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Updates December 11th - Christmas Event & Slayer Improvements


Hey guys,

I hope you're having a great time. Christmas is just around the corner and our annual present delivery event is starting. You'll be able to get your hands on additional rares this year: Dagon'Hai robes. The Slayer skill has also received improvements including new item requirements and rewards.

Christmas Event - Present Deliveries

Santa is once again asking for your help to do present deliveries! You will receive a Christmas cracker for every successful delivery - no matter the outcome. Dagon'hai robes have been added rare Christmas cracker drop table (1 in 1000). The robes also received a requirement of level 70 Magic to wield.

Rot Damage & Promethium
I've changed the way promethium weapons and arrows apply rot damage. They now provide a stacking effect on every third hit instead of a flat application on special attacks. Meaning that continuous hits with promethium equipment will increase ticking rot damage. This goes up to a maximum value of 100. This means that you can stack rot effects with multiple people providing the enemy is not immune to rot.

Slayer Rework
The Slayer skill is receiving a few adjustments. Slayer boots, gloves and the Slayer helmet no longer grant additional Slayer xp when killing monsters. I understand this is frustrating but the mechanic is weird and outdated. To cope for that change overall Slayer xp rates and Slayer point gains have been adjusted. The experience per kill is now roughly the enemy's hitpoints multiplied by 8. Bosses or other special monsters gain additional modifiers, such as the Fight Caves or group dungeon challenges. The aim was to flatten the curve between low level and high level Slayer masters. And to also reduce the enormous Slayer point rewards from Shenven and boss tasks. On top of that the amount of monsters assigned per task has also been increased. There will also be additional Slayer points when completing task streaks:
* Every 10th task: x2 Slayer points
* Every 25th task: x3 Slayer points
* Every 50th task: x4 Slayer points
* Every 100th task: x5 Slayer points
* Every 250th task: x10 Slayer pointsSlayer shops now contain various items required to slay specific monsters. This will be mentioned when you are assigned a task. The level requirements for Slayer masters and Slayer helmet have also been changed. You can no longer buy a Slayer helmet but buy the secret behind its creation process. Once known you can create as many Slayer helmets as you like as long as you have level 55 Crafting and the required items.

The Slayer skilling interface has been updated to include such item requirements for Slayer tasks.

The wiki article contains all experience rates and Slayer point rewards: https://emps-world.net/wiki/Slayer

There will be a part 2 of the Slayer Rework including Superior Enemies during tasks. I couldn't quite finish this before Christmas - I have about 6 monsters done already though. So stay tuned to see it releasing sometime soon next year! ;)

Game fixes / changes:
* Adjustments have been made to non-boss monster's combat power. Level scaling was changed to better reflect an npc's combat level. The change mainly increases defence and accuracy values. Max hits have been lowered slightly to cope with the change.
* Clue scroll drops have been made rarer and their loot was increased.
* Droptables for dagannoth mothers have been fixed.
* Enter last option for POH has been fixed.
* The price calculation for Grand Exchange has been improved. More recent transactions now have a greater impact on an item's average price. This value is now also updated on a fixed interval multiple times a day.
* There's now a chat message for every 10 kills you have left when doing a slayer task.
* A bug with protect item prayer was fixed where it would not activate during deaths.
* Fishing spots no longer make a death sound.
* Shukarhazh has its name fixed for all forms.
* Edgeville bankers (and other npcs) are once again facing their proper direction.
* Activity timers of 00:00 are no longer shown in chatbox. Such activity scores are invalid and also not eligible for Hiscores. An example for an invalid score would be a player death or more people entering when the dungeon already started.
* Promethium can no longer be traded in its noted form. I understand that may be frustrating but Promethium items, once smithed, are not supposed to be traded.
* Silk stalls among others once again yield proper loot.
* Poison deflect aura no longer causes chatbox messages of you being poisoned albeit it not happening.
* The attack speed of Kree'Arra (hm) was increased by 1 tick to be able to react to incoming projectiles with protection prayers. The melee attack's power was also cut in half since it's pretty much unprotectable damage.
* Boss instances now notify you when a score is no longer eligible for Hiscores.
* Talking to npcs has been improved. You should no longer follow them until they stop before starting the dialogue.
* Ice Strymewyrm code has been improved. You can now also just attack them instead of having to initially select the "Investigate" option.
Engine fixes / changes:
* Waterbirth island received a snowing effect.
* Skilling interfaces now support searching for advancements.
This is the last content update for 2022. We may still get a few bugfix patches but other than that I hope you've enjoyed Emps-World this year. I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. See you next year with plenty of new things to come. Thanks for playing! :D

All the best,


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