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Hey guys,

The annual Christmas event has been enabled. Deliver presents to people across Emps-World for unique rewards. There have been improvements to the Map Loading code that reduces loading times on slower machines. I've also added the ability to show your gaming status on Discord.

Christmas Event
You are once again able to deliver presents to random people. I've increased the pool of people you need to deliver presents to. Every delivery rewards you with a Christmas cracker that can be opened by using it on another person. Both you and the person used on will receive a random Christmas item. You can view all the obtainable items here:

Discord Rich Presence
Our game client is now able to display your location in the game as well what you are training currently on Discord. The game checks for new actions every 5 seconds. This feature can be enabled and disabled from within the game or on Discord.

Faster Map Loading
I've rewritten how the game loads map chunks when you load into a new region. The model combination code for GPU buffers has been multi-threaded. It's now putting less stress on actual game rendering resulting in stabler fps rates while also delivering significantly faster loading times. This change was made in order to improve loading times for slower machines and to properly be able to use high Rendering Distances on faster machines.

Game fixes / changes:
  • A bug was fixed that allowed you to duplicate Ancient armour and Vyrewatch necklace upgrades.
  • Upgraded void invention gear can no longer be traded.
  • Arrows are no longer infinite in the Duel Arena.
  • General Graardor no longer cancels an attack animation with his minion buff animation.
  • The Grand Exchange winter map along with the Christmas event have been added.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Shadow camera position no longer moves outside of the map loader. This results in much calmer shadows while almost not affecting visual quality and performance.
  • Fog rendering code has been optimized.
  • Snow flake particles are now moving around randomly to give it a more natural snow fall feeling.
  • The brightness of non-textured parts has been reduced. This improves the look of skin tones as well as the brightness of models when textures are disabled.
  • The clip height (roof removal) for several tree crowns has been fixed. They will no longer be removed when roofs aren't seen.

I hope you'll have relaxing winter holidays. There won't be another double xp weekend but there will be double xp Christmas as well as double xp New Year! Meaning that double xp will be enabled December 24th through 26th as well as December 31st through January 2nd. :D

All the best,
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That's a lot of double exp.
Thanks Thomy, nice work
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