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Introductions & Farewells / Back again
« on: February 12, 2018, 11:57:49 am »
Hello everyone,

I have logged in yesterday almost after two years, wanted to see how was Emps doing, if it changed somehow and how's the stuff going in the community.

I had some good time I'd say. Back in 2016 I've gave away my whole bank, i guess it was something like 500M+ and left myself only with untradeables and some basic gear, like dragon.

I had good time because there was a guy that wanted to help me somehow to get back on my foot and he was so friendly. And because or him I the decision of coming back to Emps. Just wanted to thank him for giving me a warm welcome :)

I already have my introduction and farewell in these links:

Thanks if you took time to read this :)

Introductions & Farewells / I've ran out of beers..
« on: June 22, 2016, 09:15:07 pm »
Time came for me to say goodbye to Emps, as most of you I've spent my best years over here but all good things come to the end.

The reason I'm quitting Emps is lack of interest/motivation in playing, it became really monotobous and boring. 200 players became 70, staff are leaving, forums are dying and all that stuff. I still have some hope for it after summer, who knows.

Anyways, today I've logged in just to see whats up and take my decision to give back to Emps things that belong to Emps. I've hosted my whole bank giveaway, in forms of drop parties, trivia, spam game and HNS. It was nice for few moments have some power, people following you, spam trading, tons of Pms and all that stuff.

Just want to say a special thanks to Blade Fiery, you're an awesome guy. Since the first time I've met you to our last "cya" you were so cool and friendly. Take care of Emps as much as your powers allow you to do so. (We'll hit up on skype :p)

I might come back but for now that's the end of my journey in Emps-World.Goodbye to everyone and enjoy your time playing.


Goals & Achievements / Luck Luck Luck
« on: April 29, 2016, 09:48:36 am »
Before going to Corporeal Beast I've got a fire crystal drop, and then two kills of corp and baaam, a drop! :D

Showcase / Beershake's Signature Request
« on: April 23, 2016, 07:58:50 pm »
Hello and welcome to my minimalistic world! Recently I've started experimenting with different graphic styles and I fell in love with flat design, which I really like using. In this thread you can request me to make you an avatar, a signature, or even design for your topics(events, guides etc.). I will not use only flat desing, but also 3D and other photography manipulations to satisfy at best your needs.
Why am I doing this? I'm still learning and this is the best way to exercise.
Actually there isn't any fee to get your work done, but any volunteer donations are more than appreciated.

There are 3 types of graphical work you can request, as I said before, avatars, signature and topic design. For each of those you'll have to compile the follow request form.

Request Application.
Code: [Select]

Type - you should mention here what you want it to be, avatar, signature or topic design. (A little suggestion for avatars - make it simple, it will look better when it is less detailed)
Text - self explanatory, you have to give me the text you want to see in your requested graphics.
Colours - Colour scheme you want me to use for the entire work, like background text, details etc.
Description - Describe how do you imagine the work you've requested, it will be easier for me and it will take less time to be done. If you want me to decide it might not be as you've wanted it.
Resources - tell me any fonts, renders, images or whatever you want me to include in the work. Provide links if possible.
Style - I think this is the most fundamental thing. Simply put Flat Design, 3D, Minimalistic or Traditional. Flat design is kind of style that title image is done with, if you still can't understand what I'm talking about just Google for it. 3D may be mixed with last two styles, it may be have three-dimensional text or objects, just specify it. Minimalistic style will have only few elements that should be eye catching and simple, my signature could be an example. Traditional way can really come out as a great option, it uses a lot of elements that have to be blended together to obtain some really nice effects. Although it's really difficult to obtain the perfection every time.

What if you want something that isn't Emps related? PM and we can deal with that. You can request anything from Desktop backgrounds to YouTube channel design!

Showcase / Adventurous Signature! [UPDATED]
« on: April 10, 2016, 10:53:05 am »
The first time I saw signatures that Mary made for every staff member I fell inlove with them and wanted one for me too. I've tried  a lot of font identifiers but I couldn't find the real name, the only hint was that it was kind of ancient greek text type. So I've mad a look-a-like of those sigs, using a sort of ancient roman font.
I also like Adventure Time a lot so that the reason I put those in the signature.
Express your thoughts about it. ;D

Version 1, which I'm not going to use

Version 2, which I like quite much

After I've got fonts, I suddenly tried to mess around with the parametres and get the same as signatures that Mary made have. Let me know!

Guides / [PvM] Tips on gears, consumables and other
« on: April 08, 2016, 06:45:46 pm »

The purpose of this guide is to give some information on how to use your food, potions, prayers, spells, teleports, armour and weapons to give your best at "Player versus Monster" combat. Surviving while bossing may save you millions of gp, if not your best gear, and also help to build your bank.
There are still a lot of people who do attempt to kill monsters with experimental gears as they don't know how to do it at the best for certain monsters, so this guide will try to give some basic guide lines about this.

REMEMBER: This is only for PvM and these tips may not fit at all with PvP so please use this at your own risk.

Table of contents
  • 1.0 - Equiment
    • Low Budget [Melee, Magic and Ranged]
    • Medium Budget [Melee, Magic and Ranged]
    • High Budget [Melee, Magic and Ranged]
    • Non-tradeable items
  • 2.0 - Consumables
    • Food
    • Potions
  • 3.0 - Prayers
  • 4.0 - Spells and Teleports
  • 5.0 - General tips
  • 6.0 - Conclusion

Press 'Ctrl+F' to find easily each part of content you saw in the table above.

1.0 - Equipment
Equipment is one of the most important things in PvM. It's your primary source of defense, can prolong your prayer points and give you a better chance to hit higher. Choosing the right gear is vital to do bossing correctly(may be also applied to Slayer), and incorrect setups will get you killed within seconds at many bosses. These gears are also great for when you're training combat to be able to PvM better. There are also different types of gears which can provide advantages over other types, and I'll try to explain these advantages and disadvantages.

  • Low Budget - So as first let's talk about low budget equipment, as at the begining no one is rich they start from most economic armour. As people usually start thinking about profit after reaching level 60-65 of their combat skills I will start with gears that fit those levels. These gear set-ups wont go over 5-7M.
    • Melee
      Basic dragon armour set is one of the cheapiest gears you can find on the market to successfully start PvM, it's also used a lot for just training melee combat skills. (The price of these three elements is roughly about 700-800K).
      Fighter Torso and Helm of Neitiznot are very used items for basic(but not only) melee gear setups, they have some nice offensive bonuses.
      Barrows sets are degradeable items and every piece has 5000 hits before it breaks completely. They can be really effective
      while training or even killing some higher level monsters, they aren't use a lot but they have some particular effects in combat
      that may give some advantages(hitting through prayer, heal your hitpoints, hitting higher, giving you a better defence). Many may say it's not worth using these sets but they're pretty cool. (The effects of Barrow armour sets manifest when you're wearing the full armour set including helm, top, bottom and weapon.)
      When it comes to the weapon selection you will never do a mistake if you take one of these. They have probably the most well-rounded special attacks ingame. Definitely good dps, can be poisoned as well. Dragon halberd offers a lot of damage for a special attack weapon to large monsters, it does a while double hit to them. It also has an extra square of range, this could be useful to 'safespot' with melee.(These don't cost a lot, you can get them with 150K easily).
      A cheap alternative of a whip I'd say, you can combine this and one of the weapons mentioned above, the combination can be very effective!
      Depending on what type of weapon you're using you want to chose the right shield(if you have a two-handed weapon you can't use a shield obviously). Anti-dragon shield should be used only when you have to fight dragons, otherwise it has no useful bonus for you. The best one can pick from these three is Toktz-ket-xil, also known as Obsidian Shield, it has some nice bonus.(These are also pretty cheap 100K-like, anti-dragon shield can be bough in Falador's shields shop).
      It depends on your budget, but you should take dragon one's they have better bonus obviously.(The boots aren't really expensive, Dragon one's go up to 700K).
      Both of these capes are good, but if you have 99 strength, attack or defence you should definitely go for these. (These capes are really cheap, Obsidian cape goes from 50k to 80k, and Skillcapes are about 150K).
      Combination capes are even better than Skillcapes, they require two skill at level 99 to be weared. (They cost around 450k).
      It's up to you which one to take, if you want better accuracy Warrior one is better, if you want strength bonuses go for Berserker one.(These rings may cost you up to 400-500k).
      ] For better strength bonus you should take Strength amulet, Amulet of glory will provide you better defence bonus.(These amulets are around 50k).
    • Magic
      A particularity about most magic robes is that they include boots, gloves, robeskirts, robetops and hats, complete sets! Mystic robes are good for basic magic training, and are affordable to pretty much anyone.
      This set is one of the better magic sets, and is used also for people with a medium budget to dedicate for a gear. I suggest you using this one.(The entire set may come to cost about 2-3M, but it's definetily worth getting one.)
      An another Barrow set, this is pretty used and it has some nice effects over your spells. If you wear the full set, any additional spell effects will be 25% more effective, with the exception of teleblock. This means things like binds and degenerating effects will be 25% longer or stronger.
      Use of books might give you some useful bonus. Books take shield dedicated slot in the equipment interface, so pay attention when you're killing monster such as dragons.
      Seer's ring's bonus are definitely to exploit if you haven't access to something better.(Same as other rings of this type it costs around 400k).
      Staves are used to autocast certain spells and preserve some runes. Althought not all staves preserve specific runes, while staves of certain elements(air, earth, fire and water) do preserve specific runes for each staff, Master wand has a chance of 36% to preserve runes on cast.
    • Ranged
      There are lower level ranged armours that work really good but as I said before I suggest armour for combat skills with a level of atleast 60-65.(These three pieces won't make you spend more than 150K).
      These are for people who have a level of ranging atleast 70(and 40 Defence). Black d'hide armour are way better than red, so if possible use these.(This set may cost you up to 200k).
      This is a pretty decent ranging setup which uses Barrow's armour set. Karil's set is particular because of it's crossbow, unlike other crossbows, it's 2-handed and is as fast as a shortbow. It also requires particular ammo, which is bolt racks.
      I really suggest you using crossbows as they are one-handed ranged weapons and give you the advantage of wearing a shield, which sometimes may save you from death.(These are quite cheap, 500K is the maximum price that you could pay for Blurite one).
      Bolts are definitely more expensive but don't forget about the advantages that using a crossbow gives you. It works mostly the same as for arrows, so it's up to you which ones take for training and which ones for looting.
      Emerald bolts (e) have a 20% chance on hit to poison your target with 10 damage for each turn.
      Ruby bolts (e) have a 20% chance on hit to inflict additional damage based on the max health of your target, at the cost of 5% max health of yours. It will not trigger if you are below 10% of your health. The additional damage is 10% of the enemy max health, with a maximum of 30 extra damage, on top of your hit. This makes them particularily effective against NPCs with about 300 health, since you will not be able to trigger extra damage for monsters with more than 300 health.
      Diamond bolts (e) have a 20% chance on hit to reduce your target's defence with 5 levels.
      You should also consider this one, this bow is known for it's particularity which is that this bow does not consume arrows. It may be used for training aswell as for slayer tasks or basic looting. A disadvantage about this bow is that it degrades, but it may come cheaper to repair one of these than buying a certain amount of arrows.(This bow is roughly 900K, but it's worth to get one).
      If you decided to use two-handed bow you should definitely go for this one, it's know for it's special attack which hit's twice.(It's a cheap item, you will spend 50k for it).
      When it comes to arrows it really depends on you, if you're simply training you can use Mithril or Adamant ones, if you have to kill a monster to make some profit you should go for higher and sure hits so Rune arrows are better.
      Ranger set, I'd say, is a must as ranging armour sets don't have any hats/helmets and boots.(This set may cost you around 300-400K).
      Archer's ring is a good ring to use if you want some extra ranging bonus, don't forget about that!

      You may have noticed that I didn't mention any amulet for Magic and Ranged. For both you can use the Amulet of glory, which I also mentioned in melee section.
      Barrows gloves are really good, they provide very good stats for melee, Range and Magic for both attack, defence and strength bonus. They are considered to be one of the best Gloves for all types of combat.

Showcase / Snoop Dogg-like
« on: April 02, 2016, 07:02:59 pm »
I've done this really long time ago, I think I used in another forum.
What are you thoughts about this one, should I keep this one or make a new one?

Guides / Improve your in-game socialising/communicating
« on: March 26, 2016, 05:00:39 pm »

This guide may help to improve your in-game(and not only) communication skills. Let's say you're talking to a friend, to a person you've just met, or to a newcomer, this guide will help you to keep that conversation going well and not ending up bad. Treating well people can also give you a chance to make new friends.
If you follow these guidelines, you will be able to treat people with the respect that they deserve.

How will this help you?
In different nations there are different ways to communicate, different uses and forms of showing respect to people. For example, here in Italy we use to talk to elders with a particular form of pronominal "you" which shows more respect that just saying simply "you". This thing is not used in all countries, so someone may not know about this.
People love to talk to others about what's going on their mind, and if you let them get the time of day to do so, they will do the same for you.
One of the most important things you can know in life is how to communicate positively with another individual. Even if these are only few basic guidelines they may help someone to improve.

You will find here some simple tips on how to improve your English grammar and also your in-game communication skills, which may help you out from ending up in awkward situations and even let you make new friends.
So enough rambling, let's get into it.

Table of contents
  • Things you should do while communicating
  • Things you shouldn't do while communicating
  • A basic use of "I" statements
  • Basic tips on Grammar
  • Striking up a conversation
  • How to treat "noobs"
  • Conclusion

Things you should do while communicating

These pointers may be applicable in real life also, make good use of these.

  • Listen - What they are saying should be acknowledged. Sometimes only listening may mean a lot to the person you're communicating with.(Also as we're in a concept which is virtual listen is meant as read and understand.)
  • Meet the person you're talking with - Obviously this means to meet the person in game, even if it's virtual you let them know that they have your full, undivided attention as your responses and interaction have to be quickier. Meeting people can also reduce possible distractions while talking to each other. It's actually an effective way to talk with someone in-game.
  • Hear a person out - Don't make it seem like you don't care for what they're saying(in this case typing). Understand their situation, and look beyond your personal views.
  • Be open-minded - Have an open mind  for things you're hearing. Don't shut the person out before they can tell you their views; give them an uninterrupted chance to tell you what's on their mind.
  • Assume responsibility for two-way dialogue  - Don't assume that the person you're talking to is going to be the one carrying on a conversation. Take matters into your own hands to keep the person interested in the conversation. This aspect is really important and isn't that difficult as it may appear, simple things can give you great results.

Things you shouldn't do while communicating

  • Interrupt - Interrupting a person gives them the message that what they're saying doesn't matter, and that you don't care at all about it.
  • Abuse caps-lock - Using "Caps-lock" may give an idea that you're shouting or yelling, and may give a wrong idea about what you are trying to say. It can also be distracting to the people around you as it is automatically eye-catching. Use it only when necessary.
  • Blame - Blaming people makes them feel like you are not secure, and that you are not a very open-minded person. No one would like a friend who's continuously blaming, even more if there's no reason to do so or it may not change the situation.
  • Force or threaten - Forcing/threatening people makes them feel like you have no respect for them, and that you are a very hard individual. Someone may think that this type of attitude can make you look cool but I don't think anyone would like a person like that as a friend.
  • Laugh at people - This makes people feel belittled and insignificant. You should pay attention with this, even if it may be jokes give yourself some limitations.
  • Assume you understand - You may not actually understand what a person is saying, so don't cut them short of telling you what's on their mind. They might have a completely different idea than what you are thinking. It may cause you future issues with that person or even in other circumstances.
  • Make snap judgments - Don't judge someone before they even speak. This causes you to feel biased thoughts about what's being said. If you think there's something where you wouldn't like to be judged, don't judge aswell.

A basic use of "I" statements

What are "I" statements?
When you want to say something but don't know what will help, 'I' statement formula is a good step in the right direction.  An "I" statement says how it is on my side, how I see it. They eliminate the Put-Downs  that are a result of blaming, arguing, judging, name-calling, etc.

An "I" statement consists of four parts:
  • The "I"
  • What you feel or want
  • The event that caused the feelings
  • Finally, the effect the action caused to you

So the final output would be like this:
I feel __________ when __________, because __________.

Example: I feel bad when I'm talked to in that tone, because it makes me feel belittled.

An important tip that I can give you is to not to use the word "you" too much because it may be interpenetrated as blaming the other person. The whole point of this is to try not to blame, and to instead let the person know how their actions are affecting you. This gets your point across much more effectively.

Basic tips on Grammar

Most of us aren't English-speakers by country and we can't speak/write perfectly in English but being understandable is very important.
It's not hard to find people who look like they're hitting their keyboard with their heads rather than actually putting it to work. Good use of grammar can do wonders for people when they communicate, but it can also lead to disaster if mistaken.
Not only do you make yourself look uneducated when you can't tell the difference between then and than, but you also make it difficult for the person you're talking to to understand what you're saying.
Even if in most cases we can understand what a person who's grammar is terrible is trying to say, it's still more pleasant to read in correct(or atleast understandable) English.
Very simple things can be done to improve your grammar, some of which are as simple as pressing two extra buttons to spell a word correctly.
Please note that, as I said before, I'm not an English-speaker but I do my best to be understandable.


There are a lot of abbreviations used in English language but the most common, in my opinion, are U and Ur. While U and Ur can save precious seconds when sending out an important message to your teammates at God Wars(just an example), they can seem a bit redundant in conversation. Many have to admit that abbreviations have saved them from being hardly understandable, or helped in giving an impression of not being so bad at English, atleast once.

It takes .50 second to type the word "you." Mind you.
It takes .34 second to type the abbreviation "u."
So...wouldn't you agree that taking the extra .16 seconds is worth it when it comes down to sounding more mature?
It's like spending an extra dollar on a tie to go with your suit for an interview.
Although using abbreviations shouldn't be a deciding factor in whether a person is mature or not(as mentioned above), but in many cases it's easy to understand what's going in their head.
I see most staff members nowadays using correct English and very rarely using abbreviations, while some time ago it was more common to use abbreviations, also for staff members.

A very common problem I've seen around the forums/in-game is the misuse of certain words. Homonyms (Then, Than, Their, There, etc.) are important but sometimes they just seem to not exist for people. I found a site which may help with that. (

The homonyms that people mostly mistake are their, there, and they're based on what you can see being used around forums/in-game. They're also frequently mistaken in many other languages, such as Italian(that's a shame because a lot of italians do mistake them). Here are few examples on how to use these.

Your - used to show belonging.
Example: This is your house.

You're - Contraction meaning "You are."
Example: You're in the house.

Their - used to show belonging.
Example: This is their house.

There - Used to show where something is.
Example: The house is over there.

They're - Contraction meaning "They are." Used to show where people are.
Example: They're inside the house.

If you are not sure sound out the insurance in the sentence.
Example: You're shoes are muddy. "You are shoes are muddy" does not work, so it should be written as: Your shoes are muddy.
This way of examination work for all examples given above.

Conjugation is a common problem with people who, as I said before, aren't English-speakers.
I will give some examples of often mistaken conjugations. (If you're not sure about a conjugation this might come handy

Examples of conjugation:
The boy run to avoid the punnishment. (Incorrect)
The boy ran to avoid the punnishment. (Correct)

When we be going to Castle Wars? (Incorrect)
When will we be going to Castle Wars? (Correct)

Apostrophe's are used in contractions (The joining of two words. Example Do not = Don't) and to show position/multiples.
Contractions are really easy to get used to, but for position/multiples it my take some more practise.
Using an apostrophe takes less than .14 seconds to add to words like "Don't" and "It's" and they really make what your saying look better than it would look without them.
Which sentence looks more appealing to you:

"youre gonna explode from all that food ur eating!"


"You're gonna explode from all that food you're eating!"

I think most of you would say that the second option is way better than the first one even if the meaning is exactly the same.

You may find useful using uppercase letters to begin sentences and to show the names of people/clubs/places/etc. can really help make what you're saying more appealing!

Striking up a conversation

So now that you know what to do, it's time for some practice! Having even small conversations with random people can really improve your social skills.
For some people it may be challenging to make friends and it could also affect their gameplay. I mean what fun is grinding out your skills and achieving those 99's if there's no one who cares in the slightest? Initially I had this issue too, but with time things came better.
Obviously there isn't an exact formula to make friends, but I'd like to give atleast an example of how to start a conversation, and the rest is up to you.
Let's suppose you're fishing at Rimmington, and you see a group of 3-4 other people there having a great conversation. You might think "They seem to enjoy being here, how am I supposed to get in on this?". That's easy, you need to get them attention.
How? GREET THEM! Just say "Hello", "Hi", or whatever seems nice to you to greet them.
The easy part now is done, let's try to get on something more substantial. Try to talk them about something that you think those people would be interested to talk about: you might make a joke on one of their usernames(Sometimes people usernames just beg for a joke to be made of. Be careful to not offend them.), talk about recent game updates, about a skill or minigame.

See? It's not really that hard, hopefully talking about these things helps you breaking the ice. And once ice is broken? You may add them to your friendlist and ask/make them to do so. Here are some methods that I and for sure other people like to use.
  • Ask them for it - "Friends?", it's a simple and polite way. It depends on the person, but usually it's quite effective.
  • Make a joke - Sometimes jokes can really make miracles, it may also remember them that it's worth to keep in touch you. You could  use something like "Add me plz...We both know you're going to do it one day haha".
  • Force them to add you - This may seems brutal if expressed like that, but it may it's actually less awkward. PM them all casual, people usually add you to their friendlist. Anyways after striking up a conversation and say they go do something else, just send them a pm if their chat is on. They'll like to see that you're interested in them!

How to treat "noobs"

Please keep in mind that by titling this section like this I'm not going in any way to offend any player, but just use a term which describes an unexperienced person in a certain thing.

There's no doubt that you have met atleast once in your whole Emps career a player who begged you for items or even annoyed to the point of losing your patience. Here you can find some tips on how to avoid, or how to treat, that kind of people.

Noobs will stop at nothing to get their hands on your 1337ness(leetness).
In the case of money, never give them money. This benefits them in absolutely no way at all, and leads to future begging. They also might see that you easily give out your resources and they would simply try to exploit you as much as they can.
Fortunately Emps-World has some money-making methods that aren't difficult to explain and also don't take time to do so. So pointing people towards making their own resource might be a very good solution. You can also point them to the forums or wiki, where they can enlarge their knowledge about the game. This way you help people to start their own Emps career.
So after some rambling here go few exaples.

You may respond in these ways to beggers:

"How do I make money?"
"You can do bow strings at the beginning, there's a guide on forums. You should give it a look."

"Phr33 gp pls"/"I have just started, give me something"
"Sorry, I don't give out money or items. But, I can tell you how to get it on your own if you'd like!"

"Borrow me a whip"
"Sorry, I can't borrow it out because I'm using it right now."

If they continue to ask then add them to your ignore list.

It's easy to find people who act in order to make you lose control and do something without thinking. This can be really frustrating in-game as well as in real life. Staff members or people who try to give a positive effect to the community are often disrespected and provoked by this kind of people. If you let them continue doing so initially it can be really negative and frustrating but with time flamers/trolls may notice that they have no effect on you and let you live in piece.

If someone's trying to start an argument with you then just ignore it. They really aren't worth it. Just put them on your ignore list and talk to someone else.

What would you rather:
A) Have a 10-minute long argument with someone through a wire connected to your wall and have them report you for calling them a you-know-what
- or -
B) Add the Flamer/Troll to your ignore list and continue playing.

Although A may be tempting..I hope you all chose B.

Quick note: Don't forget to report these people if they do break the rules.


I thought about writing this guide as first of my upcoming guides because I saw some people talking rude to Staff members and other people who I think do not deserve that(actually no one does) and also some people who couldn't express theirselves well. You can call this useless but I think this can be useful for someone who want's to be a positive element in this community.
Hope you like this guide, please leave a short comment below and let me know how good, bad, useful or useless it is.
This guide may be slighty updated from time to time, with some new content.

This guide is inspired and uses resources from other guides/topics already existing in the web. I'm not going to post any links for obvious reasons.
I also have to thank people who, with their criticism, encouraged me to put more personality in this guide.

Games / Clash Royale and Castle Clash
« on: March 25, 2016, 11:43:14 am »

I'm wondering how many of you guys are playing this game as it was a world success I'd say.
Most people I know do play this, even some girls haha. I will post some screenshots of my account, feel free to do so if you want.

This one instead is a competitor of Clash of Clans, it's really famous too, has a lot of servers(most languages have a server for that language). I know some 40 years old people who play this, spend a lot of money, in few words real addicts.
I will post some screenshots of my account, feel free to do so if you want. Also put info about which server you're from, I'm from Italian language server.

Suggestions & Ideas / Account saving.
« on: March 24, 2016, 11:42:25 am »
I thought it would be useful to be able have a sort of "Remember me" option on the client. I will now explain it what it could consist.

I think it may have two options:

  • "Remember me" checkbox - when check it remembers accounts username, so user has to type only the password. Which would be kinda temporary, until the user doesn't log with an another account.
  • Account save - An interface where you can add multiple accounts and save them for a quick log-in. It may include password saving too, so it remembers accounts log-in credentials (but it would be very useful without password too).

I think these both features would be really useful for people who use multiple accounts or have long log-in credentials, it would make it faster and more comfortable.

Goals & Achievements / After a long inactivity
« on: March 23, 2016, 05:22:21 pm »
I was inactive for about six months, since November, to the begining of March(it was like 8th March when I came back).

When I came back the only things I had were a Bronze whip and a Member ring. So I thought about showing off how is my progress going. These are all of my valuable items I'd say, all the rest isn't worth more than 1-2M so I kept them in my bank.

I actually don't know how much this is, so please me how much it would be roughly, thanks.

Oh yeah, I have also achieved 99 Ranged and Magic in these 2 weeks. :D

Off-Topic / Beatbox - 5th Element of Hip-Hop
« on: November 07, 2015, 01:00:53 pm »

Hello guys, since I want to take an active part in this community I thought I can share you some of my interests. So for now I want to open a topic about beatboxing.

Beatboxing is a discipline which I am obsessed with ;D. I don't know if anyone of you is interested in/likes hip-hop culture but I will share my and other people thoughts about it, just for an educational purpose.

Definition of beatboxing

"Beatboxing (also commonly called beatbox) is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines using one's mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. It may also involve vocal imitation of turntablism, basslines, and other musical instruments. Beatboxing today is connected with hip-hop culture, often referred to as "the fifth element" of hip-hop, although it is not limited to hip-hop music. The term "beatboxing" is sometimes used to refer to vocal percussion in general." (This a description that Wikipedia gives.)

When you hear people that don't practise beatboxing talking about it you can mostle see them saying things like: "What are you doing? Why are doing those strange noises?", "Stop it! You look and sound as a dumbass", "That sounds awful, you should quit doing this.". This kind of comments does really demotivate you and you may really stop beatboxing.
But in these last years, beatboxing is really developing and evolving a lot, and many people get impressed because of amazing imitations and covers of some well know, or self created, music tracks. These days it's getting really different from what people know about it.
As Wikipedia say's beatboxing isn't necessarily treating hip-hop music nowdays EDM, techno, dubstep, drum 'n' bass(and it's derivations), goa, electro, trap and lots of other musical genres(also not electronic, like jazz) became really appreciated by people.

Many beatboxers see beatboxing as an international language, you can meet a person who doesn't speak your language and have a beatbox conversation and actually understand whats happening. I also had this kind of experience few times and it's something that you can't describe by any word.

My personal experience and thoughts. I'm actually making this topic because it's exactly one year I'm practicing this discipline. Since the beginning it was a friend that never left me alone, I can beatbox whenever I want, whenever I want, I can make music and remix however I want and like it. It's amazing because you don't have to follow any rules and you can innovate it by yourself. Why am I doing this? It entertains me, I'm actually enjoying doing it.


I will put some videos below that I really like.

This one is an interview of Reeps One, a pioneer beatboxer who actually helped to push it forward and now is one of most respected beatboxers in the whole world.

For these I suggest you use a good pair of headphones or speakers that have good bass to enjoy it fully.

This is my favorite beatboxer, Babeli from Germany, he's really famous for his musicality and trolling people with crazy and unexpected drops.

This beatboxer is UK and his name is Ball Zee, he won UK beatbox championship 3 times. He is also very famous for his sub-bass and his very clean sounds. So I suggest you to increase the bass level of you speakers :D

The following videos show how well can beatbox be a substitute to actual  music lol.

Now please express what do you think about it, was this post informative? Was it useful? Did it make you lose your precious time uselessly? Just please tell me what do you think about it!

Where and how can you learn it? You can do it in front of your computer or even smartphone, Youtube is full of tutorials of techniques people found very useful to reproduce sounds as close as the real instruments or noises are. Also if you want we can have a conversation about it :)
I may also make a video of me beatboxing, even if I still sound crappy haha.

Thanks for spending you time in reading this,


Computers and Technology / HP Pavilion x2
« on: November 06, 2015, 08:05:45 am »
Few weeks ago I saw this convertable in hands of my friend, and now I'm thinking about it..
I think it could be useful to have one when you're on a bit linger trip or whenever you can't use you laptop or desktop. I am considering it as an option to play Emps when I'm not home. What do you think? What are your suggestions?

I'm not actually looking at technical specifications, but only physical comfort.

Here's a review that talks about it for those who actually don't know the product:

Feedback / An oldschool player experience.
« on: November 05, 2015, 11:10:06 pm »
I'm introducing this feedback topic by telling that I was an active Scape player since 2010 to it's closure. So yeah, when I knew Emps is back I was really excited to see what's going on over here. (A quick note: I found out that Emps is back on November 2nd, 2015) I was wondering what were the new things and if some things from the old Emps are still here.

When I first logged in I saw so many changes but I still could see some familiar characteristics that Emps always had. So I pass directly from this to things that make me really sad and that are worth to be considered for a change.

  • First thing I have noticed almost immediately was GA, I think there's a thread where you guys have already discussed about.. In my opinion this is a thing that could be saw as a positive feature from less expert players and as a negative feature from others. Back in the Scape people used to go bossing and catch theirselves in kinda risky situations to get richer, not to risk 1M worth ticket(or whatever it's price is).
  • An another thing I think is impossible to ignore is that prices of many items, that were pretty valuable in Scape, now are lower than 10M. Example: Yesterday I saw a guy selling a BGS for 5M. (I know it's the actual price but it's sad to see a Godsword to drop so low)
  • Donating. I was thinking also about donating some money, but then I saw that prices of items you can get with DP are so low that it's almost not worth to spend my money for them.. I even saw a guy on shoutbox saying "I don't get why people donate to get richer, it's so easy make money on Emps".

These are few things I have noticed about economy of this server in 4 days I'm playing, and I hope to see the economy just become 'stronger' from this point of view or atleast I hope to get used to it.

I may not know many things since I'm a 'newcomer' here so please let me know if a topic of this kind was already opened and with what results,


Resolved Bug Reports / Quest tab and friends list
« on: November 04, 2015, 01:20:42 pm »
I've noticed this "bug" first day I joined Emps World, 3 days ago.

When you click teleport text in quest tab, or a friend in your friends list, it's not accurate and I have to move my mouse pointer a little bit up to be able to click it.
The most annoying issue is in friend list, it makes it hard to respond the right PMs, when I click the name of a friend it clicks the friend that is below the one you want.

I would post images but it's an action so I can't get in a screenshot.

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