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Off-Topic / Happy birthday Rasmus!
« on: January 22, 2016, 11:45:17 pm »
Happy bday Ras aka King125  :-*

Enjoy your day!

Introductions & Farewells / Returning for now
« on: January 22, 2016, 07:50:08 pm »
Got a lot of spare time atm since I finished my exams this week and I've been hopping online now and then since a few weeks.

See you all ingame :3

Introductions & Farewells / Leaving for now
« on: May 26, 2015, 07:25:20 pm »
As most of you noticed I've been inactive ingame and on the forums for quite a while now. Recently I've decided to quit school as it just wasn't working out for me, I got a job now and I have a lot of decisions to make regarding my future and if I will start studying again.

This unfortunately leads to the decision to leave Emps for now.

I had an amazing journey on Emps-World and I'm writing this post with pain in my heart. The nostalgia from playing Runescape as a kid got me hooked immediately. The friends I initially started playing with soon quit but I couldn't get enough of playing. Around that time I met Fate and Mary, I got to know them better, had a lot of interesting talks and learnt a lot of new things about Emps-World. I also became a wiki contributor and finally became an Emps veteran myself.

Fate sadly left Emps back then, who I considered my best friend back then. Luckily a seemingly arrogant guy named Freestuffyay came around the corner and asked for my advice about the wiki. Little did I know a lot of stuff was about to happen and how good of a friends we would become.

I got to be a part of an amazing staff team and my journey had only just started. I met so many awesome people and had a blast playing the game and achieving my goals.

There's a lot of people I would like to thank for making my journey on Emps so awesome:

Freestuffyay: Hands down best friend I met, thanks for all your support, advice and the awesome moments we had together. Definitely keep in touch <3

Fate: Everything I told you when you first quit still stands. Thanks for everything and good luck Chait. PS: that trip to Japan still stands

Mary: Thanks for giving me a lot of opportunities and teaching me the ways of the wiki. The wiki wouldn't have existed without you. I appreciate the things you did for Emps and me, and I wish you the best of luck irl :)

Macu: Crazy little Estonian kid that was always online, spammed the shit out of me and showed me the most random crap. Damn, I had a blast hanging around with you. Thanks for everything Marcus :)

Zeepleeuw: Fellow Belgian :D Thanks for all the support when I most needed it, genuinely appreciate it. Hope to stay in touch, we should definitely meet up soon :)

Martin: We didn't start off on the greatest terms and I got caught up in stuff I shouldn't have but, you're an interesting person and you do a very good job at managing the staff team. Thanks for the opportunities you gave me and putting up with my shit. I'm glad I got to meet your softer side too :)

Weed4u2: The guy I used to hang out with late at night when everyone was sleeping. I'm not really sure what happened in the end but it doesn't really matter to me, I still remember all the fun stuff and how you helped me tremendously when I first started. Stay sweg Kane!

Appelsientje: Funny and sincere guy who likes to troll me. Also bjorn is bae <3 Keep in touch bro

Reemster: Great guy to chat with and go pvming. Thanks for all the pvm runs and letting me be part of the team. Good luck irl and with your Emps goals!

Magmaster127: You're a great person Austin, thanks for being such a good friend even though we didn't hang out as much as I would've wanted to :D Good luck with the military, hope to see you again someday.

Loosenater: One of the few people who believed in me from the first minute. Thanks for all your support and friendship. I'm glad we were able to put that one struggle behind us. Wish you the best in real life Sean, stay awesome!

Joshiee: Fellow stonerbuddy :-* You training slayer yet? hhhhh. I had a blast in Amsterdam and with you ingame, should definitely keep in touch :D

Azaro6000: Proved to be a good friend when someone is in need, or in need of an item. Didn't get to know you that well but you seemed like a great guy, good luck irl :D

C4 Nerd: Vixerrrr. Always ready to help, always online, always around. You definitely deserve where you are right now. Thanks for everything, won't forget you  :-*

King125: Hearthstone and anime buddy, we'll definitely keep in toch.

Pure Ranged1: Some are still confused as to what his name is so I just call him Jodi. A guy who deserves more praise than he got in my opinion and also my wiki apprentice. Good luck with your future goals :)

Tgod bro: We didn't get a good start at all, did we? Haha. As I said before, I don't hold grudges at all and we patched things up and became good friends. Thanks for all the laughs, I won't forget pizza varkentje soon. Good luck with your goals on Emps and irl of course :D

Range 4 Meee: We've had our differences and a rocky start, but after all, I think you're a great guy. Keep up the good work and who knows what you'll achieve ;)

Fireblast12: The guy who says his snapchat username in Thomy cc, accepts your request and sends snapchats :doge: Turned out to be a follow Belgian and awesome guy. Good luck with your studies!

Suryoy K0: Ks amk Mario :kappa: you're probably the only swedish arab I'll ever meet :P Try to tune down the swearing lol, good luck in life :)

I'm realizing now making this list is taking up a lot of time and I'm bound to forget people. Don't feel offended if I didn't list you, I want to thank the whole Emps community for this amazing journey.

On a final note I would like to thank Mary, Arjen, Vix, Jodi, Tim and all the other wiki contributors. We couldn't have made the wiki without your hard work and dedication, so a sincere thank you :)

I hope to return someday and I definitely won't forget you guys. Hope to see you all again <3

Suggestions & Ideas / Make whiteberry bush autopick
« on: May 15, 2015, 04:47:31 pm »
Right now your character will only pick a berry at the same animation speed, regardless of your amount of clicking. So I would suggest to make your character autopick the whiteberry bush until your inventory is full (at the original picking animation speed).

This way the people collecting herblore ingredients have an easier time doing so, yet keeping the speed of collecting them the same.

Resolved Bug Reports / Farming
« on: April 21, 2015, 07:34:41 pm »
After 1 run of farming herbs, the patch becomes unclickable - doesn't give the option to plant your seeds. Relogging fixes this issue however.

Goals & Achievements / Congratulations Arjen!
« on: March 21, 2015, 03:50:17 pm »
Congratulations on 1b exp!  :-*

Off-Topic / Happy birthday Alex!
« on: March 20, 2015, 11:08:23 pm »
Happy birthday Alex aka Fireblast12!  :-*

Goals & Achievements / Archmage Simon
« on: March 15, 2015, 09:33:31 pm »

Screenshots / 5 minutes of staking
« on: March 09, 2015, 12:51:44 am »
Started with 20m and ended up with this:

Warning: staking is dangerous and might harm yourself and those around you :kappa:
Message from Fate: Save yourself before it's too late....  Save yourself to protect those who love you.  :sadkappa:

Suggestions & Ideas / Buffing dragonhide experience
« on: March 09, 2015, 12:02:14 am »
Currently crafting only has 2 valid ways to level up, this being uncuts and hides.

However, when we take a look at the experience the hides grant compared to the uncuts, it's safe to say that there's an unbalance. This unbalance makes the hide basically dead content, no one buys them or uses them so no one picks them up.

The following exp rates consider the fact you cut the uncuts twice.

So as we can see the exp black dragonhides grant (which require level 79 crafting) is even lower than an uncut emerald (requires level 27 crafting).

My suggestion is to buff the exp rates to something similar to the following:

This in combination with for each additional hide you use in the process (when crafting chaps or bodies) you will get another 5% experience. I feel this is necessary because it will give people another choice what to do when crafting hides, and having the possibility to gain more experience when actually leveling up and choosing to craft higher level items.

Any opinions? :)

Resolved Bug Reports / Jad cave - safespot not working
« on: February 22, 2015, 08:41:16 pm »
The safespot doesn't work, all monsters can just run around and directly attack you.

Off-Topic / Music - which instruments do you play?
« on: February 13, 2015, 12:29:22 am »
I've been wondering if there are any fellow musicians here on emps :D

Myself I've been playing the drums for a few years - took lessons, didn't teach it on my own.
Been in a few bands, but it takes up too much time, so I just do it to relax and have fun now :)

What about you guys?

Resolved Bug Reports / Jad and rewards
« on: February 10, 2015, 12:48:27 am »
If you only have 1 free inventory spot upon completing Jad, you will only receive the fire cape and not the tokkul. I didn't see any tokkul that was dropped under me, I also went back inside again and could still pick up arrows, but no sign of tokkul anywhere.

I haven't checked but if you'd complete Jad without free inventory spots you might not even receive the fire cape.

Goals & Achievements / Ice strykewyrms droplog
« on: February 02, 2015, 05:16:43 pm »
So after grinding these for hours and hours I finally got my steadfast boots. After that I decided to make a droplog to keep track of how many kills I need for another pair of boots.

I will mark any rare and very rare drop.

Drop 1: 7 soul runes
Drop 2: 10,217 coins
Drop 3: adamant full helm
Drop 4: 14 law runes
Drop 5: 2 uncut rubies
Drop 5: 13 blood runes
Drop 6: rune kiteshield
Drop 7: 7 soul runes
Drop 8: adamant med helm
Drop 9: monkfish
Drop 10: 18 cosmic runes
Drop 11: 16 soul runes
Drop 12: monkfish
Drop 13: adamant platebody
Drop 14: 11 magic logs
Drop 15: 6 uncut rubies
Drop 16: monkfish
Drop 17: rune sq shield
Drop 18: 13 blood runes
Drop 19: 27 law runes
Drop 20: rune med helm
Drop 21: 15,699 coins
Drop 22: 27 cosmic runes
Drop 23: rune med helm
Drop 24: 9 crushed nests
Drop 25: 1 uncut dragonstone
Drop 26: adamant med helm
Drop 27: 8 rune bars
Drop 28: Monkfish
Drop 29: 13 magic logs
Drop 30: adamant med helm
Drop 31: monkfish
Drop 32: 7 blood runes
Drop 33: 9,169 coins
Drop 34: adamant full helm
Drop 35: 6 crushed nests
Drop 36: 8 uncut rubies
Drop 37: adamant full helm
Drop 38: adamant med helm
Drop 39: adamant full helm
Drop 40: adamant platelegs
Drop 41: adamant platebody
Drop 42: monkfish
Drop 43: monkfish
Drop 44: 20 cosmic runes
Drop 45: 14 law runes
Drop 46: 24 law runes
Drop 47: 10 rune bars
Drop 48: adamant full helm
Drop 49: 17 cosmic runes
Drop 50: 5 crushed nests
Drop 51: 3 uncut rubies
Drop 52: 16 law runes
Drop 53: 29 soul runes
Drop 54: monkfish
Drop 55: 4 uncut rubies
Drop 56: 24 cosmic runes
Drop 57: 17 magic logs
Drop 58: 5 crushed nests
Drop 59: 13 magic logs
Drop 60: 12 crushed nests
Drop 61: adamant platelegs
Drop 62: adamant med helm
Drop 63: rune platelegs
Drop 64: 23,102 coins
Drop 65: 7 uncut rubies
Drop 66: adamant full helm
Drop 67: 2 uncut dragonstones
Drop 68: 28 cosmic runes
Drop 69: 8 crushed nests
Drop 70: monkfish
Drop 71: rune kiteshield
Drop 72: rune kiteshield
Drop 73: 14,028 coins
Drop 74: 30,053 coins
Drop 75: adamant full helm
Drop 76: 28 law runes
Drop 77: adamant platebody
Drop 78: adamant med helm
Drop 79: 18 blood runes
Drop 80: 8 uncut rubies
Drop 81: rune med helm
Drop 82: 9 soul runes
Drop 83: monkfish
Drop 84: monkfish
Drop 85: adamant platebody
Drop 86: 9 rune bars
Drop 87: 8 uncut rubies
Drop 88: adamant med helm
Drop 89: monkfish
Drop 90: 17 onyx bolttips
Drop 91: 27 blood runes
Drop 92: monkfish
Drop 93: 21 cosmic runes
Drop 94: 13,072 coins
Drop 95: 9 uncut rubies
Drop 96: 20 law runes
Drop 97: 21,785 coins
Drop 98: monkfish
Drop 99: adamant platelegs
Drop 100: 9 soul runes
Drop 101: rune square shield
Drop 102: 12 crushed nests
Drop 103: monkfish
Drop 104: 13 onyx bolt tips
Drop 105: adamant full helm
Drop 106: rune med helm
Drop 107: 20 cosmic runes
Drop 108: 15 blood runes
Drop 109: monkfish
Drop 110: adamant platelegs
Drop 111: rune platelegs
Drop 112: 10 crushed nests
Drop 113: 6 rune bars
Drop 114: 5 uncut rubies
Drop 115: rune platelegs
Drop 116: monkfish
Drop 117: adamant platebody
Drop 118: 15 soul runes
Drop 119: 19,904 coins
Drop 120: 8 crushed nests
Drop 121: 10 magic logs
Drop 122: adamant med helm
Drop 123: 5 uncut rubies
Drop 124: rune med helm
Drop 125: 2 uncut dragonstones
Drop 126: 3 uncut dragonstones
Drop 127: 21,101 coins
Drop 128: 25,696 coins
Drop 129: 3 uncut rubies
Drop 130: 10 onyx bolt tips
Drop 131: 25,205 coins
Drop 132: 12,619 coins
Drop 133: 6,724 coins
Drop 134: 10 cosmic runes
Drop 135: 7 cosmic runes
Drop 136: rune kiteshield
Drop 137: 3 uncut rubies
Drop 138: 17 law runes
Drop 139: 22 soul runes
Drop 140: adamant platelegs
Drop 141: 14 law runes
Drop 142: 5 uncut rubies
Drop 143: 6 magic logs
Drop 144: 25 cosmic runes
Drop 145: monkfish
Drop 146: monkfish
Drop 147: 10 magic logs
Drop 148: monkfish
Drop 149: 4 rune bars
Drop 150: adamant platebody
Drop 151: 27 soul runes
Drop 152: 4 rune bars
Drop 153: 2 uncut rubes
Drop 154: 24 magic logs
Drop 155: 4 uncut dragonstone
Drop 156: 21 law runes
Drop 157: 20 cosmic runes
Drop 158: 23 magic logs
Drop 159: monkfish
Drop 160: 9 blood runes
Drop 161:  rune kiteshield
Drop 162: 28,694 coins
Drop 163: adamant platebody

The new drops

Drop 164: blood runes
Drop 165: rune med helm
Drop 166: dragon med helm
Drop 167: blood runes
Drop 168: 17 onyx bolt tips
Drop 169: monkfish
Drop 170: water runes
Drop 171: 21 magic logs
Drop 172: dragon med helm
Drop 173: rune platebody
Drop 174: 4 crushed nests
Drop 175: blood runes
Drop 176: water runes
Drop 177: monkfish
Drop 178: coins
Drop 179: 4 crushed nests
Drop 180: monkfish
Drop 181: water runes
Drop 182: rune med helm
Drop 183: 20 onyx bolt tips
Drop 184: rune platebody
Drop 185: 34 onyx bolt tips
Drop 186: 4 uncut rubies
Drop 187: rune platebody
Drop 188: 2 crushed nests
Drop 189: 28 onyx bolt tips
Drop 190: 3 rune bars
Drop 191: dragon med helm
Drop 192: coins
Drop 193: soul runes
Drop 194: glaiven boots
Drop 195: 2 crushed nests
Drop 196: rune bars
Drop 197: coins
Drop 198: blood runes
Drop 199: steadfast boots
Drop 200: coins
Drop 201: water runes
Drop 202: water runes
Drop 203: dragon mace
Drop 204: rune platebody
Drop 205: 3 uncut dragonstones
Drop 206: rune med helm
Drop 207: water runes
Drop 208: blood runes
Drop 209: water runes
Drop 210: rune med helm
Drop 211: glaiven boots
Drop 212: runeplatebody
Drop 213: 6 rune bars
Drop 214: 2 uncut rubies
Drop 215: 1 uncut dragonstone
Drop 216: monkfish
Drop 217: dragon med helm
Drop 218: 2 uncut dragonstones
Drop 219: monkfish
Drop 220: blood runes
Drop 221: 7 rune bars
Drop 222: monkfish
Drop 223: monkfish
Drop 224: 3 crushed nests
Drop 225: coins
Drop 226: 5 crushed nests
Drop 227: 16 onyx bolt tips
Drop 228: monkfish
Drop 229: monkfish
Drop 230: coins
Drop 231: monkfish
Drop 232: 4 rune bars
Drop 233: dragon med helm
Drop 234: 5 crushed nests
Drop 235: coins
Drop 236: blood runes
Drop 237: coins
Drop 238: dragon mace
Drop 239: blood runes
Drop 240: 4 uncut rubies
Drop 241: 1 uncut dragonstone
Drop 242: dragon med helm
Drop 243: monkfish
Drop 244: monkfish
Drop 245: 1 crushed nest
Drop 246: coins
Drop 247: water runes
Drop 248: water runes
Drop 249: monkfish
Drop 250: glaiven boots
Drop 251: monkfish
Drop 252: 16 onyx bolt tips
Drop 253: dragon mace
Drop 254: monkfish
Drop 255: 4 uncut dragonstones
Drop 256: 1 crushed nest
Drop 257: monkfish
Drop 258: dragon mace

Resolved Bug Reports / Missing pm messages
« on: January 31, 2015, 01:58:01 pm »
I didn't receive any messages and could only read what he sent me on his stream.

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