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Online Jp

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Few skilling ideas
« on: February 01, 2020, 10:07:08 am »
Few ideas on how to expand mainly non-combat skills.
  • Agility
    • Add XP lamps to Karamaja's ticket store.
      • Makes mid levels a lot better.

  • Cooking

  • Construction
    • Add costume room to POH. You'd be able to store clue scroll rewards.

  • Crafting
    • Add silver smelting/crafting and silver tiaras.
    • Runecrafting tiaras can be made by using talisman to silver tiara. You can wear these and thus save an inventory slot while runecrafting.
    • Add glassblowing. Not necessarily all items; unpowered orbs mainly -> charged to air, water, earth or fire through magic.
      • New way of training crafting.
    • Add battlestaffs to boss drop tables and make air, water, earth and fire battlestaffs craftable
      • Gives a new drop to bosses (high alch!) and a new way of training crafting.

  • Farming
    • Add fruit tree seeds.
      • Palm and papayas would be the highest xp. Lower tiers could be added as fillers I suppose.
      • Obtainable through crystal triskelion keys (+Other loot, not only seeds). Key parts would be dropped by high level monsters/bosses such as ancient cavern monsters.
    • Make seeds from herblore habitat farmable
    • Make fruit trees plantable.
    • Add Ardougne's farming patch.
    • Add a box that can be used to store seeds.
    • Make it possible to teleport around with Spirit Trees you've planted.

  • Firemaking

  • Fishing
    • Add barehanded fishing. Slightly higher requirement and slower catch rate.
      • Barehanded fishing would grant fishing, agility and strength XP.
      • Applies to monkfish, sharks, sea turtles and manta rays only.

  • Fletching
    • Fix ammo fletching and buff XP.
      • New way of training fletching.
    • Make arrow shafts obtainable from other logs as well. Higher tier logs give more shafts.

  • Herblore
    • Add juju potions. These potions would help you in skilling. Secondary ingredient (vine) is from jadinkos. Dose lasts for 10 minutes.
      • Juju hunter - traps have bigger radius.
      • Scentless - could be left out.
      • Juju farming - chance to get extra yield.
      • Juju cooking - could be left out.
      • Juju fishing - chance to automatically bank fish when caught.
      • Juju woodcutting - chance to automatically bank logs when cut.
      • Juju mining - chance to automatically bank ore when mined.
      • Saradomin's blessing - 10% farming xp boost.
      • Guthix's gift - 10% herblore xp boost.
      • Zamorak's favour - 10% hunter xp boost.
    • Add a potion that restores special attack.
      • Made from super energy (3) + papaya (picked from one of the new fruit trees).
      • I don't really know would this be good or bad change for PvP.
    • Add stamina potions. Decreases your run energy drain.
      • Made from super energy (3) + coconut (picked from one of the new fruit trees).

  • Hunter

  • Invention
    • Add invention energy loot boxes to EP shop. Opening one would grant 3 different random energies in quantity of 5 - 50 depending on tier.
      • Feel like XP is too slow and this would help a bit.
      • Consumable -> fits to EP store.

  • Mining
    • Add a banker to Falador mine. Possibly near addy rocks.

  • Runecrafting
    • Add tiaras. (See crafting)
    • Buff xp for combination runes even further
    • Add omni-tiara and omni-talisman. Omni-staff exists as well but Idk use for it.
      • Can be obtained by having all talismans and handing them to NPC
      • While having omni-talisman or tiara you'll create 10 different random runes same way as Zmi. This should be the highest xp/h.

  • Smithing

  • Thieving

  • Woodcutting
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Offline Thomy

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Re: Few skilling ideas
« Reply #1 on: February 01, 2020, 11:07:32 am »
Thanks a lot! We should have most of those items / models in emps. :)

Offline Tulrak

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Re: Few skilling ideas
« Reply #2 on: February 01, 2020, 06:59:33 pm »

    That's an infinite loop, don't add that.
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    Online Jp

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    Re: Few skilling ideas
    « Reply #3 on: February 01, 2020, 08:02:07 pm »

    That's an infinite loop, don't add that.
    Actually I once broke world 3 so that game required full restart because I made an infinite loop where A called B and B called A back :4head:

    Made formatting nicer and added more to fletching and farming.

    Online Jp

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    Re: Few skilling ideas
    « Reply #4 on: February 24, 2020, 03:18:27 pm »
    Added new stuff under farming, mining and woodcutting.
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