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Hello everybody!

We're extending the veteran ranks of up to 16 years. The item pool that can be dyed has been expanded with Chrysos, Promethium and Necator. There have also been changes to the Mining skill lowering level requirements for existing. We also added bane ore, which can be smithed into powerful ammunition against certain types of enemies. Moreover, the lighting system has reached its final stage allowing us to configure material properties.

Specular Lighting and Material Properties
The lighting system is reaching its final state. We introduce global illumination aka the sun light. This means that small amounts of light is cast on everything in the game. This results in more realistic scenery. The specular lighting system was improved, which allows us to give materials different reflective properties. Meaning that light shining on metal looks different from light shining on grass. These properties have been applied to various different kinds of armours and floors. Please let me know if something is too shiny or not quite shiny enough. Defining reflective properties of materials is still work in progress and takes quite some time to for finetuning. If you want to check it out by yourself try equipping some metal armour and move the camera around. Here's a screenshot of what it looks like:

Mining Rework
The Mining skill has been reworked to make it more user-friendly and afkable. Pickaxes and Mining levels now also have a heavier impact on ore retrieval speeds. Following things have been changed:
  • You no longer get 2 ores per successful mine action. You get single ores at faster intervals now.
  • Your pickaxe bonus was doubled. This directly reflects the speed at which you get ores.
  • Rocks containing ores now have a resource count which represents the amount of ores you can obtain before switching to an empty state. You can obtain at least 4 ores per rock. The higher level rocks contain around 8-12 ores.
  • The mining animation was changed. It's faster and thus offers you more ticks at which you can obtain ores. This results in faster mining speeds for lower level ores.
  • Several level requirements to mine ores have been lowered. They have been made equal to the Smithing requirement for smelting a bar. Mining difficulties, which determine when you get ore remained untouched.
The aim of this change was to let the Mining skill feel similar to other gathering skills, such as Fishing or Woodcutting. It is definitely become more afk-able resulting in better experience rates and less clicking.

Dye System
Our dye system has completely been reworked making it much easier to add new items. With this change the recolor algorithms for Barrow, Shadow, Blood and Third-age dyes have been adjusted to give colored items more depth. You've already been enjoying this change for weeks by the way. Here's an image of all new recolors you can create now:

Veteran Ranks
I didn't think I'd ever expand the pool of veteran icons in the game. Nonetheless, I am proud to expand the pool for veteran icons in the game. By today we are officially older than 9 years. You can now choose from icons of up to 16 years. Let's see if we have to expand the veteran icon pool again in 8 years. ;)

Bane ammunition
With the change to ore requirements for the Mining skill we've got quite some space left for the higher levels. This gap is filled with a new type of metal to mine: Bane ore. Starting at level 85 Mining you can obtain one out of 4 Bane ores. You can smelt those into bane bars which are futher refined into arrows and bolts. This ammunition deals additional damage against certain higher level Slayer creatures. Bane ore can be found in the Glacors cave, just before visiting Yk'Lagor.

Game fixes / changes:
  • A bug was fixed where dropped items would not show after using stairs or ladders.
  • The login code has been overhauled and made more robust. This was done in an attempt to fix a bug that gets you stuck during the login phase.
  • It is no longer possible to get duplicate slayer tasks from the task selection interface. This also fixes a problem where you'd not always get the full task selection prompt.
  • Promethium maul and 2h weapon now count as 2 items towards the promethium set bonus.
  • Various teleportation spells received proper experience gains.
  • Antirot potion can now be created.
  • The probability for slayer tasks of slayer creature has been lowered. Metal dragons have been combined into a single task and Shenven no longer assigns every slayer creature. Have a look at the wiki for all changed tasks lists.

In the coming updates I'd like to revisit Hiscores and think of another Competitive season during winter. I think that we could have Hiscores for who earns the most xp every in a given cycle. Maybe 3-6 months and reward the top ranks with unique weaponry similar to Competitive season winners. What are your thoughts on this? Feel free to comment here or on our Discord.

All the best,

Help me! / Re: account recovery
« on: September 04, 2023, 08:17:20 am »
I see you've already posted a ticket in the helpdesk:;sa=newticket

Closing this. :)

Help me! / Re: Is emps-world offline?
« on: August 14, 2023, 06:08:57 pm »

Yes, the gameserver is offline right now. We are running database operations at the moment. It will be back shortly. :)

Hello everybody!

Prepare yourselves for a new challenge with the Slayer skill. Collect components for the Abyssal defender and Necator hides to craft new ranged armour. Moreover, evil trees started to appear on the worldmap. On top of that the lighting system receveived visual improvements.

Slayer Expansion - Superior Creatures
The Slayer skill has been expanded to offer challenges beyond level 99. Complete a miniquest from Shenven to enable spawn chances for stronger slayer creatures to appear during tasks. You will be challenged by tougher monsters that offer drops for a new tier 85 Ranged armour and components for the Abyssal defender.

Evil Tree
Every few hours an evil tree will be spawning on random locations on the map. You can ask Evil Dave who lives north of Barbarian village about the phenomenon and how to get started. Cutting down evil trees rewards large amounts of logs as well as a chance to obtain the Woodcutter set which gives you a chance to directly burn logs when chopping trees.

Game fixes / changes:
  • The default attack attack speed for 2h swords and mauls have been lowered from 4.5s to 4s.
  • Emps Credits can now be transformed into a stackable item by purchasing Emps Credits from Bolkoy. This item can be traded with other players and be sold on the Grand Exchange. The item is also tradeable for ironmen.
  • Lower level Revenants now also count towards Slayer task completion.
  • Casting a magic spell when having special attack enabled no longer reduces special attack energy.
  • You can no longer light any item with a tinderbox.
  • Building a trapdoor is no longer possible for the floor space in POH.
  • Splashing a magical spell no longer grants xp nor deals damage.
  • Ceremonial swords can now be traded on ironman accounts.
  • Experience lamps can no longer be used when xp lock is enabled.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • The roofs of edgeville have been straightened out.
  • An issue was fixed where equipping items that only differ in colour would not update the character model.
  • Lights at the Grand Exchange have been improved. This also includes the application of light sources with a larger radius.
  • Lights of fires have received a flicker effect and a specular component. This results in more realistic scenes for fires including reflective parts.
  • A bug was fixed where shadows inside houses would not render properly when the roof hasn't been seen yet.

I hope you're having fun with the slayer expansion and evil tree. :)

All the best,

Help me! / Re: Rasa
« on: April 27, 2023, 06:35:28 pm »
Can you provide more information regarding the problem? A screenshot would help.

Resolved Bug Reports / Re: bug, drop
« on: March 19, 2023, 11:08:37 am »

According to the game logs you've died on the 2nd floor of Draynor Manor. It's impossible for me to tell if you weren't quick enough but according to the logs nobody managed to pick up your items.

Death and losing items is a mechanic of the game. I cannot return your items.

Help me! / Re: Can't remember password on old account
« on: March 16, 2023, 06:55:55 am »

Hey guys,

Dynamic Lights can now be enabled from the Game Settings. They beautify the world by emitting light from various sources, such as fires, lanterns, monsters, etc. Promethium equipment has also received buffs that increase the amount of rot damage done to enemies. In order to support dynamic lighting core parts of the rendering engine have been rewritten and improved. If you are interested in the change there is a technical section below.

Dynamic Lights
Quite some optimizations and changes were required for an improved lighting system to properly work. If you are interested there is a dedicated section later in this news post regarding the technical details. Dynamic Lights can be enabled from the game settings to get lighting effects from fires. Feel free to play around with the setting but bear in mind that higher quality lighting requires GPU power to run smoothly. The lower settings, however, shouldn't be a problem for older devices. Here's an example of Canifis with Dynamic Lights enabled and without:
This is only the beginning of dynamic lights. I have effects planned for unique monsters but also projectiles or graphics from bosses. It will also be possible to simulate a day and night cycle with dynamic lighting. Let me know what you think!

Promethium Equipment
We still aren't quite happy with the popularity and combat power of promethium items. Thus they received a buff that increases rot damage overall. Promethium weaponry including arrows now deal part of their damage as additional rot damage instead of having a 50% chance to infect rot. The set bonus has been adjusted to also increase rot damage by a given amount instead of only reducing it. This will make rot weapons a strong alternative in longer fights.

Game fixes / changes:
  • An issue with the attack interface for halberds has been fixed.
  • Wyrm combat has been rewritten to fix a bug where they'd continuously dig themselves in.
  • Magic dart can now be properly used with normal magicks.
  • Operating books can no longer be used to taunt enemies.
  • Items can no longer be equipped during teleport animation. Under rare conditions it was possible to cancel out animations and get into buggy states.
  • Built-in spells of staves can no longer be cast with other staves after relogging.
  • A problem was fixed that could get you into a permanent walking animation when failing an obstacle at Barbarian agility course.
  • Chronozon is now categorized as demon.
  • Ammunition in quiver can now be moved during combat.
  • Prayer auras now correctly degrade when used in combat.
  • Double hits (dark bow, dds, etc.) can no longer harm monsters that have damage immunities.
  • Multiple problems with dialogue options mixing up were fixed.
  • The weapon speeds of various weapons were fixed.
  • Tutorial dialogues regarding community now mention Discord.
  • The chance to poison an enemy with ranged weapons has been increased to 25%. Poisonous melee weapons have a chance of 50%.
  • Entering bank pin is now required when collecting items from the Grand Exchange.
Engine Optimizations
I have reviewed and optimized various parts of our rendering engine to prepare for dynamic lighting. I also investigated a problem where loading would take very long on slower devices. This is a rather technical summary so feel free to skip it if not interested:
  • Animation quality: very distant objects now render in much lower qualities, improving fps rate by quite a lot on slower devices. You feel this improvement in areas with lots of torches.
  • Animation performance: the way animations are calculated in the CPU have been optimized. I have also removed the need of updating model colors every animation frame.
  • Model & texture loader: cached instances can no longer be removed during loading times. This results in the game not having to fetch the same asset twice or thrice on slower devices.
  • Calculations for radius and height of a model was optimized. It can now be calculated during an animation frame.
  • Mipmapping for textures is now done on a per texture level instead of a per texture array level. This greatly reduces the computation time of newly added textures.
  • A way to dynamically calculate normal vectors for models was added to improve shadow quality and support dynamic lighting. Usually this information is stored inside a model file but we don't have this information. So it needs to be calculated when the model is loaded. This takes some time but it won't affect fps rates much since it happens in background without affecting any game logic.
  • The internal structure of object and floor areas have been reworked. They load quicker and no longer can be refreshed on every rendered frame resulting in less frame drops.
All these optimizations add up to quite a significant increase in frames per second, especially on older devices.

I hope you're enjoying the dynamic lighting system. Feel free to share your ideas on what models in the game could also emit light. The system is fairly flexible and I am open for suggestions. I recommend to have a look at Barrow brothers, Tormented demons or equip auras to see what is possible.

All the best,

Resolved Bug Reports / Re: Magic dart autocast doesn't work
« on: March 09, 2023, 11:58:17 am »
Thanks for the bug report! The issue will be fixed with the next update. :)

Hey guys,

The Revenants Cave has received a rework. The area itself was updated with more Revenant spawns and improved drop rates. Frost dragons received their own cave and can only be killed on Slayer task. Their drop table was also improved. You can read the list of full changes below.

Revenants Cave
Several changes have been made to the Revenants cave. The aim was to modernize the cave itself and move Frost dragons away from the wilderness.
  • Frost dragons have been removed from the cave and Revenants and Neitiznot island.
  • It's no longer possible to sell antiquities for gold to shops. They must be exchanged in the center of Revenants cave for cash.
  • Lower level Revenants drop antiquities less often.
  • High level Revenants drop valuable items more often.
  • Revenant combat power has been adjusted. Their combat level now reflects their combat strength better.
  • Attack intervals are no longer random but follow a pattern.
  • The chance of a Revenant healing has been adjusted. It can trigger when being below a certain health threshold and becomes more likely the lower the Revenant becomes.
  • Antiquities can no longer be sold for the full price to the general store. Hartwin, an adventurer inside the north-eastern part of the revenants cave, will still buy them for full price.

The Revenants cave is now a Revenants cave and no longer a Frost dragon cave. The change to selling antiquities promotes activity within the caves and rewards immediately exchanging antiquities for money.

Frost Dragons
Frost Dragons can no longer be found anywhere on the map but the Frost Drageon cave. You can enter the Frost Dragon cave through the Asgarnian dungeon. This is only possible when being on a Slayer task. You also require a specific Slayer level to harm the dragons and their drop table has been improved. The prayer experience for Frost dragon bones has slighly been increased as well.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Fire at mudskipper point can now be used to cook.
  • Adamant category in the Smithing interface no longer contains all items.
  • Broadcasts for unique item drops have been updated. They now include the enemy with killcount or location.
  • Broadcasts for hardcore ironman deaths have been updated. They now include the enemy that dealt the finishing blow.
  • Quiver, rune bag and looting interface are no longer closed when entering combat.
  • Items from the looting can no longer be withdrawn during combat.
  • Projectile heights for demon bosses have been fixed.
  • The combat levels and scalings for Lucien van Rot have been fixed. The boss hit too much in 2p and 3p dungeon versions.
  • Unholy cursebearer can now be assigned as Slayer task.
  • The Slayer task amounts of Barrow brothers are now always divisible by 6.
  • The code for selecting spells to be autocasted has been reworked. You can also no longer create scenarios where casting ancient magic spells would be possible with another spellbook. Your autocast spell has to be present in your active spell book from now on.
  • Tormented demons have received a weakness to water and ice damage.
  • A bug in the Falador party room was fixed. It was possible to duplicate your balloon drops. There is nothing to worry though, because all of this was logged. In the coming days we'll be going through the drop logs and issue bans to excessive abusers.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Texture loading has been delayed to happen after map loading. That prevents frame drops on slower machines during initial login. The code to generate mipmaps was also optimized for modern openGL versions.
  • An issue was fixed where delayed graphics on entities would render too early.
  • Self shadowing was improved to give models more depth. An issue with brightness on interface models was also fixed - the character on your equipment screen wasn't properly lighted.
  • A problem with Frost dragon textures was fixed.
  • Text rendering quality has been improved when scaled up.

Slayer elite monster spawns aren't quite there yet. However, with the addition of more monsters to the Slayer skill you see where this is going... ;)

All the best,

Help me! / Re: Nvidia
« on: February 07, 2023, 08:32:12 am »

Help me! / Re: Help me! Black Dragon egg
« on: February 05, 2023, 08:56:06 pm »
The egg is not guaranteed after 1.000 kills. Some people get it in 100 kills and others might require 10.000 kills.

Update Notes / Updates January 28th - Grand Exchange Issue & Bugfixes
« on: January 27, 2023, 11:34:19 pm »
Hello everyone!

Our update today contains various fixes and improvements. The Grand Exchange required a patch and a restart to fix a serialization problem with the database. Since this bug caused item duplication we were forced to rollback the game for roughly 24h. Sorry for the inconvenience. Moreover, severeal tweaks were made to the game client to improve performance and stability.

Rollback January 27th
Due to problems with the Grand Exchange duplicating offers we were forced to issue a rollback of roughly 24 hours. Only items have been rolled back, everything else including experience gains, new accounts, password changes, name changes, etc. remain the same. If there are still issues with your game or the Grand Exchange, please create a helpdesk ticket.

Grand Exchange Serialization
I have identified a problem with how the Grand Exchange saves transactions to the database. There was a bug which crashed the process when our system lost connection to the database for a brief amount of time. This caused items that were taken out of the Grand Exchange to be duplicated. I am sorry for the inconvenience and have improved the way our Grand Exchange saves transactions to the database. It can no longer crash in the way it did!

Homepage Updates
Several changes have been made to our homepage. You can now browse all news articles on the front page. Unnecessary descriptions and headers were removed. The process of loading news was also optimized resulting in better loading times and thus also better page scores for search engines.

Game fixes / changes:
  • Vampires now require level 42 Slayer to be killed. They also received an entry in the Slayer interface that recommends silver weapons and fire spells.
  • The attack animation of Bloodfelds has been improved. Their melee attacks have been turned into magical attacks. Meaning that your magic defence will be considered against their accuracy. Their damage type is still melee, so protection from melee will negate all damage.
  • Vampires now pause their attacks a few ticks longer when transforming to avoid the upcoming attack animation overwriting their transformation.
  • The ranged attack for Vanstrom Klause during his last phase has been improved. The flying animation was slowed down a bit in order to better synchronize client and server positions. There is now also a small additional delay after the ranged attacks have finished before the next attack.
  • Rod of Ivandis no longer shows the graphic of last spell used.
  • Poison protect, heal and deflect auras have been changed. Poison damage done to you remains unchanged when wearing such auras. Receiving the poisoned status is now possible though. That improves how auras work against poisonous enemies by triggering its effect without having to unequip the aura to receive poisoned status.
  • The Falador Party Room has been improved. You are now able to choose the amount of items in an item stack that will be dropped. It's also possible to remove items (that have not yet been confirmed!!) from the chest without having to re-open the interface.
  • Promethium equipment can no longer be found on the Grand Exchange search.
  • Promethium weapons now have a higher chance of increasing the damage of rot infections.
  • Attack speeds of karil's crossbow and elemental bow are once again 2.5s.
  • Zamorak robes can no longer be put in the armour case.
  • Glaiven, ragefire and steadfast boots / gloves have received one additional strength bonus to have them better in line with other items.

Engine fixes / changes:
  • Inventory icons of Jad and Corporeal beast pet have been improved.
  • The timeouts for loading the map has been increased to avoid slow computers not being able to load anything at all.
  • The game client now tries to recover from faulty traffic instead of crashing the game. I've seen a small amount of crash reports on this topic.
  • Sound cache size has been decreased to better support machines running on low memory configurations. Please bear in mind that old clients (<1GB RAM configuration or Java 1.8 or older) require more memory to run stable!

This update including all changes and fixes was released a bit early due to problems with the Grand Exchange. I am still working on superior slayer monsters and will keep you guys updated on the progress. :)

All the best,

Resolved Bug Reports / Re: Barrow invisibility
« on: January 15, 2023, 07:09:22 pm »
Have you reinstalled the game already?

Resolved Bug Reports / Re: Barrow invisibility
« on: January 14, 2023, 08:04:25 am »
Let me know if it happens again after reinstalling your game. I am unable to reproduce this.

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