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Hey guys,

In the depths of Canifis' swamp a catacomb filled with ancient vampires has been found. You can challenge the ancient Vampire Vanstrom Klause in groups of up to four players in an instanced dungeon. There's new weapons to find, new clothes and new best in slot necklaces for every combat style. In other news we have lots of smaller reworks and fixes improving overall gameplay.

Vampire Catacombs - Vanstrom Klause
A new and unique dungeon has opened in the depths of Canifis' swamp. The catacombs are in the south-eastern part of the swamp just north of the vyrewatch city. Vanstrom Klause is an elder vampire that rests with many other vampires beneath the ground. You need to complete the dungeon and kill Vanstrom Klause for every boss drop. It's an instanced group experience for up to 4 players. The difficulty of this dungeon has been increased when comparing it to other group bosses. It is also highly recommended to have a dedicated tank in your group because some mechanics require taking a lot of damage.

Vanstrom Necklace
You need to become creative when utilizing the blood of an elder vampire that even comes in different forms. A high Invention skill level of 85 is required to create powerful necklaces. These items do not degrade and offer the highest combat bonuses for a given attack style:
  • Frenzy: melee necklace
  • Hawkeye: ranged necklace
  • Mystic: magic necklace
  • Holy: tank necklace
You will find those new pieces of equipment useful on your adventures. These necklaces cannot be traded and turn into a degraded state when lost upon death. Meaning that once created you cannot lose them unless you manually destroy the items.

Blisterwood weapons
There's three new and degradeable weapons that can be fletched and smithed from blisterwood logs:
  • Blisterwood stake: level 70 thrown weapons
  • Blisterwood staff: level 70 two-handed magic weapon
  • Blisterwood pole: level 70 two-handed halberd
All blisterwood weapons deal silver type damage and thus give additional 20% accuracy and damage against vampires. The damage type of magic spells is overwritten when using blisterwood. They degrade after 5000 hits in combat or being thrown away. The weapons cannot be traded.

Two-handed Magic Weapons
With the blisterwood staff we now have our first two-handed magic weapon that hits harder but attacks slower. I would like to expand on this idea in the future to have more diversity for magical weapons similar to melee and ranged variants.

Darkmeyer Clothes
Broken pieces can be found as drops from vampires. These need to be repaired with a needle and thread to create Darkmeyer clothes. They give protection against aggression from vampires and offer bonuses for all combat styles. You need to be at least level 62 in all combat stats to equip Darkmeyer parts.

Death Item Spawn Locations
It was sometimes unclear and often also random where items would spawn if you died inside of a bossing area. I've changed the item spawn locations for bossing areas to always be OUTSIDE the actual dungeon. For example if you died while fighting a God Wars Dungeon boss, your items would have dropped outside of the bossing room. Which might be difficult to get or you might just die again while trying to retrieve your items. The item drop location will now be outside of the actual dungeon. Meaning they will show up just before you enter the God Wars Dungeon. This rule was applied to all item spawn locations including Har'Lakk, Kal'Ger, Yk'Lagor, entire GWD, Smoke dungeon, Kalphite lair, King black dragon and Vanstrom Klause. The Corporeal Beast spawn location was left untouched.

Hit Splats and Entity Height - Avoiding Visual Clutter
I've updated the way entity heights for health bars and head icons are calculated. They will be more constant and move around less when animations play. You will feel this especially when fighting vampires in their flying form. Hit splats now also have constant positions with a fade-in and fade-out effect. The aim of this change is to give a smoother experience of combat information and avoid visual clutter. That is done by trying to avoid having too many things that move around a lot. This was especially a problem when a lot of hit splats needed to be rendered on a single entity.

New activity scores have been added to the Hiscores. There have also been changes to the layout to better support future filters for desktop and mobile layouts. Player names and skill names have become clickable throughout the page so that navigation becomes easier. The loading gif was removed because it was always flashing up for a split second - it came from a time where loading data took longer than a second.

Animation Quality
This setting how has a larger impact on actual animation smoothness and resulting performance. Lower settings will help slower computers much more to get higher fps rates. I've also improved the animation streaming code a little by only updating color buffers when necessary. This results in overall better performance when rendering a lot of animations on screen.

Game fixes / changes:
  • The size of POH's menagerie was increased from 30 to 40 pets.
  • Dragon ornament kit is now correctly named on the Grand Exchange.
  • The God Wars Dungeon entrance has been fixed. It was too far into the ground.
  • You now get the correct message when reaching the dimension limit of your POH.
  • Getting a set piece of the chicken costume is now broadcasted.
  • The aggression of monsters in the Abyss has been changed. They are now always aggressive towards all combat levels.
  • The right-click option "collect" of bankers can now be used to retrieve sold or bought items from the Grand Exchange.
  • Tool Leprechauns have been added to every Farming location on the map.
  • Invention tasks that require you to obtain Demon, Ancient or Spiritual energies have been removed.
  • The daily task variety has been reworked for skills with a lot of different potential tasks such as Invention or Construction. Your task will now be drawn out of a larger pool of potential tasks.
  • The up / down dialogue options for various stairs have been fixed.
  • Being afk and sitting down no longer triggers while skilling.
  • Bleed damage can now be reduced by armour block values.
  • Sacred clay can once again be created by using clay on an altar. The speed at which you offer items to altars has been increased significantly as well.
  • The Lunar spell 'Monster Examine' now also shows weaknesses of enemies.
  • Pure essence have been added to the game. They count as double the amount of normal rune essence when creating runes. At the moment they can only be received as a drop but will become available through other means shortly.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Flying vyrewtach now have a fixed position of their health bar to avoid too much visual clutter during animations.
  • Bosses or monsters with a lot of hitpoints now have a larger hitpoints bar.
  • Shadows received a second pass for outline smoothening.
  • Game tick is now calculated more accurately.
  • The radius and height calculation of animated npcs has been improved. It's now done during animations instead of a separate pass resulting in better performance.
  • The projectile calculation has been improved. Overshooting is no longer possible which resulted in weird flickering and a fadeout animation has been added.
  • It's no longer possible to have the map viewer open while the map is loading. That combination was causing weird flickering issues of animated objects in the world. The map viewer automatically closes when the map starts loading.
  • A bug in the asset updater was found and fixed. Fresh game installs will now download much quicker and more reliably. The download speed for missing assets is using full capacty when on the login screen.

I hope you're enjoying the new boss Vanstrom Klause. It's a unique experience and also is more difficult than other existing content. I wanted to give you a dungeon that is similar to a smaller raid in other games. Please let me know what you think of it! Do you prefer single bosses or an entire dungeon combined with an endboss? :D

All the best,

Fixes November 26th:
  • An attempt was made to fix the buggy transformation animations that sometimes occur for vampires. I will keep monitoring if this fixes the problem all together and apply patches when necessary.
  • Vanstrom Klause can no longer get stuck in his frenzy. If he is stuck and cannot attack a player he will start attacking everyone with mage instead.
  • A portal was added when Vanstrom Klause dies that allows you to leave the dungeon.
  • Teleporting out of the Vampire catacombs no longer places you outside but at the location you wanted to teleport to.
  • Kill logs and kill counters for Vanstrom Klause have been fixed.
  • Smithing chrysos armour is working again.
  • Crafting black leather is working again.
  • There will be no more drop messages when you get a drop in the Vampire catacombs but have died and aren't in the dungeon anymore. This wasn't a bug, you are not supposed to get a drop when you aren't around when the kill happens. Kill scores also only count when nobody dies in the dungeon!
  • Instances no longer spawn double bosses.
  • Various monster aggressions have been fixed.
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Update Notes / Updates September 16th - Skilling Pets & Many Minor Overhauls
« on: September 16, 2021, 08:35:09 am »
Hey guys,

In today's update I have a lot of smaller reworks and improvements that I've seen as problematic over the past months. One of the major aims was to improve the game on slower devices because it just was not performing as well as it actually could. Most of these smaller updates already went live a while ago as incremental client patches. The largest part of this update is Skilling Pets, which can now be obtained randomly while training skills.

Skilling Pets
You can now find Skilling pets while skilling. The chances of obtaining those are quite rare but do scale linearly with the amount of experience gained. Additional modifiers are included when being a member and also the amount of total experience points in a specific skill. The modifier for receiving a combat pet are halved because experience gains are generally higher than those of non-combat skills. You can receive pets multiple times and having a full inventory will just drop the pet item on the floor. You can find a list of all skilling pets in your collection log.

Below's a screenshot of all pets:

I'm sure you'll find your favorite pets. Good luck hunting for those! :)

I've added many more items that can be deconstructed. That filled up the skilling interface quite a lot and I decided to group certain items together. There's no longer every bronze item listed with every energy you get but instead a group of bronze items. You can still find the list with all details on the wiki though.

Item Sprites
The way item sprites were calculated was a bit questionable and also very outdated. In order to fix some bugs in the old system I decided to rewrite it. Item icons are now rendered as 64x64 pixel sprites and downscaled instead of 32x32 pixels. This results in much better visual clarity of items and fixes visual problems that existed previously.

I've identified a few issues with shadows regarding their performance and the way they looked unless being on the highest setting. I've reworked the shadow filtering technique from a simple anti-aliasing window to a poisson filter. This results in sharper shadows with increased performance. This gives us higher quality shadows for a bit less of GPU power required than before. It improves gameplay with shadows on lower-end devices and increases visual quality on high-end machines. I basically modernized the way shadows are smoothed out. I have also implemented cascading shadow maps. That is a technique which renders the shadows of distant objects in lower quality. This allowed me to put shadows on basically every model on higher graphic settings. We now have nicer shadows that render performant. Let me know what you think!

Sprite Positions & Minimap
I have reworked the internal Sprite positioning system which now supports comma values. That results in much smoother minimap transitions, experience drops, hit splats, etc. Any kind of moving text or image is affected by this. This change allowed me to create a zoom option for the minimap. You can use your mouse wheel while on top of the minimap to zoom in and out. There's a limit of how far you can zoom out because you might hit too much of unloaded terrain. Clicking the compass sets the minimap zoom back to its original value.

I have rewritten the camera system. It was tedious to use for mathematical calculations and also being juddery. You could feel this especially when moving around or zooming in/out. Moreover, the game was doing the same calculation many times per rendered frame. The new system brings better performance for slower systems and a smoother experience when using camera controls.

Boss Drops
It has recently been pointed out that there is no real advantage trying to solo a boss. I'm introducing a minimum and maximum drops system for bosses. You will get at least two drops for killing a group or hardmode boss. That means a solo attempt will result in 2 rolls on the drop table rewarding the much more difficult fight. I understand that this increases the amount of drops for solo kills. However, bear in mind that duo or trio kills are much quicker and result in way more drops than soloing! This is a small QoL improvement for trying to solo group content. The resource drop amounts for hardmode bosses are now also scaled by 120%. If the boss drops 100k in normal mode, it will drop 120k in hardmode.

Login & Reconnecting
I've reworked the way you login or reconnect to the game. The process was sped up by a lot and will now transfer all data required immediately when logging in. This results in a much faster initial load as well as smoother reconnects should your internet connection get interrupted. Online timers such as being in combat or in the wilderness are unaffected by this change. The rework is about quicker and smoother logins.

Game fixes / changes:
  • The amount for alch warnings can now be configured by right-clicking either low or high level alchemy spells.
  • Combat power of Demon wand has been increased. It is the most expensive weapon to use and should also reflect its high cost by providing more damage. I've increased Magic accuracy by 15 and strength by 4.
  • The Chaos elemental's combat was visually updated. Attack animations no longer walking resulting in weird positions. Its attack speed was also nerfed and combat power slightly buffed to remain equally strong.
  • Item bonuses for dragon full helm (sp) and dragon platebody sp) have been fixed. There was also an issue with poisoned dragon spear bonuses that got fixed.
  • K'ril now counts as demon when using Demon aura.
  • King Black Dragon collection log now contains the construction heads item as well.
  • Collection fairies can be bought for having 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% completion of the Collection log from the Event Point store.
  • Mining rune essences is back to its old speed.
  • Nex is now considered a demon.
  • The bonuses from Demon slayer aura have been increased from 15% to 20%.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • In-game time is now properly synced with server time again.
  • Water configuration for areas above water (Pest Control boat) has been fixed.
  • Orb timers are now displayed in minutes to cause even less visual clutter. They will show seconds once reaching values < 1 minute. So you definitely know when exactly an effect expires.
  • Fairy wings wield model has been fixed.
  • Items kept on death interface now shows up to 9 items instead of up to 6.
  • A bug was found and fixed in the client's asset updater which could cause certain models not to be downloaded and displayed properly. I've also put a limit on parallel asset downloads to avoid overloading network traffic. Loading times are unaffected by this change.
  • The color picker for completionist cape is now updating the interface's model colors immediately after selecting a color. You no longer need to hit the Confirm button to have a preview. The right-section hue image for color selection is now also constant. This makes it easier to select a specific color or when changing color tones.
  • There was a problem with faulty sprite data that needed to be refreshed. The game now automatically detects faulty images on startup and rebuilds the image cache when necessary. Prior to this fix the game would always re-download images and store them on the disk. Images aren't too big but the game would continously store unnecessary data. A few megabytes will be freed up for some computers. ;)
  • The cursor code has been overhauled and performance was improved. In some cases (magic spells) the cursors would keep reloading putting some unnecessary stress on the GPU.

I hope you'll be enjoying this update. It took a while to put everything together and get it to a release. What would you think of letting your pets drink dye bottles to change their appearance in a future update?

All the best,
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Hey guys,

Today's update is a collection of many small patches. The Halloween skull collection event returns with new collectible rings that transform you into monsters. There's also been changes to PvP damage calculations and Hunter received new equipment through Crafting. There have also been several changes to the homepage and we now have Daily Login Rewards. You can read the rest of the patch notes below.

Happy Halloween - Grim Reaper Returns
The annual Halloween event returns! After the completion of the Draynor Manor quest you can use the Muncher pet to get Skull drops. Every monster has a 25% drop chance to drop Skulls - the currency for Grim Reaper's shop. Alternatively you can also use a Skeletal Raven or Mini Kolodion as a replacement for Muncher. You must have one of the pets following you in order to be eligible for Skull drops. The Grim Reaper has also decided to sell you 4 new rings that turn you into different monsters. With the Halloween event these transformations have also been reworked. They should mostly work in low level combat and also allow you to Poke enemy players. Similar to how snowballs or snowmen work.

Damage Soaking --> Damage Blocking
With recent concerns regarding max hits in PvP zones I've taken a look at a mechanic that has been in the game for a while but wasn't used properly: Blocking damage. There is now a new bonus that reduces incoming hits from players: PvP Block. You can see your Block values on equipment screen:
  • Block: Reduces hits by a flat amount. A block value of 10 means that your enemy will hit 10 less: 10 --> 0, 50 --> 40
  • PvP Block: Reduces hits by a percentage. A PvP block value of 10 means your enemy will hit 10% less: 10--> 9, 50 --> 45

Certain items have received the new PvP Block value. Meaning that these items only offer their blocking bonus against other players! Every player also gets 5% extra damage blocking inside a PvP zone. This change isn't going to affect PvM in any way and tries to fix the extremely high hits you can receive in PvP scenarios. The wiki has also been updated with all the new block values. Please let me know what you think of this change.

Hunter Additions
Kebbit furs can now be crafted into fashionable clothing. Dark kebbit fur allows you to create gloves of silence that decrease the chance of getting caught when pickpocketing. They come with 500 charges and degrade once fully used. Prickly kebbits no longer only drop kebbit spikes but spotted fur that can be crafted into spotted capes. The smaller versions of kebbit spikes, which are obtained randomly when catching prickly kebbits, can be crafted into spiked vambraces. Those offer slightly higher bonuses than their previous versions. All the new equipment mentioned above can be crafted by using a needle on furs or kebbit spikes obtained from hunting.

Attack Priorities for Single Combat Zones
I've rewritten the way attack priorities work. Generally speaking it was simplified in order to avoid scenarios where you could not attack NPCs or were spammed with "already under attack" messages. You can now always attack any NPC. Who ever is currently attacking you will stop doing so when you select a new target. That simplifies the attack checks and makes it easier for you to pick new targets. The scenario is different in PvP zones though. You can only attack other players that are not attacked by either an NPC or another player. However, a player attacking an NPC is free to choose a new target: either another NPC or a player!

Shoutbox Removal
These features were outdated and also no longer maintained. The shoutbox is not actively used and also mainly contained spam or troll comments. I've decided to no longer support it and remove the feature from the page. You probably already noticed this. I've also placed more Discord links on the forum and main page to ensure people will find our community.

Voting Removal and Daily Rewards
The voting page has been removed. It was not working and also was no longer actively maintained. We've run voting experiments in the past and they yielded no results. You now get a random (voting) box as daily reward for logging into the game. These boxes have also been updated to give you multiple runes on their drop tables for better and also updated reward distributions. Beginner, Adventurer and Veteran boxes gives you with 2-4 items whereas the rare box gives you 4-8 items. Members get an additional 1-2 items per box.

This is an example of a Rare box. You are eligible for receiving a daily reward box when having a total level over 500 and having played at least 30 minutes. This restriction is per user, so you can get them for multiple accounts.

Homepage Adjustments
I've fixed and improved a few elements on the homepage for smaller screen sizes. The look and feel of popup windows (play button, login, payment, etc.) has been improved. They will now try to align properly in the center of your screen. With this change I have also updated scrollbars: made them smaller and gave them a darker color to match the homepage design. The next and previous buttons of the screenshot/video viewbox on the index page are also no longer above popups on mobile phones.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Attack ranges of spears / halberds has received a few adjustments when fighting NPCs and are now also working correctly again in multi combat zones.
  • Loading issues with doors and the shooting star have been fixed.
  • The attack distance of bosses was increased to avoid scenarios where you could safespot them.
  • AFK kicker has been reduced from 15 to 9 minutes. When reaching 9 minutes of being afk the game now force a logout instead of suggesting one. When starting to rest (afk for 3 minutes) the game will also reset all skilling actions to avoid your account being locked to any actions.
  • Items lost to deaths inside of the Giant mole and King black dragon instances will now be dropped outside their respective entrances.
  • An issue with ranged attacks of the Giant mole has been fixed. It will now correctly deal damage in hard mode.
  • Elemental staves and bows now passively apply their elemental effect with a proc chance of 15%.
  • The demon orb special attack can now be activated again once the timer goes below 15 seconds. That makes refreshing the buff and constantly using it easier. You now also gain additional 2 base spell damage when using it with a Demon wand.
  • The out of combat delay timer messages are now correctly shown in the wilderness. You need to be 15 seconds (instead of 5) out of being in combat for most actions inside the wilderness. The message modification has also been applied to the logout timer, 20 seconds instead of 10.
  • The Demon wand now has a special attack that restores 150% of the damage you dealt in prayer points. There's also a unique animation that plays when using the special attack. It's also impossible to use (or waste) special attack energy when using a staff's special attack in melee combat - special attack will just disable itself automatically.
  • An issue with using items on furnaces with specific rotations has been fixed.
  • Crossbow limbs can now be noted.
  • The melee attacks of K'ril Tsutsaroth no longer hit the entire room. They now have their correct attack range of 2 tiles.
  • More poisonous spiders have been added to the Barbarian dungeon. There's now also red spider eggs spawns that can be picked up from the floor.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • There is now a window option for vertical sync.
  • Fullscreen mode is now applied to the monitor where the game is currently running on.
  • An issue with flickering item options on the floor has been fixed. This could occur when moving the camera while hovering over ground items.
  • The textures of guthan's chainskirt have been updated.
  • Text color highlighting code has been improved.
  • An animation issue that resulted in fps drops has been fixed. The reason was rendering a too high animation quality for wheat in Draynor village.
  • The water configurations for 2 oases inside the desert have been improved.

In the next update I'll try to work on further improvements on combat, more specifically the attack speed and power of magic weapons. I'm also planning upgraded Barrow versions with better set effects and the ability to dye them. You can have a look at our current ideas here:

All the best,

Fixes for 30th of October:
  • XP lamps can be used again on skills with levels 99 and above.
  • Daily reward boxes are no longer added to every account. You now need a total level of at least 500 and play for 30 minutes in order to receive a box.
  • Multiple people had issues with the game launcher. The problem was caused by starting multiple game instances that would try to update the game. In that scenario they would keep writing to the same file(s) and corrupt them. The newest launcher now locks local files properly and will validate the game client before every launch. If it finds any file corruption or is unable to launch the game it will re-download the game client.

Fixes for 1st of November:
  • Collection log colors have been fixed.
  • Damage blocking has been reverted to its old state for PvE - flat damage reduction for incoming hits. The PvP-only blocking value is still percentage based though and only counts when fighting players.
  • An issue was fixed where NPCs were not attackable. They were stuck in their "returning to original position" state and wouldn't move quickly enough to reset properly.
  • Water in a cellar of Port Phasmatys was fixed.
  • Ice shield and crown received PvP blocking values.
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Screenshots / lord of the chickens
« on: October 25, 2020, 04:24:52 pm »
full-chicken-set" border="0

i killed 448 evil chickens for this set plus i have 1wings 1head and 1legs duplicates.
by the way im first ?
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Events / Re: Emps-Competitive: Season 2
« on: July 01, 2020, 07:07:57 pm »
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Events / Re: Emps-Competitive: Season 2
« on: June 22, 2020, 08:18:27 am »
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Events / Re: Emps-Competitive: Season 2
« on: June 12, 2020, 07:52:36 pm »
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Events / Re: Emps-Competitive: Season 2
« on: June 10, 2020, 07:58:35 pm »
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Events / Re: Emps-Competitive: Season 2
« on: June 09, 2020, 06:40:39 am »

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Events / Re: Official Emps-World - Youtube Event -
« on: October 25, 2019, 03:35:03 pm »
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Suggestions & Ideas / Re: 'Invincible' when teleporting
« on: September 17, 2019, 08:47:32 am »
How OSRS resolved this is that they added a cooldown to teleporting after you used a special attack due to people ragging with gmauls or trying to rush people and immediately teleporting away.
I think you have to wait 5 seconds after using a spec before you can teleport? Can't remember what the timer was but it's around that.
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Feedback / Invention
« on: September 04, 2019, 12:40:03 pm »
A skill where you need 45k runite ores, 180k coals for one 99 WITH DOUBLE XP. Another somewhat doable way of training would be mining aura I's and for that you'd have to destroy 500-1000 dragon items and around 40000 mithril kiteshields(for example) which is 120k mithril bars. Is this fine rates? for one 99 you'd need 200m+ xp on 2 skills as ironman, keep in mind this is max/comp cape requirement.
If you got any other VIABLE method of training invention on ironman please let me know because I don't see a single one, and feel free to correct my math if something is wrong.

Here's some examples what could be done:
-Buff the amount of energies you gain from deconstructing items.
-Lower the energy requirements for creating auras.
-Or just simply buff the xp rates.

EDIT: My maths is kinda off but the rates r terrible anyways.
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: August 28, 2019, 09:05:28 pm »
When Thomy add the Invention skill
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: August 19, 2019, 09:38:40 am »
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Feedback / Re: Emps-Wiki: feedback
« on: June 30, 2019, 07:58:50 pm »
Deadly Red Spiders gives 252 slayer xp not 455.
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