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Videos / Re: Anyone remember how perfect this game was before?
« on: December 17, 2015, 09:37:35 pm »
Hi 7ankish reporting.

@ Ken. All scapes have died with time and if not for the constant updates this "Thomy" gives the players the game would have died ages ago. Completing this game right now is still easy as fuck, despite all the added content. It will never be like it used to be - nothing in life will be. Got to move on as time does.

@ Charr. Current wilderness is the perfect example of cancer. All of the so called "pkers" are the pixelhungriest people I've ever seen and none of them can actually pk. Main pk - rich stakers coming with max gear prodding the shit out of you and despite their 123125124b banks still eating so fucking patheticly much. Pure pk - "throw 2 darts & use claws". And to add to all of this these "pkers" are just fucking pathetic human beings 5/10 arabs who start rageing at you just because they suck. 3/10 estonians who are just retarded and the 2/10 these fucking dutch kids who are apparently all from the same family - retards.

To sum up, World has no PK community. World will never be Scape. Wild will never be not even 20% as active as it used to be.
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