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Online Thomy

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Hey guys,

A new part of the Dwarven mines can be accessed: The Living Rock Caverns. You will find new creatures and resources. It's a dangerous place, so don't come unprepared! I've also worked on several Quality of Life improvements such as the coal bag automatically filling itself or the Giant Mole no longer digging away frequently. There's also been minor changes and improvements to the rendering engine. You can read the full details below.

Living Rock Caverns
The deeper parts of the Dwarven mines can now be accessed. You will find Living rock creatures, ore deposits and new fishes. The cave is designed for higher level players requiring at least level 75 Mining or 80 Fishing to participate. It's also a dangerous area with aggressive rock creatures. Their aggression radius is rather small but you should not underestimate them.

The caverns contain following activities:
  • Cavefish & Rocktails: level 80 and 90 Fishing required. When cooked these fishes allow you to overheal. Meaning that you can get a higher maximum HP value. This effect is temporary and fades away similar to brews.
  • Mineral deposits: level 75 and 80 Mining required. Deposits contain about 50 ores before they collapse.
  • Living rock creatures: drop a random amount of Living Minerals which can be used for Cavefish and Rocktails.
I've also rewritten a few parts of the Fishing and Mining skill to have more flexibility for future skilling resources. That means choosing more flexible respawn timers for rocks, fishing spots, etc. will be possible. The respawn timers for skilling resources in the caverns are longer than usual. You will need to walk around the caves for a bit for min-maxing.

Deposit Box
With this update various deposit boxes can now be used. The deposit box in your house still acts as a bank chest, so no worries there! You can use these boxes without having to enter your bank pin. You can only deposit items and not withdraw any. Here's what it looks like:

Game fixes / changes:
  • Construction daily tasks can no longer be any expensive furniture containing either one of a marble block, gold leaf or magic stone.
  • Crumble undead spell damage bonus is now shown in equipment screen when autocasting it.
  • The repair costs of dyed items have been adjusted. They now require the same amount of gold as their uncolored counterparts.
  • An issue was fixed where question dialogues could overwrite each other.
  • The south-eastern wall of Varrock can now be climbed with level 43 Agility.
  • A problem with monsters losing aggro when being attacked from afar has been fixed.
  • Right-clicking stairs to climb up/down is working again.
  • Spinolyps in the Dagannoth boss fight have been fixed. They now also spawn in instances and had their aggression radius increased.
  • The double experience timer is now a timer orb instead of being rendered on top of the inventory as text.
  • Coal bags will now fill themselves automatically when mining coal.
  • An additional small multi area zone has been added east of the Chaos elemental. This was done to avoid single-combat scenarios when fighting the Chaos elemental or Kolodion.
  • Potion share spells can no longer be used inside of the Duel Arena.
  • Bandos, Armadyl and Zaros books can now be obtained from the Magic chest. Their pages are rewards from clue scrolls. All clue scroll pages have also been added to the collection log.
  • Magic chest in Dark Knight Fortress has been added to the collection log.
  • The hardmode version of Giant mole is digging away less often.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • An issue where you could click through a highlighted menu in tab area was fixed.
  • Black overland areas are now turned to water by default. You can see these changes in certain parts of the desert or at Poison Waste area. This was added in order to avoid seeing just blank and black area when standing next to a region that doesn't exist.
  • Skilling and timer orbs have been updated. Their font size was reduced to support larger numbers.
  • A fadeout effect has been added to ending projectiles.
  • A display issue with players standing in shallow water has been fixed. This also fixes a problems where items would not be properly aligned to the floor when standing on those exact spots.
  • The music and sound buttons can now be clicked to quickly enable or disable sound and music effects.
  • A rounding issue for numbers when selecting UI size has been fixed.
  • Missing images of various menu styles have been fixed and re-added.
  • An issue with a water area inside the Fight Caves was fixed. In rare occasions the lava could turn into swamp water.

I couldn't quite finish Invention improvements which contain additional deconstruction of various items. I'll try to get it done next update and also look into creating new hardmodes for existing content. :)

All the best,
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Offline Drugs

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Hello very nice I love fishing rock tail!!  :-*
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