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This guide will teach some of the basics of editing Wiki pages.
If you're a new member of the Wiki team, then you don't need to read all of it. Instead just read the "Basic editing" and look through the titles of the other sections, so that you can come back to it if you need to check how something is done.

Basic editing
Wiki syntax -   Description* - When used as a first thing in a line, creates a bullet point for lists.==Heading== - Turns "Heading" into a heading.===Subheading=== - Turns "Subheading" into a subheading.__FORCETOC__ - Forces table of contents (added automatically if there are 4 or more headings on the page).__NOTOC__ - Removes table of contents (use on short pages with many headings).#REDIRECT [[pagename]] - If it's the only content on the page, automatically redirects to pagename.<!--- comment ---> - Allows adding comments for other Wiki editors, that are not displayed on the page.[[pagename]] - Turns the word "pagename" into a link to pagename (use whenever the content on a Wiki page is related to anything for which there is or should be a Wiki page).
Adding a link to the page itself will create bold text.[[pagename|text]] - A link to pagename that says "text".[[File:image.png]]
[[File:image.png|center|200px]] - Ways of displaying the file image.png as an image, can include alignment (left/center/right) and image width.{{PAGENAME}} - Displays the name of the current Wiki page in text.
Finding IDs[close]
Creating a page[close]
Adding item icons[close]
Item table[close]
Equipment bonuses table[close]
NPC tables[close]
Monsters' drop tables[close]


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