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Events / Hunt of the Strangers!
« on: January 17, 2017, 11:50:39 pm »
Welcome to the Hunt of the Strangers!

Martin has decided to bring something new to Emps-World players with his new innovative event, where he forces you to spend hours on useless running amongst the lands of Emps-World. You will probably just waste your time and win absolutely nothing, but for the ones with no real life, there is a chance to be rewarded.
We will be re-releasing one pair of Bunny Ears and a Bow-Sword. In addition to that, we will be giving out some Mystery Boxes and Event Tickets.

The event:
It is a "Hide and Seek" based event, but instead of finding the hosts, you will have to find NPC-s.
10 unique NPC-s will be hidden in the accessible areas of Emps map, this includes any floors of all accessible buildings, dungeons, wilderness, member areas etc. Some of the spots require thinking outside the box.

All you have to do is find the NPCs and post a picture with them into this topic.
First person to post a picture of that certain NPC, will get its reward (1 winner per NPC).

A list of the NPC-s and their rewards will be posted below.

  • Every Emps player can join. This includes Staff members.
    • Magecrune is only allowed to participate in the Oldschool NPC rounds, since only Martin knows their locations.
    • Ironmen can participate, however if they win, mystery boxes and/or oldschool rares will be given to their non-ironmen accounts. Event tickets can be received on ironmen accounts.
  • The screenshots must be posted in this topic.
  • Full client must be shown in the pictures.
  • Both your name and the NPC model have to be clearly visible in the picture.
  • The NPC-s are all in accessible areas, so the pictures must be taken right next to them.
  • Pictures must be unedited.
  • Do not modify/edit your post.
    • If ignored, we will be using the timestamp of the last edit, which can lose you the first place.
  • If you find multiple NPC-s, you will have to post in the topic each time. Do not edit previous posts!
  • You can post pictures by just posting their URL-s, but we recommend to use IMG tags instead.
  • Rewards will be given out when all 10 of the NPC-s have been found.

NPC-s were spawned in World 1 on Saturday 4 PM GMT! The event has ended!

NPC Name                           NPC Picture                          Rewards       

Queen Of Snow       

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

Rune Guardian           

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

     50% Luke

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

   Pretty Lass

          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets


          1 Mystery Box
          5 Event Tickets

 Easter Bunny Jr 

               Bunny Ears



Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone else for participating!
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