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Couple suggestions please read Thomy
« on: October 13, 2020, 10:58:46 pm »
1. Daily tasks: some players with max xp in certain or all skills, still enjoying doing daily tasks but not liking the xp rewards so much after already maxing out the xp in that skill. Perhaps we can get something else such as:
-2x Event points award+normal GP (no xp award).
-A crate that fills with all kind of common items  with a special item in it like clue scrolls' crates. This surely will not bore me to death after maxing out all my skills' xp.
-Award a random skillable raw materials but other than the one you just turned in. E.G: You turn in firemaking daily task. The npc would give you 5 coals as a reward.  Excludes combat skills.
YES, YES YES. Make it that we can choose which ever option we want as reward if more than one of these daily task ideas get implemented.

2. Invention: Make it that as you level up, you can destruct more items at a given time ~~up to 5 items per destruct action at invention level 92.

3. Need those crystal key halves gone or at the very least make npc drop the full key but with a lower chance than getting the half keys. The rewards need to be updated imo. Magic chest should have a low chance of awarding a pvp crate to the player. 1/1000.

4. Make blue wizard boots destructible. You know I farm blue wizards 24/7 for robe energies. I can't afford to lose over boots.

5. Add Magic shortbow to Archery Emporium shop. It just inconvenience for it to be in a WEAPON shop but not in Archery shop.

6. Make talisman items degradable. This will create a market for them while also make rc a little bit challenging to get to 99.

7. Increase Al-kharid Gem store prices by 2x or 3x and speed up the restocking speed just a tab. Currently restocking speed is too slow.
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too lazy to do anything
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