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This part of topic is about applying for a wiki account. We do not just give these out to everyone as that could lead to a lot of false information being put on the wiki. In order for your application to be accepted you will need to meet the following requirements:

* Speak English correctly with proper grammatic utilization.
* Be familiar with the game, our forum and have good knowledge of the basics of posting topics.
* Active on forum as well as discord. Having discord is essential.
* Writing guides and giving the wiki feedback are signs of showing interest for supporting the wiki. This also proves you are familiar with Emps, the way the wiki is written and English as language. This may not be required if your forum posts display well written English and game knowledge.If you fulfill these requirements and wish to become a wiki editor, send a private message via forum or discord to any of the wiki admins with your email address in it. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email with your wiki account's username and a random password. You're free to change this password if you'd like to.

* If you have any questions about the wiki, you are always free to forum private message any of the wiki admins about it. Or contact us through discord.
* If you don't want to become a wiki editor but do want something fixed, please post it in the wiki feedback topic or feel free contact any wiki editor.We're always looking for new contributors.
Wiki administrators

Ameer - Discord: Ameer#2470

Rules and guidelines

Below are the rules and guidelines for the wiki, they only concern those with a wiki account.

Editing the Emps-world wiki is a privilege which may be revoked at any time without notice, at the sole discretion of any of the wiki administrators. You are expected to follow what's written in this topic, your account may be blocked if you don't.

Guidelines - these are not rules, but merely guidelines to help you:

* It's a good idea to inform fellow editors what you're editing to avoid two people editing the same thing at the same time.
* If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask them, it's much better than messing up pages.
* When editing a wiki page make sure to always check the preview before saving any changes. This can be done by clicking the Preview button. Doing so will give you a second chance to read over what you have added again and prevent small mistakes. It will also keep the page's history from being cluttered as well.

Rules - these are the rules, if they are broken there will be consequences:
Breaking any of these rules will mostly result in a warning, if done repeatedly however they will result in your wiki account being blocked.

* The ingame and forum rules apply, if you are found breaking these you may lose your wiki account. If you have a wiki account, you represent the wiki. As such you are expected to behave ingame as well. Your wiki account may be blocked if you are found breaking rules ingame.
* Your wiki account does not grant you anything other than wiki editing rights, do not attempt to use it to gain any kind of personal benefit.
* Purposefully inserting false information into any wiki page is not permitted.
* Continually making mistakes and not fixing them may result in your account being blocked until you can show that you will no longer make those mistakes.
* Prolonged inactivity will result in your account being blocked.
As a member of the wiki team you are expected to remain active in terms of editing. This is subject to change depending on the amount of work available. If you are inactive for a long period of time, you may be blocked. If there is a reason you're inactive for a certain amount of time, you are to inform a wiki admin about it. There won't be any consequences for it if you do.

Being blocked
If you were blocked, you should not request another wiki account, as you will most likely be given another chance if you ask a wiki admin for an unblock. The likelihood of your account being unblocked decreases with each block however. If you purposefully broke the rules, you most likely won't be unblocked.

Discord is what the wiki team use to communicate. There is a separate channel in the emps world discord that only people with the wiki role will be able to see. You are to be active on discord as much as you can, it makes communication a whole lot easier.

Wiki contributor forum rank
This is awarded for being a great help to the Emps-world wiki. It shows you've been consistently active and generally do a lot of work when it comes to the wiki. It is not a permanent rank, it may be taken away if you break any of the rules or go inactive without notice for an extensive period of time.

World 3
If you've been a wiki editor for a while, you may request access to world 3 from Thomy. It's the test world of emps-world. It allows us to test a lot of things without it affecting our accounts at all. You have the power to spawn, however everything you do in w3 will be gone upon logout. Keep in mind you aren't given access to w3 to for no reason, don't play around in it too much. Your access may be revoked if you play around in it too much.

Unique ingame wiki icon
Our wiki contributors will also receive a unqiue ingame wiki icon.

These rules are non exhaustive and it is ultimately up to the wiki administrators to decide.


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