luck on your level-ups and make sure to also waste some xp during Christmas time! ;)

Grouping System & Group Ironman
You can now form a group with other players that shows their online status and health value. You can send group requests by right-clicking a friend in your friends list and selecting the "Group" option. The aim of this system is to support activities that require keeping an eye on your group members. This can be group bosses, PvP or just any other combat activity you do together. You can leave a group at any time by right-clicking your name inside the group interface. Group leaders (the one initiating the very first group request) can remove other players from a group at any time.

On top of the grouping system you are now also able to create group ironman accounts. They are able to trade items between group members. Only group ironmen can trade items with other group ironmen if they are in the same group! You can leave and join a group at any time, but group ironman members can only join a group on Tutorial Island. Make sure everybody gets online and joins their group on Tutorial Island before heading out! Should a group ironman group become inactive there is the option to join another group by using a "Group change token". Changing your group shouldn't be something do you frequently because it basically offers a way to trade items between accounts. At the moment this token can be purchased for 5k Emps Credits. I will be monitoring this token and see if it makes sense to have it locked behind a paywall for emergencies or just remove it completely in the future.

Collection Logs
An issue with collection logs not saving properly has been fixed. This could only occur when the game was restarted and caused some people to lose certain entries. I'm sorry for the inconvenience but we are not able to bring back lost collection log entries. However, the bug has been fixed and won't cause issues anymore. I've also added a total completion percentage in the interface's title.

Data Storage Overhaul
I've analysed and rewritten parts of how specific data is stored in the database. The new way ensures that removing items from inventories won't cause artifacts inside of the database in the future. This change has also been applied to farming patches and degradable items. Please rest assured that this has been tested thoroughly and your items are safe! This change went live weeks ago already in a small bugfix patch.

Slayer QoL Improvements
The Slayer skill interface has been worked. It now contains level requirements for equippable items and Slayer masters. This introduces some level restrictions for players with lower Slayer levels to ensure that their tasks are not too difficult to complete. Some items from the Slayer point reward shop have also received level requirements. What you are probably most interested in is the ability to choose from multiple tasks now. Initially you can choose from two tasks. Being a member grants an additional task roll as well as having level 99 Slayer and reaching 200M Slayer exp. That means that you can get up to 5 Slayer tasks to choose from with 200M Slayer exp.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Music player also unlocks new song names now when you have music disabled completely.
  • Farming patches are now being loaded and stored correctly again.
  • It is now possible to store a few auras inside of the Invention energy box.
  • Dagannoth kings now offer an instance. Their spawn and walking zones have slightly been updated to support the instance creation.
  • Zaryte bow no longer gives Ancient energy. I know this might not be a popular change but the bow was never intended to completely bypass the deconstruction process of Nex drops for Invention. The Zaryte bow now gives one Abyssal, Void and Third-age energy each as well as some Woodworking energy.
  • The Dharok set effect has been updated. Previously to the update it would scale your strength bonus based on your missing health. It now works the exact same way as it does in OSRS by increasing your max hit by 1% for every HP missing. You cannot empower the Dharok set effect with HP boosts because it starts triggering once your HP goes below your base level. You can reach the maximum hit bonus of 98% with 1 HP and level 99 Hitpoints.
  • An issue with displaying the beard model for Veracs has been fixed.
  • A bug was fixed where you could create Invention items you didn't have the level requirement for.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • The camera movement code has been optimized. A few instances where it would shake when zoomed in were removed.
  • Skill and combat timers now show in minute instead of comma format: 4.5 will now show as 4:30.

I'm sorry but I was unable to list all fixes in the game that happened over the past weeks. I've been quite busy with life recently and kind of forgot to update this topic. Rest assured though that bugs you've reported and some things we discussed on Discord and on the Forums have been implemented into the game!

I hope you're all going to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year's Eve. Looking forward to 2021 and also all the new cool things we can put into Emps-World. Keep the ideas you have for the game coming. Take care everyone! :D

Thank you all for your continuous support and all the best,
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