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Hey guys,

I am proud to present you our first and unique new skill: Invention. We've had many discussions about the game's economy and how difficult it is to maintain prices for item drops. The skill aims to solve that problem by introduces a sink for most unique boss drops. You can read more in the dedicated Invention section below. There's also an initial implementation start of Activity Hiscores to boost competition for boss runs, minigames, etc. As well as a lot of fixes and engine improvements. You're now also able to select higher quality textures with 0 performance impact.

New skill: Invention
Our new skill, Invention, consists of 2 basic concepts:
  • Item Deconstruction: obtain energies
  • Item Creation: transform energies into new items
Deconstructing items gives you energies that can be transformed into either degradeable auras or equipment upgrades. You can train the Invention skill wherever you want as long as you own an Invention Energy Box. It can be obtained by having a chat with Manglethorp, who can be found south of the Grand Exchange. Click on the Invention skill and you will get a map marker.
We also already prepared the wiki entry for Invention:
Not every item in the game can be deconstructed, only those found within the Invention skilling interface or on the wiki page. I have plans for more energy types and upgrades in the future.

Oh yeah... and here's the skillcape emote nobody has seen yet: ;)

God Wars Dungeon Hardmodes
There's now hardmodes for bosses in the GWD: General Graardor, Kree'arra, K'ril Tsutsaroth and Commander Zilyana. The fight is more intense and aimed at a group of 3 people. You will probably require a dedicated tank because some mechanics will deal a lot of unblockable or difficult to block damage. Fighting hardmode gives every participant a 3% chance for a new and unique drop: Artefacts. Those are needed to upgrade GWD equipment via the Invention skill. The other drops remain the same and will reward the top 3 damage dealers.

Here's a picture of the Zilyana hardmode fight.

Activity Highscores
I've implemented a system in-game that tracks completion time for boss instances and stores every completion. The completion time is transformed into a score value and will be listed as highscores on the homepage. I am still working on visualization for the homepage and need some test data. You can already see your score when clearing a boss instance but it is not yet compared with others. My aim is to create weekly and monthly top players for several categories with unique reward containers.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Home teleport can no longer be spammed.
  • NPCs have been made easier to taunt, especially bosses. They will now focus you even if you are further away from them than other players.
  • The invincibility frames after a teleport have been increased. We don't want you to die by a projectile right after teleporting.
  • Hunter potions can now be noted.
  • The gates west of Canifis leading into the swamp can now be used.
  • The Falador party room was updated. Balloons will no longer get stuck on the floor and the timing for popping balloons and items dropped afterwards has been improved.
  • Silly jester stick can now be equipped.
  • Tank armours are now lost upon death and fully degrade during the process.
  • Rugs no longer remove staircases in POHs.
  • Unholy cursebearer now correctly registers as undead monster.
  • The calculation for price checker has been updated. Most recent trades of an item now have a higher impact on the price calculation. There is a cap so manipulating prices won't be possible. I would like the price checker to reflect recent changes faster though.
  • Several "members only" texts have been removed from the game since they haven't been accurate for a while.
  • Dieing with a herb sack or gem box will now drop its contents when being in the wilderness.
  • Animations for stringing bows and crossbows have been sped up to better reflect the creation process.
  • The timing of animations on stairs has been improved.
  • Magic and Ranging potions can now be noted.
  • A bug was fixed where adding friends would delete people from the ignore list.
  • Golden chaotic weapons can now be properly repaired again.
  • Caught butterflies now correctly boost your stats again and can no longer be used inside the duel arena when the no potions option is enabled.
  • A lot of item descriptions (mostly invention & several others) are now synchronized between server and client. Meaning that the description is guaranteed to always be accurate. This will reduce the amount of work required for future balancing patches.
  • The equipment requirement interfaces are now automatically generated and can be changed without requiring a server restart. This makes it much easier to guarantee that correct skill requirements are shown and to add new items in the future.
  • You will now be notified when dropped items upon death are moved outside of a boss room.
  • A flashing arrow is now shown on top of items you've lost upon death. The arrow removed when your death timer runs out (3 minutes) and hidden when you are more than 100 steps away from your death location. The flashing arrow is removed when either your bones are picked up or when the timer runs out. The death timer orb & flashing arrow are disabled when another player kills you - there is no drop for you to pickup.
  • Completing a Slayer task is now mentioned in your chat including the amount of slayer points gained.
  • The charges for upgraded elemental gear has been increased from 30,000 to 40,000. Once all charges are lost the item fully degrades and no longer refunds either a whip or an elemental crystal.
  • Ticket gain at the Warrior's guild is now affected by double xp timers.
  • The code for using various item teleports in the game has been updated. It will now only consume the item when you are definitely able to teleport. This includes ring of duelling, amulet of glory, games necklace, void seal and ferocious ring.
  • Additional inventories now show their current and maximum capacity.
  • Event Point store no longer sells auras. Don't worry, you can still use your old auras but not get any new ones! A clue scroll box has been added that can hold any clue scroll or reward box. It can be upgraded 3 times to increase inventory size. This upgrade is permanent and stays when the box is lost.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Players are no longer floating on GE tiles.
  • The worldmap viewer's text descriptions now have priority over icons. Some area names could not be read because they were hidden beneath icons.
  • Searching in large banks (1,000+ items) will no longer cause flickering. There was a problem with the game client not being able to cache more than 1,000 item instances, which is necessary for searching.
  • The header text in skilling interfaces now has priority over scrolled content.
  • While scrolling you are no longer able to move or click interfaces. This fixes a problem where quickly moving the scrollbar up would move the entire interface.
  • The general "make interface" for bows, crafting, smithing, etc. has been overhauled. Fonts have been changed and text now has proper line breaks if it's too long to be displayed:
  • Holding down CTRL in any interface now prioritizes the "all" option. This works in every interface that gives you an options menu.
  • Holding down SHIFT key now also activates all actions the CTRL key does.
  • Optional higher quality textures can now be enabled:

    It brings more detail to models by using original texture colors without much filtering applied.
  • Protection prayer descriptions have been updated. They now contain the exact values applied when activated.
  • The quality of images and scaling has been improved. You'll no longer find white borders around interface images. It's now also possible to increase the UI scale to 2.25 and 2.5 for 1440p and 2160p monitors.
  • An issue with water planes on multiple heights has been fixed. Water will no longer lose its transparency & shader code. Water reflections still only appear on the water area closest to your character.
  • Modern hit splats have been updated to cause less clutter during intense fights. The total duration of how long a hit splat is active has been reduced by 25% and the fade out animation has been sped up.
  • A few animation artifacts have been fixed: windmills and boxtraps flickering. Overall the process of animation smoothing has been improved and will cause less flickering for repeated animations.
  • The positioning of several interfaces has been updated. This was done to ensure that interfaces always open at mostly the same position on your screen.

Thanks to everyone who has tested the Invention skill in our test world and gave feedback. It has taken quite some time to design and create a custom skill from scratch. I hope you'll enjoy a new skill and aren't too sad about all max and completionist capes being unequipped. ;)

All the best,

Further fixes (September 4th):
  • Ferocious ring teleports no longer dupe themselves and bug out inventory slots.
  • Invention daily tasks can be completed.
  • Invention xp rates for anger weapons, comp ogre bow and hunters crossbow increased.
  • :: can now properly be used again in clan chat.
  • You can now type longer messages in-game. The message will auto scroll and auto linebreak.
  • The restock timer for shops has been doubled. It now also resets when somebody buys an item.
  • Barrows equipment can now be fully repaired again.
  • A visual issue with water reflections of roofs has been fixed.
  • Run energy aura now requires energies you can obtain for its level requirement.
  • The amount of charges tier 3 auras have has been increased. All auras have had their charges restored, so nothing's lost! ;) Have a look at the wiki for the exact numbers:
  • XP lamps can now give Invention xp.
  • Hardmode bosses are now properly recorded in kill logs.
  • Silk can now be used to remove poison from items.

Hey guys,

This update contains Tank armours & Smithing Adjustments, Minigame Improvements and a Name Change Feature! There are also new in-game ranks and Event Managers are now able to enable double minigame rewards. There have also been several adjustments and fixes to improve overall game balancing. Many thanks for your reports and feedback.

Tank Armours & Smithing Adjustments
Tank armours don't really exist in the game. There's equipment that gives you high defensive bonuses but nothing really that decreases your damage taken or increases your hitpoints. I'd like to introduce 4 new armour sets with their corresponding Defence level requirements:
  • Chalkos - level 55
  • Sidero - level 65
  • Atsali - level 75
  • Chrysos - level 85

Each of the sets above cannot be obtained as a drop but has to be smithed, which leads us to Smithing Adjustments. The overall level requirements for smithing items has been reduced by roughly 20%. That means that a rune platebody that required level 99 Smithing prior to the update now requires level 80 Smithing. Experience rates have been left untouched! Training Smithing hasn't become faster but you are able to smith items on earlier levels now. All changes are reflected in the skilling interface as well.

The new tank armours don't give any offensive bonuses but instead give you a hitpoints and soaking bonus. Each set comes with a unique sword that also focuses more on the defense rather than offense. You can obtain the appropriate bars to smith those items from monsters in the game:
  • Chalkos bar: Pest Control minigame
  • Sidero bar: monsters that also drop dragon items
  • Atsali bar: Slayer: Mutant tarn, Gulega, Skeletal wyvern, Abyssal demon, Ice strykewyrm, Vyrewatch, Kalphite Queen and rare chance from PvP crates.
  • Chrysos bar: Nex, Demon bosses (increased rates for Har'lakk and Yk'lagor) and rare chance from PvP crates.
Idle Kick Timer
I've increased the idle kick timer from 10 to 15 minutes. Your character will now also start resting after being away for 3 minutes and start sleeping after being away for 6 minutes. The game will log you out after 15 minutes of being completely idle. Clicking anything in the game resets this timer.

Minigame Improvements
I'd like to introduce new and consumable rewards to minigames. I want to make the minigames overall more rewarding for increasing amounts of participation as well as winning:
  • Emps-Wars: killing players now grants 0.5 tickets instead of 0.2. Capturing a flag grants the entire team 2 additional tickets as well as +8 for the player who scored. Killing bosses now also grants +8 tickets.
  • Pest Control: the maximum amount of tickets you can get has been increased from 200 to 1000. This value is doubled when any double experience bonus or minigame ticket bonus is active. Member grants an additional 10% to your ticket gain ignoring the limit. The maximum duration for a Pest Control minigame now is 6 minutes instead of 10. Portals lose their shields in intervals of 30 seconds instead of 40. You can now also start Pest Control as single player.
You can also buy new rewards now:
  • Bonecrusher: Automatically buries bone drops.
  • Demon horn necklace: Restores 5-15 prayer points for burying bones. Larger bones restore more points.
  • Magic notepaper: Turns an inventory item into its noted form.
Name change
We are now testing the name change feature in the live game before releasing it publicly. Once everything works you'll be able to buy name change tokens from Bolkoy for 1,000EC. I expect this to be soon after this update! When changing your name the following applies:
  • Your login details stay the same. We call this your user name.
  • Changing your name registers a display name, which is shown in-game and on friends/ignore lists.
  • You can change your display name without having to relog.
  • User and display names are both unique. Nobody will ever be able to pick your user name as display name.
  • Once a display name is no longer used it can be re-picked by anyone.
  • Friends list now shows last login and your actual user name in case you are using a display name.
Friend and Ignore List Rework
With the release of name changes I've also completely rewritten your friend and ignore list. You are no longer able to add non-existing accounts to either of the lists. The internal database system for friend and ignore lists also is no longer text-based. This change was needed in order to be able to support the name change feature. There have also been several client-sided performance improvements for rendering friends and ignore list.

Event Managers & Commands
Event Managers now have a dedicated icon next to their name and also received new commands to make it easier to host events. We have great trust in our Event Managers but in case of abuses we have the ability to track the use of every command used at every location. Following commands are now available to Event Managers:
  • ::doubleminigame - Enables double rewards for all minigames.
  • ::yell - Send a message to everyone.
  • ::xteleto player - Teleports to a player
  • ::xteletome player - Teleports a player to you AFTER accepting a confirmation box.
  • ::tele x y - Teleport to locations across the map to explore areas for events.
The teleport commands cannot be used during combat and will ask the player for permission if teleported. All commands are logged and randomly checked for integrity and valid uses.

Burthorpe Dialogues
The city has received some dialogues to make it feel more alive. Special thanks to JP for coming up with the dialogues and putting them into emps script.

Runecrafting Adjustments
The current state of the Runecrafting skill is a little bit questionable, because crafting runes doesn't feel very good. I've started by sorting out the mess of the skill interface by dividing the level requirements into 2 categories: Runes & All Runes. The first part shows at which level you can start crafting runes and the second shows at which levels you gain what amount of runes. I have also reduced the level requirements for crafting Death, Blood and Soul runes. The level requirements for crafting multiple runes have been reduced. This means you will get more low level runes at earlier Runecrafting levels. There is now also a cap for the maximum amount of runes you can craft. All changes can be viewed in the "All Runes" section of the Runecrafting skilling interface. The aim of this change is to give you more runes for actually training the skill instead of having to rely on good drops or buying from shops.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Teleport spells and teletabs can now be used during the eating animation.
  • Lunar dream spell now restores special attack energy when used.
  • Teleblock timers have been overhauled. A bug was fixed where magic protection prayer wouldn't halve the duration.
  • The alch values for abyssal whip, bow and staff have been increased to 713k. Abyssal bow and staff can now also be noted and the item picture for the abyssal staff models has slightly been reduced to properly fight into inventory squares.
  • The synchronization of door states in houses with multiple attendees has been fixed.
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth drop table has been updated. Chaos rune drop was removed and the additional drop chances (5%) were add to Wines of Zamorak. They now drop with a 9% chance instead of 4%. Zamorak brews are now also dropped as 4 doses.
  • Emerald bolts (e) now correctly inflict increasing poison onto your enemy.
  • Admins and event managers can now use some commands to assist them in navigating through the game during events.
  • Adamant crossbows can now be bought in several Range shops.
  • Icons you can no longer use are now automatically removed.
  • New icons were added: event manager, wiki contributor, wiki admin and youtuber.
  • Daily tasks can now be skipped by right-clicking it in the Daily tasks interface. Skipping a task costs 1 EP.
  • Dragon claw special attack has been updated. Some of its code has been reworked to better represent its 4 hit special attack. The maximum special attack damage was also reduced by 5%. The max hit is now slightly lower than the Armadyl Godsword. I've also reduced the special attack accuracy from 200% to 150%. This sounds like a lot but dragon claws special attack is designed to get you extra hits if one of the 4 hit rolls is 0. I want to put the weapon more in line with other special attack weapons and not have one very overpowered one.
  • Dark kebbits can no longer be assigned as Hunter daily task.
  • The Varrock palace garden has had its plants grown and the Master Gardener is also no longer able to noclip through them.
  • A clipping issue with Dusk devils was fixed. There was a general error within the npc walking code that caused the issue. It occurred when npc combat reset with them being outside their walking zone. This allowed them to noclip back to their original position and sometimes got them stuck in other objects.
  • Items affecting your maximum hitpoints bonus now increase / decrease your hitpoint stat immediately. This effect is only applied while being out of combat.
  • A gem bag can now be bought for 100k from the Tokkul shop in the Obsidian caves. It can hold up to 50 gems total and 8 different types.
  • A herb sack can now be bought for 10k from the Slayer Point Exchange. It can hold up to 50 herbs total and 8 different types.
  • The prayer bonuses from the Initiate set (Emps-Wars reward) have been drastically increased.
  • The Constructor outfit now increases Construction experience gain by 1% per item worn and can be traded.
  • Items lost caused by death inside the Corporeal beast boss fight area are now dropped outside. Not in the wilderness, but directly before entering the boss fight area.
  • Negative weight bonuses now only count when worn. Having the agile set / boots of lightness in your inventory no longer decreases total weight value.
  • Runes can no longer be preserved by half the Magic level requirement of staves. This mechanic is rather confusing than useful. I want to introduce better ways of obtaining and preserving runes instead of having to rely on rolls of random numbers.
  • Runecrafter outfit can now be bought from the Slayer Point Exchange. Each piece of the set allows you to craft 2.5% more runes.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • NPCs will no longer be stuck in animations.
  • Shadow quality settings have been updated for modern GPUs. The settings will no longer request gigantic shadow maps putting enormous computational power onto your GPU. This reduces quality by a little (I couldn't tell a difference unless totally zoomed in on a floor tile) but improves performance by a lot.
  • New symbols have been added to the game. I was unable to type / copy-paste those, so please let me know if it works! The following were newly added and need to be confirmed: ąčęėįšųūžå
  • A graphical issue on the Neitiznot bridges has been fixed.

I wasn't yet able to start the next big project (invention skill) due to an injury of my left arm. I've had issues with a nerve going from my underarm to my hand. It's nothing painful but it caused permanent tingling in my left hand. Which is... well... annoying. Biggest problem was that it started to hurt when typing... so I was forced to take a bit of a break. Doctor said it's nothing serious but if I'm not forced to do computer work I shouldn't. It's still not fully healed but already much much better. :D

All the best,

Fixes of June 4th:
  • Chalkos, Sider, Atsali and Chrysos daily tasks have been fixed. They now required 1-3 items to be crafted instead of ridiculous amounts. Their smithing process was also overhauled and should no longer delete too many bars.
  • Demon horn necklace has had its stats removed except for a +5 prayer bonus. The prayer amount restored was also reduced by roughly 30%. The item was just being too strong in combination with the bonecrusher resulting in you never ever having to touch a prayer potion during Slayer task while keeping 2 prayers up. This wasn't the intention of the item and thus the quick rebalancing. I will continue looking at it and see if we over-nerfed it or if it's still being too strong.
  • Fletching requirements for bronze up to rune arrows, bolts and darts have been reduced to reflect recent Smithing changes.
  • Clan chat messages are now properly ignored when the user is on your ignore list.
  • Rune bag can now be used again.
I continued to fix our tools and homepage for the upcoming name change feature. It still isn't quite ready but it'll be finished soon! Once I got all the tools and forum name change done as well I'll immediately release it.

Fixes of June 10th:
  • Teleblock is now functioning properly again.
  • All shields now have a ranged taunt of up to 12 paces. This should make it easier for melee to taunt enemies. This distance is calculated from the npc's closest outer point to your character.
  • Entering another person's house no longer requires you to replace spaces in their name with _'s.
  • Necromancer bonuses & names fixed.
  • Bonecrusher Destroy option changed to Drop.
  • Friends list issues displaying wrong names fixed.
  • Removing multiple herb sack items no longer deletes them when there's not enough space in your inventory.
  • Many parts of the smithing interface have completely been rewritten. It now uses the level requirements from the skilling interface to correctly display the ability to smith items.
  • Smelting now automatically uses coal from the coal bag. This also applies when using the superheat spell.
  • Using items on the gem bag and herb sack now automatically adds them.
  • Using coal on the coal bag now automatically adds them.
  • Auto-retaliate no longer triggers when an interface is opened. This will no longer reset puzzles in the Barrow crypts.
  • The level requirements for smelting bars have been reduced. The changes can be viewed in the smithing skilling interface. The mining skill keeps its level requirements because adjusting it for smithing would create a huge level gap between levels 70 and 90.
Name change still needs a bit of tweaking until it's fully working! :)

Hey guys,

Ready for the next Double Experience Weekend? From April 5th through 8th all experience gains as well as minigame rewards and blood coin drops will be doubled. The update also contains a few bug fixes and addresses drops of random event npcs. Many thanks for the detailed reports!

Game fixes / changes:
  • Crossbow stocks and their unfinished versions now have shop values.
  • Magic and Range version of the dragonfire shield now require level 75 Magic and 75 Range to be worn.
  • Eating will no longer block instant shield effects.
  • The rune requirements for Fire surge have been fixed.
  • The code for removing objects in POHs has been improved. The map is now less likely to reload when removing objects. There are still some objects that require the map to reload, but you will find them less often. Building rugs is now also easier and no longer gives you 10+ right-click options.
  • Random event npcs now have proper noted drops. Their combat levels and powers have also been adjusted for higher levels. Evil chicken no longer drops resources but feathers and has a rare chance to drop an untradeable piece of the chicken outfit.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • An issue with looping animations has been fixed. This bug was most present in the Falador party room.

I'll now be starting the next larger project which will probably be a new skill. It'll be similar to RS3's Invention that deconstructs existing items for materials allowing you to create new items. I could imagine the creation of double experience potions and similar boosts through the skill. I've also started basic code to support a name change feature which will allow you to set a display name for your player in the future.

All the best,

Hey guys,

In this update I am cleaning up some balancing issues with PvP, improved overall rendering performance and introduce you to new potions. I've reviewed eating speeds, prayer drain rates, enchanted bolt effects, the Revenants cave and our Music Manager. Some special attacks have also been reworked or buffed to be more useful and less frustrating.

Revenants Cave & PvP Protection Prayers

We've identified that the drop rates of statuettes combined with third-age are a little bit problematic. The Revenants Cave offers really good cash drops that make other monsters look bad in comparison. I don't want to nerf any value of statuettes, but would like to adjust the way of obtaining that gold a little bit. The following have been changed:
  • Revenants no longer drop third-age pieces. These drops been moved to Gulegas and Wildywyrms.
  • Wielding a statuette won't let you teleport anymore. You need to walk out of wilderness to secure the drop.
I've also changed the way PvP protection prayers work. Rather than applying the protection effect when the hit lands on you, it'll now be calculated when the enemy attack animation starts. This change isn't final, but we are trying out if this works better for PvP. This is also how protection prayers work in OSRS. Damage soaking effects are now also applied when the attack animation starts. This also counts for NPCs with protection prayers: KQ, Corporeal beast and Tormented demons. This change should ensure that your experience drops always reflect your damage. Let me know if you still find scenarios where this does not work.

Eating speeds
I've reviewed our current eating / healing code and compared it to OSRS. I don't think there is a problem with the amount you can heal in a certain amount of time. It enables reactionary gameplay without being out-damaged by some unlucky numbers that leave you no counter play. However I do think that consecutive healing should have a little punishment. That's what I could also find in how OSRS handles healing - they simply delay your attacks. This was already done in emps, but the punishing attack delay only applied when you were about to hit. So if you just hit your opponent and healed up your outgoing damage would not be affected at all. I am now always applying this punishing attack delay. Eating any kind of food puts a 3 tick (=1.5 seconds) delay on your next attack no matter what your current attack timer may be. This does NOT AFFECT the amount of food you can consume or the speed at which you do. This is a change to your dps while healing and not your healing power! The delay for brews is only 1 tick (=0.5 seconds). If you combine a brew with any other type of food it will still be 3 ticks though. Purple sweets have an eating delay of 1 tick.

Rendering Engine Overhaul
Large rendering distances required enormous CPU power, because every single tile (a position where your character can stand on) was marked to be drawn for the GPU. I'm now grouping 8x8 tiles together and decide if they all need to be rendered or not. The GPU buffers already had this mechanism, but the rendering loop was still checking tiles individually. With this update the stress on your CPU is much much lower, especially on higher rendering distances. I had no problems getting steady 50-60fps on my laptop on the integrated graphics chip with 80-100 RD. This gives the game also more time to focus on loading and keeping a more stable fps rate. You will no longer see it change that much by changing your camera's angle. Why am I doing this? I felt like the game wasn't running too well on weaker laptops and wanted to improve the situation. Please let me know if this change improves overall performance for you!

Surge Spells & Teleport to House

I've added 4 new magic spells and a teleport to your house to the normal spell book:
  • Wind surge: 7 air, 2 death and 2 blood runes. Base damage: 30
  • Water surge: 10 water, 7 air, 2 death and 2 blood runes. Base damage: 31
  • Earth surge: 10 fearth, 7 air, 2 death and 2 blood runes. Base damage: 32
  • Fire surge: 10 fire, 7 air, 2 death and 2 blood runes. Base damage: 33
For comparison: The base damage of the Ice barrage spell is 30. The damage of wave spells has also been nerfed to better fit their level requirement.

Potion Cleanup
This change focuses mainly on prayer points restoration and addresses prayer and restore potions:
  • Prayer potions remain unchanged. They restore 7 prayer points plus your max prayer level multiplied by 0.25.
  • Super restore potions no longer restore run energy and 8 prayer points plus your max prayer level multiplied by 0.25. Run energy restoration should be on energy potions.
  • Energy potion remains untouched, but the super energy potion now restores 20% run energy instead of 15%.
  • You can now make super prayer potions that restore 7 prayer points plus your max prayer level multiplied by 0.35. They are now the best source for restoring prayer points. Super prayer potions can be made by putting large demon bones into a prayer potion (3).
  • Prayer renewal: Restores 12 + max prayer level multiplied by 0.43 over 5 minutes. It can be created by combining Morchella mushrooms and Fellstalk potions. The new ingredients have been added to Farming, Herblore and monster drop tables. The Fellstalk herb and its seeds is dropped by high level Slayer monsters that dropped torstol herbs or seeds. The Morchella mushroom seeds can be found as rewards from the Barrows minigame.
Prayer Adjustments
I've reviewed and reworked the way the prayer drain rate (prayer point you lose per second) is calculated. I've taken following page as inspiration and implemented identical drain rates:
This change slightly increase the overall prayer drain rates, but also makes equipment with prayer bonuses more useful. With the addition of new prayer potions this won't affect PvMing too much but is rather targeted at PvP where running out of prayer is now a more likely possibility. I've also updated the level requirements for Magic & Ranged Chivalry & Piety prayers. Combining all offensive prayers is also no longer possible

Music Managing System
I've found and fixed a bug that would not highlight found songs correctly. I've also updated several areas with songs that were previously missing:
  • Neitiznot islands
  • God Wars Dungeon
  • Barrows & Har'Lakk
  • Glacors & Yk'Lagor
  • Kal'Ger
  • Ancient caves
  • Pest Control
  • Blood altar
I was also able to find a list of pretty much all missing song ids and was able to patch a few areas where the song id was missing. So in theory it should be possible to configure all 352 songs at some point. I now also have the ability to add custom song names to the music list - Blood altar being the first example.

Enchanted bolt effects
I've reviewed and reworked the effects of enchanted bolts a little bit to make sure they are useful in PvM and PvP scenarios. They will not out damage ancient bolts, but can be useful in various situations. I also identified and fixed a bug where bolt effects would not correctly show their application animation on players.
  • Sapphire bolts (e): Reduces enemy prayer points by 10% of your current prayer points. You also steal half of the reduced enemy prayer points and add them to your prayer points. When fighting monsters this effect restores 2 prayer points.
  • Emerald bolts (e): Inflicts 3 poison damage that can stack up to 15.
  • Ruby bolts (e): Now deals 20% of enemy's current health instead of 10%. This is still capped at 30 though.
  • Diamond bolts (e): Completely ignores the enemy's defence and guarantees a hit. The damage is also increased by 15%.
  • Dragonstone bolts (e): Ranged strength bonus reduced from 116 to 108.
  • Onyx bolts (e): Ranged strength bonus reduced from 116 to 110.
While Crossbows give you great damage they are over performing when compared to other weapons or combat styles. I don't think crossbows themselves are the problem, but enchanted bolt effects. I didn't want to nerf the attack speed of crossbows, but I am changing the proc chances of enchanted bolts. By default the proc chance is now 15% instead of 20%. Onyx & Dragonstone bolts (e) were reduced down to 10% and emerald bolts (e) increased to 30%. The reason behind this change is that onyx bolts (e) were even stronger than ancient bolts while also providing a free heal every few hits. Dragon bolts (e) have the potential to deal 24 additional damage (assuming active Overload potion) allowing you to hit 80+ quite frequently. They have a natural counter with antifire potions, but I don't think it should be necessary to require PvPers to have them with you all the time. A small reduction in their max hit and proc chance should solve the issue and bring more variety to Ranged PKing.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Teleblock is now halved when mage protection is active. There's now also a chatbox message telling the duration of the teleblock.
  • The animation timings have been updated for teleblock and all bind spells. This is only a visual improvement!
  • Restoration pool now properly restores prayer points. It also acts as a chaos altar boosting your maximum prayer points by 10% for 5 minutes.
  • Monsters can no longer die in the middle of a teleport or special action. That means you can no longer kill any of the Demon bosses while they perform a jump or are flying across the map. This fixes an issue where minions spawned by Har'lakk would never despawn.
  • Har'lakk no longer spawns random minions during the fight. To cope with this change the HP of minion spawns have been increased from 75 to 90.
  • Spirit shield protection special has been updated. It now blocks any kind of incoming damage, also deflections from vengeance.
  • Bows firing 2 arrows now require at least 2 arrows in your ammo slot or quiver.
  • Certain fully degraded items are no longer duplicated.
  • Several clue scroll places for digging that could not be accessed have been fixed.
  • The 2nd hit of a special attack now counts towards the Pest Control total hit counter.
  • Morrigan's javelin special attack has been updated. The special attack damage multiplier was reduced to 125% from 135%. The initial hit now deals the full special attack damage and applies a bleed effect of equal damage. The bleed effect no longer ticks in 6 total hits. It has been changed to hit 5 onto your opponent until the total damage has been dealt. The bleed effect now ticks every 1.5 seconds instead of every second and is registered as magical blood damage. This means you can use the Protect from Magic prayer to reduce the bleed damage. It's also possible to stack bleeds now. The damage of stacked bleed effects will be combined and tick as higher damage. So if 2 players spec you the bleed will tick every 1.5 seconds for 10 damage instead of 5.
  • Morrigan's throwing axe special attack max hit buffed by 10%.
  • The stat restore effect of Overloads has been weakened for PvP zones. This excludes minigames but includes the safe wilderness in Al'Kharid. Overloads restore up to 6 missing levels of lowered stats every 2 seconds. In PvP zones they will now restore up to 2 missing levels of lowered stats every 2 seconds. The idea behind this change is to make stat lowering special attack weapons and effects not worthless while still being able to use the overload effect for brew healing.
  • Combination runes now properly show their amounts for Magic interfaces.
  • NPC aggression inside minigames has received a little adjustments. Monsters now always walk up to the player inside the Fight Caves minigame. Prior to the update they would just wait at their spot when not seen by the player. The Italian boot safespot has also been fixed.
  • Unclippable cell doors inside Rogue's castle have been removed.
  • A bug was fixed where fully degraded weapons that got unequipped were deleted when there was no space in inventory. They now correctly drop on the floor.
  • A lot of actions can now be used when being 5 seconds out of combat instead of 10: Quest tab teleports, trading, banking, skillcapes, skilling, xp lamps, etc.
  • Zaryte bow now has an accuracy bonus of 124 instead of 106. It should have never been weaker than God bows.
  • Vesta spear special attack: The special attack delay has been removed and the damage is now applied in 2 immediate and 1 delayed hit.
  • Vesta longsword special attack max hit increased by 5%.
  • Statius warhammer special attack max hit increased by 15%.
  • A lost vyrewatch necklace (b) upon death now drops remaining vampire blood on the ground.
  • You can now smith range and magic variants of the dragonfire shield. They come with different colors and appropriate combat class bonuses.
  • Butterfly nets can now be properly equipped again and used for catching butterflies.
  • Daily tasks can now include Hunter and Construction skilling tasks. PvP kills have also been added to daily activity tasks.
  • Construction skill interface now also contains all required building materials.
  • Random events can no longer spawn inside objects.
  • Spell effects no longer have double the accuracy to hit.
  • Prayer bonuses for Templar set have been doubled.
  • You no longer hear an armour block sound, but the player hurt sound when being hit by an enemy hitting non-zero on you.
  • The Armadyl godsword special attack damage has been buffed by 5%.
  • Teleporting now also cancels all incoming spell effects. That means that you can no longer be teleblocked, frozen, etc. during a teleport animation.
  • Special attack cost for Zaryte bow and Seercull have been reduced from 75% to 60%.
  • Holiday quests no longer count towards the completion requirement of the Completionist cape.
  • A visual bug with dragon claws was fixed wher the 3rd and 4th hit sometimes would not be shown.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • Position of amulets has been finetuned. There was an issue with amulet of glory on female black dragonhide body.
  • Scrollbar rendering has been improved. The up/down arrows now have a hover action and the chatbox scrollbar buttons have been fixed. Using the mousewheel to zoom or scroll an interface will now also work with uncapped fps rates.
  • Moving interfaces has received a few tweaks. You can no longer move an interface over the chatbox, minimap or inventory.
  • An issue with the running animation for staves and whips has been fixed.
  • Clicking areas for ground aligned npcs have been improved. The rotations were only done in the GPU but left out in the CPU for hovering and clicking checks. The model on the CPU is now aware of its full rotation.
  • The quality and smoothness for interpolated rotations in animations has been improved.
  • Clicking areas for small objects and npcs now dynamically increase to make it easier to be able to click on small things.
  • Interface scaling now uses interpolation and looks much smoother. Certain artifacts of text or images not blending in correctly have also been fixed. You should no longer feel like your UI looks very blurry when using that setting.
  • Clicking areas for fixed-screen mode have been fixed.
There will probably be a few adjustments in the coming days to fix bugs or other balancing issues. I'll then start development on the next big update and got a few things in mind:
  • Invention skill: deconstruction of items to obtain materials that allow you to craft powerful utilities. These could aid you in combat, improve skilling, improve xp rates, etc.
  • Construcion batch #2: dungeons & menagerie
  • 3D sound engine
  • Quick prayers
  • Fully accessible Karamja: A quest that introduces Karamja including the jungle and Marim (Ape atoll). The map would be configured with new skilling activities and a fully accessible Karamja area.
  • OSRS players & nps: This would update the visuals of your player and npcs (where possible!!) to look similar to OSRS characters. Having the same map is an impossible task, because of all the differences in positions. I'd basically have to rewrite the entire game to achieve that and I doubt that'll ever be worth the effort and time. What could be done is to introduce OSRS maps as new and separate areas. We'd have 2 versions of the GE, barbarian village, etc. However I feel like this would be really confusing and also unnecessary. I've already started this project a while ago, but stopped due to the amount of issues and bugs that occurred graphically and logically. Would this still be a thing?
  • Fight kiln - a new single player minigame with 3 new capes as reward.
I've listed a few things that I've thought of recently and have been planned in the past. What are your thoughts on this? What would you like to see in the game this year? Not all things mentioned above require an equal amount of development time. I'm just interested in the rough direction updates should be going. :)

All the best,

Fixes March 7th:
  • Runes from the Rune bag no longer display double for Surge spells.
  • Teleport to House now grants Magic experience.
  • Prayer renewal potions can now properly be noted and their effect is stored when logging out.
  • Prayer restoration upon death is now properly working.
  • Morchella mushroom spore plantations can now properly be interacted with. There was a bug that wouldn't let you rake them from special angles.
  • Restoration pool and staircase Construction daily tasks have been removed.
  • The tutorial NPC Thomy in Barbarian village was fixed. You can now either correctly abort or play through the tutorial.
  • The login code has slightly been adjusted. Some people had issues when logging into the game. I've slowed down the login process by 2 seconds to ensure no data corruption or disconnect happens during that time. Do not worry about this - Unless you are fully logged in nobody is able to see you!!

Hey guys,

I hope you've all had a great Christmas and a happy New Year! I've also taken a little break and spent some time with my family and friends. The update of today contains the Completionist cape, a rework of the Kill Logs, adds counters for various activities and releases 7 new pets that are rewards from the Pest Control minigame. Santa has also finally decided to leave the Grand Exchange and will be back next year!

Completionist Cape
You can now obtain the Completionist Cape by visiting the top floor of Varrock's museum. Requirements to wear this cape can be found in the museum when clicking on the cape and may be changed at every update! Wearing the Completionist cape requires having completed most of our content many times.

Colours can be changed dynamically through the colour picker or by providing RGB values. I've decided that it's easier to select and use colours in RGB space rather than HSL (RS comp cape) for those interested. The colour picker is in HSL space, because imho that is a more natural selection of colours. You are also able to load and save up to 10 presets, the first preset is the cape's default colours and cannot be overwritten.

Monster Kill Log
I've decided to completely rework the Kill Log interface to increase its usability. You are now given your kills as a table, which can be sorted alphabetically, by total kills or by your streak. The third column called streak allows you to set a unique counter for every monster that you kill. You can reset it at any given time. The interface also allows you to search for a given monster. The bottom row has a selection or pre-defined filters:
  • All monsters
  • Boss monsters
  • Slayer monsters
Please let me know what you think of it and how it could be improved in the future. Below's a screenshot showing off the Monster Kill Log interface:

Activity Completion Log
With a rework of monster kill logs I've decided to also create an interface where you can see counters for numerous activities. I'm sorry to say that I cannot travel back in time and collect data of previously completed activities... so most of the counters will start from 0.

I've added a few activities that I find interesting to be counted. Do you have any ideas for other activities that could be counted and put into this interface? Please let me know!

Pest Control Pets
You can now buy 7 different and iconic pets from the Pest Control minigame. Each pet costs 15k pest tokens and cannot be traded with other players.

Additional Map Spawns
I've found that some objects weren't properly spawned. They simply were missing their configs and turned invisible. Barbarian village will now contain several new objects. This also counts for several other areas around the map.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Rest in Pieces quest fixed. You can now properly continue the initial dialogue and finish the quest.
  • Desert War quest finetuning. The fights show now properly start with proper aggression and timings. Before the updates some bandits could get stuck or not fight correctly. Slash Bash is now also able to clip through npcs.
  • Tormented demon block animation fixed and head prayers are now properly shown again.
  • Projectile hits can no longer be queued up when a monster dies.
  • Items can no longer be unequipped while doing the max cape animation.
  • Iron up to rune bolts can now properly be poisoned. The poisoned ammo wouldn't register properly prior to this update.
  • The passive lifesteal bonus of onyx bolts (e) has been removed. The healing proc was fixed and now shows properly.
  • Cannonballs are now properly deleted again when used by hand cannons.
  • High and Low level alchemy can now be used on every item. A warning will pop up for valuable and untradeable items though.
  • High level alchemy spell cast delay lowered from 3 seconds to 2. Meaning that you can now cast the spell once every 2 seconds instead of 3. This will make the overall alching process much smoother and also faster.
  • A bug in Duel Arena was fixed where doing a skillcape emote wouldn't unequip items set by rules.
  • Emps-Wars minigame npcs now respawn when a new round starts. That will fix position issues and ensure all stuck npcs are properly reset. Interactions with the barriers that leave your lobby are now also smoother.
  • Clan chat now supports temporary bans of 15 minutes, 1 hour and 24 hours. Upon banning a player you are presented a selection of options.
  • New wings now grant protection in the GWD.
  • A restoration pool requiring level 92 Construction can now be built inside your house. It removes all negative effects and also restores Special attack energy.
  • Santa and the Christmas tree have left the Grand Exchange. I hope you've had fun delivering presents!
  • A bug was fixed where non-members could use placeholders in bank tabs reserved for members only.
  • The max hit button within the quest tab has been replaced with a button to view your activity log. Your hit details can be viewed on the Equipment Screen so the max hit button has become somewhat obsolete and thus was replaced.
  • A bug was found that made issuing random events extremely rare. You should now be seeing the mime event as well as combat events during skilling more frequently. With this fix the drunken dwarf event has also completely been overhauled.
  • Beer stations inside POHs can now be built with any beer item that matches. You no longer need special beers out of other houses for this to work.
  • Smoke demon champion now requires level 90 Slayer to be assigned and killed.
  • Dragon claws special attack was completely overhauled. It was a little bit buggy and dealt less damage than it actually should have done.
  • Fully degraded items are now unequipped. If there's no space in your inventory they'll be dropped to the ground.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Special attack hover now tells you the special attack's effect. It's the same description as hovering the weapon.
  • Image and text scaling has been improved. You will experience better quality on smaller laptop screens and UHD or 4K monitors.
  • Normal and ancient magic hover boxes inside the spell book interface have had their positions fixed.
  • Animations of gargoyle statues in front of Slayer Tower have visually been updated.
  • The software renderer has received various visual fixes. It hasn't been updated in a while and a lot graphical issues could successfully be resolved.
  • Player and NPC attack option priority can now be set separately.
  • The performance of rendering images and text of sub interfaces containing scrollbars has been optimized. The GPU is now cutting out the scrollbar area properly and the game no longer needs to do that manually. This removes fps drops when opening or scrolling in interfaces.
  • The particle system has been updated. Quality of multiple particles stacking on top of each other is now improved. Particles with higher transparency values are rendered first.
  • The way map objects are spawned has been improved. Map overlay objects (magic trees, additional rocks in barbarian, etc.) are now spawned from within the actual map loading code rather than placed as overlay later on. That will fix flickering issues and could also solve problems where the wrong object is displayed after a resource has depleted.
  • Pet actions are no longer the default left click option. You now always need to right-click pets in order to talk or pick them up.
  • The positioning for female Bronze - Rune claws has been fixed.

This update is one of the largest I've ever done at once. I hope there aren't too many bugs throughout all the new content. Please don't hesitate to report issues on Discord or in the Bug Reports section:
Good luck on your Completionist cape grind! :D

All the best,

Fixes of 26th:
  • Various rendering issues within interfaces have been fixed: Bank, kill logs, chat, etc.
  • Kolodion kills now properly count towards the Completionist cape requirement.
  • A bug with the counter of obtained blood coins was fixed. I had to reset all existing values, because they were completely random. Sorry!
  • Doors inside the Barrows minigame are working again.
  • Random event spawns are now more random and limited to once per hour. This immunity resets when you relog!
  • An issue was found that was the reason for many npc despawns in random scenarios.
  • Clan chat bans from the Emps-World channel are now logged in punishment history.
  • Completionist cape requirements and progress can now also be shown by right-clicking the Max cape.

Hey guys,

This update contains a collection of changes and fixes as well as re-enabling present deliveries for Christmas. There's also 5 new wings in the donator store and a new high level Slayer monster has appeared in the mage arena (level 50+ wilderness) dropping the Zaryte bow.

Winter Weekends
Some of you may have already heard or read about our winter weekend special. We'll be having double xp, double minigame token, free member and event weekends through December. You can read more details and obtain the full schedule here:

New Wilderness Slayer Monster - Gulega
A new and dangerous foe has appeared inside the Mage arena (wilderness). Their best drop is the Zaryte bow (1 in 250) introducing a new tier 82 shortbow. It has infinite ammo and needs to be repaired after 20,000. Gulegas require level 89 Slayer to be killed.

Its droptable will soon appear on the wiki. Due to the recent demand in vials I've given it a common 80-120 noted vials of water drop. That's not completely solving the problem of obtaining vials, but it will definitely ease the process on higher accounts.

General Wings
All bosses from the God Wars Dungeon have received a special wing type. These resemble the actual general's look rather than their god:
  • Kree'arra wings
  • Nex wings
  • Graardor wings
  • Zilyana wings
  • Tsutsaroth wings

Christmas Event
I've enabled the Christmas event(s) from the past years. I'm still looking into the creation of new items and rewards, but you're already able to complete or ruin parcel deliveries. The Christmas tree along with snow drifts have also been re-added into the game!

I've also slightly edited the floor and created a snowing effect through the particle system.

Helping out the Chef, Taxidermist and Big Fish Exchange
Special thanks to JP for creating a new miniquest, the Taxidermist and Big Fish Exchange through emps-script. You can start the miniquest called Helping out the Chef north-east of Barbarian village. The Taxidermist can be found in Canifis buying unused slayer head drops for good money. Harry in Catherby exchanges big fishes (bass, swordfish, shark) for 100 noted small equivalents. If you're also interested in adding content to the game through the scripting language, contact us on Discord!

Game fixes / changes:
  • NPCs will no longer be aggressive while being inside the tutorial of Thomy showing you the game.
  • You can no longer equip all items from the bank interface.
  • Kal'Ger now correctly resets his attack phases when getting out of combat.
  • A bug within the Construction code was fixed, which allowed you to stay registered inside a house although already having left it.
  • Items that can no longer be equipped will now automatically be unequipped.
  • Teleports now make you invincible when being casted instead of when being applied. That means that the moment you start teleporting it's impossible to die during that animation.
  • Several items have had their options fixed: coal bag, enchanted gem, yo-yo and pouches.
  • The attack interface of crossbows has been reworked. It now shows an image of a crossbow instead of a bow.
  • Cyclopses now share the drop table of Hill giants. Defender drop rates remain untouched.
  • Resetting skilling actions now also properly resets your current animation. Meaning that turning away from mining a rock or an event occurring forcing you to stop doesn't only cancel your action but also the mining animation in this example.
  • Following monsters have had their drop tables improved: Bloodvelds, Warped terror birds, Cave horrors, Aberrant spectres, Smoke and Dust devils, Goraks, Nechryaels, Dark beasts and Mutant tarns. These drop tables were quite old and outdated and needed additional refinement. Slayer monsters should be profitable kills, especially the ones having a high requirement to be killed. Please allow us some time in order for the changes to appear on the wiki too!
  • Mutant tarns combat behavior improved. The npc now has a size of 2x2 instead of 3x3, attacks faster and received additional attacking distance. This change was done in order to reflect the buffed drop rates.
  • Brutal green and Mithril dragons no longer drop 2 dragon bones. Green brutal dragons now drop 1-4 (was 1) green noted dragon hides and mithril dragons 4-12 (was 6) noted mithril bars.
  • An issue with sending emails to walla emails has been fixed. The provider would not render e-mails if they contained the @ symbol.
  • Halloween event has officially ended. You can still complete the quest and buy rewards, but Skull drops have been disabled.
  • Several items can now properly be equipped again. Special thanks to the following topic and reporting the items:
  • Plank Make spell now completes a full inventory (28) instead of 13 logs in the same amount of time.
  • Items lost upon death inside the Barrows minigame are now dropped at the graveyard entrance.
  • Alching valuable or untradeable items now shows a warning. The price trigger to show the warning is currently set at 300k. That means if an item alch value or GE value is above 300k you'll get a warning if you really want to alch the item.
  • The block animation of demons has been updated.
  • Easter ring can be equipped again.
  • Demon wand and orb now correctly degrade upon death.
  • A bug with degrading barrow equipment was fixed. It will no longer be unequipped when processing from 50 to 25 but instead when going from 25 to 0.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • The worldmap viewer now caches more images. It should thus be less laggy and buggy once fully loaded. The mouse moving speed was also reduced to make sure the area you scroll to can mostly be seen. If you are having performance issues I recommend not zooming out too far and to wait for it to be initially loaded once!
  • Item stacks are now properly rendered on the floor. Prior to the change you couldn't distinguish a 2 arrow drop from a 5 arrow one.
  • Internal color or icon codes can no longer be used in chat rooms. You can still type them in your chat box, but they won't appear to anyone else.
  • Smooth animations have been revamped. They're now properly interpolated and some flickering issues have been fixed. I've also added an option to turn off animation smoothing completely in case you prefer a more older and classic style.
  • Flickering issues have been fixed when npcs are transformed. This fixes a problem where KQ or Kal'Ger turn invisible for a short amount of time.
  • The way non-map objects are loaded into the game has been reworked. Prior to this update mining a rock or cutting down a tree could cause a short flicker effect before the replaced object (rock or tree) appeared. There will be no more flickering issues when new objects are spawned onto the map.
  • The particle system has been extended to allow static spawns through out the world map. The first example of this new particle system is shown at the Grand Exchange - snowing effect.
  • The position transition of head icons has been smoothed. The will flicker a lot less.

I hope you're all having a great time

All the best,

Fixes of 6th:
  • Gulegas and Aquanites have received sounds.
  • PC portals are clickable again.
  • Present Deliveries have properly been enabled.
  • NPC death animations no longer suddenly stop and flicker.
  • Rest in Pieces quest can now be continued.
  • Repair option in houses now correctly shows the item name.
  • Entities no longer randomly face north after walking diagonally.

Hey guys,

Halloween's just around the corner and I've also prepared some items fitting the theme! I'm also scheduling the next Double Experience weekend and released some QoL changes. As always also quite a few fixes and engine improvements. Thanks for your reports and feedback!

Halloween 2018
You are able to obtain Skulls again after completing the Draynor Manor I quest. Please don't forget that you need the Muncher pet following you in order to be able to receive skulls! A new skeletal Raven pet has been added to the shop that also counts as Muncher when collecting Skulls. Moreover you can now buy 3 possessed hats that fit the overall Halloween theme well. The may or may not have a hidden special ability. ;)

Double Experience Weekend - November 2nd through 4th!!

Time for another Double Experience weekend. Also time to start stacking up resources!

Game fixes / changes:
  • Member tickets can no longer be staked. I don't think it's a good idea to be able to stake membership. It encourages stacking up member tickets and devalues them a lot imho. I've noticed that a lot of them have been staked recently and am thus disabling it.
  • The Tool Leprechaun now also notes cleaned herbs for you.
  • You now have an up to 70% chance to steal another gem from the Gem stall. The chance increases with your Thieving level.
  • Bob and the Construction workshop now give you an option to repair all items in your inventory.
  • Slayer partners can now extend their tasks too.
  • Closing the client now keeps you 15 seconds online instead of 10 when being in the wilderness. You shouldn't be able to escape fights by logging out.
  • Kalphite Queen now spawns 2 minions. They need to be killed in order for her to be respawned.
  • You are now able to equip items when having the bank opened. Simply right-click the item you wish to equip in your inventory while your bank is open and you will have an Equip option.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Minimap rendering overhauled. It's now smoother and also faster. Minimap transformations and rotations are now done on the GPU than on the CPU. This reduces loading times and increases your fps rate - especially with higher Rendering Distances.
  • Worldmap Viewer overhauled. It has become a little slow with the recent rendering improvements. The system was designed to speed up rendering and not creating maps. The new worldmap viewer system now also benefits from the rendering improvements and will load much quicker.

The new wilderness boss couldn't quite make it into this patch, but I'm looking forward for it to be released in the next one. My plan is to give it a new ranged weapon drop (crossbow or bow) that has a strong special attack. I am also looking into something similar to OSRS' dragon thrown-axes, so that there's also a range variant of the granite maul. I'd also like to introduce Karambwans or another similar food type in the coming patches. What do you think about that?

All the best,

Hey guys,

I've started pushing the emps engine towards its limits and am now offering you even further Rendering Distances! There have also been several performance improvements and tweaks that ensures less lags and smoother loading screens. I want the game run well on toasters while also offering good graphics. The game will now run smoother, especially on multi-core computers.

Larger Viewing Distances & Performance Tweaks
You're now able to set viewing distances of up to 160 - the previous maximum was 100. The map size is now also scaling with the viewing distance. Please bear in mind that large viewing distances are currently only possible on really powerful computers! This requires loading way more data and also more performance in drawing everything. I've also reworked the way the floor is loaded resulting in better loading times as well as increased quality - floor textures loaded in an atlas with anisotropic filtering. Water shaders have also slightly been reworked. The depth calculation was wrong and the blue water didn't seem very natural. Reflections are now also brighter - they were missing a brightness coefficient. I've also changed the clicking areas for npcs that are far away from you. The additional clicking area factor now depends on the distance from you to the entity. Making it easier to click close entities and more difficult to click the ones far away. This can only be felt when playing with large rendering distances. I often miss-clicked on npcs that were too far away and identified that their clicking areas were just too big.

There have also been performance improvements that makes it easier for the game client to handle large amounts of models. Ground decoration is now also rendered in a separate call and only the closest models are rendered. Distant grass or rocks on the floor are no longer rendered when too far away giving you less performance loss at large rendering distances.

Game fixes / changes:
  • The NPC death animation system has been reworked. I have taken the timers from the actual animation configuration out of the client to determine how long an animation takes. Monsters should no longer have flickering death animations and will now drop their items exactly when the animation ends. Some monsters may drop their items sooner and some later after this patch. I have also fixed an issue where an npc would still be alive for 1-2 seconds until starting to play the death animation. The timer is now between 0 and 1 second depending on the death animation duration. Please also bear in mind the server needs at least 1 tick (0.5s) to determine and flag an NPC as dead. So that's the minimum amount of time a death animation needs to be delayed. I've also added an additional delay to the death animations of KQ and Corporeal Beast to ensure they don't get stuck between a walking and death animation.
  • Aggression radius inside Fight Caves has been fixed. Sometimes npcs wouldn't walk towards the middle in order to attack you.
  • The drop system has been rewritten. It's now internally based on the player's name instead of the player's id. That fixes a problem where people would randomly get the drop of another person when logging in and receiving a recycled player id.
  • Har'Lakk minion spawns have been tweaked. They should no longer stop attacking you and thus also not stay alive when Har'Lakk dies.
  • The amount of vials in the General store have been increased. I cannot put noted vials into the store, because they could simply be bought in 1 go, making the shop run out of vials constantly. I am still thinking of solutions to be able to obtain more vials though!
  • Vyrewatch necklace (b) no longer turns into dust when lost.
  • KBD's defence level has been lowered from 145 to 135. It's supposed to be an easy boss for medium levels and may be too difficult to kill with low-level gear.
  • The game is now listening on ports 23 and 24 again. This means that connecting from school and uni networks should be possible again! ;)

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Water planes at Aquanites have been fixed.
  • Brightness setting has been fixed.
  • Issues with clicking NPCs has been fixed.

I'm continuing work on wilderness updates. There will be a new boss and also a new fishing spot. I'm trying to keep Trello as up to date as possible: Bear in mind it's a flip chart and nothing in there is guaranteed to be in the game! :)

All the best,

Hey guys,

I'm very happy with how the past 2 updates turned out and improved our overall activity; wilderness especially. I'd like to continue improving the wilderness because I think it's a place that ensures the overall game economy stays healthy by creating demand for equipment and resources. I'm also introducing weaknesses to make PvMing more interesting and to give elemental weapons places where they out-scale demon weapons. The aim is trying to create a system where every high level weapon can be useful at some point. As always there's also a ton of bugfixes and balancing updates. Many thanks for your reporting and feedback!

Vyrewatch - New Necklace
Vampires or also called Vyrewatch have been added to the Wilderness. They range levels between 110 to 140 and are all weak to fire attacks. The strong versions (130 & 140) can be found at the Bone Yard whereas the weaker versions can be found at the Graveyard of Shadows. In general Vyrewatch are not aggressive except for them seeing an opportunity to kill you. I recommend not getting too low health else you may trigger their blood rush and find yourself out numbered in seconds. You are able to collect Vampire blood from every kill which can be used to upgrade the Vyrewatch necklace. The new necklace can also be received as a rare drop from Vyrewatch. The upgraded version degrades after inflicting 15,000 hits and requires 1,000 Vampire blood to be upgraded. Their flying form is also immune against melee attacks. They can be reached with spears and halberds though. The upgraded Vyrewatch necklace has bonuses equal to the best range, magic and melee amulet combined. It also has a passive effect allowing you to deal 5% more damage while also taking 5% more damage.

Weakness System
I've wanted to implement this for quite a while already and am now doing it in a very basic way. Certain monsters now heave weaknesses:
  • Fire: Ice wyrm, Glacor, Vyrewatch
  • Water: WildyWyrm
Your weapons and spells now have a damage type which is shown in the equipment interface. When hitting an npc with its weak damage type your damage is increased by 25%, accuracy however remains the same. This additional bonus doesn't affect experience gains but let's you kill opponents quicker. Not many monsters have a weakness yet, because I'd like to see the system in action first and gather feedback. If you guys like it I'll continue developing the weakness system. So please let me know!

Cooking Skill
With recent changes to Fishing the experience gains for Cooking are just wrong right now. I've tripled the experience rates and changed the code that decides when to burn food. By default you now require a 25% higher level of the food's requirement to no longer burn it at all. That means if Sharks require level 70 Cooking you need level 88 (87.5) Cooking to stop burning them. Cooking gauntlets reduce 10% of that requirement. With the shark example it'd mean that you need a Cooking level of 79 (78.75) to no longer burn Sharks when wearing Cooking gauntlets. There's one exception: You can't burn anything at level 99 Cooking. Burning food now also gives 25% of the original experience.

GWD Changes
I am really happy with how the drops for top 3 damage dealers turned out, but I think it backfired a little bit in the God Wars Dungeon. I've halved the drop rates of rare and unique items from bosses. Don't worry, the drop rates are still better than before the top 3 damage dealer update if you go in with 2 friends! I've also done some changes to boss combat:
  • Commander Zilyana: Attacks faster and harder with melee attacks.
  • Kree'arra: Ranged attack is now a Mage attack. It can hit a maximum of 30 unprotected.
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth: Melee damage of 2 fast hits increased. All melee attacks are now multi attacks hitting an area of 3x3.
  • General Graardor: Melee attacks are now multi attacks hitting an area of 3x3.
The changes listed above are to ensure that bosses are still fun and somewhat difficult if fought in groups and not impossible to kill for people with the best equipment.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Ice shield freeze reduction timer fixed - it was 2.5s instead of 5s.
  • A bug with spell casting has been fixed that sometimes caused you to attack with your staff. It also makes casting spells manually smoother and less delayed in PvP situations.
  • It's no longer possible to click objects when frozen. That means that using stairs or dungeon entrances is now impossible when frozen. The logic behind this change is that being frozen means being unable to move and using objects is actually moving your character.
  • The wilderness teleport lever in Edgeville is now working.
  • Horvik can now make Dragonfire shields and Godsword blades for 1,000k each. You don't require level 90 Smithing when doing so.
  • Killing opponents in the wilderness now gives more ELO. The rules for farming kills and killing the same opponent(s) have been made stricter as well.
  • The combat power of Spectrals in the wilderness has been reduced. They now have 242 HP and their defensive bonuses have been reduced by 20. They are already in a dangerous area and thus don't need to be that strong.
  • Teleporting now clear freeze timers.
  • Projectiles now properly hit flying monsters in the air: Armadyl GWD monsters, flying vampires and KQ 2nd form.
  • Weapon poison (p++) can now be noted.
  • The equipment screen now shows damage types.
  • Autocast button now shows the spell you will be casting.
  • An issue with beards on the slayer helm has been fixed.
  • A bug with the 2 set piece bonus not activating on Vanguard, Templar and Trickster has been fixed.
  • The Demon halberd special attack no longer deals 25% additional damage. You still have 2 hits on larger enemies though. This nerf is necessary, because the halberd just hits way too much in PvP.
  • Special attack with dark bow using a quiver has been fixed. The special attack damage wouldn't increase.
  • Magic shortbow and Seercull special attack buffed. The first hit now also deals 100% of the damage.
  • The Karil set effect has been changed. Your attack speed is now decreased by 0.5 when successfully inflicting damage. It's also no longer possible to fire bolt racks with other crossbows.
  • Hit effects (vengeance, recoil, spirit shields, etc.) are now always applied. Also when applying a lethal hit!
  • Gilded chaotics can now be bought from the Slayer reward shop. They cost 200,000 Slayer points each.
  • A rounding issue for weapon repairs has been fixed. Chaotics should no longer cost an additional 10k to be repaired.
  • The barrow rewards chest now has a 1 in 1000 chance to give you one of the 6 new Barrow pets. They are miniature versions of the actual Barrow npc models.
  • Monsters that cannot be reached by melee attacks can now be attacked with spears or halberds. In general weapons that increase your attack distance.
  • Some Grenwall spawns have been added to the wilderness. The green area south-west of Red Dragon Isle.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • The internal way of how animations are pre-loaded and cached was updated. You should find newly loaded animations flicker less in crowded areas.
  • The kill logs interface has been overhauled. It should cause less performance issues and no longer flicker. You now also have a button at the equipment tab to open the interface. The ::killlogs command was removed as well.
  • Spell icons now appear when viewing spell names in menus.
  • On-demand fetcher has been updated. The timeouts of requesting model files have been increased. Every download is now also initially enforced through the custom protocol before trying a http request. Overall this will reduce initial loading and downloading times.
  • Searching for items in the bank or for npcs in the kill logs now resets scroll position.
  • Worldmap viewer has been optimized. It's now loading the map faster on multi-core systems.
  • Destroy option can now be navigated by clicking keys 1 or 2.

Map & Tile System Rewritten
I've completely rewritten the client's internal management of tiles. This goes hand in hand with the map loader and its underlying system managing the area you see. This improves the memory management of the map and loading times. It also sets the first step for supporting gigantic rendering distances without the map being cut off at some point. I've been messing around with rendering distances of 200 and got good 50-60 fps without any optimizations yet! In the end this should also completely remove small loading times and never show map edges anymore. However this is the final version and I'm still pretty far way from that, but the changes in the tile system now allow me to do that. For those of you who are interested in the technical changes: The map has been represented in a 3d array consisting of 4 104x104 arrays representing a plane each. When loading a new map this would have to be fully reloaded with new objects. The new system now consists of a hash table of tiles allowing to add and delete tiles easily.

All the best,

Hey guys,

Today's update mainly focuses on fixing a few problems and introduces PvP Highscores.

PvP Hiscores
It's been a while since the PvP ranking update was applied and we've now also collected enough data to properly display rankings on the homepage. You can have a look at PvP ranks here:,Wilderness,0 With this update I've also overhauled and modernized the Hiscores page.

Game Loader
I've updated the Game Loader. It's now able to update itself properly, news images no longer flicker and have a fading effect when new ones appear. There's now also a Repair Game option from within the settings. The new loader can be downloaded here:
You don't need to download the new loader, the old one will still do fine.

Game fixes / changes:
  • The overload refresh effect has been changed, because it was a problem in PvP and also completely negated any stat reduction effects from any monster. Don't worry, overloads still restore your stats and they can still be used with brews, but the effect has changed a little bit. Overloads now restore up to 6 levels every 4 seconds instead of a full stat restore every 5 seconds. Nothing changes if you take 1-2 zips of your brews, because your stats will be restored immediately. In fact it's even faster than before if you only take 1 zip. So unless you drink your whole brew at once this is a buff. However taking damage of a bgs special attack or drinking 2 entire brews in a row won't be recovered that quickly. My point here is that I don't want to completely counter stat reduction effects by just having the overload effect active.
  • A bug with void equipment bonus not showing has been fixed.
  • Overkill in PvP scenarios has been re-enabled. It shouldn't be possible to tick eat and avoid all incoming damage. I've made a mistake here and am sorry. :)
  • Blessed dragonhide vambraces and chaps now require level 1 Defence and have had their defensive bonuses adjusted.
  • Tyras Guard at the Grand Exchange now has a teleport option to Fight Caves.
  • The experience gain for spellbook teleports has been increased.
  • Berserker necklace now boosts obsidian claws damage.
  • Mithril dragon and green brutal dragon Defence levels have been reduced.
  • Broken virtus body is no longer untradeable.
  • The kill counters which determine who gets a drop in a PvP fight are now reset when leaving PvP combat and no longer when leaving combat at all. That means that whenever a fight between 2 players ends the kill counters are reset and the next fight will determine who gets the drop.
  • Ghost captain can now be found west of Barbarian village offering a teleport to Canifis.
  • Falador teleport has been re-added to the quest tab interface.
  • Double death trigger is no longer possible when healing after already being declared dead.
  • The cooldowns for fighting the same opponent in wildy to gain ELO have been increased.
  • Multi spells are now correctly hitting again in PvP.
  • A bug with the quiver has been fixed that allowed you to create arrows.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Messages can no longer start or end with spaces. That should fix an issue where a space in front of a clan chat message or command won't let you type it.
  • Water that is no longer in camera space is also no longer rendered: frustum culling for water.

I'll now start working on several new wilderness activities. We have a new amulet planned as well as a new boss that drops new equipment. So stay tuned! ;)

All the best,

Hey guys,

I'm proud to announce our next Double Experiences Weekend! Starting on Friday the 17th of August. You also have the chance of winning 100EP by tagging a friend on our Facebook post:
The experience boost is also extended onto minigames and the wilderness. Giving you double minigame tokens as well as double blood coins for kills!

What skills are you going go train? :D

All the best,

Patch notes of 17th of August
  • Vanguard, Trickster and Templar bonuses buffed. These sets now give higher accuracy and strength bonuses than before. It's now in between third-age and bandos.
  • Trickster 5 piece set buffed: You now stun your opponent for 2 seconds instead of 1.5 for every auto attack.
  • Anti PvP cheat system improved. There is now a cooldown timer on every person you kill. If you keep fighting the same person in a short amount of time you'll gain significantly less blood coins and elo. I don't want to annoy anyone doing this but it requires a limit to avoid win trading.
  • The combat experience gain BEFORE LEVEL 99 has been decreased from 40 to 20 experience per hit. It is a little problematic, because in-game progress is too slow compared to combat experience gains. This leads to high level accounts not having appropriate gear for their progress. This isn't a final solution, but we'll be trying it out in the coming weeks.
  • Gilded items from voting boxes are now broadcasted.
  • Kal'Ger can now be assigned as Slayer task.
  • Reset lamps have been fixed. They now properly reduce your skills again.
  • Skull head icon no longer disappears when leaving the wilderness but when the timer runs out.
  • The wave in Fight Caves no longer proceeds when logging out.
  • Ranks in clan chat can now be changed by Captain or higher instead of Lieutenant or higher.
  • Battle axe special attacks were fixed (corrupt & normal).
  • The standard teleport animation now looks smoother when teleporting into new regions.
  • Certain data holders in the client have been updated to use less memory. This improves overall performance and memory usage, especially on longer Rendering Distances and in crowded areas. For those of you who are interested what changed: A lot of arrays were int[]s, which used 4 byte or 32 bit per entry. That precision wasn't always needed, because a lot of numbers didn't go higher than 10,000 anyway. I have changed those arrays to be short[]s, which require 2 bytes or 16 bit per entry. This costs less RAM and allows your CPUs cache to load more entries per call speeding up iterations over these arrays: animations, loading models, saving colors, etc.
  • Smoothness of compass and minimap have been improved. They are now anti-aliased when rotated and will no longer flicker or have white artifacts.
  • Rune requirements now properly in the autocast interface.

Hey guys,

Today's update focuses most on re-balancing the combat triangle and equipment bonuses. We aim at making items more popular for PvP and easing the combat triangle giving you more Defence bonuses against your weaknesses. Special attacks have also been buffed and the early / mid game progress was made faster by improving certain drop tables and combat experience gains.

Key Bindings
As most if you have probably already realized, you are now able to bind your F keys to menu tabs. There's also an option to enable pressing enter before being able to chat. This mode allows you to use wasd for camera movement and qe to zoom in and out. You can also enable the option that pressing ESC closes the current open interface. Moreover, it's now also possible to lock your combat experience. You can still see experience gains when enabling this option though.

Damage Soaking
I'm sorry, but I have to admit that this mechanism was bugged... for really a long time. Damage was never soaked and this patch aims at fixing the issue. Before the update damage soaking was a quadratic formula of your maximum defence bonus, which imo is a really bad way of doing it. Your maximum defence bonus now gives a flat soaking bonus. Due to the release of new equipment and their maximum defence bonuses, I have adjusted the maximum damage soaked a little bit. It's now properly working but less than it originally was meant to be intended.

Starting Zone & Game Progress
We have identified that it may be too difficult to progress in early stages of the game. Thus we want to buff the drops of beginner level monsters to make it easier for new players to make money and to obtain useful items.
  • Starter sets have been replaced with real item sets: Iron armour, hide and blue wizard robes.
  • Drops for monsters around Barbarian village have been massively buffed: Barbarians, Goblins, Wizards, Archers, Hill giants, Moss giants, Tower Archers, Guards. They now drop items up to rune, more coins and larger quantities of resources.
  • Monsters found inside the Barbarian dungeon have had their drops buffed. Quantities were increased and rune / dragon items were made more frequent.
  • Dragons now drop dragon items more frequently - the chances were doubled.
  • Slayer Tower drop tables overhauled. The Slayer level requirement is now taken into consideration and improves the droptable. Overall you will be getting way more valuable drops from monsters inside the tower.
  • Thieving npcs now gives more coins.
  • New players now get a randomized look instead of the standard one.
  • More starting items are added to inventory after completing the tutorial.

Combat Experience Rates
Let's just say I was wrong - 20xp per hit are way too low. We are changing the combat xp rates back to 80 xp per hit. Progress shouldn't be that slow and frustrating in emps. Afterall most of our content is designed for end-game and that should also be achievable in a fairly normal amount of time. The whole experience gained thing before and after level 99 has also been removed. It's always 80 xp per hit.

Softening Combat Triangle - Weakness Bonuses
I think the current system is a little bit too strict on combat styles that are effective on you. I am increasing the defence bonuses of all items agains their neutral and weak combat style. This doesn't have an impact on any damage soaking, but makes you more resistant against magic attacks when wearing melee armour for instance. The same logic also applies to other combat styles with their weak counter parts: Magic beats Melee, Melee beats Range and Range beats Magic. I've also chosen flat numbers, so that the system looks cleaner:
  • Neutral bonus: 75%
  • Weak bonus: 50%
What does that mean? If a melee equipment piece gave 100 defence bonus, you'll get +100 range defence bonus, +75 melee defence bonus and +50 magic defence bonus.

Fishing - Catch rates and Experience gained
I've adjusted the fishing timers a little, because the catch rates felt a little bit clunky and the amount of fishes obtained were just way too much on higher levels. I've made the catch rates faster on early levels and let the level have a little less of an impact later on. Catching sharks with 70 fishing for instance doesn't feel like you're getting a fish a minute anymore and you no longer get a fish per 2 ticks when having a very high fishing level. The speed curve of catching fishes is scaling better now. To cope with that change in fish gains all their experience gains have been doubled. You'll have to bank less often and will still gain the same amount of experience in the same amount of time.

Wiki Updates
I have recently prepared a system that makes it really easy for us to keep stats of items up to date on the wiki. We will be testing the system within the coming weeks and see how well it performs. If this makes overall wiki updates easier I would also like to enroll the system on NPC data: stats, drops, attack speed, etc. So you'll always be able to view the exact in-game stats on the wiki too.

Game fixes / changes:
  • The accuracy bonuses of Infinity robes have been buffed and received a little strength bonus.
  • Mystic robes received a slight strength bonus.
  • The book of balance now gives Ranged strength and accuracy bonuses.
  • You no longer lose as much ELO when losing a fight in the wilderness. It currently is too difficult to reach higher ranks, because you only rank up by only killing others. You can now also improve your ranking by just participating in many fights.
  • Accuracy bonuses of defenders have been buffed by 25% (dragon defender +20 --> +25 accuracy). Defenders were a little bit weak when compared with a dragonfire shield or other alternatives.
  • Overkill damage no longer exists and thus tick eating is now possible. That means eating at the same game tick when lethal damage arrives let's you live through it.
  • Multiple incoming hits are no longer stacked as 1 big hit. This is only a visual change, because I have received complaints about people dying in 1 big hit. This was correct, but the large visual hit coming out of nowhere was a little odd.
  • God robes now require level 1 Defence to be worn and have had their defence bonuses lowered. God cloaks now have equivalent stats to god capes: +5 magic accuracy and strength. Their level 25 Prayer requirement stays.
  • Corrupt PvP items have been moved to level 40 Defence. That doubles their defence and accuracy bonuses, strength bonuses remain untouched.
  • Multi combat spells no longer have an experience gain punishment: Barrages and chin chompas.
  • Donator blades have had their attack speed increased. They now have the same attack speed as saradomin sword, scimitars and whips.
  • Korasi's sword special attack now costs 50% special energy.
  • Splitbark robe parts now give additional magic strength bonus.
  • Comp ogre bow Range requirement increased to 71 - it can now shoot Barrow arrows.
  • The experience boost of brawling gloves has been increased in the wilderness. They give 200% experience in the wilderness and 150% outside of it.
  • Zamorak godsword freeze has been increased from 20 seconds to 25.
  • Bandos godsword now also reduces the enemy's prayer points by 25% of the hit.
  • Overloads can now be noted and traded.
  • Dragon and onyx bolts now require level 61 Ranged to be used. That means you can use them with a rune crossbow.
  • God bows level requirement has been moved from 80 to 75. To cope with that change I have increased their attack speed by 1 tick meaning they are now level 75 short bows. God bows also received a special attack that triggers a special effect when used with their appropriate arrow type (e.g. saradomin god bow with saradomin arrows):
    • Saradomin: 50% of damage is drained from enemy prayer points. If attacking an npc this reduces their defence level by 50% of the hit instead.
    • Zamorak: 50% of damage is drained from enemy defence level.
    • Guthix (not yet available): 25% of damage is healed.
    The additional passive perk increasing damage of using god arrows with their appropriate bow has been removed. They now have flat bonuses equal to barrow arrows and can also be used as such by other bows.
  • Demon saber and halberd now properly break when lost upon death.
  • The charges of newly created elemental weapons have been increased from 5,000 to 30,000. This change brings elemental weaponry more in line with Demon weapons.
  • Demon longbow has received +12 accuracy and +2 strength bonus. When comparing it to the demon crossbow it looked a little weak.
  • Demon orb has received +4 accuracy and +4 strength bonus. It should be more a little useful as offensive stat booster while giving 0 defensive bonuses.
  • Removed the strength level requirement for several items: Vesta, Statius, Godswords, Zamorakian spear, Demon saber & Halberd and Saradomin sword.
  • Saradomin sword and obsidian claws special attack now hits 1 game tick earlier.
  • Spectral energy drop rates doubled. You just need way more energy to charge equipment than there currently is in the game.
  • Ancient statuettes from Revenants now have double coin value. We would like to make killing dangerous foes in the wilderness more valuable.
  • A bug was fixed where runes from the rune bag would no longer show up after casting a teleport spell.
  • Ghostly roves now give magic strength bonus.
  • Accuracy of all special attacks has roughly been increased by 25%. Most special attacks have an accuracy boost of 25% while godswords and other high level weapons gain 75% - 100% accuracy boost.
  • All bosses (the ones that count for daily tasks!) now have drops for the top 3 damage dealers. That includes all GWD bosses, Dagannoth Kings, Corporeal Beast, Kalphite Queen, King Black Dragon, Chaos Elemental and Smoke demon champion. Group bosses still reward the top 4 damage dealers.
  • The Tower key required to access upper parts of the Slayer Tower can now be found in wardrobes inside the Slayer Tower.
  • Banshees can now drop a creeping hand pet with a drop chance of 1 in 1000.
  • Party hats strength and accuracy bonuses increased.
  • Composite bows now have the speed of shortbows.
  • Magic longbow, magic composite bow and demon longbow have received a special attack. It costs 35% special attack energy and is guaranteed to hit the enemy.
  • Demon halberd now shares the dragon halberd special attack.
  • Torags received additional Defence bonus while reducing its accuracy a bit.
  • A bug with the dark bow special attack was fixed that would reduce its maxhit.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Certain data holders in the client have been updated to use less memory. This improves overall performance and memory usage, especially on longer Rendering Distances and in crowded areas. For those of you who are interested what changed: A lot of arrays were int[]s, which used 4 byte or 32 bit per entry. That precision wasn't always needed, because a lot of numbers didn't go higher than 10,000 anyway. I have changed those arrays to be short[]s, which require 2 bytes or 16 bit per entry. This costs less RAM and allows your CPUs cache to load more entries per call speeding up iterations over these arrays: animations, loading models, saving colors, etc.
  • Smoothness of compass and minimap have been improved. They are now anti-aliased when rotated and will no longer flicker or have white artifacts.
  • Rune requirements now properly in the autocast interface.
  • Texture atlases now use 4x anisotropic filtering (only if your GPU can do it!!). This effect makes textures appear less blurry and more realistic when viewed at specific camera angles. I have decided to not make this a setting, because the performance cost is non-existing for low resolution textures in emps.

This update mainly consists of balancing and overall improvements for the game. I want to make certain items more useful for PvP and give newer players an easier start for the game. With the amount of PvP ELO data available I'll also soon be able to put Hiscores online where you can lookup ranks.

All the best,

Changes September 7th:
  • Barrows equipment charges of newly used items increased from 8,000 to 20,000. I'd like to bring this more in line with other equipment charges.
  • Revenants droptables overhauled. Statues are worth more and drop more often. Third-age drop rates have also been adjusted. Statues and third-age drops are now also always broadcasted.
  • Amulet position now depends on the platebody model. This fixes an issue where amulets would be invisible on certain armours.
  • God robes now share monk robe's prayer bonus.
  • Dark bow special attack speed increased. The projectiles now fly and hit faster.
  • Reset lamps can no longer be used when items are worn.
  • Unnoted overload potions can now be traded.
  • An issue was fixed where you couldn't hit through protection prayers when your enemy had low hitpoints.
  • NPC defence bonuses have been fixed. There was an issue that globally gave them 15-20% higher stats.
  • KQ and Corporeal beast now properly drop items for the top 3 damage dealers.
  • The charges of newly used spectral equipment have been doubled. Repair costs stay the same. However the amount of dropped spectral energy upon a kill can now be higher due to higher maximum charges.
  • Crossbow limbs now have an alch value.

News & Announcements / Trailer 2018
« on: June 13, 2018, 06:52:59 am »
Hey everybody,

I'm proud to present you our new and official trailer:

What do you think about it? Let me know if you'd enjoy similar videos in the future? I was thinking of creating videos that show some of our bosses?

Special thanks to Crusher123 for making the video and Jhonson101, JP, Namnori, Iron Corne, Jandar for preparations in order to take the clips. Many many thanks! :)

All the best,

Hey guys,

I hope you are having a great summer time. It has taken some time, but I have finished a gigantic PvP and balancing update. I aim to find a long-term solution to revive and keep PvP active as well as making it attractive to participate in. I have also overhauled some older systems and fixed a ton of bugs. Last but not least, I have and am still working on an option to turn the current game into oldschool style with only a mouse click!

Wilderness Update - Rewards & ELO

It's been a while since the wilderness has received an update. This time I don't want to add more PvM into the area, but real PvP with new and unique rewards! Every kill gives you blood coins. The amount you get highly depends on the cardinality of your target, meaning that your opponent's ranking and equipment matter. Following ranks with icons (see icon system below) can be achieved:
  • Bronze I - III
  • Silver I - III
  • Gold I - III
  • Rune I - III
Each rank has a unique chat badge which can be enabled at any point through the Equipment Screen. What you are probably also (more?) interested in are the rewards for killing each other in the wilderness: Blood coins. You will find a new NPC walking around Edgeville called Emps Pker wearing Vesta armour. You can trade the person to buy rewards with blood coins:
  • PvP crates: Food, potions, selected runes, edgeville teleports and PvP armours.
  • Rune bag: Can store 3-5 (member benefit) runes and CAN be equipped in Arrow slot.
  • Quiver: Can store 2-4 (member benefit) arrows / bolts and HAS TO be equipped in Arrow slot.
  • PvP armour pieces: In case you are unlucky and have a lot of blood coins, you can also buy them directly here. Bear in mind that getting the armours through crates is much much cheaper though!
Icon System - Ranks
I have updated the way icons in front of names are managed and set. We also call these icons ranks, because they are achievements. You can change your icon by right-clicking your name on the Equipment Screen. Ranks can be obtained by certain achievements in-game:
  • Donator Icons: Unlocked by having obtained a total amount of EC:
    • 1,800EC - Bronze Donator
    • 10,00EC - Silver Donator
    • 25,000EC - Gold Donator
    • 50,000EC - Rune Donator
    • 100,000EC - Dragon Donator
    • 200,000EC - Dark Donator
    • 300,000EC - Light Donator
    • 500,000EC - Demon Donator
Please bear in mind that the higher ranks are aimed at people who are supporting the game through many months and years!
  • PvP ranks: see above
  • Ironman: By default on every ironman
  • Veteran: How many years you've been playing Emps-World. We cannot go back in time and copy the registration dates of the Emps-Scape, so no registrations longer than 4 years ago count.
  • Staff Icons: You will find different mod / admin crowns.
Icons also appear when right-clicking players now. They can be changed at any given point to any image leaving us a lot of space for future changes and improvements!

Run Energy, Resting and its role in PvP
I know this change may be annoying, but the overall run energy system in its current state was just completely broken. You could run forever pretty much no matter what you were doing. While this is comfortable, it removes the point of even having a run energy system as well as the Agility skill. With this update I am changing the way run energy regenerates and the maximum is now at 100 and no longer 255. I have copied the regeneration function from OSRS, which can be found here:

Energy restoring potions (if you knew they even existed!) were also changed:
  • Super restore: +5 energy
  • Energy potion: +10 energy
  • Super energy: +15 energy
The aim of this change is to make running longer distances more complicated. Outrunning somebody in the wilderness is now possible, especially when having a lot of loot in your inventory or wearing heavy armour. Please don't worry though, this isn't going to affect skilling a lot! You get your run energy fully restored by talking to a Healer.

Claiming Voting Points
I've updated the system to support the usage of proxies and also configurations behind firewalls. The old system was doing an IP comparison of your game login and on the homepage. So voting on your smartphone and trying the claim the points in-game wouldn't work. You should be able to claim your points no matter where you vote now. It's based on your user OR ip address. If one of them match, you can claim your voting points.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Grand Exchange now correctly displays the correct amount of coins you get for selling items.
  • Barrows slayer task amount is now dividable by 6. Meaning you never have a left-over round during a task.
  • Rewards potential interface in Barrows now correctly resets when claiming the reward.
  • Bolkoy dialogues have been updated.
  • Redberry pies can now be eaten.
  • Double agents can no longer be attacked by other players.
  • Membership description update.
  • Cure plants spell now has a timer and only gives experience when you successfully cured plants. You also gain some farming experience when successfully curing plants now.
  • Chaos dwarves can no longer be assigned as Slayer task.
  • A bug with Spectral equipment was fixed. When dying with a fully charged item (e.g. Zuriel robe top) you wouldn't get any Spectral energy.
  • Skull timers have received second precision instead of minute precision. Your skull is now consistently 10 minutes long instead of something between 9 and 10 minutes. Moreover, there's now also an orb that shows your skull timer.
  • The timings of Jad's animations have been improved.
  • Items lost in the Kalphite Queen boss chamber are now dropped outside, before you use the rope to enter.
  • Levelup messages now properly tell you new activities that you are able to do. This is a copy of the skill advancements tables.
  • Slayer tasks can now be extended (doubled) for 50% of their Slayer point reward.
  • A bug was fixed where resetting skills with xp lamps wasn't possible anymore.
  • You can now properly complete puzzle clues on Farming patches.
  • The experience reduction for multi hits (range & magic) has been changed to 50% from 20%. The previous experience gain nerf was just too much.
  • Spectrals now hit more through protection prayers. They were never intended to be fully blockable.
  • Skipping the tutorial now warns you about not being able to become an ironman account and gives you a starter set. The range starter set now also includes 100 bronze arrows that are equipped.
  • The charges of coal bags have bee increased from 1,000 to 10,000. This doesn't apply to current bags but new ones!
  • Weapon poison (p+) and Weapon poison (p++) can now be made with the Herblore skill.
  • Ranging and Magic potion have been added to Herblore.
  • A new Slayer master called Turael has been added to the Barbarian dungeon. Turael assigns solely monsters found in the dungeon and is for beginners.
  • Void knight elite defence bonuses have been a bit too high. We found out when testing the defence bonuses of the PvP armour sets. I have reduced the defence bonuses of elite void knight top and bottom by 10%. You won't really feel this change, but it's now more balanced and aligned to existing content.
  • The rendering distance for players and npcs inside minigames has been increased.
  • Fish monger now sells Varrock, Lumbridge and Falador teletabs. It's still worth it to create those through Construction, because they can only be bought in low quantities.
  • Snape grass can now be found around the river of Barbarian village.
  • Barbarians, Mages and Goblins now drop Guams, Marrentills, Tarromins, Harralanders and Ranarrs. This allows new users to find and create low level potions with all resources found in and around the Barbarian village.
  • Stepping stones in Emps-Wars can no longer be clipped by following. That counts for npcs and players.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • A bug was fixed where certain tops would make your arms disappear when wearing dragonhide bodies.
  • Sky is now reflected in water and the underwater color depends on the surrounding terrain. There's now also a depth calculation that determines the transparency of water. Basically giving you a better immersion of how low underwater terrain is.
  • Items shown in the chatbox (skill advancements) are now more centered and larger.
  • Images are now loaded on demand and no longer need to be downloaded before starting the game. This improves initial loading speeds by roughly a minute. It's annoying when joining the game for the very first time to wait for long downloads.
  • Underwater terrain is now properly refracted. That means that underwater objects are now also having a ripple effect.
  • Upgraded abyssal weapons have received animated textures. They were originally supposed to have such kind of a glow, but due to engine limitations it wasn't possible.
  • Camera system has completely been overhauled. It felt very outdated compared to other games. Camera movements no longer have a delay / fade-out effect but is a direct representation of your mouse movements. To make sure nobody is displeased with the change you are now also able to select 5 different camera sensitivities.
  • Scaled images now look smoother.
  • You can now select fullscreen mode from the game settings.
  • Skill interfaces no longer have empty buttons.

Oldschool Emps-World
I've cancelled this project a while ago and also won't revitalize it. However I have been and am currently working on an optional oldschool option, which will give the game an OSRS feeling. This replaces (wherever possible) player and npc data with their oldschool variants. This overwrites their look and animations. It's impossible to replace the map with OSRS data, because their positions differ. I can add new maps though, including Zeah, Zulrah, etc. I'm also able to use all oldschool items, such as the blowpipe, elder maul, twisted bow, etc. I want to finish the graphics option first though before adding such content! ;)

I've attached a screenshot to show how it looks like. You can use all the HD graphic options and combine them oldschool models. I'm not quite sure when this will be finished, because I'm still fighting with serious graphical glitches that absolutely can't be in the release version. Biggest issue currently being boots that have no oldschool replacement model. Maybe I need to manually find some here? Idk... Will keep you updated with media whenever I have more to show! You can also directly follow the progress here:

All the best,

Hey guys,

Kal'Ger - Level 85 Melee Weapons
A new 4-man group boss challenge awaits! The lair of Kal'Ger can be found deep down in the Barbarian dungeon. It is highly recommended to initially fight the boss with 4 people to learn the mechanics.

This is Kal'ger:

And here are the new Demon weapons:

Good luck on beating him! It may be difficult in the beginning, but once you learn the mechanics it's easier. You also benefit greatly be using a dedicated tank in this boss fight, because a tank can mitigate a lot of incoming damage on your team!

Voting - Unique Rewards
You can now vote for us in order to receive useful and unique rewards! Have a look here:
Voting rewards can contain a gilded pirate hat, scythe or cavalier. They are new rare items that can be obtained with a chance of 0.1%. The voting reward tables in general contain many useful items though. So even if you don't get the new rares, you'll still find the items useful. You can choose from 4 different reward boxes, each costing a different amount of Voting Points (VP) simply by talking to Bolkoy:
  • Beginner box (5VP): Weapons, armours, resources, teleports, etc.
  • Adventurer box (6VP): Weapons, armour, food, potions, ammo, etc.
  • Veteran box (7VP): Skilling resources, xp lamps, runes, etc.
  • Rare box (15VP): Contains 1 Beginner, 1 Adventurer and 1 Veteran box.
Each box can contain the rare gilded items! We will put the full reward tables onto the wiki as soon as possible.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
I've been working on this for the past 2 weeks. I've improved our web services, so that they can be found easier by search engines and be indexed better by web crawlers. This is increasing website traffic and search rankings in the long run. I've changed the following:
  • Thumbnail images on the front page for news, screenshots and the background.
  • JavaScript and CSS minification. Put everything into 1-2 files and minified it.
  • Removal of inline css and old html tags, such as <center> or <font>.
  • The changes above greatly reduced site loading times. It will be faster and thus be ranked higher for search engines. It's also less likely for people to leave the page during the initial loading time.
  • Image and link description tags when hovering over them.
  • User-friendly and readable forum urls. Don't worry, you can still use the ::forum command in-game to get topics. The number after the hash symbol (#) displays the topic id when browsing the forum.
  • New Play Button popup with proper Windows, Java and MacOS icons.
  • Player counter always visible and lazily loaded once player count is available.
  • Main page background lazy loading: Thumbnail loads first and full quality fades in when complete.
Minifications and page load speeds apply to the main page ( only. The forum is work for another time. I also doubt it's worth the change, because the initial page landing is always on the main page, rarely ever the forum.

NPC Drawing Distance
I've been thinking about this for quite a while and am now implementing it for 4man group bosses. You gain additional viewing distance on monsters during these fights. This will make it easier to spot bosses on larger terrains. I plan on giving you a setting to manually increase the npc and player drawing distances outside of boss rooms. This won't work in the wilderness though!

Additional Bone Drops
I've added small, medium and large demon bones. They give similar prayer experience when burying as to big, wyvern and frostdragon bones. By default all demons drop small demon bones. Following monsters drop medium / large versions:
  • Medium: Black demons, K'ril Tsutsaroth minions.
  • Large: Smoke demon champion, Har'lakk, Yk'lagor, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Chronozon and Tormented demons
Appropriate drops have also been added to all GWD bosses and Nex.

Daily Activities
You can now gain additional EP by completing special daily activities. Following activities can be completed:
  • Duel Arena
  • Emps-Wars
  • Pest Control
  • Warriors Guild
  • Barrows
  • Kolodion
  • Kill any Boss
  • Kill a God Wars Dungeon Boss
  • Kill any Group Boss
The activities above are listed in ascending difficulty, which is reflected by your combat level. You can get the Duel Arena activity at level 45 combat and the group bosses are assigned for combat levels of 120 or higher.

Additional Membership Benefits
I've taken a look at the membership scenario and identified a few flaws with the system. I am very thankful for membership and am adding additional perks that improve your gameplay:
  • Additional 10% minigame rewards: Pest Control, Emps-Wars, Warriors Guild, Fight Caves (Jad) and Barrows
  • Additional 10% stackable drops: coins, noted items, seeds, etc.
Har'Lakk, Yk'Lagor and Kal'Ger
I've had a little chat about this and thought about possible flaws with these boss fights. They aren't as popular as Nex, because the fight takes much longer and the drops are comparably worse. I'm increasing the drop chances for Demon weapons from 0.6% to 1%. Resource drops have also received a little overhaul increasing their stacks and replacing some items that aren't very valuable. Overall the reward for killing these bosses has been increased.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Another offsetting issue was fixed, which was causing players to not see each other when having awkward timing during teleports.
  • Random events can now happen only once every 15 minutes are and much rarer.
  • Health regeneration is now disabled during duel arena and death animation. A lucky regeneration tick can no longer protect you from death.
  • Equipping Hunter skillcape now activates the skillcape emote icon.
  • You can no longer spawn 2 Barrow brothers when passing through doors.
  • A door orientation bug was fixed at the south-western Barrows room.
  • Colored abyssal items have received an additional level 72 tier. Meaning that if you have level 72 Attack, Ranged or Magic colored abyssal bows, whips and staves now give +3 additional accuracy and +2 additional strength bonus.
  • Duellist caps can now be operated and will play an animation.
  • Rod fishing animation is no longer constantly replaying.
  • All fire giants now drop big bones.
  • A bug with decanting noted and unnoted potions has been fixed. In some scenarios the Decanter would handle a noted potion stack as a single item and thus delete the entire stack. I'm sorry for this, it's fixed now!
  • A bug with the combat power of dragons has been fixed. Some had a Magic level of 0 resulting in them not hitting anything with the dragon breath.
  • Droptables of Ancient gladiators, Ice demons and Abyssal watchers have been improved. All drops are now noted and drop amounts have been increased.
  • Finishing a potion no longer adds an empty vial to your inventory.
  • Void knights can no longer be attacked with magic.
  • Hatchling dragon drops are now Dragon eggs. The egg can either contain a Hatchling or Baby Dragon. Where Baby Dragons are new and are larger than Hatchling Dragons.
Engine fixes / changes:
  • Clan chat messages now receive line breaks when they are too long.
  • Water can no longer pop through the ground in Catherby.
  • Zombie green skin color and ancient wings lilac have been added to the character design screen.
  • Character design screen updated. Some torso models have been bugged and were flickering.
  • Loading process improved. Objects close to you now have priority when the map is loading. This is the first step towards really large rendering distances. The process has also been put into another thread, meaning that multi-core processors can now load the map without affecting fps too much.
I'm now starting to work on more community features and have the following in mind:
  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Highscores with rewards for the top ranks.
  • ELO system: Separate rankings for Wilderness, Duel Arena, Emps-Wars, etc. There will be also rewards depending on how high your rank is. I'd also work on a PvP shop that provides you with supplies when fighting players in the wilderness.
  • Activity counters: e.g. how many times you've participated in a minigame or how many tasks you've completed.
A lot of text this time, but there's been a lot of changes! Many thanks for reading. :D

All the best,

Fixes 21st of May:
  • Kal'Ger instances.
  • Voting issues: It's a bit confusing and I've already got a little overhaul coded. It will work on IP addresses rather than on usernames. So VPNs will work and the homepage can always correctly tell you if you've already voted or not. I've also found an issue where voting points aren't saved correctly. Terribly sorry, but it's already getting a fix!
  • Barrows multi spawn problem.
  • Kal'Ger dropping items outside of the boss room.
  • Clicking areas on the floor when moving around.

Fixes 25th of May:
  • Spectrals and Warriors Guild spawns fixed.
  • An issue was fixed when planting herbs and mud patches would still stay.
  • An issue with rendering shadows and water was fixed, which caused parts not to be taken into consideration for processing. So places that were actually casting shadow or reflected objects wouldn't show.
  • Demon saber and halberd now require level 85 Attack and Strength to be worn. Requirements are also shown in the skill interface now.
  • Activity tasks now correctly reward you with a combat experience lamp

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