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Guides / Emps-World - Skill Guide - Thieving
« on: November 04, 2014, 03:44:08 pm »
Thieving guide of Emps-World

Table of contents:
I. Introduction
II. The Path to 99 and Locations
III. Exp rates
IV. Extra

I. Introduction
Thieving is a members-only skill that allows players to obtain coins and items by stealing from market stalls, or by pickpocketing non-player characters (NPCs).

II. The Path to 99 and Locations
First of all, thieving is really easy to start. You can start very easily by pickpocketin NPC Man. I recommend doing it in Al-Kharid, but Mans :D can be found all over the world. Do here 1-20, because you will fail less when you move on. Man is linked with red circle.

Next are Farmers level 7, they are located at Falador, simply use falador teleport. You can pickpocket low level seeds from them. Do here 20-30 Farmers are linked with red circles.

If you have reached level 30 thieving. You can start thieving from baker stalls. I have linked also other stalls. My character is located on safespot for thieving from baker stall. Baker stalls are located in Ardougne, you can use teletab (teletabs are dropped by wizards) to get there. Do here 30-40 or 45 it's up to you. HIGH ALERT! GUARDS WILL ATTACK YOU IF YOU ARE OUT OF SAFESPOT OR STEALING FROM OTHER STALLS!!

If you have reached thieving 40 you can start pickpocketing from guards, but I recommend pickpocketing from guards, when you have little bit higher level in thieving.Why? Because you will fail less, when you have higher level and by that you'll get exp faster. Guards are located in Falador, Varrock basically all over the world. I chose Falador guards. Do here 40-55. Guards are linked with red circles.

If you those the other path 30-45 thieving. You can start stealing from silk stalls, they are located in Ardougne (on earlier picture) and Al-Kharid (safer). Do here 45-55.

If you have reached thieving 55, you can start to steal from silver stalls. They are located in Ardougne (mentioned earlier, highly not recommended) and in Pollnivneach. Also there are bandits in Pollnivneach, but there is a safespot. Pollnivneach is located in Al-Kharid safe wild, you can simply teleport there. Do here 55-60. Silver stall and Pollnivneach villager are linked with red circles.

For now you have reached level 60 thieving. Now you can start pickpocketing from Pollnivneach villagers, but I recommend doing it little bit later atleast when you have 65 or 70 thieving. I recommend doing so on that villager which is on the previous picture. Why so? Because It's safer than other spots, there are agressive bandits around that village. But I add picture where are other villagers. Do here 65-75. Villagers are linked with red circles. There are bandits nearby, I recommend bringing some food if they attack.

If you have reached 75 thieving It's the time for actually making profit from thieving. But you will fail quite much when you pickpocket from Master Farmer, so I recommend coming here also little bit later, when oyu have higher thieving level, but it's all up to you. You can pickpocket all high level seeds from Master Farmer who is located in Varrock Castle. Do here 75-80 or 75-99 It's up to you. I personally did here 99 and used seeds later on Farming. ALERT! He hits up to 4, so I really recommend bringing some food with you, especially when you are low level.

The other path is going for gems. If you have 80 thieving you can steal from Gem stalls. They are located in Ardougne and Al-Kharid. Al-Kharid stall is highly recommended. You can easily do 80-99 thieving on gem stall.

III. Exp rates

Man - exp 93
Farmer level 7 - exp 119
Baker stall - exp 460
Guard - exp 312
Silk stall - 640
Pollnivneach villager - 474
Master Farmer - 623
Gem stall - 1060

Clicks needed to get 80-99 thieving on gem stall: 10423 Good Luck!

IV. Extra

Thieving skillcape

Guide made by Anonymous9 and little help from Glitch 7 8).
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