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General Discussion / it's time to make a change!
« on: August 17, 2018, 02:19:08 pm »
hello everyone,
I started playing emps-scape since I was 12 years old, that's 8 years ago!
when it got closed It felt like I lost a piece of my childhood it was so devastating, but then emps-world came and it made  me and hundreds others happy.
but unfortunately this game took a very wrong turn with the updates, I remember one day emps reached 1k players online!! it was massive!!! but now? 60 players on peek time.
so I have a suggestion to make and I hope..i really hope you take it seriously.
few years ago runescape was in this same track, it was dying, until someone suggested that they bring back the older version of runescape which is known today by the name :"oldschool runescape". jagex didn't expect for this to work they thought it was a stupid idea, but surprisingly osrs is even bigger than rs3 today!! so I say lets bring back the older version of emps-scape, im pretty sure you have backup files for it! maybe release a beta first! it will work trust me! all of the vets will come back hundreds of players are dying for this to come back! it will make this wonderful game we all love revive! and come back from the dead! it's a shame!! it's a shame that emps-world AKA emps-scape has only 60 players online!! please consider this very carefully! I hope you make the right decision

kind regards,

emps-scape/world veteran player

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