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Bug Reports / Unlimited Lives In Wilderness
« on: May 26, 2017, 05:24:23 pm »

See video for future references

Introductions & Farewells / Returned
« on: May 19, 2017, 10:17:38 am »
Hi there. So I returned to get maxed and to see new content. Hope to experience it soon.

Introductions & Farewells / Good News!
« on: May 06, 2016, 06:52:01 pm »
Hey there.
I've seen mostly everything here, done as much as I could, even tho I haven't maxed, couldn't live up to some things, some where meant to be done, but just I couldn't done them in time, because of personal reasons, don't ask them, unless in pm. For community, it's getting too wild here to be, I don't know who is good, trustworthy or who is just scumbag, waiting to insult you. Oh well. I can't blame community for the way I am, tho it was fun. I no longer think, I belong to this community, even though there are some players, worthy spending time on conversations. Much love for them. They will know, how much I respect them. Last time I posted I quit topic and didn't quit. Sorry for that, I apologize, sincerely, for obvious fault, creating many useless topics, which aren't that amusing to arise curious player to read it. That being said, I, once again quit, decline any offer to comeback. For any higher-ups there, mind telling me, if I can safe keep my accounts and ban/delete them? I want it to stay untouched. Seeing as hackers are everywhere... :)

Suggestions & Ideas / Nerf
« on: May 04, 2016, 07:10:10 pm »
Hi everyone,

My suggestion would is either nerf Salve Amulet given damage bonuses, or not let it stack with full slayer helm. It's too OP for slayer, at least for me.

Suggestions & Ideas / Ape Atoll - New Quest, Training Place and etc.
« on: April 23, 2016, 01:12:02 pm »
Back with another suggestion.
This time it's Ape Atoll.
Monkey Island, full of traps, poisons and new features for members out there.

For newest place to become available you will have to do quest, called Monkey Paradise.

--- Quest Part ---

Monkey Paradise(Members-Only)

Start off, by talking with Harry at Catherby in Fishing Shop, who will say, that for a bargain of 100k you will get a scroll from a bottle, from
which he tends to believe there is some sort of island out there in seas, yet he needs your help to hire any captain to sail there. That's where thieving
skill comes in. Pursuing Seaman Lorris to sail to Ape Atoll, requires 60 thieving. Be ready, take super anti-poisons because place is full of poisonous monsters!
After a short cut scene, you will land in Ape Atoll island, where there will soon arrive Awowogei (King of Monkeys) to arrest you for trespassing barrier of Ape Atoll. Once you've been put in jail, you need 63 thieving to pick lock (if without lock pick), and escape to castle, where you will hear about treasure of Monkey Island. It turns out to be mapped on the other side of scroll, just in very tiny details, for human's eye to notice. Once again, traps will be there, so beware. Bring super anti-poison to Island, after returning one more time for treasure hunt. Go down dungeon, there will be swarming of poisonous monsters, some may make you turn prayer protect on, go along all the way, till you reach the end. Tip: there should be shortcuts for skilled agility users, to make road shorter. Once there meet up with gnome, who will need your help in treasure hunt. dig till you find chest. Now, grab good melee gear, prepare to fight two king guards. bring chest and super anti-poison along too. They will be 150 lvl, hitting 20 through prayers with melee. Defeat them, and King will beg for your mercy, in trades, he will give you monkey greegree to turn into monkey and monkey denture amulet to resemble you're savior in Island. Then a little cutscene, with reward screen after it. Also you'll be rewarded 10000 thieving exp.

--- Training Places ---

Agility Course, which provides 12000 - 18000 exp per lap completing. Experience rates are random. Requires 85 Agility.
Ranged Training(Chinning) place, just down near the entrance to Island, place is full of poisonous monsters, There will be skeleton monkeys(142 level) with 180 hitpoints, great ranged exp per hour.
Fishing Spots, with caskets in them. Another good fishing spot without Catherby to get caskets through fishing.
Gem Stalls, for further thieving exp.
For Melee Combat exp, Healer, at altar symbol, and nearly it Guard Monkeys(192 level) with 250 hitpoints with some small Snakes(5 level) (same as in Karamja)aggresive to anyone.

--- Additional Features ---

Bank, to store all the fish for cooking or selling, or stolen gems from thieving.
Gem Store
Fishing Shop
Potion Shop(Fish Monger)

Suggestions & Ideas / Bird's Nest
« on: April 20, 2016, 12:25:34 pm »
Hello there, Ladies and Gents. :)

Who doesn't love to see that little dark thingy lay on ground, while you chop those logs for your uses in future?

My suggestion is to enchant woodcutting and farming skills, for more money making or skill ingredients obtaining methods, by adding bird's nests obtained from trees all around Emps-World
Now, for starters, who don't know, what actual bird's nest look like or what to do afterwards with them, here's good example:'s_nest

Also, in addition to this, Bird's eggs could be introduced as well, possible chance getting these bad boys, while looting nests, with a chance of 1 out of 1000 or even more rare. Eggs being as cosmetic item, would be nice, considering there is bird pets, like Saradomin Owl would match blue egg and etc.
Obtaining bird's nest chances would be:

Normal Trees - 1 in 150
Oak Trees - 1 in 125
Willow/Teak Trees - 1 in 100
Maple/Mahogany Trees - 1 in 75
Yew Trees - 1 in 50
Magic Trees - 1 in 20

For loots:

Guam Seed x 1 - 50
Marrentill Seed x 1 - 50
Tarromin Seed x 1 - 50
Harrandler Seed x 1 - 50

Ranarr Seed x 1 - 25
Irit Seed x 1 - 20
Avantoe Seed x 1 - 20
Toadflax Seed x 1 - 20
Kwuarm Seed x 1 - 20

Snapdragon Seed x 1 - 20
Cadantine Seed x 1 - 20
Lantadyme Seed x 1 - 20
Dwarf Weed Seed x 1 - 20
Torstol Seed x 1 - 20

Bird's Egg(blue) x 1
Bird's Egg(green) x 1
Bird's Egg(red) x 1

In colors I made loot, so it would be recognized on how rare it is:
Green - (Common)
Blue - (Uncommon, 1 in 10)
Red - (Rare, 1 in 20)
Black - (Very rare, 1 in 1000)

Rabbit foot necklace(strung) increases chances of getting nests.
Ring of wealth could increase slighty chance of getting Eggs.

Hatching Eggs could give you bird's with respective color, and like, Blue Egg would turn into Blue Eagle, Green Egg would turn into Green Swift, Red Egg would turn into Red Falcon, and let's say, it would slightly boost your exp rates on various skills, like Blue Eagle boosts fishing, for example. Almost, as having brawling gloves, just it follows you around. And after 1500 charges of boosting exp rates, in chatbox it will show: "Bird flies away, as he's growing up and in searches of new nest." Boost would be 57.5 % more exp, than receiving on normal rates. Could work on double exp weekends, just doesn't stack with brawling gloves. Other from that, I only see, that you can have it as pet for yourself or selling if it's tradeable.

Gladly take any opinions, because as far as I concern, there is only crushed nest obtaining method and only from magic trees, excluding combat involvement.

Suggestions & Ideas / Shortcut, South of Spectrals
« on: April 10, 2016, 10:36:57 am »
Hey guys,
My suggestion would be making it 80 agility shortcut or so, since there is no higher obstacles than 65 agility, making less people attend to train agility. :)
Guessing would effect both Pkers and PvMers, to train agility more. :)

Suggestions & Ideas / Farming Patch
« on: April 07, 2016, 08:12:53 pm »
Hey guys,
What you think of making Ardougne farming patch available too? Even though, it is abandoned a bit, but could be useful, especially for players who don't wanna stay on one spot or want to use more than two patches that are in game.

Suggestions & Ideas / One Small Favour
« on: March 14, 2016, 03:22:56 pm »
Hey guys.

So, I'm here to suggest, if there is any way, that you could reset your kill logs after some kill count on a certain monster.
Now, I know, it isn't such necessary, as this feature isn't in need of, but it could be somewhat help for killing monsters and doing videos of their loot.

P.S. Whether it'll get approval or not, depends on feedback. Any feedback towards this topic is welcome. Useless commentary/Spamming is not what I look for my idea.

Off-Topic / IRL names
« on: March 08, 2016, 09:44:34 pm »
Post your ing names, country + IRL names if you want. :)
Would love to see how do they sound in your own country. :)

Ing name: Triangle Dot
Country: Lithuania
Name: Mindaugas, but since for people from abroad is hard to spell it right, I use Mindahoo, which is easier. :)

P.S. Nobody here is going to investigate you on your home country. Take it easy. :)

Code: [Select]
IGN (In-game name):
What country are you from?
What is your IRL name?:

In-game Name:                  Country:          IRL name:          Nickname:
Triangle Dot         Lithuania          Mindaugas         Mindahoo         
Mary         The Netherlands          Merel         Mary         
Skelon         Scotland          Daniel         Danny         
Stifler         Syria          Amr         /         
Bubblebeam2         USA          Aaron         A-aron/Squirtle         
Blue Bird         Israel          Rami         /         
Sir Rambo         The Netherlands          Zohair         Zotje         
Yaz/M3an123         Israel          Yazan         Zuzu/Yaz         
Ironmandommy         Lithuania          Domantas         Domy         
Make It Real         Lithuania          Andrius         Andy         
Extreme Maku         Estonia         Magnus         Maku         
Ty 4 U Santa         The Netherlands          Lars         /         
Joshiee         UK          Josh         /         
Skuller I I         Estonia          Rauno         Oja         
Crazy Joker         The Netherlands          Ward         /         
Boejuh2         The Netherlands          Mitchell         Mitch         
C4 Nerd         Estonia          Viktor         Vix         
Land Rover 1         Israel         Tim         /         
Icedrags         Estonia         Marek         Ricebags         
Ashootsh         UAE         Fahad         Oilboy       
Zeepleeuw        Belgium         Eryn         /       
Emps Loover         Belgium          Thibeau         Too many to list         
plasmus007         Estonia          Patrick         Päts         
Nightfall12         USA          Jacob         Jake         
Kaarel 123         Estonia          Kaarel         Carl/Karl         
Estpure16         Estonia          Marek         Faker         
Xxskinney13x         USA          Chris         /         
66destroyer3         The Netherlands          Nathan         'Your favourite black guy'/Nathandoek         
Esam121         Israel          Esam         Summy/E-Sam         
Pavilion3         Estonia          Keven         Kev         
Beershake         Italy          Tomas         Beer/Tom         
H3lix         USA          Derek         Big D         
Iron Corne         The Netherlands          Corné         Cornolio         
Saif Nawaf         United Arab Emirates          Saif         Swaf/Saifoo         
Tumemust         Estonia          Marek         Tume/Dark         
Wg         Denmark          Minor         A Minor         
Iron 69         Estonia          Artur         Arty/Artix         
Skill0wzer         Estonia          Rainer         Lothbrok         

General Discussion / Useless Items
« on: March 08, 2016, 08:44:10 pm »
I want people to write down all useless items and whether it should be removed or improved to be used on more occasions then being as cosmetic item/drop from NPC or something like it.

Off-Topic / Story Of Your Life
« on: March 08, 2016, 03:54:22 pm »
Hello, everybody. :)
Topic I made, was to feature Stories of Players Lifetimes, hardest/saddest/funniest/happiest. Any Will do. Just Real one, not from forums or somewhere else. :)

Suggestions & Ideas / NPC Contact
« on: March 07, 2016, 10:26:59 am »
Would it be nice to have one working in game or not? Contacting Npcs, like Slayer Masters, without the need to restock/refill inventories with potions or food.


Resolved Bug Reports / Bug at Mines
« on: March 07, 2016, 12:25:27 am »
Hey, I was mining silver ore at al-kharid mine, and this happened after I mined it. Any explanation?

General Discussion / Exp. rates
« on: March 06, 2016, 02:37:15 pm »
Hey guys,

What you think about exp rates, at this very moment?
Do some skills are easy to obtain 99 or very hard?

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