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Hugo Terwiss:


Table of contents

I. General information
II. How to start?
III. Where to find Aubury?
IV. Rune essence
V. Abyss
VI. Prismatic altars
VII. Talismans
VIII. Combination runes
IX. Pouches
X. Runes
XI. Chaos gauntlets
XII. How much Rune essence do I need for 1-99?

I. General information
Since an update on the 1st of October 2016 prismatic altars were added and this was the beginning of a change of the runecrafting skill. With the next update on the 10th of December 2016 the runecrafting skill got his whole new system. including prismatic altars, combination runes, talismans and you was able to access the whole abyss.

With runecrafting you can create different runes. All runes are made out of rune essence, these can be mined from the runes essence mine.
Another way to obtain rune essence is buying them from other people. Rune essence can be bought for 1k each.
Rune essence can be crafted into runes in the Abyss, you can access this place by talking to the Dark Mage,
or by using the Abyss teleport (this requires 90 magic and Ancient spellbook).

II. How to start?

You can start Runecrafting from the moment you got rune essence.
To obtain rune essence talk to Aubury, he will teleport you to the rune essence mine, where you can mine rune essence.
Another way to obtain those rune essence is buying them from other players for 1k each. when you got essence walk to the Dark mage in the wilderness north east of Edgeville lvl 7 wilderness. also you can use the teleport Abyss which requires 90 magic and Ancient spellbook.

as you've read above, there has been an update were prismatic altars have been added.
with a talisman you can enter those altars and you'll be teleported to the altar of the first
talisman in your inventory.

III. Where to find aubury?
Aubury can be found at the harbour of Port Sarim, Varrock, Ardougne and Pest Control.

In this picture below I show you where they are.

IV. Rune essence

Rune essence can be mined at the Rune essence mine, you can acces here once you've talked to Aubury.

V. Abyss
Since an update on the 10th of December 2016 the abyss have been changed.
You are now able to access the entire abyss.

When you teleport to the abyss, you'll appear in the outer circle.
Getting into the inner circle requires passing an obstacle that requires level 50 in its corresponding skill.
For example: mine rocks --> requires 50 mining.

In the outer ring you'll see the abyssal leeches, guardrians and walkers.
These monsters are agressive and will attack you.
Those creatures drop all kind of talismans as a common drop.
They also drop pouches, which can be used during runecrafting.
Further in this guide I'll tell more about the pouches and talismans.
Once you have arrived to the Abyss you see alot of rifts.
When you stand in front of the rift you need, click on it and you will be teleported to the altar.

Here a picture where the different rifts are.

In the picture above you also see the numbers 1 and 2.
Number 1 is an entrace which leads you to the inner circle.
Number 2 is an entrance which leads you to the second area of the abyss.

To obtain those talismans or pouches you can also move to the second area of the abyss.
There is an entrance in the north of the outer circle where you spawn when you teleport to the abyss. (See picture above)
The second area of the abyss looks like the picture below.

VI. Prismatic altarsPrismatic altars can be found all around emps-world.
But there are two altars which are used the most. Those two are around barbarian.
As you can see on the picture below, the one west of barbarian is the closest one.
In order to use the prismatic altar you'll need a talisman.
Those talismans can be obtained as common drop from abyssal leeches,
guardians and walkers. They can be found at the abbys.

VII. TalismansTalismans can be obtained from all the creatures in the abyss.
You can use the talismans to enter the prismatic altars.
You'll be teleported to the altar in order of the talismans in your inventory.
For example you got an air, fire and water talisman in your inventroy.
You'll be teleported to the air altar because the air talisman is in your inventory first.

Here a list of all the talismans:

VIII. Combination runesWhen the update of the abyss was introduced on the 10th of December 2016.
They also introduced combination runes.
A combination rune is a combination of 2 of the elemental runes: water, earth, air and fire.
They count as two runes while casting. these runes cannot be bought in any shop and have to be created by runecrafting.
To explain I will give an example.

Let's say we are going to make smoke runes, a combination of air and fire.
You can do this by either visiting the Air altar with a fire talisman and fire runes or the Fire altar with an air talisman and air runes.
Check out how you're inventory should look like in the pictures below.

Here a list of combination you can make:
Steam rune: Water and Fire
Mist rune: Air and Water
Dust rune: Air and Earth
Smoke rune: Air and Fire
Mud rune: Earth and Water
Lava rune: Earth and Fire

IX. PouchesWith the update on the 10th of December 2016 the pouches were introduced.
Pouches can be filled with rune essence. it depends on the size of the pouch how much essence you can put in it.
Here a list of pouches and how much essence can fit in them.

- Small pouch: can hold up to 3 essence
- Medium pouch: can hold up to 5 essence
- Large pouch: can hold up to 7 essence
- Giant pouch: can hold up to 10 essence

Pouches degrade like any other degradeable item. it degrades while you fill or empty. for example:
You fill a small pouch with 3 essence and it degrades with 3. When you empty the pouch it degrades with 3 again.

While using the pouches during runcrafting you cannot use two of the same pouches.
So you can't use two medium pouches at the same time.
However, you can use 1 small, 1 medium, 1 large and 1 giant pouch in one run.

X. RunesYou can make all kind of runes at the Abyss, but there is one exception, the Astral rune.
To make this one you need 60 Runecrafting and 60 smithing.
How to make Astral runes?
Astral runes can only be crafted by donator members by smelting 4 Rune essence in a furnance while wearing an Astral tiara.
You can also use the spell superheat.
Astral tiaras can be bought from Aubury.
You'll receive 10 Astral runes for 4 rune essence.

Thankyou Simon for making this Multiplication table!

XI. Chaos gauntlets

Chaos gauntlets can be bought for 158 coins from Hickton who is located in Rimmington.
Chaos gauntlets will increase your xp gained by 5%.

XII. How much rune essence do I need for 1-99?

Normal XP:

Double XP:

Chaos gauntlets:

Double XP and Chaos gauntlets:

Thankyou for reading my guide!
If you have some other information feel free to pm it to me so I can add this.
If you have some other feedback just leave it in a reply.

Aubury is also at pest control and Ardougne :P

Great guide :)

Hugo Terwiss:

--- Quote from: Simonyoda3 on March 17, 2015, 01:55:49 pm ---Aubury is also at pest control and Ardougne :P

Great guide :)

--- End quote ---


Very useful, thank you for making this :)
By the way, you could add at what level which runes start to multiply, if you get my point here :P

Hugo Terwiss:

--- Quote from: Matrix2 on March 17, 2015, 02:26:31 pm ---Very useful, than you for making this :)
By the way, you could add at what level which runes start to multiply, if you get my point here :P

--- End quote ---

Yes I know what you mean tried to sort this out but I couldn't find it anywhere. (not on the wiki page or somewhere else.)


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