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Events / Save the prisoner.
« on: September 18, 2020, 02:03:17 pm »
Save the prisoner.

event description:

The event is very simple,
I, as the prisoner will be poisoned somewhere in al-kharid safe wilderness.
You guys will be devided into 2 teams,
Team 1 : 4 players with max gear and limited amount of food, prayer potions whose job is to make sure I die from poison.
Team 2 : The rest of participants will be using rune sets with full inv of food trying to find and save me before poison kills me, also please make sure to have anti poison for me so you can trade it before I die.

Team2 has 15 mins to find me before I die, However I might've somehow convinced one of the guards to give me some food so I can survive even longer unless he changes his mind so who knows, if everything goes as planned then he might help you guys find me after 20 mins. <--- I'll let the traitor knows who he is and the rest of the team shouldn't know the name, at least not until he turns on them.

Rewards :
We both can agree that this is the main reason of the event afterall,
Every participation gets 2 Event tickets,
if I die --> Team 1 gets 25mil each.
if I survive --> Team 2 gets (Depends on the the team size ) x amount of cash will let you know before the event starts.

Event starts - 21/09/2020 at 8pm ( Gmt +3 )

Event ends once I die or Survive.

Events / Emps-Competitive: Season 2
« on: April 25, 2020, 02:04:14 pm »

Hello everyone and welcome to the second season of Emps-Competitive! Players will work day and night to overcome the obstacles that lie ahead of them and fight to claim the crown. Will you be able to prove to everyone that you're no pushover? We shall find out in the next couple months!

We will have 3 winners each season, there will be only 1 winner for each of the following categories:

Untouchable - The player with the highest total experience.
The rich only get richer - The player with the highest bank value.
Special Come Back - Rewarded to the first player that obtains the completionist cape ( or the person with the closest % to it if no one gets it ) **

Bonus Categories:
(Multiple players can win the rewards for these categories)

Over achiever – Rewarded to players who max-out at least one skill. (Any combat skills excluded, except prayer)
Sleep is exp waste – Rewarded to players that max their account.
-Rewarded to players that have at least 500 Nex / Yk'lagor / Har'lakk / Kal/ger kills each!!
- Rewarded to players who completed the highest amount of clue scrolls! *see the system below*

- Players must create a new Ironman account to participate in this season (see picture at the bottom of the page for details!).
- Account must be created at the kick off of the event, anything before that will be disqualified.
- Items from the EC shop will not count towards the total value for the Bank value category.
- Players that are part of the event Won't be able to use scrolls of double xp!
- Please follow the in-game rules while participating in this event... if you break our rules you will be punished accordingly and can cost you the season.
- To CLAIM your reward in any category, make sure to reply to this topic with a FULLSCREEN SCREENSHOT of your client in where you show the achievement you made! The one who first posts the picture, will win the specific category.
NOTE: * Participants in the Clue Scroll competition can reply their screenshots till July 31st 23:59:59. Any screenshots submitted later, are not valid for the competition!

Kick-Off/End Date
This season will kick off on May 1st, 2020 and will conclude on August 1st, 2020. Please check the countdown timer below for exact time.

Season Start
Season End


This year we will be working with a completely different and new Rewarding System:
The winners of the main categories "Untouchable" & "The Rich only Get Richer" have the ability to pick one of the swords they like, and the color they like out of 5 different kind of swords & 7 colors each !
The swords that are picked by the winners of the 2 main categories will be unique, therefore it can't be picked by any other category!
Regarding the third category ** (Special Comeback) : We decided to give you guys an opportunity to win a Golden Hammer !!

Highest total experience – Winner of this category has the ability to pick the sword he likes, and the color he likes !
Highest bank value –  Winner of this category has the ability to pick the sword he likes, and the color he likes !

When it comes to the rest of the categories we have this year, we will have a similar Rewarding system.
Top 2 of each category has the ability to pick the colors they like of a pre-defined sword!

Rewarding sytem for bonus categories:
First winner - has the ability to pick 1 color out of 7
Second winner - has the ability to pick 1 color out 6
Third winner - gets 100mil cash!
4th - 10th winners - get 100 EP!

    Clue Scroll counting system
    • Easy scroll = 1 point
    • Medium scroll = 2 points
    • Hard scroll = 3 points
    • Elite scroll = 5 points

    (Reward can be given to any account of your choosing!)

    Good Luck!

    You must register a new account* before participating in the event!
    * You do NOT have to put "EC2" in front of your name. Your account will automatically be registered as EC2 account in our database by talking to Quest Guide at the last house of Tutorial Island as shown below.
    You can only participate if you register your account as Competitive Season account!!!


    Events / [EVENT] Protect The Leader
    « on: December 14, 2019, 02:58:09 pm »

    event description:

    The event is very simple,
    I, as the leader, will have x amount of players depends on how many attackers we have to protect me that are fully equipped however they have no food on them at all!
    You on other side, as attackers will have to be wearing the following set

    Moreover, you can have as many food as you want BUT once you die you can't rejoin so make sure to keep your hp as high as possible !

    Rewards :
    We both can agree that this is the main reason of the event afterall, Survivors gets 2 Event tickets ! while everyone else gets 1 event ticket.

    Event starts today ( 14 / 12 / 2019 ) at 11pm ( Gmt +2 )

    Event ends once there are no more attackers !

    Events / Official Emps-World - Youtube Event -
    « on: October 05, 2019, 07:30:34 am »

    Becoming part of youtube community might have been a dream for all of us, we would like with this event to give you a chance
    to achieve at least part of that Dream, that could also help you improve your editing skills and so on !
    All you have to do to take part of this event is :
    • Record a video
    • upload it to youtube
    • Leave a reply here with a link of the video you want to be part of the event
    its as simple as that, and you might get your self a great chance on winning some prizes for your effort!!!
    The event will start on thursday, 10/10/2019 and will last for 30 days to give every player a chance to take part of it

    first place : 100mil cash + 5 event tickets
    second place : 25mil cash + 5 event tickets
    third place : 10mil cash + 5 event tickets
    4th - 10th place : 5 event tickets

    You can create and upload during the month as many videos as you want, however by the end of the month you have to let us know which one do you want to be part of the event !

    What are you waiting for ? start recording today !!!

    Feedback / Voting shop.
    « on: August 09, 2018, 09:58:33 pm »
    Imho, this shop is currently so bad.
    I believe some serious changes should be done about this shop.

    I don't really know if voting did help or not however I've been trying to convince people daily that voting could help the server grow up.
    the only responses I've had during this time are " rewards are so bad " , " its not worth it "

    I do believe that people should do it just for the sake of the server, however the majority believe that if they want to help a sinking ship, it must be worth it eventho this might be the easiest way to earn some cash.

    taking a look at the items you can get atm, its just - can't describe how bad it is -

    I liked the idea of having an ' Item ' that worth a lot of for example blood money however can still be obtainable from the boxes with a really low chance
    if we can have something like this in voting shop it would be great.

    we would appreciate it if you could have some improvements on the current table.

    Suggestions & Ideas / ::GE ing
    « on: June 03, 2018, 02:08:29 pm »
    Opens this page :
    change ::pricelist from the current useless page to this please
    Thanks, bye.

    Suggestions & Ideas / [NEWS] In-game. // Voting
    « on: April 22, 2018, 08:45:28 am »
    Can we have something similar to what we already have in forums for years but ing ?
    Like a random message to be sent to everyone every 10 mins or so ( make it an option so people can turn it on and off if they gets annoyed by it )

    Something like this

    [News] : Do you know that the fastest way to contact with a staff member for a problem is to send a ticket at ::helpdesk ?
    [News] : Do you know that you can donate to the game at ::donate ?
    [News] : Never share your account with anyone for your own safety.
    [News] : Do you know that you can check for things using our ::wiki ?
    [News] : Do you know that you turn off these messages off by writing ::off ? 

    I believe its a good thing to remind people of few things ing since a lot of people keep forgetting about wiki for example or even helpdesk.

    Suggestions & Ideas / Grand Exchange Market!
    « on: March 17, 2018, 10:28:13 am »
    Can we have 2 extra options ? 1 Day, 7 Days ?
    it's really important thing to have especially after G.E change a month ago or something ( The highest offer gets the deal no matter how many other offers are there )

    I've used it in the past month or so ( it's really useful )  to keep track on the 3rd-age dye shards deals that has been done to make sure that I am still the highest offer otherwise I won't get anything.

    Off-Topic / Water quality
    « on: February 28, 2018, 12:14:33 pm »
    Changing it from very low to very high

    Off-Topic / GA
    « on: December 18, 2017, 08:22:36 pm »

    since when we make fun of people who use ga Thomy ? :/

    The sentence when you login is just wrong.

    Videos / Wai not....
    « on: December 09, 2017, 03:54:20 pm »

    No idea who recorded this video, however I just found it in youtube so I thought about posting it here.

    Off-Topic / Drinking and teleporting!
    « on: November 29, 2017, 08:03:59 pm »
    if you teleport just after you drink overload potion, you won't take any damage.

    Suggestions & Ideas / Convert to ' Option '
    « on: November 29, 2017, 06:49:26 pm »
    This idea might be a lil bit stupid to you guys, however I am just a person who feels like things could be done in an easier way for the player ' Ofc Thomy is not included since he is the one who is gonna code it '

    so my idea is like this

    Having an option like this would save us a bit of time each time we wanna sell or buy perf gold bars instead of the shop at falador to buy it from,
    the same applies to coins.

    To avoid having people missclicking on it while having over 21470 perf gold bars in their inv, it could be done in a way that calc how much can be converted to have the higher 100k closest to max cash,

    To make it a bit more clear, if a dude has 27k in his inv then he can only convert or w.e its called 21469 bars.

    Dunno if such things are easy to code, if so I hope we can have something like this.

    Feedback / Flying Dragons.
    « on: October 27, 2017, 03:32:47 pm »
    Flying dragons might be one of the things I've liked about the recent update, however I just didn't like the way we can get such items.
    I am not against adding them to ec shop, since its always a great thing to have new donaters --> helps the server
    however I am against adding the pet it self there instead of some kind of ability you use on your dragon pet.

    like for late game play, I don't normally kill the dragons for their bones or any other loot except for the pet
    however since the new pets can be easily bought from Ec shop, Imo it just killed the fun of killing dragons for people who are already maxed / looking for the pet there.

    IMO it should be stay as it is now there, however changing it as an ' Ability ' for your already owned pet that you use on it so it starts to fly
    therefore we are forced to get the pet in first place before we can use it.

    That's all from me, have a nice day lads.
    the food is actually ready idk if I forgot anything but mostly is what I wrote above lol

    Suggestions & Ideas / Yearly Member tickets
    « on: October 13, 2017, 01:37:46 pm »
    Dunno if its supposed to be here or somewhere else, however I just don't get the idea of only using 1 member ticket at a time ?
    Like why can't we have something called ' Yearly Member tickets ' which is something you can get from the dude who is selling Ec items if you speak with him and already have 12 member tickets in your inv he will change em to a new ticket which provides 12 months of membership.

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