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Suggestions & Ideas / ZGS
« on: February 08, 2016, 05:52:25 pm »
Currently the ZGS special attack is nearly impossible to counter.

As you can see even though I am running away from him to prevent getting hit by his special attack, he still gets me. There is a delay between me clicking the attack option on him and me actually barraging him, allowing him to move like 3 extra steps thus resulting in him speccing me. It is nearly impossible to counter this because you can't just keep maximum distance as the guy will then just book it in the opposite direction.

Also ZGS freeze time is 25 seconds whilst barrage is only 15, so you getting ZGS specced means guaranteed escape.

My suggestion therefore is to:
- increase the barrage freeze time to 20 seconds (why was it decreased to 15 seconds in the first place by the way?)
- decrease the ZGS freeze time to 20 seconds

But how are pvmers supposed to escape then??????

1) X log abuse
2) Bring good anti mage gear (high risk high reward remember?)
3) ZGS spec and don't get frozen immediately > step under pker and log

Screenshots / Smooth
« on: February 08, 2016, 12:23:13 am »

Suggestions & Ideas / Shop value of certain items
« on: February 07, 2016, 07:55:38 pm »
>Increase the shop value of spirit shields so you keep them over godswords.
>Decrease the value of the bandos helm (basically the value should be inbetween the bandos tassets and boots)
>Decrease the value of 200m capes, right now they protect over pvp armour and probably other items too.

Help me! / Accuracy formula
« on: February 04, 2016, 12:10:39 am »
What's the formula that determines a players accuracy versus another player?

Thank you in advance.

Feedback / Karil's/ahrim's
« on: February 03, 2016, 06:43:26 pm »
Karil's is overpowered. It hits fast, accurate and has a 25% chance to deal 15% extra damage + bind your opponent for 5 seconds. It completely outclasses armadyl armour and I would even say it outclasses the god bows. It is also extremely cheap. Right now whenever I enter the wilderness I see like 3 people welfaring and ragging in full Karil's at any time.
I suggest the following changes:
- get rid of the 15% damage bonus (the 5 second bind is fine, makes it unique)
- lower the accuracy of the bow (currently it's only 5 less than the accuracy of a god bow)
- lower the strength bonus of the bolt racks (currently they are the same as god arrows)
- lower the accuracy and strength bonus of the armour (currently it's almost the same as armadyl)
These changes may seem hard but they are needed. Right now cheap t70 gear outclasses expensive t75/t80 gear)

Ahrim's set is also overpowered. Right now it outclasses everything in terms of damage because of the 25% chance to deal 20% extra damage, whilst being very cheap. Currently there is no reason for someone to use battlemage.
I therefore suggest the following changes:
- change the effect to something that doesn't increase damage (perhaps lower defense/attack/strength idk)
- lower the accuracy of the armour (currently the hood/top/skirt give 4 less than battlemage)
- lower the strength bonus of the armour a bit (currently the hood/skirt/top give 5 less than battlemage)


Resolved Bug Reports / Autocasting spells
« on: January 30, 2016, 12:41:03 am »
You know how your staff is supposed to 'remember' the spell you want to autocast even when switching weapons etc? Well under certain circumstances, circumstances currently unknown to me, it 'forgets' your spell and you just staffbash instead of autocasting. Like I said before I have no idea how to reproduce this, all I know is that it has happened to me numerous times when I was pking with multiple combat styles (thus unequiping/equiping my staff every few seconds). I would record my pking sessions to find out why this happens but because of this ( I can't.

If anyone had this happen to him or her as well feel free to reply, or in the case of a non-moderator/admin send me a pm and I'll edit this topic.

-It has happened to Yaz as well.
-It has happened to Leo Jr as well.

Have a nice day.

Bug Reports / Slow motion bug still occuring
« on: January 21, 2016, 08:01:35 pm »
Hello I recently attempted to record my gameplay again, and unfortunately the slow motion is still there. I have a pretty good computer and I can run almost any game at 60+ fps (most of them at high graphic settings). I used the desktop client to allocate 2GB of ram to emps-world, but nothing changed. I have absolutely 0 problems when playing the game normally, it only happens when I start to record. It also doesn't matter what kind of recording software I use. I reported the same problem months ago and shortly after it was fixed for a while. I assume you know what I mean by "everything is in slow motion", if not I'll try to find my old report which contains a video.

Feedback / Guaranteed way to escape any solo pker (and most teams too)
« on: January 18, 2016, 03:18:53 pm »
With the current freezing mechanics there are a number of ways to easily escape solo pkers and in most cases even teams in single combat. Right now you cannot move whatsover when frozen, even when the person who froze you is running away from you. This makes 1v1 deep wildy pking a game of luck in the long run, because at one point one of the players will be low on food and wants to escape. All he needs is to get a lucky freeze (which pretty much defines the freezing mechanics right now, it's all based on luck because even with max mage you still splash 50% on basic karils) and book it. The chance of the other player to freeze him is again based on luck and rather unlikely because he has only chance to catch the freeze or in some cases the running player is under the protection of freeze immunity which makes the escape guaranteed.

Now there is still a bit of skill needed to pull this off. To optimize your chances you want to freeze your opponent right when you get unfrozen to benefit from the freeze immunity resulting in a guaranteed escape. The other person can also take precautions to prevent being frozen in the wrong place at the wrong time. These factors are in my opinion not enough to prevent this bullshit from happening but it is nowhere near the level of bullshitery I'm going to adress next.

Now I stated before that there are a number of factors you have to take into account to pull off a(n) (almost) guaranteed or to prevent it. I can hear you 4-iteming guthan scrubs thinking: "I'm never going to pull that off, It sounds way to difficult! And I'm definitely not going to bring mage gear to spectrals even though ahrim's is like 2m! I'm screwed! Oh never mind I can just tank 8 levels to this conveniently placed agility obstacle to escape whilst they splash 30% of their barrages even though I'm wearing welfare gear. Whatever right?"

Well fear no more because there is a weapon that does all the work for you WITHOUT failure. That's right you don't have to bring mage gear to get a lucky freeze because you can just wait for your character to be unfrozen and zgs spec the hell out of that pesky mage and book it. He won't be able to freeze you because of the freeze immunity and you can just run away whilst spamming "hhhhhhhh" in the chat. Amazing init?

So please, for the love of Guthix, remove the freezing effect once the person who froze you is X squares away from you. (X being the maximum engagement distance with magic+1 square)

And please don't even try to come up with arguments like: "but how are pvmers supposed to escape then????????????"

Maybe bring some good gear to the wilderess instead of 4-iteming in guthans.

Feedback / Current anti-pjing system + freezes
« on: January 10, 2016, 02:28:53 pm »
Change current anti-pjing system to a less rigid system to make pking with a small team in singles a thing. Basically decrease the time it takes for someone else to attack your target once you stopped attacking, even though the target is fighting back. Yes I understand this makes pjing in a 1v1 edgeville fight possible but it is needed to sustain deep wilderness pking. Right now it is not possible to maintain enough dps. Players can camp their prayer book and switch prayers instantly. Because this is an private server everything is less smooth than in rs which means it is more difficult to maintain constant damage. Allowing people to pj means players can cordinate with eachother to maintain this high dps.

Remove the magic prayer effect that halves the freeze times of ice barrage, entangle etc. It should only halve the time of teleblock.

Also I'd like to know how long it takes for someone to automatically log out when closing the client because I feel it's way too short.

Suggestions & Ideas / Current state of the combat triangle
« on: November 18, 2015, 09:26:44 pm »
At the moment I think the combat triangle is decently well balanced. Range and melee are both insanely strong and mage is also pretty strong. I'm obviously talking about max gear vs max gear so it's balanced for max mains. Now this comes with a problem which I'll discuss below.

---I will mainly focus on range and melee because mage kind of is a niche so it would be difficult to compare----

A ranger only has to train ranged to use the strongest ranged weapons. A melee'er, on the other hand, has to train both attack (to equip the weapons) and strength (to hit high with said weapons). Do you see the problem? A ranger can achieve max range stats + acces to best weapons and armour at a MUCH lower combat level than a melee'er.

75 attack, 99 strength, 99 hp and 43 prayer will get you 86 combat.
99 ranged, 99 hp and 44 prayer will get you 78 combat

This means a max ranger, who has acces to the strongest ranged weapons, will be fighting a guy with like 60 attack and 85 strength. Yes this guy has acces to dragon claws but they won't be as strong because of a 'low' strength level. Also claws are only good for dealing the final blow, so the melee'er will use a dragon scimitar. Now I needn't tell you the difference in dps between a level 80 zamorak bow and a level 60 dragon scimitar with only 85 strength. It is just extremely unbalanced. Rangers hit just as hard with their bows as their melee opponents with their scimitars. I haven't even touched on the difference in costs. A pretty much max ranger set for a pure consists of ranger boots, black d'hide chaps/vambs, studded body, ava, archer's ring, robin and glory. A melee'er would be using climbing boots, red phat, fire cape, stone, dragon defender, strength/fury ammy, addy gloves. Now I don't really know prices that well but I think the range gear is cheaper.

How to fix this imbalance? I have no easy solution. Only way I can think of is to overhaul the combat calculation method to make it so that 99 range gives just as many combat levels as 99 attack and stength.


Hello all,

Let me get straight to the point; saradomin brews greatly unbalance range (and to a lesser extend, mage) vs melee pking. Let me first explain why mage isn't a problem right now. It's because mage lacks knock-out potential, something you really need in edgeville pking (where 95% of melee pkers fight). This means almost no one uses mage there and it isn't noticible but let me tell you; everything I'm going to tell you below also applies to mage vs melee pking, in almost all circumstances it's even worse.

What's the problem?

The problem is that saradomin brews DO lower your attack and strength, but DO NOT lower your ranged and magic levels.

How is this a problem?

1: Since it is possible to eat a piece of food and drink a dose of saradomin brew at the same time, you can heal a lot of hp (about 40) very quickly. This is a viable strategy to every pker, regardless of attack style, but only rangers fully benefit from it. This is because they can keep drinking brews and eating food at the same time without having to use a ranging potion afterwards. Which means  there is no penalty to using it, contrary to melee pkers who can only do this around 2-3 times a fight because otherwise they have to fill half of their inventory with potions.

2: Drinking a potion, including saradomin brews, does not act the same way as eating food. You can drink as many brews as you want without ever stopping to attack your opponent.

Combining these two things creates a very imbalanced situation. Rangers never have to stop attacking you because they can just drink brews and when a situation arrives where brews alone won't cut it, they can eat a manta ray and drink a brew at the same time to heal a large amount of hp without any penalties. This results into insane dps + high survivability without having to deal with any penalties.


Saradomin brews should also decrease ranged and magic, just like they decrease attack and strength. This means rangers won't use it as their primary form of healing, unless they are okay with having a decreased ranged level the entire fight. And this means rangers also have to decide whether they should use the manta ray brew combination or not because they now have to pot up after doing so.

Thank you for reading and feel free to share your thoughts.

Have a nice day.

Feedback / Dragon mace vs dragon longsword
« on: August 10, 2015, 04:32:48 pm »
Hello everyone,

I don't really play the game anymore, but I read the update notes today and noticed that the dragon mace received a significant buff. To my surprise the longsword wasn't changed even though they were pretty much identical before the update (if I recall correctly). Their max hits and attack speed were almost the same and I don't think the longsword's special attack was more accurate.

In my opinion the longsword is pretty much obsolete right now. Therefore I suggest buffing it's special attack by either increasing the max hit, increasing it's accuracy or by giving it a different effect like you did with the dragon mace.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

Off-Topic / Riddle
« on: May 11, 2015, 03:10:09 pm »
A ship that was carrying 2 crates with a total of 4000 watermelons crashed into a rock. After a few hours one of the crates, together with 5 of the ship's sailors, stranded on a little island. On this island they found nothing but 1 monkey.

During the night sailor 1 woke up and took a look at the crate full of watermelons. He divided them fairly over himself and his 4 buddies. However, when he was done dividing them, he noticed that there was 1 watermelon leftover. He gave that one to the monkey. After that he hid his part somewhere on the island put the other watermelons back in the crate.

One hour later, sailor 2 woke up. He followed the same approach as sailor one, except he could only divide the watermelons that sailor 1 had left behind. He too noticed that there was 1 watermelon leftover and he gave it to the monkey.

Sailor 3, 4 and 5 did exactly the same.

The next morning when they all wake up they see that there are still some watermelons in the crate. However this time it is possible to divide the watermelons over the 5 sailors without giving one to the monkey.

How many watermelons were in the crate?

Games / RS3 ironman progress
« on: March 26, 2015, 07:32:52 pm »
So yeh made a topic like this before but never updated it because I kind of stopped playing for a while. However I play a lot now so I decided to make a new topic. I will try to update this as much as a can with screenshots of drops, levels quests etc. Below is a picture of my current stats and accomplishments. I will update my stats once a week and my accomplishments whenever I feel like by updating the list + by replying to this topic with a screenshot.


I have accomplished the following goals:

-Greater runic staff (t75 staff) + full wicked obtained
-Dragon hatchet obtained
-Acces to juju farming potions
-Branches of darkmeyer completed (t70 melee/magic/ranged weapons)
-The full ghosthunter outfit (t70 hybrid armor)
-5/5 pieces of the zamorak warpriest armor (t75 hybrid armor)
-Slayer helm and slayer rings unlocked and obtained
-75 slayer which unlocks gargoyles (solid 1-1.5m cash an hour)
-77 slayer which means I have both strykewyrms unlocked for full slayer helm
-80 dungeoneering
-2000 total level achieved
-Gilded plateskirt from hard clue scroll
-Focus sight obtained
-Hexcrest obtained
-Full slayer helm made
-91 herblore
-80 firemaking
-90 divination
-While Guthix sleeps completed
-75 construction
-75 prayer
-75 mining
-Plague's End completed
-2100 total level achieved
-Obtained the full necromancer set + 6 shade skulls
-85 dungeoneering
-90 fishing
-2200 total level achieved
-90 dungeoneering
-2300 total
-90 agility
-90 cooking
-90 thieving
-92 prayer
-95 prayer
-90 slayer
-99 magic

It has come to my attention that a certain person has been rewarded with the only questpoint cape in game for creating a logo for the Emps-World Wiki. In my opinion rewarding someone with such a valuable item for creating just one logo is rather disturbing. The logo I'm talking about can be seen here As you can see this logo is of horrible quailty and should be very easy to create by someone with basic understanding of designing software. I believe even I, someone who has never touched photoshop or familiar software, can create a logo of this quality in a few hours. Yes I understand that the person I'm talking about has done more of these projects in the past, but I don't think those are still relevant today. I'd like to ask you, the staff team, who was responsible for this and the reasoning behind this all.

Feel free to post your own opinions below.

Kind regards.

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