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What not to suggest
« on: September 19, 2014, 07:33:06 am »
This is a list of suggestions that we received over and over again during the time. We are well aware of them and some of them may come, some of them won't ever come. Repeating a suggestion won't make these updates any quicker.

Please consider your idea well and think if it could be realistic within Emps.

Also, please check this list before posting a topic in this section:

  • More Moderators/Administrators - The Staff team is always looking for more additions, so please do not suggest to have more staff members, or suggest specific players that you think are suitable for the position.
  • Donator Items - Please do not suggest to add more (custom) donator items. If developers decide to add more of them in the future, then they will.
  • Other payment methods for donating - It is too expensive and will drive up the donator prices a lot to be just as profitable. Will not come.
  • Older graphic Versions - Emps will not revert to older versions. We updated to new ones, and wouldn't re-update to old ones, that'd be an useless downgrading process. This includes older game versions and different worlds dedicated to a nostalgia version of the game.
  • Lootshare - This may or may not come, no need suggesting it over and over.
  • Clan chat improvements - This will probably come in the future, please stop suggesting, it won't make it any sooner.
  • Summoning - This may be a future update, please stop suggesting.
  • Dungeoneering and Dungeoneering items (i.e. Chaotic, Primal, etc) - They may come, they may not. Please stop suggesting.
  • Name change - Has been suggested lots of times, please do not suggest it again, the feature might be planned.
  • Voting - We have had it in the past. More details on the wiki page about voting.
  • OSRS features - Features from Old school RS, including but not limited to: OSRS bosses, minigames, pets and items. Emps-world is it's own server, and since osrs is developing their own features, so will we. We might interpret OSRS features in an unique way for Emps World if deemed suitable, but please do not copy their features to suggestions.
  • Double XP weekends - were removed due to unbalanced player activity, which caused peaks on weekends. Will not return.
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