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Off-Topic / Bumper grille fog lamp cover
« on: October 11, 2017, 02:10:00 pm »
Okay I need help finding a rs3 logo bumper grille fog lamp cover for my audi car.

I have already one , I am finding the other one, and cannot find it..

If someone will sucuss find it on ebay, or any other website, I'm going to pay him $10.


Suggestions & Ideas / Client side right click on mini map
« on: October 08, 2017, 11:02:35 am »
Okay, Emps never had this before , so I request to be added on game, to make the server much better.

You can't right click the orbs on mini-map, so make it allow you right click them with the following options below:

For ex:

Hitpoints orb:

Option1: Hide/show orb
Option2: Show/Hide HP names.
Option3: Idk if this already added, if you get poisoned the hp orb will switch to green colour. It will be back red until u get un-poisoned.

Prayer orb:

Option1: Hide/Show orb
Option2: Quick prayers --> Turn on/off

Run orb:

Option1: Hide/Show orb
Option2: Toggle run - ON/OFF.
Option3: Rest

Screenshots / Just Oh My God.
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:04:02 am »
Today I found on my pc two images about old emps forums..
And I want to share them to make us remember and feel the old times of emps.

2013 ^

General Discussion / Oldschool Emps
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:02:10 am »
Before you post ur known answers, make sure to read first.
First of all I grew on this game, me and my friends together. I played a lot of years on the oldschool game and many others of people and/or players. Fact in oldschool I was loggin in every day and I see a hundreds of players (400+), but what .. Now unfortunately I have no idea why the oldschool game is not happening anymore , and in new-school there are fewer players .. That means everyone interested In the old game, if the answer is still the same (It's not coming back). Then at least do another world.

(Old graphic, npcs, items, maps, etc).

Off-Topic / Youtube Song
« on: April 10, 2016, 08:40:43 pm »
I've edited my favorite song, worked on it like 3 days.

It's remix ; 2 mins.

Please hate Like button or sub. If you like the song  ;D


Off-Topic / Kabukem LELE
« on: September 14, 2015, 01:15:26 pm »
I just want to see ur opinions about this trukish song, rate it ;)

click here

I rate 9/10. What about u?

Suggestions & Ideas / Client-sided needs a lot of work
« on: May 25, 2015, 02:28:07 pm »
Hello dear developers, I'm here to give you my suggestion and ideas about client-side.

1. I don't see right-click in mini-map ( Process Mini-map Actions ).

Hitpoints orb: Hide/show orb. ( Also, if you get poisoned the sprite of the orb should replace from red to green ).
Prayer orb: Quick prayers actions and hide/show orb.
Run orb: Toggle Run <on:off> , "Reset with correct anim" and hide/show orb.
Also I suggest spec orb,

2. Toggle Chat Effects doesn't save upon logout.

3. If you're going to send a message to X,Y, and z? It should be chat interface. ( It missed the chat interface ).

4. "Loading game please wait" interface, I think it should be looking more perfection.

5. 474/602 Datas, including: items, anims, gfxs, and characters graphics. so people can play the version they like.

Will suggest more later.

Suggestions & Ideas / Emps-Scape currently & E-S Old school
« on: March 15, 2015, 02:50:26 am »
I'm sure Thomy still got Emps-Scape Old-School files.

I see a lot of players has left - it's because there is no old-school game.

I suggest Emps to be two websites, or two worlds, or whatever thomy decide.

1) E-S Old-school game

2) E-S HD game

Let's see what do you think ?

General Discussion / Staff updates
« on: December 12, 2014, 12:02:06 pm »
To be honest, this Message to all staff members, but you can also give ur opinion's.

I think the staff members should make topic's when it happen an staff update(s), for ex.

Kevin has been promoted to Game Moderator. < So they must make a topic about the promotion with full info: not only this: " Congratz to Kevin ". < They must add some more info.
Also, if someone has been demoted? For ex.

Ranged Lvl1 has been demoted from Player Moderator to player for: reason here. < So I suggest they add a section which called: " Staff updates " Every staff update it will be into the section with the date for sure.

Videos / Emps-World Video Collection
« on: November 06, 2014, 08:54:38 pm »

Emps-World Offical Trailer

Emps-World - Pk video 1 - By: Make It Real

Emps-World - Staking & Pk video 1 - By: Mr Rangeman

Emps-World - Staking & Pk video - By: Hell Skyline

Emps-World PKing video - by: Ty 4 U Santa

Da Game first PKing video - by: Da Game

Mage Pure2 first PKing video - by: Mage Pure2

Emps-World Make It Real PVP video 4#! | Void Warrior - by: Make It Real

Emps-World | Mr Rangeman | Pk Video 2 - by: Mr Rangeman

Il Skil1z Il first PKing video - by: Il Skil1z Il

Emps-World | Mr rangeman | PK & Stake video II - by: Mr Rangeman

Emps-World Make It Real PVP Video 5 - by: Make It Real

Emps-World Freestuffyay PvP Video #1 - by: Freestuffyay

[Emps-World] Emps Loover Pk Video 12 - by: Emps Loover

[Emps-World] Emps Loover Pk Video 13 - by: Emps Loover

[Emps-World] Emps Loover Pk Video 14 - by: Emps Loover

[Emps-World] Emps Loover Pk Video 15 - by: Emps Loover

Emps-World - Bank video 1 - By: Hell Skyline

Loot from 1.000 elite caskets - by: Darker Manz

Christmas Chrackers loot - by: Rotanas

Bank Video - by: Rotanas

Loot from 1.000 Mystery Boxes - by: Jhonson101

Loot from 14.000 Caskets - by: Rotanas

Emps-World - Staking & Pk video - By: Hell Skyline

Emps-World - Staking Video 1 - By: Plx123

Emps-World | Mr Rangeman | Boss killing & Staking video - By: Mr Rangeman

Emps-World - Staking Video 1 - By: Avenus

Emps-World - Staking Video 2 - By: Avenus

Emps-World - Staking Video 3 - By: Avenus

Emps-World - Staking & Pk video 1 - By: Mr Rangeman

Emps-World - Staking video 2 - By: Mr Rangeman

Emps-World - Short Giveaway Video - By: Kef1s

Emps-World - Drop party Video - By: Keven

Emps-World - Staking, Pking, and Drop-Party Video - By: Mr Rangeman

Emps-World - 30-99 Fastest Mining Guide - By: Kef1s

Maxing Ironman - by: Cahit

Loot from 250m cooking and thieving - by: Rotanas

Emps-Word - Quest Guide - Desert war - By: Gold2m

Emps-World - Quest Guide - Rest in Pieces - By: Esam121

Emps-World - Quest Guide - Barbarian Assistance - By: Gold2m

Emps-World - Killing Jad - By: Hell Skyline

Emps-world - GWD solo - By: Hell Skyline

Emps-World | Mr Rangeman | Boss killing & Staking video - By: Mr Rangeman

Emps-World - Killing KBD Solo with Rune Dagger - By: Lordmax Xx

Emps-World - Killing KBD - By: Spo67

Emps-World - God-Wars - Killing K'ril Tsutsaroth (Zammy) - By: Qu4r Pker

Emps-World - God-Wars - Soloing Zammy - By: Qu4r Pker

10 hours of Barrows - by: Nante

10 hours of Kal’ger  - by: Rotanas

10 hours of Kal’ger - by: Nante

10 hours of Yk Lagor  - by: Rotanas

10 hours of Kree Arra  - by: Rotanas

25 hours of Kalphite Workers   - by: Rotanas

10 hours of Chronozon  - by: Rotanas

If your videos aren't listed above, then you can reply with your link down below .

Resolved Bug Reports / Forum: Post count bug
« on: October 25, 2014, 03:15:34 pm »
I tried to refresh the page, it's still the same < Click here.

Suggestions & Ideas / Suggestions/Ideas
« on: October 25, 2014, 03:59:56 am »
1. I believe that an Exit icon should be added above the Hitpoint Orb, and the Logout Tab should get replaced by a new tab that may be useful for other things. (Players or Staff may discuss what they might want as the custom Tab)
2. An addition of the Total Xp Button next to the minimap should be added as it does put a little more glamour on the interface as well.
3. Add right click button for orbs, world map, Toggle XP Total (Not added in-game yet), and Face north:

3. Add right clicking options on most of the Orbs for multi functional purposes.
   A. Clicking the Compass should turn the screen towards North.
   B. Right Clicking the Hitpoint Orb should show “Hide/Show”, and if poisoned, it should show a green sprite.
   C. Right Clicking the Prayer Orb should show “Hide/Show” and “Turn Quick Prayer On/Off” with “Select Quick Prayers”.
   D. Right Clicking the Run Orb should show “Hide/Show” with a “Toggle Run” and “Toggle Rest” options which toggles Rest with correct animation.
   E. Right Clicking the Toggle Xp Total Button should show “Hide/Show” and “Lock/Unlock” options, with a “Reset Counter” button.

4. Add new emotes that are pre-locked upon creating an account, and when the corresponding quest is completed, the emote will then be unlocked and saved.

5. When the Whip special is used, instead of stunning the monster/mob for around 5 seconds, it should stun the monster for about 15-20 seconds.

6. Add an option which allows the players to open and see possible Achievements. This will not only give players motivation into playing the server, and these bring more active players into the server.

7. Curses should be added, giving players a greater choice of options in picking the prayers they like. This will not insure stability in the fighting styles, but gives the players a choice between what they like and dislike.

8. Custom Titles should be added to show players’ status and give players a chance to express themselves.

9. Full clan chat > Setup Interface > Ranks > Kick + Ban buttons (No commands). Better Results, Stability, and Durability of the Server.

10. Yell Command should now include Crowns and Colors to make the chat a little more “Sexier”.

11. Party Room - Room in Falador/Camelot should be working properly with Balloons and Chest.

12. Add an option to allow players to enjoy the music on the logic screen, but do not forget to add a ON and OFF option for those who don’t enjoy this feature. A possible Shuffle button may also be useful.

Resolved Bug Reports / Bugs
« on: October 01, 2014, 11:03:41 am »
1. Mouse wheel scrolling is very slow/laggy in fixed screen mode.
2. The tooltips in the weapons tab are off in fixed screen mode.
3. Loop half of a key is stuck in the general store, no one can buy it.
4. The sound system is almost perfect, but the sounds when equipping and unequipping items isn't playing.
5. Picking items from the ground should have a delay, you can pick the items up too fast at the moment.

Suggestions & Ideas / Forum: Suggestions and Ideas
« on: October 01, 2014, 07:52:18 am »
1. Show online/offline status: CLICK HERE
2. Disabling post count: CLICK HERE
3. Changing this Theme to > Bright Forest Theme: CLICK HERE
4. FaceBook & YouTube Icons: CLICK HERE
5. Rank images:

Suggestions & Ideas / Auto-Cast
« on: October 01, 2014, 12:10:26 am »
I am here to propose a suggestion that will benefit the Hybrid community. In regards to auto casting, we are lacking the ability of right clicking an ancient magic spell and selecting autocast. By adding this, I am certain that it would benefit many hybridders. Being able to change auto cast spells directly through the spell book eliminates that time consuming factor we have right now with having to go into your wielded item tab, selecting the book, then again selecting the spell again. By adding the right click autocast feature we enable a fast 2 click switch whilst hybridding, improving the efficiency in our systems (autocast system in this case).

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