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Bug Reports / No special attack
« on: May 19, 2016, 12:17:15 pm »

Like how long has this been in the game now?

Rip epic kill :(:(:(

Help me! / Elemental staff with crystal vs zuriel staff/rod
« on: May 12, 2016, 02:11:28 pm »
Can someone tell me the max damage of ice barrage with the elemental staff? If you want you can comapare it to the zuriel staff/rod spells (the spells of the staves, not ice barrage). If you don't have a rod/zuriel staff but you do have an elemental staff feel free to just tell me the max hit with ice barrage (also tell em which armor you were using during the test)

Thank you

Casting spells when not in range
Whenever you're not in range of your target and you cast a spell on them, instead of running towards them untill you are in range AND cast the spell you run towards them and freeze when in range. It doesn't always happen but when it does it's very annoying, especially when chasing somebody.

Onyx bolts (e) vs dragon bolts (e)
Max bonus damage of onyx (e) effect is 20.
Max bonus damage of dragon (e) effect is 25.

Current pros of onyx (e):
-Heals 20% of the damage dealt when the special effect triggers.
-The special effect cannot be blocked
-The normal hits do the same amount of damage as dragon bolts and the special effect does only 5 less max damage.

Current cons of onyx (e):
-Special effect deals 5 less max damage than dragon (e)

Current pros of dragon (e):
-Special effect does 5 more max damage than onyx (e)

Current cons of dragon (e):
-Special effect can be blocked entirely

In my opinion the dragon bolts are far inferior to onyx bolts in both pvm and pvp situations. They obviously are inferior in pvm because they don't heal. They are inferior in pvp because of several reasons:
1) DFS is very common because it's one of the best shields and very cheap. I would say 50% of the mains in edgeville use a dfs, which means 50% of the time your dragon bolt effect is nullified.
2) The damage increase is very small.
3) Onyx bolts provide much more survivability, this isn't very important in edgeville but it is in deep wilderness. (also dfs is common in deep wilderness too)

Possible solutions:
1) Nerf the special effect damage of onyx (e) by a considerable amount (e.g. max damage bonus 10, min damage bonus 5)
2) Nerf the ability of the dfs and antifire potions to nullify the effect of dragon bolts (e) (e.g. a 50% chance to nullify when 1 is used, 100% when both are used)
3) A combination of 1 and 2

In my opinion solution 1 is undesirable because it would also heavily nerf the pvm aspect of the bolts. (I still want onyx (e) to be the best bolts for pvm). Solution 2 isn't enough of a buff. (would you rather have a guaranteed damage bonus of 10-20 that also heals you OR a 50% chance of a damage bonus of 10-25) Therfore I believe nerfing the maximum damage bonus of onyx bolts to 15 + nerfing the dfs and antifire potions as described above is the best solution. This would result into the dragon bolts (e) being the obvious choice when no dfs/antifire is being used and a pretty much even choice between the 2 when a dfs or antifire is being used. You have to choose between consistent bonus damage+heals versus KO potential.

The range of godbows
Currently their range is insane. I don't understand why it's needed because they're already very strong. IMO a max range (when using rapid/accurate) equal to the max range of spells would be sufficient.

Attacking someone who is already under attack freezes your character
It's hard to explain but try to image the following situation.

You're deep pking with your mate at spectrals. Your mate is the designated tber (which is pointless already but more on that later) and you are the barrager. You find yourselves a target. Your mate teleblocks him and gets off so you can take over. You start following the now running target. You can't attack him yet because he is still under the effect of the pj timer (cuz your friend attacked him a few seconds ago). Whenever you think you are able to attack him you try to barrage him. Unfortunately you can't attack him yet. This is where the problem arises. Instead of continuing to follow your target, trying to attack him (and failing) caused your character to stop moving. This can be very tricky because there is a very small window between you being able to attack him and them being able to log out. You don't want to risk them logging out so you probably attack the them too soon which causes this issue.

When moving (e.g. following a target or just running in general) failing to attack someone does not interrupt your initial movement. The message "this player is already under attack" will stil pop up but you will just continue moving.

Food drops in the wilderness
It's game breaking in deep wilderness. When 2 teams meet eachother they might as well not engage in combat at all because none of them will die. It's that simple. Every team I've ran into drops food for their dying teammates. Do I care about not getting the kill? I care a bit yes, losing potentially good footage to a stupid mechanic like this is kind of annoying. But the biggest issue I have with it is that it removes the risk of pking in deep wilderness. Together with the issues I'm going to mention below it completely removes the risk because you know you will be fine when you have a couple of friends you can call for food drops.

Freeze mechanics in the wilderness
When somehow you find yourself another solo pker in deep wilderness it's pretty much impossible to kill them. Why you may ask? Because they can simply freeze you and run away. It's that simple. They have about 5 tries after they have initially been frozen by you to cast a freeze, if they do they've escaped it's that simple. You will be standing there, frozen, whilst they run away. It has come to the point where people rely on stupid mechanics to escape instead of relying on their skill and the gear they decide to bring.

Remove any binds that apply to your character as soon as the caster of these binds is out of reach. It is like this in OSRS and has always been like that. No one whines about it because people know that they have to use their skill to escape (e.g. good prayer switches) Right now anyone who brings freezes with them automatically gets this free escape wildcard because no matter how shit their gear is compared to the guy who's trying to kill them, they will eventually get that freeze and escape.

Does this remove every escape method? No obviously not. You can still freeze somebody, walk underneath them and log out. However this requires more skill because you actually have to time your freeze now (since it takes like 10 seconds before you can log out), instead of just spamming it and hoping 1 of those 5 barrages hits. Zgs will still be very good because it has a 100% chance to freeze, which means guaranteed escape (as long as you don't mess up).

And before you tell me to stop being salty because you lose kills because of this; I would use this too if I ever have to escape from a single pker, because I know it's overpowered.

Wilderness shortcut
You didn't think I'd forget about this did you? It's still there, it's still gamebreaking and it's still being abused by both pvmers and pkers. I will not stop untill this stupid mechanic is erased from the game. It makes teleblock usless in the easter parts of the wilderness. What did I just say? Useless? It even puts you at a disadvantage! It's faster for people to run to this shortcut than it is for them to run to level 20 and teleport away. Spectrals were put in level 30 as a high risk high reward type of activity. HIGH RISK DOES NOT GO HAND IN HAND WITH A WILDERNESS EXIT THAT'S 8 LEVELS SOUTH OF THE AREA. People love going to spectrals. And I understand why, the rewards are pretty good. But people need to understand that they are in level 30 widlerness for a reason. They are there to attract pkers. Want to kill them with 0 risk? Sure go ahead but expect to be pked and expect your kills to be slow. Want to kill them faster and decrease the chance of being pked? Sure go ahead but you need to bring better gear.

Now this is just the pvm problem. The biggest problem I have with this thing is that pkers who pk at spectrals use this to escape. I have seen situations, and I shit you not, where people who are tbed and have pretty much all their food left would rather GO THROUGH MULTI WHEN THERE IS A 3 MAN TEAM ON THEM and use the shortcut than attempt to tank 25 levels. That's just terrible game design. Just remove it man. It's constantly being abused. People who pk in this area know they have a very small chance of actually dying because of a) this shortcut, b) food drops, c) freeze mechanics. If you let yourself get teleblocked in level 30 you should expect to have to tank 30 levels or 5 minutes and not tank for 7 levels...

Introductions & Farewells / Thought about coming back for a bit
« on: April 16, 2016, 12:29:27 pm »
Then some guy in max melee tanked an entire tb by going in and out of rev cave whilst his alt accounts dropped food. Was like yeh it's emps right what can you do, only to lose 2 kills 15 minutes later because they used the shortcut escape.

And since no updates are being made to make the, already abysmal, deep widlerness pking experience any better even though fellow pkers and I gave plenty of solutions I don't see any reason to return. Don't get me wrong 1v1 pking is pretty decent, even in deep wilderness. But as soon as the fight turns into a chase, there's about a dozen exploits people abuse to survive and I've just grown tired of it.

So yeah...


Bug Reports / Magic bug
« on: April 15, 2016, 10:21:25 pm »
Whenever I freeze someone in a situation like this the damage, xp and visual effects of ice barrage don't register. The guy still gets frozen but that's all. No idea what causes it but it's really annoying as dps is key when chasing someone with just ancients.

Screenshots / Glad I was recording
« on: April 15, 2016, 07:18:40 pm »

Screenshots / Too bad I wasn't recording
« on: April 14, 2016, 08:23:25 pm »

Needless to say food was being dropped.

Off-Topic / Happy birthday A-aron
« on: March 30, 2016, 11:29:12 am »
Why did I have to create this topic smh

Bug Reports / Potentially serious bug
« on: March 18, 2016, 11:45:44 am »

Where did the rune arrows go? If he picked them up again whilst dying and somehow kept them on death we've got a serious problem.

EDIT: Noticed the bones disappear too, apparently it is possible to spam click underneath your dying character and pick up the items before dying and thus keeping them.

Videos / Wilderness adventures ep 2 ft. Demon Of Fla
« on: March 18, 2016, 12:14:27 am »

Basically me commenting on a fight I had with one of Lithuania's finest pkers.

Also the quality of the video is quite bad because I couldn't use sony vegas, kept messing up the video after I rendered it. As a result I used windows movie maker and therefore I couldn't add background music + the audio is a tiny bit out of sync (kept crashing when I tried to fix things).

Screenshots / Wilderness adventures ep 1 ft. clueless Lithuanians
« on: March 16, 2016, 03:59:23 pm »
Killed the first one in like 20 seconds
Second guy started attacking me and asked for food drops after a minute or so
Guy dropped like 8 mantas
Apparently he was out again
I'm a fucking runner right
Decided to go back and you guessed it, more food on the floor
Banked, went back and found them again, with food drops of course

Suggestions & Ideas / Max cape
« on: March 01, 2016, 08:06:00 pm »
Max cape should not be best in slot cape for any style. Yes you put a lot of effort into maxing your account but people who don't like to skill shouldn't be forced to do things they don't like just to obtain a best in slot item.

The max cape should just be a cosmetic item worn to show off your account. The fact that people have an advantage in pvp just because they trained hunter or some other non combat related skill is unfair. I'm not sure if the max cape can be picked up after dying, if this is the case it's even more of an unfair advantage. Other people risk 10m fire capes but when they kill someone with a max cape they get nothing.

Now in before skillers say that they put in a lot of effort into maxing their account so they deserve the best in slot cape. This makes no sense. You didn't max your account because you wanted an advantage in pvp, you maxed your account to either show off or because you liked it. In both cases a cosmetic only max case will be sufficient.

Screenshots / When the g maul actually does some work
« on: February 26, 2016, 11:50:10 pm »

Feedback / Nerf dragon darts
« on: February 22, 2016, 10:13:12 pm »
Right now they:
- have almost the same accuracy as the hunters crossbow
- are very fast
- hit pretty damn high
- can be combined with a shield
- are tier 60

They make god bows completely obsolute as these have about the same dps + you have way more defence because of the shield. They also outdamage melee when in like t75-80 range armour vs t70-75 mele. They're just way too good.

How to fix?
-same speed
-still usable with shield
-still tier 60
-balance accuracy to that of other t60 weapons
-nerf damage

Bug Reports / RE:RE:Items being invisible
« on: February 21, 2016, 10:32:44 pm »
Okay so it happened again.  <---- How the entire loot pile looked like after I killed the guy (underneath the guy saying "Wtf?") <---- How the loot pile looked like after I looted some of the items (notice the "take dragon dagger" and the 2 red dots on the minimap) <---- The items that are still in the pile on the second picture <---- Me showing different angles of the completely invisible loot pile <---- How it looks like when I drop a manta ray on the same tile (I looted EVERY item before dropping it)

I think it has something to do with the corner tiles of those small hills.

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