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Messages - Blake

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I'm here to say hello to everyone. I really want to check if old players still visiting or still playing here after 12 years.

I am interested in making a list of the people I remember from 12 years ago:

Omfg Wow Nub
Sergiu Boy
Il skill L
Il pk I
Hi Fi Wi Fi
Es Dexter
Big fred40
Skiller Way
Hell Dds
Lol to Pk
Ty 4 u Santa
hhh kkk lll

- I also remember the shutbox of the forums :')

Of couse there is a lot more of names that I don't remember now all. But there were unforgettable beautiful memories!! I will never forget.

Unfortunately I'm less interested in playing here again due to all the new updates. But Emps-scape is always in my blood and I will always visit.

If you have old character names I would be happy if u list them here to remember them also.

I have some an old pics of emps-scape that I saved:
Game server <--- Click here to see
Website old picture <--- Click here to see
Client background old/new logo picture <--- Click here to see
Forums old picture <--- Click here to see

General Discussion / osrs Emps?
« on: November 15, 2022, 02:43:48 pm »
Hello everyone. This server will never grow up as you see after most years and still low count of players.
What do you say if Thomy make a new version #204. #OSRS. If Thomy still keep say: " The old school emps has a lot of bugs.. " Ok no problem.
Make a re-make with new verstion / server. With the latest updates, etc. I am player since 2012. I'm not new. So I really want to enjoy play this game again. I can play old emps 20 hours daily. But today. I only watching the forums to see what news. So I hope everyone agree with me. And of course Mr. Thomy.

- Blake.

General Discussion / Re: Future of Emps-World - Popularity Discussion
« on: April 17, 2018, 11:24:14 pm »
I have experience about servers, as u see the most successfuly servers today are OLD SCHOOL (osrs).
The chance of growing emps again is Old-school.
Old Emps-scape was delta base I think, I know it has a tons of bugs, etc. so now update it to osrs verstion with new updates, just make 2 toggle data of playing, new school and oldschool osrs. Try that, and if u are going to tell me "We can't" "Nty we hate odschool" or "It's impossible" Then emps will never grow up. As u see much people beggins with oldschool that's mean you have % much about oldschool, to be honest Idc, what u like brother, Thomy. <3

Off-Topic / Bumper grille fog lamp cover
« on: October 11, 2017, 02:10:00 pm »
Okay I need help finding a rs3 logo bumper grille fog lamp cover for my audi car.

I have already one , I am finding the other one, and cannot find it..

If someone will sucuss find it on ebay, or any other website, I'm going to pay him $10.


Suggestions & Ideas / Re: Client side right click on mini map
« on: October 08, 2017, 11:24:00 am »
Why would anyone want to hide their orbs?

A lot of players don't like the orbs to be turned ON. So if it would be an option for hide. No one will lose anything, plus it helps the people who don't like the orbs to be shown.

Suggestions & Ideas / Client side right click on mini map
« on: October 08, 2017, 11:02:35 am »
Okay, Emps never had this before , so I request to be added on game, to make the server much better.

You can't right click the orbs on mini-map, so make it allow you right click them with the following options below:

For ex:

Hitpoints orb:

Option1: Hide/show orb
Option2: Show/Hide HP names.
Option3: Idk if this already added, if you get poisoned the hp orb will switch to green colour. It will be back red until u get un-poisoned.

Prayer orb:

Option1: Hide/Show orb
Option2: Quick prayers --> Turn on/off

Run orb:

Option1: Hide/Show orb
Option2: Toggle run - ON/OFF.
Option3: Rest

Please stop the nonsense... you are provoking people to reply such things. If you think that oldschool is the only way to attract players, fine you can think that, that's your opinion. However, please don't force everyone else to think that.

I disagree with you and most of the community does too.

I appreciate ur reply, and I appreciate ur opinion. I just was a one of ur players that said my opinion here, and this is my last and/or end response here, I hope the best of luck on this new-school and keep up the good work, Thomy.

Fools like you are the sole reason people started leaving in the first place :LUL:
Haha , enjoy the 50 players daily kid. And everything is true about what I've said above. Fools like you doesn't have any idea about rsps games, so keep calm and don't response ur shit talks.

Good updates, and you've a flawless work, Thomy.
All I can say that I am really feel sorry for your hard work on this new-school of Emps.

Oldschool graphics, npcs, items, anims, and gfx is the only reasons who can bring ur players back.

I know that you've putted a lot of work on this new-school.. But you've to figure a soultion of this...

All I can suggest is about to make two ways of play, Old-school DATA , and New-school DATA..

Players can switch one of them, if you gonna tell me there is a lot of features / updates on new-data that old school can't get it, then simple make 2 worlds, Emps-world + Emps-scape - Keep working on both of them and in the future you'll see that oldschool will easliy win and grow up!
For stupid replys, I'm not going to reply anyone, even Thomy. I wrote this to make u think and not to create more mistakes and work hard for nothing. Enjoy and good luck.

Screenshots / Re: Just Oh My God.
« on: September 30, 2017, 12:28:11 pm »
You can also check the old forums page from web archive.

Wow, you made my day bro, I can't leave it (the old forums) - I can't stop reading the old topics, rules, etc.

Old emps must come back!

Screenshots / Re: Just Oh My God.
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:55:16 pm »
Wtf advertising a dead private server in one of the tabs ???

I'm crying :')

Screenshots / Just Oh My God.
« on: September 29, 2017, 11:04:02 am »
Today I found on my pc two images about old emps forums..
And I want to share them to make us remember and feel the old times of emps.

2013 ^

General Discussion / Re: Future of Emps-World - Popularity Discussion
« on: September 22, 2017, 08:05:56 pm »
I know my friends and I are awaiting for one to pop up that has a large active member base before starting the grind.

You made me remember the old days. I'm pretty sure all my friends will come back if oldschool comes back.

"All my friends" - A lot of friends ( at least 20 ).

General Discussion / Re: Future of Emps-World - Popularity Discussion
« on: September 14, 2017, 09:01:46 am »
Char, I'm glad you're investing in every comment here, but you have to learn and/or know it's what everyone think about the future of emps, like I said above about emps old school ( It's my opinion ) I had a server and I know what I'm saying.. Anyway, "THOMY: Try the old school graphic, and you'll see ur players back " Make an BETA World, just test it.

General Discussion / Re: Future of Emps-World - Popularity Discussion
« on: September 13, 2017, 07:49:26 am »
In shorts words, old emps has a biggest of players without all these things you listed above, so simple the answer is oldschool , including: old npcs, old items, and maps.

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