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Wiki editing guide
« on: December 09, 2018, 06:56:41 pm »
This guide will teach some of the basics of editing Wiki pages.
If you're a new member of the Wiki team, then you don't need to read all of it. Instead just read the "Tips" and "Basic editing" and look through the titles of the other sections, so that you can come back to it if you need to check how something is done.
If you're not a new member of the Wiki team, then were you looking to join? If so then you can find out more information about that here: Wiki applications, rules and guidelines.

  • When editing pages try to look at existing pages of the similar type and either make the page you're editing look similar to it or if you're going to improve one page of a certain type, try to do the same to all other Wiki pages of the same type.
  • When deciding what should and what shouldn't be included in a Wiki page, ask yourself what players would find important and what type of information people would expect to find on the Wiki page.
  • If you're not sure how to create tables or use other Wiki syntax then look at pages that already use that type of syntax to achieve a result similar to what you're trying to accomplish and use those pages' source code as guidance.
  • {{PAGENAME}} is very useful when adding text to multiple pages with very similar descriptions, as it allows the text to be copied from one page to another, without needing to change the text whenever the name of the page is mentioned.
  • Searching for Wiki pages is case sensitive (except for the first letter of the first word), so please don't capitalize any words other than the first one in the page's title.

Basic editing
Wiki syntax -   Description
* - When used as a first thing in a line, creates a bullet point for lists.
==Heading== - Turns "Heading" into a heading.
===Subheading=== - Turns "Subheading" into a subheading.
__FORCETOC__ - Forces table of contents (added automatically if there are 4 or more headings on the page).
__NOTOC__ - Removes table of contents (use on short pages with many headings).
#REDIRECT [[pagename]] - If it's the only content on the page, automatically redirects to pagename.
<!--- comment ---> - Allows adding comments for other Wiki editors, that are not displayed on the page.
[[pagename]] - Turns the word "pagename" into a link to pagename (use whenever the content on a Wiki page is related to anything for which there is or should be a Wiki page).
Adding a link to the page itself will create bold text.
[[pagename|text]] - A link to pagename that says "text".
- Ways of displaying the file image.png as an image, can include alignment (left/center/right) and image width.
{{PAGENAME}} - Displays the name of the current Wiki page in text.

Finding IDs
It is possible to find the IDs of monsters and items by using the command ::devon to turn on the developer mode (you can later use ::devoff to turn if off).
After developer mode has been turned on, right clicking on an item will show its ID as the first number after the item name in the examine line.

The ID of coins is 995.

For Monsters and NPCs, the ID is displayed on the line that says data.

The ID of King Black Dragon is 50.

Creating a page
New pages can be created by clicking on red links in existing Wiki pages.
Alternatively pages can be created by searching for the page's title (make sure that it is spelled correctly) and clicking on the red text at the top of the search results.

Page text
The text on the page should be a bare-bones description of useful information about the page's subject. It's preferable if the page text doesn't include information that is already covered by tables, especially those that are covered by new automatic templates, so that the page text wouldn't require a separate update when the tables are updated.

Adding item icons
Do not upload pictures of item icons, instead there are two methods to get item icons.

The old method (not recommended if not necessary):
Replace 0 in the link with the item ID.
For example add this to a page:
Code: [Select] get this:

The new method:
{{CSS image crop|ImageID/1000=0|oTop=000|caption=link}}
Replace the red number with the item ID divided by thousand, rounded down (0 if the item id is less than 1000).
Replace the blue number with the last 3 digits of the id.
Replace the green link with the page that the icon should link to when clicked.
For example these two:
Code: [Select]
{{CSS image crop|ImageID/1000=0|oTop=995|caption=Coins}}
{{CSS image crop|ImageID/1000=23|oTop=044|caption=Green pet dragon}}
Create these:

If the icon shows up as a seercull icon , then that means that the file that contains all the icons needs to be updated by Thomy, so leave it as a seercull on wiki and remind Thomy to update the icons.

Item table
Item pages should include a table that contains basic information about the item.

These tables can be added by using the ItemInfo template, by filling in the item id in the table.
For example this gives the table for dragon scimitar:
Code: [Select]
Some pages may include older long templates looking like this:
Code: [Select]
{{Item|image=|tradable=Yes|equipable=Yes|stackable=No|noteable=Yes|quest item=No|destroy=Drop|value=65,589 gp|lowalch=87,110 gp|highalch=102,482 gp|weight=1.8 kg|examine=A vicious, curved sword.}}These should be removed and replaced with the newer template, that only requires the item ID.

Equipment bonuses table
Equipable item pages should have a table including the item's combat bonuses.

These tables can be added using the ItemBonuses template, by filling the id and optionally the image in the template (leave image blank if an image isn't available).
For example this gives the table for dragon scimitar:
Code: [Select]
Special Attack
If a weapon has special attack, then information about it should be included after the item bonuses table.

These can be added by using the Special template.
Add the percentage of energy that is used for the special attack after "energy=" and the description of the special attack's effect after "effect=".
For example this is how the template is used for dragon scimitar:
Code: [Select]
{{Special|energy=50%|effect=Deactivates enemy prayers in PvP.}}
NPC tables
Pages for NPCs and monsters should include tables that contain information about them.

The monsters' tables should look like this:

These can be added using the Infobox_monster template
Simply fill in the correct information in the template.
For example this is how the template looks like for Green dragons:
Code: [Select]
{{Infobox_monster |image=[[file:Green dragon.png|250x250px]] |cb=79 |hp=82 |style=Melee/Dragonfire |max=12/46 |agg=Yes |poi=No |slay=- |master=[[Mazchna]], [[Vannaka]]|xp=574}}
For other NPCs the tables should look like this:

These can be added using the NPC template, simply fill in the appropriate information.
For example the template for Bob looks like this:
Code: [Select]
{{NPC|image=[[file:100px-Bob (smith).png|250x250px]]|member=No|location=[[Lumbridge]] and [[Port Sarim]]|vendor=Yes|gender=Male|quest=No|slayer=No}}
Monsters' drop tables
Monsters' drops files are provided by Thomy in the Wiki Discord channel available to Wiki contributors.

To add or update the drops of any monster simply download the archive, unpack it and look for the file with the monster's name and ID. There may be multiple files with the same name, the drops between these monsters with same names may differ, such as in cases where there are several different leveled versions of the same monster, that have different drop tables. If that's the case then change the title of the drops section to clarify which specific type of monster's drops any drop table  is about and include all the different ones. Use IDs to figure out which table corresponds to which monster of the same type.
If the drop tables are identical then only include one of them, for example in the case of Green dragons, there are multiple different drop files for green dragons with different appearances, in that case there's no need for clarification that all the green dragons have the same drops, just posting the drops once is enough.

Monsters that drop *item* tables
Items that are dropped by monsters should have a table that includes all the monsters that drop the item.

These tables can be added using the ItemDrops template
Simply fill in the correct information in the template.
If the drop is a part of a pool of drops then divide the pool's drop rarity with the amount of items in the pool and add the result to the table instead to give a more accurate idea of the drop's actual drop rate.
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