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Signature of the Week (SOTW) Hall of Fame
« on: November 17, 2014, 09:17:59 am »

Hello, Emps-World players, and welcome to the Signature of the Week Hall of Fame!
You can access our official DeviantArt page here:

SOTW #1: Rebirth
Winner: Chris

SOTW #2: Provided Render
Winner: Elite Mossy7

SOTW #3: Mortal Kombat
Winner: Drugs

SOTW #4: Anime Christmas
Winner: Someone12116

SOTW #5: Christmas Freestyle
Winner: Fate

SOTW #6: Valentine's Day
Winner: 1egend

SOTW #7: Freestyle!
Winner: Matrix2

SOTW #8: Grayscale!
Winner: Someone12116

SOTW #9: Vector!
Winner: Matrix2

SOTW #10: Abstract!
Winner: Matrix2

SOTW #11: Supervillains!
Winner: Someone12116

SOTW #12: Space!
Winner: Someone12116

SOTW #13: Elements!
Winner: Weed4u2

SOTW #14: Freestyle!
Winner: Chrissuu

SOTW #15: Vibrant Colours!!
Winner: Drugs!

SOTW #16 - Sonic X!
Winner: Drugs!

SOTW #17 - Hunger Games!
Winner: Matrix2!

SOTW #18 - Star Wars!
Winner: Someone12116!

SOTW #19 - League of Legends!
Winner: Someone12116!

SOTW #21 - Mythology!
Winner: Drugs!

SOTW #22 - Cars!
Winner: Drugs!

SOTW #23 - Vertical!
Winner: Someone12116!

SOTW #24 - Video Games!
Winner: Chris!

SOTW #25 - Undead!
Winner: Drugs!

SOTW #26 - Cosplay!
Winner: Drugs!

SOTW #27 - Aquatic!
Winner: Weed4u2!

SOTW #28 - Nintendo!
Winner: Someone12116!

SOTW #29 - Black and White!
Winner: Someone12116!

SOTW #30 - Good v. Evil!
Winner: Chris!

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Re: Signature of the Week (SOTW) Hall of Fame
« Reply #1 on: March 31, 2015, 02:54:18 am »
In case you haven't noticed yet, we've launched a DeviantArt page!

This will be updated weekly with that week's Winners and Honorable Mentions.

Keep up the good work! We've got some nice news coming soon :kappa:

-SOTW staff

IGN: Rican soul15
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