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Introductions & Farewells / GoodBye Gamers
« on: January 18, 2020, 08:58:54 pm »
YOYOYO, this is goodbye to you all.

Sometimes in life you gotta respect the mistakes & issues you make. I did some things that I’ve regret on Emps-World. I fully respect my punishment. If you wanna know what happened, please ask a staff member for more details.

I'm here to say officially goodbye to each of Emps-world player. Since I joined this server, I have had such a great time on here. Emps-World had fulfilled something I had been sorely lacking or finding an end to it. I got to say this small community on here (mainly discord) is hands down the best I have come across on all the rsps I've ever played. Thank you so much for the great times.
People in games are a little bit retarded though. I have met some great people and I have met a lot of low life pieces of shit. You know who you are.

Being wiki crew and staff member here has been amazing, and I appreciate @Ralphe10 @Tulrak and @ameer for offering me the opportunity.  ;) The team you have right now is so strong and motivated, and I just know Emps world will greatly benefit from all of you.

@The_Return...You're an idiot but I still like you <3
@Thomy, Sorry for the 1B Runes distribution in game. And you might want to fix duel arena. @Boatydrugs almost got lanty scammed if Dominator wasn't online. Props to @Dominator.

I love you all. Thanks for the memories. Hopefully I can comeback one day.  You'll know it's me when you see a kind stranger from nowhere.

Well wishes to the server and to you all,


Suggestions & Ideas / Promote Wilderness fairness and Coin sink.
« on: January 08, 2020, 05:48:24 pm »
1. I have been to wilderness to kill some monsters hoping to get some valuable loots. Every now and then when I was there; I saw some random level 3 player log in on the spot-(probably to check if the place is populated). No more than a few minutes later, I would see a Mager coming in to try to kill me. This is a major flaw in the wilderness.

So my main point is that players are multi-logging to check whether the area is populated and then logging in an alt to kill those players.

My suggestion is simple: Upon logging out in the wilderness, you're teleported to north of Edgeville wilderness border (can also be at Edgeville telespot) in order to eliminate spiers and spawn killing/bashing. Please @developer.

I see that Pking is pretty much dead in this rsps. A server with no pker is destine to nowhere.
Also I see stakers staking up to billions of gp at any given day.  A staker shown me 11 billion worth of perfect gold bars. A Server with roughly 80 active players and billions of Gold coins is not a healthy server at all. There got to be a way to sink these billionaires' coins.
Invention skill only sink some useless items. Which is not good at all.

My suggestion:
Move all barrow armors to "Emps Pker Npc" shop.
Make barrow armors scale up with your defence level up to 70 just like the KBD set.

Every barrow armors set can be purchase for 5m coins. These armors set can be sold back to the npc for 1/3 to 2/3 of the price depending on the damages of the armor. With these armors in shop. Player would be more than likely pay the small price and go pk.
Optional: Zone restriction can be added to allow players to wear barrow armors around Edgeville and Wilderness only.

PVP Crates remains in this shop. More on this down below.
Small PVP crate cost 5m coins
Medium PVP crate cost 10m coins
Large PVP crate cost 15m coins

Barrow minigame:
Replace all the barrow armors with these valuable items.
Remove Demon horn necklace from Pest control exchange and add it to barrow rewards
Remove Bonecrusher from Emps-war Exchange and add it to barrow rewards
Remove Salve amulet from Slayer shop and add it to barrow rewards and nerf its undead damage from 20%to 5%
Remove corrupted dragon armors and weapons from Emps war and add them to barrow. Swap corrupted dragon armors and dh set stats then make it provide extra damages toward undeads.
Add 5% extra damage to undeads per corrrupted dragon armor part, corrupted dragon weapons, and the shield.
A player wearing the corrupted dragon armor set+shield+salve amulet will have 30% extra damage when killing undeads.
I feel like rewarding theses items through Barrow minigame will be the best as all these items are relating to undead in a way or form.

Remove all blood currency from the game.
Move all the current items(except pvp crates) in Blood coins exchange to the Magic chest

With all the pvp gears moved to the magic chest. Also remove all half of a key from non wilderness monsters. Every aggressive monsters and boss(es) that are in wilderness(wildywyrm, Gulega, elemental chaos, spectrals) will have a chance(5%) of dropping either half of a key or a full crystal key along with their regular drop (like the muddy skull drop system during halloween event). Furthermore, Pker will have a guarantee drop of half of a key and 10% chance of getting a full crystal key upon killing someone in the wilderness-(other than their alt.)

Also remove Ring of Vigour from Pest control shop and move it to the Magic chest . This ring is for pker and should be among the pvp gears in the Magic chest

Remove (partyhats, elegants, boaters and berets) from Magic chest   add them to Burnt Chest in the smoke dungeon.
Remove Zamorak, Saradomin, and Guthix mjolnir from Magic chest and add them to Emps-Wars ticket exchange
Remove Gnome scarf from Magic chest and add it to Agility ticket shop Agility ticket shop and make it provide some percentage for less chance of failure when training agility. This percentage should stack up with strung rabbit foot and agile set.
Remove Magic watering can from Magic chest and add it to Farming Shop and cost 1m coins. It will disappear after 5000 charges(watering).
Remove G and T armors from magic chest and add them to Nalar's Heraldry shop. .

Other way to sink coins.
Make Brother Jerred have the ability to make you a fully operational shield when  you have all the parts in bag (sigil+spirit shield) then You'll have to pay 2m coins for the full service.

Make Leprechaun have the ability to teleport player to different farming spots for a coin fee per teleportation and when the player reaches 99 farming. The player can right click on cape to teleport to different farming spot for free.

Other misc to add to the game:
Add counter in activity completion log for vote point.

Make Thomy npc a pk training bot in safe desert entrance. Update Empss pker's dialogue to tell player to go see Thomy npc for combat training as if Thomy is his master or something.

Add a slayer master that only assigns tasks for npcs located in the wilderness. Completing the task will earn you double the slayer points.

Remove coal and gem bags from the [Tokkul exchange] and add them to [Star sprite reward shop].
Remove highwaymask from Burnt chest and set it as a thieving skilling mask (that you'll receive it randomly while thieving). This mask will provide 5-10% more luck while thieving. The bonus should stack up with strung rabbit foot.

I understand that not everyone will take to my suggestions but don't just disagree without a reason, things can be re-worded if you have a better idea for the subject you disagree with then state it and I'll add it beside the original with an 'or' statement.

Let me know what you think below;


Bug Reports / Drunken Dwarf
« on: December 26, 2019, 12:21:56 am »
TL;DR: Drunken dwarf appeared out of no where, attacked me, accused me of up to no good, didn't even want to share his beer with me, his presence didn't even count toward the random event. 

A drunken dwarf spawned next to me and ask me to talk to him. I told him to go away via the public chat but he wouldn't listen; he insists I must talk to him (which I did again). He just wouldn't listen then he proceed to hit me with his drunken master fist. I got angry so I went into super saiyan mode and try to fight back. But then to my surprise, I can't attack him WTF. I yelled at him "Get lost you midget!!". The drunken dwarf seems intimidated by my angry voice; he stop hitting me, however he then accursed me of up to no good when in fact he started the fight. In the end, he left me alone and vanished into thin air without offering an apology or sharing his cup of beer with me. I demand him to be locked up in the court of law in the Emps World of Random event.

Edit: I was training hunting(swamp salamanders) when this happen.

Introductions & Farewells / Hello Gamers
« on: December 23, 2019, 09:58:13 pm »
What brought you in Emps-World?
Yo. It's -Echo- here. I've Been browsing through some servers on rune-server list. I have to say this server have the best graphic out of all the ones I tried. I think I'll stick with this server for awhile to explore and see if I want to be a part of this small yet lovely community. I can already tell that the game itself is very well coded and very professional looking. I genuinely believe in times this server will gain popularity once more people find out about it.

I don't play any sports. However I'm a big fan of football. Let's go Green Bay Packers!!

I love going fast, I love fast Eboards, I love fast cars, I love anything that goes fast. I am a speed junkie, a carving demon on an Eboard. I want an endless of thrill and adrenaline running through my body. The adrenaline I get by going fast is like cocaine adrenaline high but better.

This is the Eboard. You can only crash with it once and you're done for.

My name is -Echo- and I'm 22 years old. I am a very talkative person but I want to be calm and answer only when other people speak or ask questions. Sadly, I talk too much that I hated myself for it. Sometimes I even talk back to the people on the T.V...Jesus but I'm not crazy though. ;D  Yes I can talk just about anything with anyone voice chat or in game. So if you're bore or just need someone to talk to, I'm your guy! Add me in game or on discord (Echo#6983) and let's have a chat and maybe go grab some Asgarnian ales drinks in Burthorope together. I'm looking forward to meeting everyone of you in game.


Bug Reports / Can't sell item when inventory is full
« on: December 22, 2019, 03:26:36 pm »
[Not sure if this is bug or just not a feature]
It does not make sense for me to have an empty spot or drop one of my item from my inventory to sell. The shop should be able to just add coins to my coin stack in my bag.

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