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Although it may be a good way to introduce more players to the game, I'm generally too busy to load 3 different pages just to put in a single vote. I remember back in Emps-scape we actually did this without rewards, it really didnt work too well. The only way this would work without breaking our already unstable economy with vote tickets is for un-tradeable cosmetics that do NOT boost stats. You say you want wildy to thrive? Don't introduce un-tradeable stat boosting items. This gives an extremely unfair advantage to dedicated players and would just drive new/casual players away from the game and wilderness.

We have a fine small welcoming community as is, and as much as I want emps-world to grow bigger and better, I don't want a rush of new unfriendly players that will only play the game to take advantage of its community for their own selfish gain.

Heres a tip for you, invite your real life friends to play the game, give them some of your own items and cash tohelp give them a head start/objectives to work towards. This will not only boost the economy/player count, but also make the game more enjoyable for you. For example u can PVM/boss together or even make your own pking team or clan together.

As for your Post count. seriously? Who even are you? Get it up. use the forums, make some posts/topics. Get other players to know you and support your ideas before posting them to everybody with only 2 posts. Make yourself known in the emps community before you try to change the way emps works/is. Get it up or most players will think you have no idea what your talking about. Never go full noob.

Rant over,
-Big Chris
Basically this.

Make yourself enjoy the game more by making friends or bring your friends in. Some players, such as myself, don't even train but come online to chill and speak to their friends.
Seriously, if it wasn't for the friends I have on this game, I would have left by now.

Let's make this clear. Post count isn't saying anything about your ing account all. You see, i am inactive at the forums but active at the game. Alot of people ingame know me and i play emps-scape (maybe thomy even remembers) for more than 6 years now. Besides that can i tell you from my experience in other RSPS that the voting system (throught advertising) brings introduces hell of alot peoples in the game. Please look at the content of the suggestion rather than the post count i have.


Aura's is an excellent idea! And instead of rewarding cash (which may ruin the economy), can thomy implenement a voting shop which exchanges your voting points for non-tradeable cosmetics.

I've played a lot of servers with votes giving some kind of cash reward. I can safely say these ALWAYS have some sort of effect on the economy.
The only vote reward I see fit for emps is either some kind of bonus exp, free member or untradable cosmetics.
Though advertizing on sites like runelocus does bring along a lot of the crowd we generally don't want here. Talking about ddosers, real world traders, hackers, stuff like that.
I think emps has a fine amount of players on, even in the late hours. I've seen some servers run with max 50 people on a day, and I still enjoyed those.
The current amount of emps players is still fine, it's a lot less than we're used to, but it's still a good amount.

Emps has always done a wonderful job at keeping a relatively high playerbase without something like a voting site, which is what amazes me about the server.
Though it doesn't need to get on runelocus, it might be a good "last-resort" if we're in some sort of dire situation with either players or donations.
But right now, nothing of this sort is needed.

I'm sorry but i dont agree on this statement at all. Emps-world just needs more players. Wildy is currently dead and i know that emps-world can get more than 500 players easily. And i see that your talking abou DDOSS'ers. I can tell you that E-scape was DDOSED alot in the past and i can assure that Thomy has learned on how to deal with them. It's just not a good argument in my opinion tho.

Dear Emps-Staff,

I have an idea for emps-world to gain more players.

In my opinion should Thomy advertise more. “Advertising is expensive”, said Mary? Yeah i know, but runelocus provides free advertising as long as you reach a decent amount of votes.

I play emps-world(scape) for more than 6 years actually. And at a sudden point did the game reach more than 1000 players when graham made that  1k announcement (back in 2012 or something). And i play emps-world now for about 3 months after the mail Thomy sent me and saw only 300 players on when i recovered my account back. I thought it will be next month like 400 or more but the amount of players just didn't grow, and i know that emps-world can get easily more than 700 players if more people get informed about the game actually. Alot of people still don't know anything about emps-world at all? And there looking at sites as,, to find RSPS just like the old emps-scape...

So i looked at, a site that gets thousands of views every single day and saw a server on the 7th spot with about 8k votes. And rune Runelocus refreshes the votes every 30 days. Apart from that can you vote at runelocus  every 12 hrs (so twice a day). If only 200 (from the 350) players votes everyday twice, will the emps-world gain like 400 votes a day x 30 equals 12k votes or even more. If emps reaches this amount of votes they will jump at the sixth or seventh spot.  And it will even have a bigger impact if GE is up. You might think that it will not change a lot? But look at if from a different angle. Will it have negative effects for the game? Hell no! It will only have benefits?

"Oh, but people are lazy to vote". Ofc.

I've talked with Mary about this and she thought it was a great idea. I've said if thomy only gives a small reward for every vote, than it 'll work. People just don't dont something for free. Mary said "Yeah, but it will than ruin the economy of the game", i agree on this.

A solution for this is that thomy can give the so called "vote points" as reward. For example an emps-player will get 1 vote point for 1 vote. And if thomy creates a "vote shop" where people can exchange their "vote points" into cool non-tradeable items, than will people vote actually!

EDIT : An other alternative could be what Ahrim Gost said "What about if instead of actual rewards or vote points which everyone knows have negative effects on the economy. How about we just remove Double Xp weekends entirely, and for example each time you vote, you get 1-2 hours of double xp, this way it doesn't heavily impact on the economy and adds a suitable substitute to our current double xp weekends. May or may not like it , but I see this this as the only possible way of making an effective voting system."

Plus will it not effect the economy at all...For instance an amulet that grants you like +11 or +12 strength that is non-tradeable. This was even a reward in an other RSPS. And trust me almost everybody voted!

Thomy can advertise in other sites aswell for free. Think about and

I think this will work very beneficial for emps-world.

Thomy if you read this please think about it. Some staff even agreed with me such as Mary.

I'm just an oldschool emps player that wants the old wildy back because the wildy is currently dead.

I play this game for a very long time since 2009 and i really think it will work.

All the best,


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