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Youtuber/Streamer Rank
« on: April 25, 2019, 03:43:56 pm »

Hello everyone,
We had the thought of trying to encourage more players to get involved with creating content to further advertise the server and allow players to gain rewards at the same time.
How can I get started?
To begin creating videos, you will need:
- A YouTube account or a Twitch account (create one if you haven't got one already). This is where your content would be uploaded/watched.
- Software to record with. I would recommend using OBS. You can download it from their website.
- A microphone for commentaries. This isn't a requirement but it will help better engage the viewers watching your videos so it will be a huge advantage.
- Fast internet. This'll help if you choose to livestream and will allow you to upload videos quicker.
What sort of videos/streams can I make?
You can create any content if it's suitable. This can range from a variety of things such as a series, guides, server tours or making content collaborating with other players.
What will I gain?
If you were planning on getting started on YouTube/Twitch in the past, this'll be the perfect time to build up your channel with the help of the community. Provided the content is good enough, it may be featured on the website and forum.
Depending on the quality of videos, you can expect to receive the following after a certain amount of videos:

- YouTuber/Streamer rank with an exclusive icon in-game, forum and discord.
- Exclusive discord channel for youtubers to discuss content ideas.
- EP Tickets – With every new member that joins through your videos/streams you will be rewarded 1 Event ticket which is 10 event points. (You will be given a referral code, have new players pm the code to any admin to receive your reward)
- Access to world 3 - You can spawn new items, test out new bosses, etc… for content purposes.
- Giveaways – New members that pm a youtuber’s referral code to any admin will receive a double experience scroll and 3 rare voting boxes.

We look forward to seeing all the content you guys come up with!
To receive the YouTuber/Streamer rank you must meet the following requirements.

1. Must have played for at least 30 days.
2. Must have at least 5 videos dealing with Emps-World
3. Combined views of all videos (dealing with Emps-World) should be a minimum of 100
4. Must have a minimum of 10 subscribers/followers
5. Must be able to upload a video or stream once every 2 weeks.
6. Player must have little to no history of rule breaking.
Note: Any history of severe offenses, such as scamming or hacking, results in an immediate disqualification.

If you believe you've met all the requirements, please contact an admin for the rank.

Best regards,
Emps-World Administration
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