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Bug Reports / Re: Noted Dragonhide from Brutal Green Dragons
« on: Today at 10:04:28 am »
Will be fixed next update, thanks!
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Bug Reports / Re: bug report
« on: December 12, 2018, 10:32:54 am »
Images were posted on Discord - issue should be fixed too now. :)
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Bug Reports / Re: Possessed hat dialogue picture?
« on: December 09, 2018, 08:04:36 am »
It's part of how the model was designed. The moving texture part has transparency. Thanks though. :)
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Hey guys,

This update contains a collection of changes and fixes as well as re-enabling present deliveries for Christmas. There's also 5 new wings in the donator store and a new high level Slayer monster has appeared in the mage arena (level 50+ wilderness) dropping the Zaryte bow.

Winter Weekends
Some of you may have already heard or read about our winter weekend special. We'll be having double xp, double minigame token, free member and event weekends through December. You can read more details and obtain the full schedule here:

New Wilderness Slayer Monster - Gulega
A new and dangerous foe has appeared inside the Mage arena (wilderness). Their best drop is the Zaryte bow (1 in 250) introducing a new tier 82 shortbow. It has infinite ammo and needs to be repaired after 20,000. Gulegas require level 89 Slayer to be killed.

Its droptable will soon appear on the wiki. Due to the recent demand in vials I've given it a common 80-120 noted vials of water drop. That's not completely solving the problem of obtaining vials, but it will definitely ease the process on higher accounts.

General Wings
All bosses from the God Wars Dungeon have received a special wing type. These resemble the actual general's look rather than their god:
  • Kree'arra wings
  • Nex wings
  • Graardor wings
  • Zilyana wings
  • Tsutsaroth wings

Christmas Event
I've enabled the Christmas event(s) from the past years. I'm still looking into the creation of new items and rewards, but you're already able to complete or ruin parcel deliveries. The Christmas tree along with snow drifts have also been re-added into the game!

I've also slightly edited the floor and created a snowing effect through the particle system.

Helping out the Chef, Taxidermist and Big Fish Exchange
Special thanks to JP for creating a new miniquest, the Taxidermist and Big Fish Exchange through emps-script. You can start the miniquest called Helping out the Chef north-east of Barbarian village. The Taxidermist can be found in Canifis buying unused slayer head drops for good money. Harry in Catherby exchanges big fishes (bass, swordfish, shark) for 100 noted small equivalents. If you're also interested in adding content to the game through the scripting language, contact us on Discord!

Game fixes / changes:
  • NPCs will no longer be aggressive while being inside the tutorial of Thomy showing you the game.
  • You can no longer equip all items from the bank interface.
  • Kal'Ger now correctly resets his attack phases when getting out of combat.
  • A bug within the Construction code was fixed, which allowed you to stay registered inside a house although already having left it.
  • Items that can no longer be equipped will now automatically be unequipped.
  • Teleports now make you invincible when being casted instead of when being applied. That means that the moment you start teleporting it's impossible to die during that animation.
  • Several items have had their options fixed: coal bag, enchanted gem, yo-yo and pouches.
  • The attack interface of crossbows has been reworked. It now shows an image of a crossbow instead of a bow.
  • Cyclopses now share the drop table of Hill giants. Defender drop rates remain untouched.
  • Resetting skilling actions now also properly resets your current animation. Meaning that turning away from mining a rock or an event occurring forcing you to stop doesn't only cancel your action but also the mining animation in this example.
  • Following monsters have had their drop tables improved: Bloodvelds, Warped terror birds, Cave horrors, Aberrant spectres, Smoke and Dust devils, Goraks, Nechryaels, Dark beasts and Mutant tarns. These drop tables were quite old and outdated and needed additional refinement. Slayer monsters should be profitable kills, especially the ones having a high requirement to be killed. Please allow us some time in order for the changes to appear on the wiki too!
  • Mutant tarns combat behavior improved. The npc now has a size of 2x2 instead of 3x3, attacks faster and received additional attacking distance. This change was done in order to reflect the buffed drop rates.
  • Brutal green and Mithril dragons no longer drop 2 dragon bones. Green brutal dragons now drop 1-4 (was 1) green noted dragon hides and mithril dragons 4-12 (was 6) noted mithril bars.
  • An issue with sending emails to walla emails has been fixed. The provider would not render e-mails if they contained the @ symbol.
  • Halloween event has officially ended. You can still complete the quest and buy rewards, but Skull drops have been disabled.
  • Several items can now properly be equipped again. Special thanks to the following topic and reporting the items:
  • Plank Make spell now completes a full inventory (28) instead of 13 logs in the same amount of time.
  • Items lost upon death inside the Barrows minigame are now dropped at the graveyard entrance.
  • Alching valuable or untradeable items now shows a warning. The price trigger to show the warning is currently set at 300k. That means if an item alch value or GE value is above 300k you'll get a warning if you really want to alch the item.
  • The block animation of demons has been updated.
  • Easter ring can be equipped again.
  • Demon wand and orb now correctly degrade upon death.
  • A bug with degrading barrow equipment was fixed. It will no longer be unequipped when processing from 50 to 25 but instead when going from 25 to 0.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • The worldmap viewer now caches more images. It should thus be less laggy and buggy once fully loaded. The mouse moving speed was also reduced to make sure the area you scroll to can mostly be seen. If you are having performance issues I recommend not zooming out too far and to wait for it to be initially loaded once!
  • Item stacks are now properly rendered on the floor. Prior to the change you couldn't distinguish a 2 arrow drop from a 5 arrow one.
  • Internal color or icon codes can no longer be used in chat rooms. You can still type them in your chat box, but they won't appear to anyone else.
  • Smooth animations have been revamped. They're now properly interpolated and some flickering issues have been fixed. I've also added an option to turn off animation smoothing completely in case you prefer a more older and classic style.
  • Flickering issues have been fixed when npcs are transformed. This fixes a problem where KQ or Kal'Ger turn invisible for a short amount of time.
  • The way non-map objects are loaded into the game has been reworked. Prior to this update mining a rock or cutting down a tree could cause a short flicker effect before the replaced object (rock or tree) appeared. There will be no more flickering issues when new objects are spawned onto the map.
  • The particle system has been extended to allow static spawns through out the world map. The first example of this new particle system is shown at the Grand Exchange - snowing effect.
  • The position transition of head icons has been smoothed. The will flicker a lot less.

I hope you're all having a great time

All the best,

Fixes of 6th:
  • Gulegas and Aquanites have received sounds.
  • PC portals are clickable again.
  • Present Deliveries have properly been enabled.
  • NPC death animations no longer suddenly stop and flicker.
  • Rest in Pieces quest can now be continued.
  • Repair option in houses now correctly shows the item name.
  • Entities no longer randomly face north after walking diagonally.

Bug Reports / Re: Unequippable items list
« on: December 01, 2018, 10:49:22 pm »
Those aren't supposed to be equipable.
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News & Announcements / Re: Emps-World Winter Weekends
« on: December 01, 2018, 11:29:04 am »
nov 30 - dec 3 is free member today dec 1 and free memb still off... soo these events is real?

I've just enabled it. Please have mercy on my human mistakes.
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Hey guys,

Halloween's just around the corner and I've also prepared some items fitting the theme! I'm also scheduling the next Double Experience weekend and released some QoL changes. As always also quite a few fixes and engine improvements. Thanks for your reports and feedback!

Halloween 2018
You are able to obtain Skulls again after completing the Draynor Manor I quest. Please don't forget that you need the Muncher pet following you in order to be able to receive skulls! A new skeletal Raven pet has been added to the shop that also counts as Muncher when collecting Skulls. Moreover you can now buy 3 possessed hats that fit the overall Halloween theme well. The may or may not have a hidden special ability. ;)

Double Experience Weekend - November 2nd through 4th!!

Time for another Double Experience weekend. Also time to start stacking up resources!

Game fixes / changes:
  • Member tickets can no longer be staked. I don't think it's a good idea to be able to stake membership. It encourages stacking up member tickets and devalues them a lot imho. I've noticed that a lot of them have been staked recently and am thus disabling it.
  • The Tool Leprechaun now also notes cleaned herbs for you.
  • You now have an up to 70% chance to steal another gem from the Gem stall. The chance increases with your Thieving level.
  • Bob and the Construction workshop now give you an option to repair all items in your inventory.
  • Slayer partners can now extend their tasks too.
  • Closing the client now keeps you 15 seconds online instead of 10 when being in the wilderness. You shouldn't be able to escape fights by logging out.
  • Kalphite Queen now spawns 2 minions. They need to be killed in order for her to be respawned.
  • You are now able to equip items when having the bank opened. Simply right-click the item you wish to equip in your inventory while your bank is open and you will have an Equip option.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Minimap rendering overhauled. It's now smoother and also faster. Minimap transformations and rotations are now done on the GPU than on the CPU. This reduces loading times and increases your fps rate - especially with higher Rendering Distances.
  • Worldmap Viewer overhauled. It has become a little slow with the recent rendering improvements. The system was designed to speed up rendering and not creating maps. The new worldmap viewer system now also benefits from the rendering improvements and will load much quicker.

The new wilderness boss couldn't quite make it into this patch, but I'm looking forward for it to be released in the next one. My plan is to give it a new ranged weapon drop (crossbow or bow) that has a strong special attack. I am also looking into something similar to OSRS' dragon thrown-axes, so that there's also a range variant of the granite maul. I'd also like to introduce Karambwans or another similar food type in the coming patches. What do you think about that?

All the best,

Hey guys,

I've started pushing the emps engine towards its limits and am now offering you even further Rendering Distances! There have also been several performance improvements and tweaks that ensures less lags and smoother loading screens. I want the game run well on toasters while also offering good graphics. The game will now run smoother, especially on multi-core computers.

Larger Viewing Distances & Performance Tweaks
You're now able to set viewing distances of up to 160 - the previous maximum was 100. The map size is now also scaling with the viewing distance. Please bear in mind that large viewing distances are currently only possible on really powerful computers! This requires loading way more data and also more performance in drawing everything. I've also reworked the way the floor is loaded resulting in better loading times as well as increased quality - floor textures loaded in an atlas with anisotropic filtering. Water shaders have also slightly been reworked. The depth calculation was wrong and the blue water didn't seem very natural. Reflections are now also brighter - they were missing a brightness coefficient. I've also changed the clicking areas for npcs that are far away from you. The additional clicking area factor now depends on the distance from you to the entity. Making it easier to click close entities and more difficult to click the ones far away. This can only be felt when playing with large rendering distances. I often miss-clicked on npcs that were too far away and identified that their clicking areas were just too big.

There have also been performance improvements that makes it easier for the game client to handle large amounts of models. Ground decoration is now also rendered in a separate call and only the closest models are rendered. Distant grass or rocks on the floor are no longer rendered when too far away giving you less performance loss at large rendering distances.

Game fixes / changes:
  • The NPC death animation system has been reworked. I have taken the timers from the actual animation configuration out of the client to determine how long an animation takes. Monsters should no longer have flickering death animations and will now drop their items exactly when the animation ends. Some monsters may drop their items sooner and some later after this patch. I have also fixed an issue where an npc would still be alive for 1-2 seconds until starting to play the death animation. The timer is now between 0 and 1 second depending on the death animation duration. Please also bear in mind the server needs at least 1 tick (0.5s) to determine and flag an NPC as dead. So that's the minimum amount of time a death animation needs to be delayed. I've also added an additional delay to the death animations of KQ and Corporeal Beast to ensure they don't get stuck between a walking and death animation.
  • Aggression radius inside Fight Caves has been fixed. Sometimes npcs wouldn't walk towards the middle in order to attack you.
  • The drop system has been rewritten. It's now internally based on the player's name instead of the player's id. That fixes a problem where people would randomly get the drop of another person when logging in and receiving a recycled player id.
  • Har'Lakk minion spawns have been tweaked. They should no longer stop attacking you and thus also not stay alive when Har'Lakk dies.
  • The amount of vials in the General store have been increased. I cannot put noted vials into the store, because they could simply be bought in 1 go, making the shop run out of vials constantly. I am still thinking of solutions to be able to obtain more vials though!
  • Vyrewatch necklace (b) no longer turns into dust when lost.
  • KBD's defence level has been lowered from 145 to 135. It's supposed to be an easy boss for medium levels and may be too difficult to kill with low-level gear.
  • The game is now listening on ports 23 and 24 again. This means that connecting from school and uni networks should be possible again! ;)

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Water planes at Aquanites have been fixed.
  • Brightness setting has been fixed.
  • Issues with clicking NPCs has been fixed.

I'm continuing work on wilderness updates. There will be a new boss and also a new fishing spot. I'm trying to keep Trello as up to date as possible: Bear in mind it's a flip chart and nothing in there is guaranteed to be in the game! :)

All the best,
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Bug Reports / Re: Vyrewatch necklace
« on: October 15, 2018, 09:43:04 am »
The amulet should not turn into dust, it should revert back to its original state. It's a bug that will be fixed next patch!
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Bug Reports / Re: Delay dying monsters
« on: October 14, 2018, 04:04:51 pm »
Is getting a change next patch. :)
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Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Enhancing, new skill + equipment sink
« on: October 11, 2018, 05:15:58 pm »
I think we can just call it Invention at this point. Did some brainstorming in Discord and put it onto Trello:

Great idea for an effective and useful item sink. :)
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Bug Reports / Re: Clicking
« on: October 04, 2018, 05:35:38 pm »
I've patched this issue earlier today. Wana restart the game and tell me if it's better now? I've found a few issues. The click list should now be sorted by the distance from camera to clickable entities in ascending order.
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Hey guys,

I'm very happy with how the past 2 updates turned out and improved our overall activity; wilderness especially. I'd like to continue improving the wilderness because I think it's a place that ensures the overall game economy stays healthy by creating demand for equipment and resources. I'm also introducing weaknesses to make PvMing more interesting and to give elemental weapons places where they out-scale demon weapons. The aim is trying to create a system where every high level weapon can be useful at some point. As always there's also a ton of bugfixes and balancing updates. Many thanks for your reporting and feedback!

Vyrewatch - New Necklace
Vampires or also called Vyrewatch have been added to the Wilderness. They range levels between 110 to 140 and are all weak to fire attacks. The strong versions (130 & 140) can be found at the Bone Yard whereas the weaker versions can be found at the Graveyard of Shadows. In general Vyrewatch are not aggressive except for them seeing an opportunity to kill you. I recommend not getting too low health else you may trigger their blood rush and find yourself out numbered in seconds. You are able to collect Vampire blood from every kill which can be used to upgrade the Vyrewatch necklace. The new necklace can also be received as a rare drop from Vyrewatch. The upgraded version degrades after inflicting 15,000 hits and requires 1,000 Vampire blood to be upgraded. Their flying form is also immune against melee attacks. They can be reached with spears and halberds though. The upgraded Vyrewatch necklace has bonuses equal to the best range, magic and melee amulet combined. It also has a passive effect allowing you to deal 5% more damage while also taking 5% more damage.

Weakness System
I've wanted to implement this for quite a while already and am now doing it in a very basic way. Certain monsters now heave weaknesses:
  • Fire: Ice wyrm, Glacor, Vyrewatch
  • Water: WildyWyrm
Your weapons and spells now have a damage type which is shown in the equipment interface. When hitting an npc with its weak damage type your damage is increased by 25%, accuracy however remains the same. This additional bonus doesn't affect experience gains but let's you kill opponents quicker. Not many monsters have a weakness yet, because I'd like to see the system in action first and gather feedback. If you guys like it I'll continue developing the weakness system. So please let me know!

Cooking Skill
With recent changes to Fishing the experience gains for Cooking are just wrong right now. I've tripled the experience rates and changed the code that decides when to burn food. By default you now require a 25% higher level of the food's requirement to no longer burn it at all. That means if Sharks require level 70 Cooking you need level 88 (87.5) Cooking to stop burning them. Cooking gauntlets reduce 10% of that requirement. With the shark example it'd mean that you need a Cooking level of 79 (78.75) to no longer burn Sharks when wearing Cooking gauntlets. There's one exception: You can't burn anything at level 99 Cooking. Burning food now also gives 25% of the original experience.

GWD Changes
I am really happy with how the drops for top 3 damage dealers turned out, but I think it backfired a little bit in the God Wars Dungeon. I've halved the drop rates of rare and unique items from bosses. Don't worry, the drop rates are still better than before the top 3 damage dealer update if you go in with 2 friends! I've also done some changes to boss combat:
  • Commander Zilyana: Attacks faster and harder with melee attacks.
  • Kree'arra: Ranged attack is now a Mage attack. It can hit a maximum of 30 unprotected.
  • K'ril Tsutsaroth: Melee damage of 2 fast hits increased. All melee attacks are now multi attacks hitting an area of 3x3.
  • General Graardor: Melee attacks are now multi attacks hitting an area of 3x3.
The changes listed above are to ensure that bosses are still fun and somewhat difficult if fought in groups and not impossible to kill for people with the best equipment.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Ice shield freeze reduction timer fixed - it was 2.5s instead of 5s.
  • A bug with spell casting has been fixed that sometimes caused you to attack with your staff. It also makes casting spells manually smoother and less delayed in PvP situations.
  • It's no longer possible to click objects when frozen. That means that using stairs or dungeon entrances is now impossible when frozen. The logic behind this change is that being frozen means being unable to move and using objects is actually moving your character.
  • The wilderness teleport lever in Edgeville is now working.
  • Horvik can now make Dragonfire shields and Godsword blades for 1,000k each. You don't require level 90 Smithing when doing so.
  • Killing opponents in the wilderness now gives more ELO. The rules for farming kills and killing the same opponent(s) have been made stricter as well.
  • The combat power of Spectrals in the wilderness has been reduced. They now have 242 HP and their defensive bonuses have been reduced by 20. They are already in a dangerous area and thus don't need to be that strong.
  • Teleporting now clear freeze timers.
  • Projectiles now properly hit flying monsters in the air: Armadyl GWD monsters, flying vampires and KQ 2nd form.
  • Weapon poison (p++) can now be noted.
  • The equipment screen now shows damage types.
  • Autocast button now shows the spell you will be casting.
  • An issue with beards on the slayer helm has been fixed.
  • A bug with the 2 set piece bonus not activating on Vanguard, Templar and Trickster has been fixed.
  • The Demon halberd special attack no longer deals 25% additional damage. You still have 2 hits on larger enemies though. This nerf is necessary, because the halberd just hits way too much in PvP.
  • Special attack with dark bow using a quiver has been fixed. The special attack damage wouldn't increase.
  • Magic shortbow and Seercull special attack buffed. The first hit now also deals 100% of the damage.
  • The Karil set effect has been changed. Your attack speed is now decreased by 0.5 when successfully inflicting damage. It's also no longer possible to fire bolt racks with other crossbows.
  • Hit effects (vengeance, recoil, spirit shields, etc.) are now always applied. Also when applying a lethal hit!
  • Gilded chaotics can now be bought from the Slayer reward shop. They cost 200,000 Slayer points each.
  • A rounding issue for weapon repairs has been fixed. Chaotics should no longer cost an additional 10k to be repaired.
  • The barrow rewards chest now has a 1 in 1000 chance to give you one of the 6 new Barrow pets. They are miniature versions of the actual Barrow npc models.
  • Monsters that cannot be reached by melee attacks can now be attacked with spears or halberds. In general weapons that increase your attack distance.
  • Some Grenwall spawns have been added to the wilderness. The green area south-west of Red Dragon Isle.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • The internal way of how animations are pre-loaded and cached was updated. You should find newly loaded animations flicker less in crowded areas.
  • The kill logs interface has been overhauled. It should cause less performance issues and no longer flicker. You now also have a button at the equipment tab to open the interface. The ::killlogs command was removed as well.
  • Spell icons now appear when viewing spell names in menus.
  • On-demand fetcher has been updated. The timeouts of requesting model files have been increased. Every download is now also initially enforced through the custom protocol before trying a http request. Overall this will reduce initial loading and downloading times.
  • Searching for items in the bank or for npcs in the kill logs now resets scroll position.
  • Worldmap viewer has been optimized. It's now loading the map faster on multi-core systems.
  • Destroy option can now be navigated by clicking keys 1 or 2.

Map & Tile System Rewritten
I've completely rewritten the client's internal management of tiles. This goes hand in hand with the map loader and its underlying system managing the area you see. This improves the memory management of the map and loading times. It also sets the first step for supporting gigantic rendering distances without the map being cut off at some point. I've been messing around with rendering distances of 200 and got good 50-60 fps without any optimizations yet! In the end this should also completely remove small loading times and never show map edges anymore. However this is the final version and I'm still pretty far way from that, but the changes in the tile system now allow me to do that. For those of you who are interested in the technical changes: The map has been represented in a 3d array consisting of 4 104x104 arrays representing a plane each. When loading a new map this would have to be fully reloaded with new objects. The new system now consists of a hash table of tiles allowing to add and delete tiles easily.

All the best,

Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Master clue scrolls - new tier of clues
« on: October 01, 2018, 05:33:01 pm »
Wouldn't it be nicer to let master clue scrolls be obtainable from elites? It could be like 1 in 10 or 1 in 5 to get one?
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News & Announcements / Re: Staff Applications
« on: September 26, 2018, 09:57:31 am »
While current staff nominations only happen through talking to a member of the staff-team, we feel like some people could be left out and now everyone has the same form to apply. It's easy and convenient for us to manage one application form. It also eases up the application process.

This doesn't mean we need 10 new mods, but gives us one application method at all times. Whoever wants to join the team can apply though a ticket system now. :)
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