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bump - until drugs replies
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: October 23, 2017, 10:36:48 pm »
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Fools like you are the sole reason people started leaving in the first place :LUL:
Haha , enjoy the 50 players daily kid. And everything is true about what I've said above. Fools like you doesn't have any idea about rsps games, so keep calm and don't response ur shit talks.

Please stop the nonsense... you are provoking people to reply such things. If you think that oldschool is the only way to attract players, fine you can think that, that's your opinion. However, please don't force everyone else to think that.

I disagree with you and most of the community does too.
That statement is rather weak. Obviously the community agrees with that but that's only because the community consists of people who were willing to deal with all these changes. The others quit - including myself. Basing your opinion on the fact that the community prefers new shit is just retarded, no offence. A lot of us check into Emps every now and again to see some changes related to this problem.
I'm not here to stir up any shit or whatever, but I've played/tried to play Emps during all its ups and downs. Even though I really dig the graphical changes and performance improvements - and let's not forget to say as a developer myself, I'm actually fairly impressed by what you've accomplished here - I still prefer the old feel of it all. I truly do believe you should focus on that old-school idea you've mentioned earlier. Even if it's not exactly the same as Emps used to be, I feel like it'll still generate far more players. There are still OSRS servers out there that have north of 500 players online at most times - do this with Emps, implement your own twist to it as Emps used to have, rather than the generic RSPS point of which.. You'll have a successful server just like it used to be back in the days.
- Most of Emps-Scape players.

PS: Don't just think of my opinion as an individual one. I have been checking in on Emps once every few months since it re-released. I just never bothered to post my opinions. I can assure a lot of other people feel the same way.

I really welcome such kind of feedback and really like to discuss it in detail. I know it may be really difficult, but please also try to think about this from my perspective of running an online game: The current game development is working out quite well. People are rejoining the game and we're breaking our maximum player counts pretty much every week (unique computers logged in). So obviously this combination of ads and updates is definitely a working management structure to ensure the future of Emps-world.

Releasing another version of the game, oldschool, isn't just eating up development time, but is also a really big risk that could as well just destroy the game completely. I've already mentioned before that a project like oldschool is huge and will eat up multiple months of development time. To be fair, development time that I really don't have right now. I've announced the oldschool project, but currently I cannot really give another statement on it. There's no real progress and I'm still looking into loading oldschool data in the game. It's probably easiest to have a client that can load both modes and plays in the same world. Also, why should I risk the healthiness of the entire game by just going after some hype? Just because a hand full of people are yelling about it? High risk and questionable reward isn't something I aim at a large and established gaming community.

High risk and questionable reward is a really strong argument to think this idea through and explore other possibilities that don't include writing a game that has already existed and been played before. And no, I cannot just run the old version of the game. Firstly I cannot go back in time that far and secondly it wouldn't fit anywhere in emps' infrastructure nor be anywhere close to the quality of content we have right now.
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Hey guys,

I've got many different changes and updates ready for today. Please take your time and read through them, especially our spooky Halloween event! ;)

I've added a new miniquest for the event! Talk to Roddeck in Draynor's Manor. I won't spoil you with any details, but here's a screenshot of Muncher:

Who's Muncher? You'll find out during the quest.

DPS and Accuracy
I've added your current dps and accuracy values to the attack style tab. These values depend on current enemy you're fighting, so don't be upset if your dps becomes lower on bosses! In detail: The last enemy you've hit. With this update, I've also tweaked the accuracy formulas a little bit to make sure you're not constantly hitting 0s on your enemy. This also affects the accuracy of enemies though. This change is only felt in situations where you or your enemy are be really tanky, so boss fights or high level PvP scenarios. Your weakness is no longer protecting you literally almost completely from damage. It also makes sure that your minimum hit chance doesn't fall below values where you're basically not going to hit anything anymore.

I've also furtherly taken a look at the current dps values and found quite a few flaws in the system, especially with how bows and crossbows work. Bows are in general faster than whips and staves, so their max hit should be lower.

Here's a summary of what combat balancing changes were done:
  • Thrown weapons were nerfed, because they were outclassing other ranging weapons by far. I've reduced their strength bonus and accuracy by about 15-20% to make sure they are in a spot where they are useful, but won't be overperforming. They are more useful against low defence targets, but will get inaccurate against stronger enemies and thus less effective.
  • Morrigan thrownaxe special attack buffed.
  • Spirit shields: They are just way too strong. I've reduced their offensive bonuses from 15 to 10 and strength bonuses from 10 to 7. In my opinion a shield with defensive bonuses and a useful operate option shouldn't straight up outclass defenders.
  • Arrow strength reduced by 25%.
  • Bolt strength buffed by 20%.
  • Special attack of magic shortbow and seercull has been nerfed, the 2nd hit now deals 60% of its original damage. This change was necessary to ensure your opponent cannot 1 hit you by just pressing on the special bar. Fast weapons have their strength in speed and not special attack.
  • The accurate ranged style now gives 20% bonus accuracy instead of 10 additional accuracy. You give up 0.5s of attack speed when using this attack style, so you should really benefit from it.
  • Dark bow special attack max hit buffed. With the nerf previously done to arrows, this needed to be adjusted.
  • Accuracy bonuses of Dharok and Guthan increased from 121 to 138.

Engine updates:
  • Shadow angle has been adjusted. Before the patch shadows were drawn as if it was sunrise or sunset, whereas now as if it's noon. Please bear in mind that this doesn't mean that game times are possible. There's still a lot of lighting work required for that to work well.
  • Further improvements to ground textures. The game now detects more different kinds of grounds.
  • Major adjustments to the maploader have been done. Alpha and non-alpha models are now correctly separated and rendered. This increases performance on slower computers and ensures correctness of what's behind windows. I've also identified quite a few problems when new regions were loading, such as mispositioned npcs and/or objects in the scene. I've intensively tested and fixed everything that I could come across. I wasn't able to reproduce npc or object misplacements anymore, but please let me know if they still occur to you! Most reports I've seen came from Emps-Wars or Pest Control.
  • Resting animation no longer shows particles and weapons/shields.
  • Local teleporting (no new map is loading) no longer refreshes the player list. You'll feel this change especially in crowded agility areas or at boss fights where you can be knocked back.
  • Shadows of roofs or terrain above you (Slayer tower) is now correctly casted without having to reload the upper structure. This is basically a small bugfix for shadows.
  • Music player overhauled. New songs now buffer while the current song is fading out. Resulting in a smoother transition between old and new songs. Quickly switching between songs will now also cancel out old ones and only play the new one.
  • A bug was fixed where animations could completely cancel out on slower machines, e.g. mining.
  • Fixed an issue with items being dropped while the map was loading. This could rarely bug out items and make them invisible.

Game changes and fixes:
  • Poison purge aura has been fixed. It now heals correctly.
  • Effect Restoration code for leaving special areas (houses, duels, minigames, etc.) has been changed. You'll no longer lose all potion effects and stat restoring now depends on the situation. Leaving houses will no longer restore your prayer points or clear poisons. However leaving minigames will still do so. I've reviewed that part carefully and picked situations where negative effects should be cleared and where not.
  • Shop value for colored max capes increased.
  • Following monsters now also get the Slayer helm damage bonus on their minions: General Graardor, Kree'arra, K'ril Tsutsaroth, Commander Zilyana, Nex, Glacors, Smoke Demon Champion, Nechryael and Chronozon. The effect was already working on minions in fight caves, but I'll mention it here nonetheless.
  • Nex combat has received slight adjustments to ensure that all of her important animations are shown. Phases are now checked once every attack cycle and thus cannot cancel out some of her attacks. Moreover, aoe attacks now freeze Nex for 2 seconds instead of 1 to ensure everyone can clearly see that a dodgeable attack is incoming.
  • Items lost at the Smoke Demon Champion are now dropped outside of the boss room.
  • Inferno Adze can now be used while being in your inventory.
  • Godswords attack speed decreased (buffed) by 0.5 seconds. This has been a bug for a long time that I haven't ever noticed.
  • Attack speed of gladiator maul decreased (buffed) by 0.5 seconds.
  • Wilderness obelisks are now teleporting correctly again.
  • Certain music areas have been expanded (dungeons, GE, etc.)
  • Nex is now dropping a pet version of herself.

I've created a custom model format for emps, which allows us to import and create models from 3rd party programs. We've created a mini nex version and flying pet dragons:

Oldschool Emps-World
I haven't really found time to develop it besides the current game and also probably won't in the future. I'm going to drop the project, because it won't be worth the time and effort. Creating a completely new game is imho a bad decision and would split the community apart. We've also recently grown and I'd like to continue developing what's proven to be successful. Nonetheless, I'll have a look at optionally enabling an oldschool look in the game for a more classic feeling.

I hope you enjoy this update! Let me know what you think of it with a reply below. I'm also sorry for not releasing a new boss by the end of October as promised, but the Halloween event, combat rebalancing and dps investigations were quite a hit on the development stack. I'll see to get it done as soon as possible. However, I am revealing some details of the upcoming bosses: It will be a similar challenge to Nex and 6 new weapons are planned; 2 per combat style. The requirements will be 85 in the respective combat skill and the weapons are coming as 1h and 2h variant. My aim is to make those weapons rather accurate than strong, so that they'll be useful in PvM but mediocre in PvP.

All the best,

Fixes and Changes of 28th:
  • I've taken a closer look at spirit shields and their equipment alternatives and reverted their bonuses back to their original state. However, with this change, I'm also adjusting the ice shield: It now has the defensive bonuses of a tier 80 shield, but has its strength bonus changed from 10 to 5. I do realize that this is quite a big change, but it effectively can't just be a power-up to a spirit shields. I would like to keep spirit shields in their current state of being power shields. Meaning that they are giving you good offensive bonuses at the cost of defensive bonuses. This only works if other shields don't follow the power shield trend and thus the ice shield had to be adjusted.
  • Doors in houses are working again.
  • A bug with obelisks in the wilderness was fixed, which could get you stuck.
  • Certain pets can now be used as non-members: Muncher, Raven, Pet dragons and Present imps.
  • Pet following formula has been updated. Pets won't disappear anymore when teleporting and won't get stuck after using stairs.
  • Maxhit tooltip for magic shortbow and seercull updated.
  • The bolt ranged strength buff of 20% is a little bit too much. I've adjusted it to be 15% of their strength before the update, so it's now a 15% buff instead of a 20% one.
  • A bug was fixed where teleport graphics would flicker.
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Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Giving Wiki Contributors an in-game rank
« on: September 30, 2017, 06:33:07 pm »
it's not like you give the rank to any random guy

True. I wish the same standards applied for staff members too :LUL:
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: September 21, 2017, 05:04:34 pm »
Thomy when he releases oldschool

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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: August 03, 2017, 05:50:36 pm »
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: July 02, 2017, 12:04:31 pm »
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After seeing the complete reset idea i knew it wasn't worth reading more of this garbage lol
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: May 31, 2017, 03:25:39 pm »
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: May 30, 2017, 08:39:35 pm »
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: May 29, 2017, 01:52:03 pm »
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: May 27, 2017, 05:27:41 pm »

My literal reaction
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: May 22, 2017, 03:16:44 am »
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Screenshots / Re: Emps-World Meme Center
« on: May 16, 2017, 05:46:33 pm »

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