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Suggestions & Ideas / Additions to Hiscores page
« on: April 06, 2017, 09:42:35 am »
I'll keep it short this time.

What's missing:
  • Ranks on player and comparison pages.
  • PK points and their ranks on player and comparison pages.
  • First/last buttons on the ordered lists.
Another possible addition:
  • Ironmen should be shown in the overall list as well with a clear ironman icon.
Few of the old topics, if you guys want to read some more comments:

Goals & Achievements / Hey, it's me again
« on: February 21, 2017, 06:09:32 am »

Master thief strikes again!

The guild welcomes me!

Events / Hunt of the Strangers!
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:50:39 pm »
Welcome to the Hunt of the Strangers!

Martin has decided to bring something new to Emps-World players with his new innovative event, where he forces you to spend hours on useless running amongst the lands of Emps-World. You will probably just waste your time and win absolutely nothing, but for the ones with no real life, there is a chance to be rewarded.
We will be re-releasing one pair of Bunny Ears and a Bow-Sword. In addition to that, we will be giving out some Mystery Boxes and Event Tickets.

The event:
It is a "Hide and Seek" based event, but instead of finding the hosts, you will have to find NPC-s.
10 unique NPC-s will be hidden in the accessible areas of Emps map, this includes any floors of all accessible buildings, dungeons, wilderness, member areas etc. Some of the spots require thinking outside the box.

All you have to do is find the NPCs and post a picture with them into this topic.
First person to post a picture of that certain NPC, will get its reward (1 winner per NPC).

A list of the NPC-s and their rewards will be posted below.

  • Every Emps player can join. This includes Staff members.
    • Magecrune is only allowed to participate in the Oldschool NPC rounds, since only Martin knows their locations.
    • Ironmen can participate, however if they win, mystery boxes and/or oldschool rares will be given to their non-ironmen accounts. Event tickets can be received on ironmen accounts.
  • The screenshots must be posted in this topic.
  • Full client must be shown in the pictures.
  • Both your name and the NPC model have to be clearly visible in the picture.
  • The NPC-s are all in accessible areas, so the pictures must be taken right next to them.
  • Pictures must be unedited.
  • Do not modify/edit your post.
    • If ignored, we will be using the timestamp of the last edit, which can lose you the first place.
  • If you find multiple NPC-s, you will have to post in the topic each time. Do not edit previous posts!
  • You can post pictures by just posting their URL-s, but we recommend to use IMG tags instead.
  • Rewards will be given out when all 10 of the NPC-s have been found.

NPC-s were spawned in World 1 on Saturday 4 PM GMT! The event has ended!

NPC Name                           NPC Picture                          Rewards       

Queen Of Snow       

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

Rune Guardian           

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

     50% Luke

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

   Pretty Lass

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

 Easter Bunny Jr 

               Bunny Ears



Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone else for participating!

Bug Reports / Transparent GE interface
« on: December 23, 2016, 10:22:43 am »
Picture says it all.

E: Complete reinstall fixed it.

Bug Reports / Air guitar emote
« on: December 23, 2016, 12:12:33 am »
You can do the emote without having 200+ songs unlocked. It doesn't show the icon in emote tab, but it's still clickable.
E: this bug has been fixed already.

There's also an error in the text (text is both flawed and unnecessary). Eventhough you can do all emotes (except Skillcape/Quest cape/Max cape emotes) while you're attacked by monsters (not attacking yourself), it says that you must be out of combat. Also the clue scroll part is quite obviously wrong.

Events / Secret Santa 2016 [ended]
« on: December 09, 2016, 12:00:51 am »
It's nearly Christmas and I decided to keep the Secret Santa tradition going.
This will be the 3rd straight year when we've hosted the event.

Since Christmas is a time of giving, so will be this event. Every participant must prepare a gift worth atleast 2m in value and deposit it to one of our hosts (listed below). In return you will also get a gift from another participant, who will be your secret Santa.
Besides the 2m+ worth of items, you can add something personal, such as a costumized Christmas card etc.

In order not to ruin the holiday spirit, we won't be accepting troll gifts that do not meet the value.
Also the names of the people whom you need to make a gift for will not be revealed before everyone has deposited items. We wouldn't want personal vendetta ruin someone's gift! ;)

You can sign up in this thread by posting your name and telling you're in. You will also have to contact Magecrune (I will add few more staff members here upon their approval later on) in order to deposit the gifts. If part of your gift is more personal (cards, poems, pictures, videos and any other media), just message Magecrune on forum. You can do that by clicking on this link.

You could've signed up until 16th December.
The gift had to be deposited before 20th December.

If a player signed up, but failed to deposit items in time, his name will be removed from the list.
As mentioned above, the names will not be published before everyone has deposited the items. If that happens, the receivers' identities will be pmed to their respective secret Santas in the forum.

Gifts were given out on Christmas day, 25th December.

Players are permitted to post everything related to this event (gifts made or received by you) in this topic.

Final participant list:
  • Jandar
  • Bubblebeam2
  • Shadowkei
  • Kaarel 123
  • Charr
  • Corne506
  • Zudikas95187
  • Drugs
  • Rambo For K0
  • Roland
  • Someone12116
  • King125
  • Estpure16
  • Emps Loover
  • Il Pk I
  • Division66
  • Thomy
  • Degtukai
  • Dominator
  • Avenus
  • Cjkinsey6
  • Danielshapz
  • Roach
  • Ameer
  • Angila Joli
  • Leo Jr
  • Troq748
  • Yjp
  • 123456789xd
  • Weed4u2
  • Fightmace
  • Skillz Purez
  • Pr0skillz
  • Ginga Ninja
  • G M  A  U  L
  • 0o Tast3rang
  • Martin
  • Hugo Terwiss
  • Just Humen
  • Melting Fire
  • Il Skill L

Goals & Achievements / Clue scroll reward collection [in progress]
« on: December 05, 2016, 01:37:29 am »
Goal is to get atleast 2 of each new item from clue scrolls. I'm actively collecting everything I already don't have 2 of.
Consider this topic as a goal and an assisting page for my buy topic.

I also added previous god sets to add contrast to the newer ones.

Guides / Clue scroll npc locations
« on: December 04, 2016, 11:52:10 pm »
Since I'm constantly asked about the locations of all Clue scroll npcs, I decided to post a list of all the npcs (the ones I recalled when making this).

Bear in mind this is not a guide, just a list of people in their locations (I can also describe their locations in more detail if needed).
I encourage our fellow contributors to actually make a guide based on this list.

If there's something missing, feel free to let me know by posting below ;)

For a quick search press CTRL + F and type in that person's name.

Al-Kharid: Gertrude (near teleport location; also near Varrock), Jaraah (teleport location; also at Duel Arena), Meteora (north of teleport location; also at Falador and Edgeville)
Ancient cave: Shenven (in a room before Ancient Gladiators etc)
Ardougne: Councillor Halgrive (go west from Ardougne market/teleport location until the castle bridge, he's in front of one of the houses), Aubury (also in Port Sarim and Varrock)
Barbarian village: Thomy, Hunding/Hundig, Fish Monger (also in Rellekka
Burthorpe: Ghommal (in front of Warrior's guild, currently misspelled Ghommel), King Gjuki Sorvott IV (castle's ground floor)
Camelot: King Arthur (castle's ground floor)
Canifis: Barker
Castle Wars lobby: Lanthus
Catherby: Harry (fishing store)
Crafting guild: Master Crafter
Draynor village: Brian, Dark mage (also in Edgeville), Charlie the cook, Farmer Fromund (field east of Charlie the cook)
Duel Arena: Jaraah (also at Al-kharid)
Edgeville: Meteora (also at Falador and Al-Kharid), Dark Mage (also at Draynor Village), Brother Jered (monastery; also in Varrock castle), Vannaka, Wilderness guide
Falador: Flynn (pickaxe store), Robe Store owner (south of western Falador bank), Meteora (southern part of Falador; also in Al-Kharid and Edgeville), Sir Tiffy Cashien
Grand Exchange: Matt (under a tree south-eastern part of GE), Bolkoy
Heroes' guild (south of Burthorpe): Achiettes
Karamja store: Pirate Jackie the Fruit
Lumbridge: Mazchna, Bob (also in Port Sarim)
Obsidian Caves: TzHaar-Mej-Kah (near bank/Jad minigame entrance), TzHaar-Hur-Lek (minigame reward shop), TzHaar-Mej-Roh (near minigame rewards guy)
Port Sarim: Bob (also in Lumbridge), Gem merchant, Gerrant, Brother Brace (in small chapel south-west Port Sarim), Aubury (also in Ardougne and Varrock)
Rellekka: Freygerd (one of the houses east from the pub), Sassilik (Relleka market), Jarvald (in front of the viking ship that takes you to Waterbirth; also at Waterbirth island), Fish Monger (also in Barbarian village)
Rimmington: Hickton, Grum, Ilfeen (house near whirlpool), Simon Templeton (in front of whirlpool), Sigbert the Adventurer (crater)
Taverley: Sanfew
Varrock: Brother Jered (Varrock castle 1st floor; also at Edgeville monastery)Gertrude (in a house south-west from Varrock big bank, outside of city; also at Al-kharid), Aubury (also in Ardougne and Port Sarim)
Waterbirth island: Jarvald (also at Relleka)

Brother Kojo: Barbarian agility course (teleport available via Galahad in Barbarian village), Clocktower (building south-west of Ardougne)
Spirit: In front of both Revenant cave entrances

Goals & Achievements / Another 2 down
« on: November 24, 2016, 12:19:40 am »

Maxed cooking on Saturday.

Goals & Achievements / 250m Herblore
« on: October 18, 2016, 07:40:04 pm »

Maxed it yesterday :3

Goals & Achievements / Another 2 down
« on: October 15, 2016, 02:14:39 pm »

Master of life and death!

Maxed fletch as well!

Goals & Achievements / 250m Woodcutting
« on: October 12, 2016, 11:19:51 am »

Maxed yet again :3

Goals & Achievements / 250M range
« on: October 04, 2016, 11:54:00 pm »

Achieved it yesterday :P

Feedback / Double xp scrolls
« on: October 03, 2016, 06:59:00 am »
Since the overall feedback topic for the last update suffocated some key parts in the feedback, I decided to make a separate one, so community's opinion could be heard crystal-clear.

I would like to hear what is thought about the changes regarding double xp scrolls.

For those who are too lazy to read update notes I'll quickly explain the change:
Double xp scrolls used to be in EP shop with a price of 1 EP each. With the last update they were removed from the shop completely and added to EC shop instead. Price being 100EC for 1x1h scroll, which makes it 5 scrolls per 3.5€ donation.

Before I start, I'll quickly mention that I'm one of the most active skillers right now, so I know what I'm talking about when it comes to that.

Search for an explanation:
To start, I would like some explanations from Thomy.
  • Firstly, why was the change needed? Were the scrolls too easy to obtain?
  • Secondly, why was it removed from EP shop completely? We could've just increased their price.
Personal view on their existence for both shops:
I personally think that they should've never left EP shop. Yes, since they were a bit easy to get, we could've increased the price up to 2 EP per scroll, which would've been sufficient, since most people don't bother doing all tasks.

If there was a need to include them in EC shop, the ONLY option that would've made sense, would've been the buying in bulk option. So the people who are too lazy to do 3 tasks per day, could use a shortcut. Example given later on.

Their current price:
I also have to mention the current price. Let's say that a person donates 5€, which allows him/her to buy 9 scrolls (9h of double xp). When I took skilling seriously, I used easily 20+ 20-min scrolls per day (my own record is about 74x20-min scrolls in less than 48h). It's definitely not worth the money as it is right now.

Sudden change without a warning/state of EP shop:
After the update we have two type of skillers: the ones who luckily had stacked their scrolls in banks and the bitter ones who have tons of EP, but they're unable to use it. This could've been avoided with a brief heads up.
E:The last update gave even more to those people who had stacked their scrolls, which is so unfair. We should've been given the same option to do that prior to the changes.

As you may have guessed, I'm now the second type of skiller. I'd rather not waste EP on cosmetics, since I can just buy them with cash (I have a large collection of EP items), so the scrolls were the only thing actually bought from the shop. Yes, we now have auras, but since they last a considerable amount of time, we don't have to pay very often.

Scrolls becoming dead content/unreasonable new difficulty:
The last update made scrolls dead content for everyone, who hadn't stacked any. To make matters worse, the XP cap was increased to 250M. These 2 facts have made long-term skilling (200M/250M xp) frustrating. Don't get me wrong, I would've been fine with the cap increase, if the scrolls had stayed.

Because of the changes, many skillers, incl myself, have just lost their motivation. Most skills were never optimal for such high goals in the first place.

To prove my point I'll give you an example:
20-minutes of thieving with double xp activated gives you about 610k xp, if you're pickpocketing master farmers. That means that it takes more than 102 hours in order to achieve 200M thieving (from lvl 99). That's with double activated.
Now the cap is higher and xp comes slower, which absolutely kills the motivation.

What should we do now?
  • I would add them back to the EP shop with the same or higher price.
  • We can keep the scrolls in EC shop as well, but they have to be in bulk.
Example: 6 EP for 1x1h scroll in EP shop, 500EC for 8x1h scrolls in EC shop (package deal). So people could either do daily tasks 12 straight days (3 per day) or they could buy 8x1h scrolls for 3.5€

Keep in mind that the number of scrolls has to be high enough in EC shop, otherwise no-one would be interested.

Thanks for the people who actually bothered reading this!
I beg you to reply in order to share your opinions, since it's the only way we can actually make a difference.

E: Adjusted information to today's changes. 1 scroll lasts for 1 hour now.

Bug Reports / Trees at barbarian village
« on: October 02, 2016, 08:50:11 am »
These trees are only fully shown, if roofs are enabled:

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